Portrait done of Juliet Medea De Amber's Debut into French Aristocracy by Jean Deblanc, 1723 


orn in Paris, France, on July 25th, 1707, Juliet "Jules" Amber was the result of an affair between the fae lord Charles De Amber and a human servant, Anne Antoinette. By the ripe age of 9, the gossip that circulated her reached a boiling point with the Lady of the House, Medea, that her mother was murdered and she was adopted as Medea's own child. She was forced into ballet lessons, and her powers were surpressed with potions that Medea bought. When the war broke out in America, Lady Juliet was sent away as entertainment to soldier boys. By the time she returned home in France, her father had been beheaded and her family slaughtered in the French revolution by common folk and disgusted fae. She had no choice but to live with her Uncle Arthur in America, until inheriting the Amber Estate and name after his death. She is the last Amber, a halfling in the Seelie's court whose role is to act as a diplomat and treasurer to the fae.


 Retired out of ballet, and with no family left, Juliet currently runs the family jewel company, La Courronne. The company has grown to have it's own clothes line, perfume line and even make up line. It is an international hit, and the money she has collected from it is ridiculous. 






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    I'm good. Settling into my new home. Having a lot of fun, meeting new people etc.

    I'm not super active here, but enough to be considered 'writing' I guess you could say. Though, I'm taking it light and easy. If you're ever up for writing, let me know.)

  • (Hello, hello..

    Ah, as always your profiles are satisfying to look at.

    How've you been anyway? I feel I should ask.)

  • (Whew. I am have been away for a short while, but thanks for the friend request from whenever it was sent.)

  • With complete and utter seriousness, he lamented; "You're right, of course." Almost sheepishly, but then with a small grin, he said "But you'd probably be surprised how many people claim things that might not necessarily be true.  Just the other day I met someone who tried to convince me that their family had actual ownership of the Moon.  They had a contract drawn up and everything." He was shaking his head. "Not that I'm saying I think you're full of shit, but it never hurts to do a fact-check now and again." 

    He stood stock still after roaring for several seconds, sharp eyes darting from bird to bird, watchful for any sign of a counterattack.  He relaxed as they flew screaming off into the night, however, focusing instead on the feathers-- reaching up, and snatching one of the oily black things right out of the air.  He twirled it between his thumb and index finger as he made his way back over to Juliet, looking as satisfied as a fat cat.

    Seeing the woman grin-- even as she attempted to hide it-- the corner of Anthony's mouth curled in response.  It faltered when he noticed the woman was leaning against a pole for support.  Must be whatever was in that little baggy..  He thought, noticing the way she had swayed like a reed before finding the pole. "No need to apologize," He said, cocking his head to the side; for a moment he allowed himself to imagine that.  Juliet freaking out, some poor bastard screaming as they started burning from the inside out... 

    A not so subtle grimace struck his handsome, angled face. "Baffled probably sounds like a reasonable response to someone randomly catching on fire, though." He said, in a light, almost teasing tone. "I might have been perturbed.

    Notcing Juliet detach herself from beneath the streetlight and slip into the shadows of a nearby alleyway, Anthony canted his head to the right, lingering on the street a moment longer, before following.  "I'm not shy." He responded, emitting a low rumble of a chuckle.  She was correct, though.  Even if Anthony didn't actually say it-- he'd never feed in the open unless he had absolutely no other choice.

    He didn't need much prompting-- the moment Juliet tipped back her head, Anthony slid up beside her, reaching up with his right hand to gently rest it upon the back of her neck, supporting it. There was no warmth in it-- for his flesh was as cold as a corpses.

    The Kiss-- the act of feeding-- was one of utter bliss and pleasure for both the Kindred and the one being fed upon.  It was addictive-- for both parties.  That singular thought floating through his mind was the only thing to make him hesitate.  He didn't plan on feeding from Juliet, but it was clear from her words that she'd be okay with it.  Anthony was tempted, too.  It wasn't often a meal was willing, and he didn't partake in the Blood Whores provided at the local Elysium often enough to expect it. 

    Drawn close, so close to her neck, close enough to feel the beating of her heart reverberating through his entire being, he breathlessly took in the scent of Juliet's flesh, before parting his lips and extending his tongue to drag it along the scarred flesh upon the woman's neck.  Immediately, the scarring started to fade away.  Gently, he licked the gash, and squeezed his eyes shut as her blood rolled down the back of his tongue.  Immediately, he started trembling; feeling his fangs burst from his gums and elongate into his mouth. 

