Saphir Collosae Soteria


Born 1.17.2000, 1:17 A.M, 

Reno, Nevada


22 || female || nefilim 



The story of Saphir begins before her. Not as far back as The Garden, or The Great Flood, but rather in the early summer of the late 90's in the desert of Nevada. It was hot, and the last of spring grass had shriveled up, yet there was a young, pretty girl who sat in the middle of it, praying up to an empty sky. The warm wind carried the sweet scent of honey suckle and the sweeter sound of her voice upwards. While her lonely prayer didn't reach God, it reached the ears of an angel.

"In the beginning, there was sin. Then there was love, and I chose love."  

When Saphir was young, this was how her father explained her origin to her.


Saphir doesn't remember the fallen angel very well, other than he spoke of the story with a great fondness. "Your mother was from a line of banished men, and spent all her time roaming the earth, all alone. I remember seeing her from above, always wondering how she would look if she was happy. She often prayed, and while God didn't hear her, I did." Saphir could just picture the woman, all alone, looking up for comfort in the celestial bodies above her head. "No matter how hard I was told to focus on The Most Important One, my mind would always wander back to your mother." Saphir would lay her head in her father's lap, listenting patiently as he would hesitate to finish the story. "When we were discovered, your mother had to leave this earth. I was told to stay in this mortal coil, and to take care of the life I created. It was meant to be a punishment, but I wouldn't change what I did, because I got you." His hands didn't feel heavenly, they were calloused, and ran through Saphir's hair with little consideration of her tender headness. "I told all the assemblies that too. Strip me of whatever power you want, reduce me to nothing but flesh and bone, as long as my little Saphir is safe with me and I can raise her." 


She always liked how he ended the story on that note.




Saphir has a very head strong personality and it is difficult to sway her one way or another. It is very difficult for her to be vulnerable, and she harbors deep cynicism towards herself that borders on self hatred. However she is quick to pick up on responsibility, wanting to fix the issues she has and that others have.



Growing up an only child wasn't easy. It was pretty lonely when her father was at work in town. And it was scary when the idea of meeting others was introduced to her after years of her father telling her that the world would eat her up if she ventured too far without him. 




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  • I'd love to plot, great page by the way I've been reading it over. I'm at work currently so let me know if you have any ideas, I'll let you know mine by your next reply and possibly we could get started.

  • Victor didn’t want to frighten Sephir, it certainly wasn’t his intention, but she clearly didn’t have a clue the sort of things people would do to wield the power she had access to, or simply to drain her of the divine energy which fueled those gifts. He wasn’t sure how she had been in the city this long without more scrapes.

     There were deaths for all kinds, angels had their own, as did witches and vampires- both of which prickled with a ferocious protective alarm as soon as the man rose from the booth. His jaw became ridged and his eyes lost warmth as they locked onto the man entering into his arena. 

    He had been in the middle of handing the waitress more than enough money for the bill and telling her to ‘keep the change’. But even despite the minor distraction his eyes bore holes into the man, only refraining from breaking the hand which grabbed Sephir by virtue of there being now two women between them, and the interaction being relatively brief. 

    However as soon as the waitress moved along, more than happy with the tip being offered- enough so that she didn’t seem to feel the need to press the situation at hand- Victor closed the distance between himself and Sephir, placing a protective hand on her shoulder as his piercing blue gaze drilled the other man. 

    With Sephir in front of him he didn’t bother hiding the sneer of disgust on his lips, and the only reason he held his tongue was to avoid escalating the situation any further, least not here, not while he didn’t have backup- someone to get Sephir to safety. He had a hard time putting a finger on whether or not these guys were some flavor of supernatural or just Hunters, sometimes when the Mundane spent too much of their time around Otherbeings, especially seeped in their blood, they got a sort of muddled sense about them, mutts in that way. 

    As soon as the man had lobbed his vague threats and gathered his cohort Victor turned his attention more fully on Sephir. 

    She was clearly bothered by the interaction. A good instinct. 

    His hand which still lingered at her shoulder slipped away as she turned to him, his own dark brow furrowing as he took the card to look it over, frowning at its relative simplicity before he slipped it into the silver wallet clip which went right back into his pocket. 

