"My Name is Mina. I am Immortal. I was born in the heart of Transylvania. Time flows like water, day, week, month, year. For the first time in my life, I know who I am and where my future lies. In this vast expanse, that is sheltered by evil and led astray, I will be the beacon of light in the darkness, to the warriors of the Order, and to all who follow the true Path to Count Dracula. With the wisdom of the ages, I will lead the Dracul to glorious victory over any and all unbelievers. A Countess commanding legions in a world ruled by men. One Dracula dies and another shall take his place. I am my father's daughter and nothing can ever take that away."

tumblr_n7fnrnIF0q1qems7ao3_500.gifHer full name: Mina Erzsébet Mabius-Dracul (I have many names. But we're all so much more complicated than our names. Countess Dracula, they call me.)

Species: pureblood vampire/ a born vampire




Her Family:



Mother: Raina

Father: Dracula (status: unknown)



Mina's Powers and Abilities:

Vampirism: Mina, like all other vampires, is capable of transforming an individual into a vampire by biting them. A special enzyme found only within vampire saliva is responsible for this transformation. After draining all of the blood from a victim, the victim enters a death-like state and returns to life three days later.

Advanced hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Mina is a very proficient and formidable hand-to-hand combatant. She fought and killed a person by snapping his neck.

Marksmanship: Mina is be proficient with firearms as well as crossbows, though at the beginning only at a rudimentary level and the later giving her a handgun-sized crossbow due to the significantly reduced need of training in using one, unlike a recurve bow. She later became highly proficient to the point that she could take out a team of highly armed Vampires using a single crossbow.

Superhuman Healing: As a pureblood vampire she can heal rapidly from any wound in just minutes, including a shotgun blast to the abdomen and survive after being shot in the head and other parts of her body. She is also be able to force bullets out of her body.

Superhuman Speed: Her speed is enough to speed through a group of police officers, moving too fast for any of them to keep track of her.

Superhuman Agility: Mina is able to perform athletic moves, such as doing a back-flip into a hole in a bridge, and leaping from tree to tree in an instant. She is able to do a spinning headscissors to a Lycan, and is seen jumping over two cars with one hand. Mina's agility has proven to support her lack of strength compared to the Lycans, allowing her to take on multiple Lycans at once.

Superhuman Stamina: Mina's body is more resistant to the fatigue toxins generated by her muscles during physical activity. She can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to affect her.

Fangs: Like all vampires, Mina has fangs and claws. She can quickly drain a victim of blood.

Sorcery: Mina is a very powerful magician. She is able to summon and command lesser vampires, undead, packs of wild dogs, bats, and rats.

Blood Sorting: Mina has the ability similar to that of a Vampire Elder to absorb and read another Immortal's blood memories by drinking the blood.

Immunity to UV Light: Due to her nature as a pureblood vampire, Mina possesses a pure Immortal's immunity to UV light.

Mind Control: She maintains a strong empathic link to her victims and can influence them. The victim also becomes obsessed with Mina, their mind filled with fantasies of her. If the victim dies, they will turn into a normal vampire.

Expert manipulator: Mina has shown to go to great lengths to achieve her goals.

Shapeshifting: Countess Mina Dracula is able to shape shift into bats, rats, a wolf, and mist. She can also turn into human-sized or larger wolfen and bat-like forms.

Hypnotism: Mina is able to hypnotize others by gazing into their eyes for a short period of time. As daughter of the Lord of Vampires, Mina can compel other vampires to follow her orders unless their willpower is strong enough to resist her.

Genetic knowledge: She was granted a large amount of genetic knowledge, although this knowledge is limited by her vampire physiology. The knowledge in her mind unfolded as her body matured, causing headaches during her growth. What exact knowledge she possesses remains unknown to others, but it does include at least basic information such as reading and writing, knowledge of the Vampire religion, like the Book of the Vampyr, and the Ancient Vampires, and how to speak and read the Ancient Vampire language.

Levitation: Mina is able to float into the air.

Immortality: Mina is as good as immortal. Although she CAN be killed, she will simply be reincarnated, after either 3 days, although premature reincarnations are not uncommon.

Instant Army: Mina's dark powers affect even the dead, and are able to create personal "golems" out of skeletons of various kinds, a variety of elemental golems, and can also animate inanimate objects, such as armor or furniture. However, this instant army is not as powerful as summoned demons from the netherworld or the underworld.

Demonic Wings: She can turn her cape into wings that can allow flight in a one on one battle against an agile vampire hunter. Her wings allow fast flight and can be use as a melee attack by swiping the cape in its wing form. She rarely does this.