    As his saliva worked inside the wound, it would immediately take whatever remnants of pain remained away-- in fact, endorphins around the whole area were starting to light up; so in essence, as if his tongue was touching every single node and nerve responsible for pleasure throughout her entire body.  And through Anthony's-- for a split second, when his tongue touched the wound, their souls mingled, wrestled, and then.. 

    A deep, rumbling growl slid from his throat, and he parted his mouth, as if he really was planning on biting into Juliet-- and honestly, for a second, he was.  Then he threw himself backward so hard he hit the opposite wall, panting, with just a tiny red smear of blood on his lower lip.  Whatever pleasure had been, was gone in an instant. 

    It would only take seconds for the wound to close, for the scarred tissue to fade away, leaving behind nothing but smooth, perfect skin.  The blood upon her flesh, though? That stayed, minus what had been licked away by the Gangrel (very little, in fact.) 

    Slowly sliding down the wall, Anthony let loose another hellish growl.  All the while his gaze was fixed on Juliet; cold blue irises so large they'd swallowed out the whites of his eyes.  His pupils thin and narrow like a cats.  

    "You're lucky.." He said quietly after a moment. "I see now why that thing why hunting you.." He'd yet to blink, yet to avert his utterly predatory gaze anywhere but the Lady Juliet. "I can taste it in your blood.  Your.. otherness.  That you're more than human.  There's an energy to it.." He held up his own hand, curled and uncurled his fingers. He'd hardly taken nearly enough to use said energy, but for a second, he had felt it pulse through his entire being. 

    Anthony, dropping his hand, merely looked at Juliet, his expression thoughtful.  He supposed her question was a valid one, although the neonate highly doubted they would be attacked twice in the same night, but he'd been wrong before.  After a moment, he sighed. "Fine, fine. I've got two places in mind.  Safehouses.  One outside the city, and one within.  Which one would you rather spend the next eight hours in?" He didn't seem thrilled by the idea, but he figured there was plenty for them to do once they got there.  

  • He isn't quite sure exactly why her words surprise him, even if it's true.  There is nothing enough money can't fix.  He's often found such a statement to be entirely true.  It didn't matter if you were dealing with a human, or something else.  Everybody needed money because of the state of the world.  Nothing was free.  There were more than a few members of the supernatural community who could simply compel what they wanted.. but it was suspicious, for instance, when a landlord "gifts" a tenant a penthouse suite for free, despite having only met them that same week.  Or when a bank suddenly deposits 50 000 dollars into some rando's bank account.  The SI watched for those kinds of things.  But a private company like this? He imagined the SI would have a hell of a time finding anything they did suspicious, as most of them were born of suspicious means in the first place.  And they were really only interested in 'supernatural' fraud.  They didn't care about mundane threats.

    He paused, and turneld halfway to merely look at Juliet, his expression blank. "I'm have no room to judge, and I'm not going too.  But that doesn't mean I don't wonder why you would choose to mutilate yourself? Surely there's a better way? A charm that could hide them from sight? Or.. a glamour! Your kind are supposed to be all about glamours, aren't they?"

    He shrugged his broad shoulders. "I'll give you this, though.  It can be a burden, but it doesn't always have to be one... it can be fun, too.  It only becomes a burden when I have to pretend to be something I'm not, but that's all I do.  I pretend.." As the sidewalk started to crack and the ground trembled because of Juliet's power, Anthony smiled softly, turned on his heel, and strode towards her-- impeccably balanced despite the shaking earth. "..but outside the city?" He'd said in barely a whisper, close enough that Juliet could hear him. "Weeeeellll," He grinned close to her face, his bright blue eyes full of energy and life. "That's a different story.  That's where I belong, not here.  Somewhere I can run and hunt and fucking laugh without worrying about what anyone thinks.  I think that's where you belong too, o' nature fairy." 

    He leaned away from Juliet upon hearing the flutter of the crows wings, taking a small step back, and shoving his hands in his pockets to watch the strange interaction between the woman and the bird.  "News from the homefront?" He guessed, eyeing the bird upon her shoulder with a predatory eye-- like he wanted to snatch the bird from her shoulder and eat it.  

    The Gangrel licked his lips, his gaze darting sharply after the bird-- he had enough time that he could have simply reached out and snatched it out of the air midflight-- but he decided not to, although he'd curled his fingers by his sides as if they were claws, his shoulders and jaw tense.  To make matters even worse, the smell of Juliet's blood was potent.  The Beast Within him roared, tearing into his innards with it's claws, and Anthony took three large steps away, grimacing.