    “No. None of that was normal, and you should feel alarmed.” He shook his head slightly, some of his charm having been edged by a previously unseen gruffness, something more common for the witch when not putting on a show. But he tried to shake it off for her sake, instead reaching out to gently grasp the hand she had anxiously rung to glance at her wrist.
    “He didn’t hurt you, did he? I will have someone look into him…” He hummed before glancing towards the door he had gone out of.

    “I am afraid that was a very pointed threat, Sephir, and it may be more pressing than I had initially realized to get you somewhere safe. We have means of protecting you, and cloaking you. But to those who know about people like us, who have trained their senses, we are easily detectable. I knew there was divine energy in this cafe from a block away, others will too. ” 

    He hadn’t let go of her hand, seemingly unbothered by the potential uncouthness of leading her from the cafe with his impressive soft and well manicured fingers wound about her hand, only hesitating in the foyer to check his phone, responding with a quick text as his eyes flickered out the windows in search of further markers they were being watched.  

    “I was afraid of this honestly as soon as I sat down, so I called in some backup, one of them is here, but the rest need another moment to meet us, it can be difficult to travel discreetly in this city. Just stay close to me okay?” He licked his lips and added, speaking softly to her as he opened the door, placing a hand on her back to lead her into the boisterous New York City air,
    “If anything goes wrong, if anything happens I will apparate you. It’s kind of like…short distance teleportation. But I can’t send us to Serenity, it's warded. So I will just get us close. That is only for worse case scenarios though, it can be very… discombobulating and I don’t want to add to your stress right now.” 

    He offered a short smile, less reaching than his earlier ones had been, 

    “I know this all must be difficult for you, I imagine you feel alone in this world without your father, but he had wanted you to come here, not under these circumstances, but he wanted you to be able to safely discover yourself, your power, your people. I am going to help you do that. And we are going to find out where Joshua is. I just need you to trust me.” 

    If Victor was being entirely honest he couldn’t promise most of those things, but he always spoke with intention, he would try to do all of those things and should he fail at any of them he would try again, it was in his nature to be stubbornly persistent. 

  • (Hiya! Were you interested in writing?)

  • (Greetings. Thank you for the friendship invitation)

    • (Hello; Thank you kindly for the friendship / invite.)  :)
  • Victor's hand felt remarkably soft when she took it, there was something- despite his notably muscular physique- that was delicate about the man. Not breakable, but he was much like a dancer in manners of grace. 

    He offered her a charming smile, his hands resting in his back pockets for the moment's it took to get the table back in order, his eyes staying on the young woman. 

    "I'm not disappointed in it being you here Saphir. Indeed I knew we would be meeting eventually. No coffee buy outs or catfishing necessary." He tried to keep his smile soft and his words light, he tried to offer her that kindness. 

    He could see the way worry tugged at her. It weighed down her thoughts and edged at her words. He could see the flicker of it in her glances and too long stares as they settled into the booth and she continued to explain herself, Victor offering patient nods and soft smiles. 

    But a few things distracted him from giving Saphir his full attentions a certain tenseness to the room he sought to identify, his eyes flickering away from the woman now and then. When they caught the right angle or light they glinted a molten silver reflection like a cats, and they kept meandering on the other tables around the small room. 

    It made his response of-

    "What? Interrupt? Pfft- no. No really, I didn't mind the excuse to get out of the routine."- come off a little distracted. 

    But he seemed to come about himself more as Saphir went on to mention the emails, to which he offered her those intense blue eyes and a slight nod. 

    He could already see where she was going with this, the understanding reaching Victor that this poor girl knew very little of her own power, and even less how to protect herself from those who wanted to abuse it. 

    It was dangerous for them to be here at all. She didn't seem the type to be warded or to understand when she was being tailed.

    The thought struck Victor just as she was asking him if he knew where Joshua may have been and he couldn't stop the look of pity which flickered across his otherwise cool features. 

    He hated being a disappointment to this young woman, he didn't know where her father was- nor had their correspondences been about much but the girl before him. And he knew she was going to find this information to be disappointing- 

    "Well…" he sighed softly as something finally struck him as odd in the room, the men behind Sephir seemed to be uninteresting in talking to one another, and kept dismissing the waitress, only one of them seemed to be lazily looking at his food, though the sharp eyed witch didn't buy that for a moment.