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single and looking for a King or a Queen [Crushes: Eddie Brock, Red Daughter Kara, Lucy Westenra, Countess Bathory, Catriona Hartdegen, and so many more]

Character Appearance

Mina has long dark hair, green eyes, and is of average height. She is a vivacious young woman who is much praised for her beauty, purity and sweet nature but she can be be stoic, serious, cold and detached, too. When she is in human form, Mina looks completely normal. However, when she calls upon herpowers or when she is thirsty for blood, upper canines grow into fangs and her eyes turn blood-red. As the chosen champion and leader of the Draconian Empire, Countess Mina is hellbent on gaining total control of the Vampire Nation to rebuild the Order of the Dracul and will gladly destroy anyone or anything that stands in her way.

Character History/Story

The Daughter of Darkness...Countess Dracula...A founding member of the Draconian Empire. A God-Queen. A System Lady.

Character Inventory

-a silver necklace of a fairy dangling -♰жஜV''''Vжஜ♰ The Signet Ring of the House of Harker -The Signet Ring of the Dracul Order -A black long leather coat -A black battle corset -leather gloves -black leather combat boots -stiletto dagger -two swords inscribed with ancient Vampire glyphs on both sides and on the handle

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action

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  • What Raina said. Minus the daughter part. I miss my sexy vampire queen, the lovely Countess Dracula.  Do

    come back to us!

  • I miss my beautiful daughter. Just saying. *winks*

  • [I would like to apologize for my sudden hiatus, I needed a break.. I look forward to plotting if you'd like too.]

  • (Thought about setting it in modern time.  Maybe she was out hunting in the woods one day and comes across her when she was going back to hide her stuff. Maybe take in the newbie vampire and show her the ropes. 

  • It was just a typical late night around your local jewelry store.  The store was closing for the night, the last few customers getting ready to depart. One customer in particular had been looking at the display case for recent additions with something akin to a twinkle in her eye.  The store manager had been assisting her with various questions about sizes and cuts of the gemstones within a few rings and necklaces she has her eye on.  The security in the place was standard, one cctv camera, one little night guard walking the perimeter outside on the street, one push button alarm code system for when the door was open or a window broke. 


    All in all, childs play for the likes of her.  She told the manager she would be back as she wanted to wear a certain outfit and wanted to see how one of the necklaces would look on her when she wore it. When it was closing, she would leave first and wander off to wait for the others to depart.  Once the store was locked up and that measly cop was on duty, she approached him with a cat like predatory gait.  Sliding her dark fingernails along the collar of his uniform as she pressed close to him. 


    “Ma’am, I’m on duty. I must ask that you cease and desist and go on home.  I don’t have time for games. “


    ”Ahhhh. But games are all the fun. Are you saying I’m ugly?  Do you not find me pretty? You think I’m ugly don’t you. “


    She began to fake ugly cry which made the guard a bit nervous and apprehensive. 

    “Listen. Ma’am no one is saying you are ugly. I’m sure you are a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to have you. But I’m on duty and I’m “


    ”What married? I don’t see a ring on this finger. “

    ”Well no. But very soon I will be and I”

    She put her finger on his lips to shush him as she made him gaze into her eyes and locked his entire focus on her. Her eyes flash a bright blue and the guard became frozen in place. A little magic spell she picked up from one of daddy’s little spell books back in Transylvania.  She thought about just ripping his jugular open and draining him dry but a dead security guard was going to draw a little more attention then she wanted. So leaving him here frozen by her encanto spell would simply have to do.  


    Cassie would teleport inside with a bag already in tow. Thanks to her powers, she didn’t have issues with opening vaults or Safes or cutting glass. Not when she already knew the contents and could focus on them. When she had a clear mental image of the items she wanted, she teleported them from their casings and into her bag, bybassing any alarm systems and the ones with a weight sensor, she fixed that by doing a swap teleport. Teleport one object in place of the other, done so fast the sensors never registered any changes. Her powers gave her a tremendous unfair advantage over human criminals and it was even worse with her vampiric enhancements.  Once she had everything she need, she teleported out of the store and Into the woods. 


    She had been thinking about places to stash her loot and couldn’t help with going with the hole in the tree in a forest gag or a cave. Like some thief in medieval times. Since all trees looked the same to her, she decided to try and find a cave and lucked out when she did. A cave deep in the woods that had an odd stench to it, like death.  She did find some bones around and assumed she found some Fox or coyote den. Which she thought was perfect.  Hide her stash in the cave and if anyone came across, hopefully a hungry predator was around to play the guard dog role. Little did she realized when she placed the bag into a large rock crevice she made and covered it in an ultra thick sheen of ice, that she was hiding her stash in some Creatures cave that was not a regular animal.  Trolls, Orgres, goblins, and the like. She didn’t think any of those things existed. Hell. She didn’t think vampires and werewolves were real until she became one. 