    "It's a little disconcerting that a Queen is taking such a personal interest in you.  Who are you, anyway? Some kind of Royal? Noble? I'm not sure what term you would use.." He paused, glanced over his shoulder towards the steady flow of blood running down the woman's collar bone.  He'd heard rumors of Fair Folk cruelty, and he might've forgiven it if it didn't involve him, and merely her own subjects-- but what right, he wondered, did she think she had to fuck with a Gangrel?  He wasn't really interested in finding out, for he decided right then and there that she had none. 

    "I can close that wound if you like.  I'll admit, though, I will be tasting your blood in order to do it.  So it's not an offer born out of the kindness of my undead heart.  But we both get something from it." He paused, canting his head as he observed the crows all around them. "If your Queen is interested in testing my strength of mind, she can always come down here herself and see if she fairs better against my fangs?  I am a hunter, after all! Perhaps we could even play a game of cat and mouse!" He did not wait for any kind of response; taking a swift step out onto the street, he dug down deep and threw back his head to unleash an earsplitting roar.  He didn't know what kind of control this Queen had on her birds, whether she was close, or far, but he assumed she was somewhere in France-- and birds by nature scared easily.  He was interested to see the results of nature versus magic.


  • Head tilted, he listened rather atentively as Juliet spoke; absorbing whatever information she fed him and digesting it in time for more.  Halfling.  Lady Juliet de Amber.  So fancy.  His mouth twisted into a small smile, but there was nothing overly cruel about it-- amused, perhaps.  If only because he'd never met anyone that called themselves a Lady like that.  Even in the crowds he ran.  It smacked of an older world, a simpler time, and lots of old money.

    Upon her admittance that she infact owned the very building they had just walked out of, Anthony's eyes widened slightly, he peered over his shoulder, gaze slicing towards the sign mirroring the words she had just spoken.  La Couronne. "Ohhhh.." He trailed off momentarily.  Glanced back to Juliet with a sheepish smile. "You should probably contact whoever cleans the building for you and tell them to take the day off.  Or better yet, bring them in now, give 'em a raise, because the mess that I left in your office is more than incriminating.  Unless you plan on burning the place down or you've got access to an army of lawyers, someone should clean it up." He glanced over his shoulder towards the La Couronne building. "Oh, and I trashed your security room... so... yeah."

    He'd never met one of the Fae before, not face-to-face anyway.  Although he supposed this woman was hardly one of those otherworldly spirits, or else this would be a drastically changed conversation.  He knew plenty of the myths, plenty of the old stories.  So it didn't come as much of a shock to him that this girl who claimed to be half fae could control nature--- to a point, it seemed.

    "So less a form of control, and more a state of temporary bondage? I suppose that seems.. right.  I don't believe anyone should have total power of the natural world but the Earth itself.  Not that I have any place to judge.. " The Gangrel, averting his gaze, rolled his broad shoulders before looping his thumbs into the pockets of his nylon pants.

    It is only the mention of willfull mutilation that brings his eyes back to Juliet, narrowed, cold, unsure.  "You must saw them off? Why must you?" He was pretty sure he already knew the answer.  It was probably the same reason he choose to play at the Masquerade, rather than revealing to the world what he really was, beyond the pale skin and fanged mouth.  He shrugged it away, as the woman continued to ramble from one topic to the next, giving him very little time to even consider what has been said, to form any proper questions, so he dropped it, instead focusing on her with the same narrowed eyes when she pressed her fingers together.  He was hardly upset, though- he knew the tactic well.  Anthony often used it himself, bombaring a person with so much information that they were really only able to absorb a small amount of it.  However, the Gangrel was merely taking the information as it came and sorting it into the appropriate piles within his head.

    His body tensed when Juliet suddenly summoned a flame; relaxed once it was gone.  The Gangrel looked unimpressed with the display.  He took a step back, turned away from Juliet, and started to walk down the sidewalk and away into the night. "You answered questions I didn't even ask, so I think you've covered everything important or otherwise." He muttered. "And now I'm gonna' get the fuck outta' here before the cops or the Second Inquisition shows up with Dragonbreath rounds and flamethrowers..." He paused mid-stride, turning to glance at the halfling. "I'd come along if I were you, at least until there's sun in the sky again.  You won't really be safe until then-- the smell of you-- your blood-- is kind of hard to ignore." It was only with an incredible display of willpower he was able to keep his own fangs hidden within his gums, keep himself from turning on the girl and ripping into the pulsating artery that seemed to scream at him from the side of her neck.  It was torture, he could hear the blood pumping through her veins, rocketed throughout her entire being with every powerful beat of her heart.  Even smell it, on her skin, through her pores... 