    "I have… some good news some bad news Saphir."

    As he was speaking he was pulling out what could only be described as a cell phone though it looked nothing like what was on the market: simply a chunk of tinted black glass which came to life in his hand, the 'screen' and 'buttons' seemingly projected above the glass. Haptic feedback projections. He seemed to by typing something as he spoke, not intentionally being rude but preemptively calling in backup. This was potentially a grander issue than he had considered. 

    "I can help you… but I don't know right out where Joshua is, unfortunately." 

    With the 911 text sent to Wyatt he steadied his eyes on the young nephelim, leaning forward with his arms on the table so they were pretty close together, his voice softening as to keep their likely listening onlookers from hearing much. 

    "He contacted me only a few months ago and we discussed really only a few things. All pertaining to you."

    He cleared his throat a bit and added even softer. 

    "I perhaps should have been more alarmed not hearing back from him sooner. Given what he is, what you are, it is really unsafe for you to be out here unprotected. New York, especially, is a hot spot. I would love to help you Saphir. In all the ways I can. But… it may be better if we continue this conversation back at Serenity. It's the building I own, its warded and nobody can hurt you there. And I will do everything in my power to help you track your father down, wherever he may be. " 


  • Victor was a busy witch. Most of his days were scheduled down to the last moment, he might as well plan his breaths, and he rarely actually slept more than a few hours; but the moment his inbox pinged with an email from Joshua he had cleared the docket for the day. 

    Moved his meetings and shelved his projects.
    When Wyatt, once his assistant now his COO (though in many ways still his babysitter), questioned this decision he had shrugged and said with a cool smile-

    “When angels knock on the door you answer. It’s not every day you get to make a connection like that.”
    And he considered himself very much in the business of making connections, helping people, favors for favors, he asked no questions of the angelic being when he had requested a meeting and felt no fear as he made his way down the bustling New York City streets looking entirely at home.

    He moved as though the city was built for him, in many ways it was, and in many ways he was making it more in his mind's image, his stride reflecting his confidence.
    Normally he didn’t walk places, but it was a nice morning and the agreed upon meeting place wasn’t too far so he had put on his comfy custom leather boots, his finely tailored pants a soft powdered pink, the jacquard button up had the slightest embossed imprints of floral designs. His thick wavy black hair was styled back so the white streaks along his ears broke into the black in a gradual ombre which, somehow, didn’t age his elegant young face but only made it more intense. 

    An intensity he carried into the otherwise unsuspecting cafe, sharp blue eyes noticing a few things rather quickly.

    Joshua was not here, despite there emanating the tingle of energy which Vic had assumed to be the divine being. 

    But there was a young woman fumbling with a spilt cup in the corner of the room, franticly trying to rectify her mistake as a waitress brought a rag to the table. 

    Victor’s eyes continued around the small cozy confines of the shop before being caught by something, at first he wasn’t sure what, until he noticed the thick red lettering of the Missing sign across the room. 

    His blue eyes fluttered in confusion, his dark brown scrunching as he took a few steps towards the uncanny truth he was processing. 

    The man he was here to meet was hanging on the wall, under the bold letters which had caught his eyes. 

    Victor was also a very smart witch, after all his secondary title was scientist, and businessman third, this did not take a rocket scientist. 

    His nebulous blue eyes were striking as they settled back on the fumbling young woman trying to recover her bag of flyers. 

    She was young, but unmistakable. 

    He crossed the room in a few strides, just as she was turning to ensure he wasn’t there. 

    His eyes glinted a mirrored silver in the light like a cats in the dark, and a small warm smile took his lips.

    “I would make a catfishing joke but I feel this isn’t the time or place.” Yeah way to avoid the gouache, 

    “You must be his kid…he mentioned you last we talked.” He offered her a hand, “Victor. And your name was?” 

  • WIP 


  • Yes of course, thank you for accepting. I would most definitely like to plot something up and start writing with ya, I'll read over the info you do have currently and see if I can think of anything myself. Let me know what ideas you may have, I would like to hear them!

  • Welcome back, fam!

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