    It would have been best to do a little more recon and research but what reason would she have? One cave seemed as good as another and it was far off the beaten path and in an area where hikers and campers didn’t go. So she figured it was safe enough that no human should in theory, have any reason or buisness to be out here.  Once her stash was secure, she would depart to go hunting. Not knowing that things were going to change for her when she got back.

  • Greetings Mina, Lovely to see you again. I hope you are doing well? If by chance you ever come across a Slave by the name of Aldus Dark Worker, would you send him over to me please?  

  • “A face you can sit on. Hmmm well I’ll always make sure to keep a seat nice and clean and ready for you. “

    She said with a coy smile and wink.

    “Yes. This face. Worn by another for a time before ejected from the body by someone else. Took me some time to try and find it and then I find another with this face elsewhere and she had a power. A power I took after I took her face and body. As for dates worse then deaths. Eternal slavery, trapped inside of your own body as a prisoner forever, would dare say sucks compared to the sweet release of death. This is my all time favorite face and body and I dare say I will never ever give it up. Even if I jump ship and take another body. I always come back to this one. I keep a spare or two around. Just Incase the unthinkable happens and this body gets destroyed beyond my ability to repair it or bring it back with a deal or demonic ritual. Oh my. Probably giving what I am away with these hints but then. I tend to be an open book about a few things. Unlike others of my ilk. I seldom need to lie because I am very unpologenic. I do what I want, when I want, say and take what I want and consequences be damned. “

    She slowly started to move to walk around her. Eyeing her body up and down. She was very much an ass woman sure she loved a woman’s neck, hair, eyes, legs, breasts, but the booty. That always always did it for her. So many times she licked her lips when she saw a girl in leggings, leotard, yoga pants or short short skin tight volleyball gym type shorts. That she wanted to sink her nails or teeth right into that booty flesh and just take a chunk right out. Straight up go zombie on that ass. Munch munch. She giggled a bit at that thought
    Of literally eating ass and giggles some more.

    “ I Must say. I never knew a lover’s betrayal but then. I never truly been in loved either. I think you need a heart or soul for that and I have neither. Lust I understand very well but not romantic love. Though I know the concepts and have felt a certain ..... protectiveness towards one or two people in my life. Guess maybe family or friendship type of love that can be. Well I certainly hope you make whoever it was pay. Greed. Greed greed greed. Me. I am a woman of simple desires. Very simple. French fries, tasty grape drink, and a woman to keep me company. All I care about or need really. Though I need neither food or drink nor sleep. But I enjoy the taste of such things. Companionship is truly
    The only thing I care about. When you are locked in a cage since the dawn of man with no one but your own company to keep. You think you be use to being alone and the isolation bit really. I craved the company of another. Even if it was someone I was tormenting In my basement for the lulzs. After kidnapping and torturing them of course. Only ever done that with Nazis. Cause when you keep a prisoner. You kinda gotta feed and clean up after
    Them and I didn’t have the patience for that shit or desire really. “

    She thought about that girl Malory and smiled. One of her favorite humans and Negan. That motherfucker. Hell. She often called herself a female Negan cause they had personalities so damn closey related you would think she was a female clone of him. Good times in the past. Hopefully the future would be the same

    “Well. I don’t have a fancy name. I go by Zoe most days. Few times Black Siren. After the person I took over. Some other names I can’t think of just yet. Maybe if you play your cards right. I’ll tell you my true name or at least the name I gave myself and decided for it to be my real name. Gotta say. I don’t know you at all but apperance wise. I sure wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating crackers. Which I never understood that silly human reference but whatever. A dark gothic like beauty like you. I certainly wouldn’t kick you aside unless I had a super damn good reason. Can’t be that
    You don’t put out. Hahaha. You don’t seem the prude type. Maybe the person was just a dumb bitch that didn’t know what she wants. So many people I meet never seem to. Honestly not that hard. I know what I want or like in life. Had plenty of time to think about it. Course as far as names go. You can call me your girltoy if you like or your sex pet. I’ll go meow for you if you really want me too. Don’t mind putting on whiskers, cute neko cat ears and a tail if that lights your fire. I’m all good with fetishes and kinks. “


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