    Anthony peered at the woman for a moment longer, before forcefully tearing his gaze away.  He remained standing at least five feet away from her new, his back to her, facing the sidewalk as if he was debating walking away again-- yet he remained still, waiting to see whether or not the woman was going to choose to follow him.

  • Here fawning over your new faceclaim 🖤

  • Anthony found himself raising an eyebrow.  Did she just call me a monster? He was only half paying attention, too busy thinking back to when he'd first arrived in the building, trying to recall if he had sensed another presence in the dark there, with him.  He had been so focused on the Wight attacking Juliet, his own hunt and gnawing hunger, that he really didn't know.  It was possible.  But he was pretty sure she did call him a monster.  Some gratitude.  However, he was more amused than annoyed by it.

    He tipped his head, watching Juliet as she moved back towards the Wight, his eyes trailing the vines that slithered after her, seeming more alive than any vines he'd ever seen in nature.

    "Careful.." he warned tentatively from where he stood, his deep blue eyes following the motion of her hand to the Wight's still face.  Anthony remained standing exactly where he'd been before, having yet to take even a single step. "Your blood could prematurely awaken it.  Pitiable or not, these rabid animals are dangerous.."

    The Gangrel didn't turn away; for someone had to bare witness to the creatures death, or else he believed it's spirit would linger forever in this world.  At least, if someone acknowledged it, maybe it would pass on, maybe it wouldn't become yet another burden upon the young neonates full shoulders. His expression remained the same; before, during, and after the decapatation.  He nodded at Juliet.  "You do that, I'm going to.. clean up a little, myself." By that he meant, waiting until Juliet was out of the room, and then drawing his Wakizashi from it's sheath, and swiftly hacking the Wight's body to pieces, utterly mutilating any evidence that might have pointed towards it being anything but a twisted fuckers art work.  Nothing supernatural about it.  Afterward, he looked around for the Security room, pulled all the tapes from the cameras, and shoved them into his bag, then for good measure he trashed all the equipment within the room, before finally making his way down to join the halfling. 

    At first he had wondered if she dipped out and left him behind, but he could still smell her, so he posted up and waited, his mind wandering as it often did in times of quiet.  So Juliet actually managed to startle him-- he went rigid when she tapped on his shoulder, then spun to face her, his expression hard.  But it softened, realization flooding his youthful features with relief.  Remarkably, even after chopping the Wight to little bits, the Gangrel didn't have so much as a drop of blood on his white Adidas.  

    Anthony cringed, unable to help it as the word 'vampire' graced the woman's lips.  Not only was it dangerous, it was a little silly.  The Kindred tended to only use the word 'vampire' to describe themselves ironically, a joke, or in the company of someone who might not understand the distinction.  It wasn't like Juliet could read his mind though, right? And he didn't feel like explaining the nuances to her, not that he doubted her ability to comprehend-- he just didn't feel like going over it right this second. 

    A smile slid across his mouth; revealing the edges of his rounded white teeth, a flash of pointed canines no sharper than the average humans. "I'd say it's nice to meet you, but you probably wouldn't agree.  I'm Anthony, and uh, while techincally you'd be corrrect that's really not why I saved you.  I was already hunting the Wight before it suddenly took a detour and.. well, you know the rest." The Gangrel's head lobbyed to the left. "If there's any price at all that I'd request, it'd be answers to my questions.  Like, how did you control the vines in there? To start."

  • The creatures claws scraped against Anthony's hardened flesh, making him cringe, but it would take a lot more than random flailing to actually pierce the Gangrel's hide.  And so he pressed his attack, baring down on the creature with all his weight and strength, so much so that the ground splintered beneath it's back.

    He squeezed his eyes closed, his own body jerking in response to the foul and greasy taste of the creatures Blood.  But there was power there, power rooted within the Blood, although minute as it was, he drew upon it, upon it's twisted soul-- drawing it into his own and tranfusing it into something useable, something beyond the vitae that filled his veins upon feeding, something intangible and-- 

    He knew it's death was fast approaching, yet he continued to drain the creature without a care-- not even noticing the vines until it was too late, until they were wrapped around the Wight and yanking it away.  Anthony tumbled into a graceful roll, desposited instantly back onto his feet, though he crouched where he was, hissing with frustration.

    Then, with no small amount of effort, he willed his fangs to withdrawn back up into his gums, pursed his lips together, and slowly stood, watching quietly as the Wight was first staked to the wall, and then crucified by the vines.

    At first, Anthony merely tilted his head, a canine curious of a strange sound, and then his deep blue eyes slid towards the Wight, and back again.  He thought about denying it, his hunger, but it was true.  And after feeding from the Wight, somehow, he was hungrier than when he started. 

    The thought had him unconsciously licking his lips.

    "We all have our sins to bare, and mine aren't for you to judge." Yes, dammit, he was hungry.  And Juliet smelled good, but he didn't want to talk about that. "And I don't recall saying you shouldn't be afraid of me.. maybe I just wanted to coyote his meal away from him." His eyes yet again darted to the creature crucified against the wall.  It certainly appeared dead.  And would continue to do so as long as it was staked through the heart.

    He cringed when the vines, as if sensing his thoughts, suddenly dropped the body and retreated to their mistress.  He noticed how some were supporting her, and wondered just how damaged the woman was from her encounter with the Wight... or was it something else?  His eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

    "That's right," He said softly, before shrugging his shoulders. "You can be whatever you want, but you should know that thing isn't dead." He thumped his fist against his chest; the sound was like solid wood smacking against solid wood. "Through the heart will only paralyze it for a few hours, and then it will wake up, even hungrier than before.  If you want to give it it's Final Death, you have to cut off the head." 

    Looking expectantly to the woman, the neonate's mind turned over what she had just said-- your friend was eager to watch the fight.  Friend? What fucking friend? There were few people in this world that Anthony would call a friend, and only one of them was close.  Right outside the building, in fact.  

    "Hold up, one thing at a time.  One of us has to take care of the Wight, and then maybe we can find out why it was targeting you." Anthony wondered if it was simply because the woman smelled divine-- but he sort of doubted it.  It'd be hard to smell her from within this building if they were hunting outside, which made Anthony think this wasn't a random attack.  Perhaps he were merely paranoid.  He'd prefer that.

  • What a waste.

    Momentarily, Anthony was surprised by his own fury-- seeing the creature ravage the woman, from his spot in a dark fold within the room.  He had not been there long, arriving only shortly after the creature itself.  In fact, he had followed it here-- wondering what drove it-- and now he knew.  It was the girl that drew the Wight here.  The smell of her blood seemed rich and creamy, and he imagined it might taste like warm, melted chocolate.  Or maybe caramel.

    The Beast Within salivated, craving so bad the woman's blood that it took quite a lot of willpower for Anthony to remain where he was, long enough to get control of himself.  And then he let the fury he was beginning to feel earlier wash over him, he, a seal caught in the fury-sea's ravaging tidal wave, tumbled and spiraled until he did not know which was was up-- and which way was down-- but the target of his fury remained, it, and it alone.

    The Gangrel was nearly working himself into a Frenzy, but rather than turn away-- he let the current propel him and leapt from his fury, from the shadows, a jaguar initiating it's killing stroke, although he remained .. almost human.  At least, as far as appearances mattered in a world of glamours, illusions, and masquerades.  His flesh rippled like water-- like blood-- as he leapt at the creature, fingers elongating and curling into two inch long dark red claws.

    Claws which the Gangrel thrust deep into the creatures eyes-- or perhaps where it's eyes should have been-- seeking the soft fleshy brain behind it's skull.  Claws that he used to lift the creature up and off the woman, before slamming it right back down into the ground and dropping his own weight atop it, in order to straddle it's waist.

    The smell of it's blood was foul, but he was tempted by it anyway.  Or was it just the temptation from earlier, still reigning over The Beast?  He didn't know.  He didnt care.  Anthony grimaced, feeling his fangs sliding down from his gums, right above his canines.

    Before he could stop himself-- before he could remember the penalty of Diablerie upon a fellow "vampire", he plunged his fangs deep into the creatures neck.  The moment his fangs breached the creatures flesh, however, the unrivaled pleasure of The Kiss would work to paralyze the creature.  Something it had probably not been wise enough to do for the woman, the poor woman with precious blood wasting away all over the floor...

    Distantly, he reminded himself to save her, or at least make the attempt to do so, but in the moment-- the only thing that mattered was the creatures blood, though it slid down his throat like grease and tasted like oil, he gulped it down, and gulped it down, and gulped it down..

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" A smile strained on her face as he asked about the queen’s interest in her. “I would not introduce…"
May 28, 2021
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"“I am her niece and the last of my father’s house. I was born sick, and when my family finally…"
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"A laugh breaks the night air at his sheepish smile. “Ah, do not worry about the office…” Juliet…"
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