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6'4 feet tall Short dark brown hair Green eyes small nose and ears Fit and well trained body and wide shoulders light skin color (caucasian) 
His true form is completely unknown, even Lucifer himself is uncertain of what Daemians true form is, as he is the aspect of chaos and is chaos incarnate he is the ever changer, some say he reads minds from all over the world and creates new forms out from those thoughts and imaginations, he can assume  these forms at will to make mankinds ultimate fears come true and thus mankinds own imaginations and fear are there own worst enemy.

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unpredictable deceiving kind evil good sadistic protective loving vile chaotic

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anything that can unbalance things and create chaos

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order, stability, balance

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Daddy once asked me, ''So tell me Damian, what is it that you desire?'' I smiled and answered him. ''i desire chaos and to be the incarnate of it'' That was daddy's biggest mistake, even bigger than rebelling against grandpa, which is why he and the other celestials worked together to lock me up to prevent me from destroying the worlds of mortals and immortals. And it worked for a time, but they forgot one thing. You can never control chaos, just like life always finds a way, so does chaos and now i am back all my sweeties and we are gonna have so much fun!!

Character Abilites

demigod and celestial powers supernatural strength, speed, reflexes, chaos energies and much more.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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started roleplaying all the way back in the youtube days, and in the rolepages era before it shutdown and went to crap, so that is about 13 years of experience of online roleplaying, and 2 and a half years of experience of LARP. NOTE i am currently fighting against PTSD which comes and goes, so sometimes i may go days or even weeks without being online.

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  • Two to three months had passed since Lucifer Morningstar had left Los Angeles ━ Chloe Jane Decker, LAPD Homicide Detective and full-time mother was living one day at a time following his departure.  Day to day, she took her duties and that motto 'To Serve and to Protect' seriously, going above and beyond in the City of Angels.  Day turned to evening, and the evening hours were something else entirely━ Drinking and partying most, if not all of the night away at Lux nightclub, which had been taken over by Amenadiel, Lucifer's brother in his absence.  Mazikeen who had taken Lucifer's role as the good detective's work partner was her dance partner most nights, but all that partying, and drinking, it didn't fill the void.  The partying and drinking would have to end eventually she knew that, that the best thing for this woman.

    On this particular evening, the woman was not partying the night away, though instead sitting in her parked vehicle in front of the home she formerly shared with Maze.  The woman about to head over to a crime scene as a new case and information had dropped via alerts/phone messages, though on this case she was going it alone.  Before the LAPD Detective started her vehicle, cerulean closed while her head placed itself back against the headrest while fingertips lightly caressed her bullet necklace, the pendant, Lucifer's birthday gift for her while she then lifted it up to her lips, kissing it once in a semi lingering manner.  I miss you so much.  Inner dialogue mused.  Momentarily her heart felt like it was breaking again, almost as if she had transferred herself to that night, the one in which the two were on his Penthouse balcony, in which she had pleaded with Lucifer not to leave multiple times, but to save humanity, save her and his family, he had done the right thing.  Would Chloe share more moments with Lucifer, like the many moments, all special they had shared before his departure? Or, was this the end, as in really the end? Not bothering to answer, nor think on it as work was her best distraction, and it would be for a while.  Cerulean hues snapped open once more, the woman starting her vehicle's engine, the detective then immediately driving herself towards the latest of crime scenes after the correct information on the case as well as location came her way.





    Forty five minutes to one hour following the received alerts, Detective Chloe Decker who had been on call was one of the first on the scene (following have dressed appropriately and professionally in her work attire).  Following the parking of her vehicle, its engine stilled, she soon exited from it while lights remained on and flashing from her vehicle plus that of others also to indicate any passerby that this was official police business, so to move along if they were inclined to stop.  Cerulean hues swept over immediate surroundings as soft, purposeful strides directed her towards the cordoned off area, where the latest victim lay.

    Despite Chloe Decker being known, and a seasoned detective, the woman lifted her jacket slightly on its right side, allowing her badge to be viewed from those who either denied or allowed access.  And to inform she was on the case along with her associate Lucifer Morningstar (despite him not being there, the woman having a feeling though he would pop out of nowhere sometime soon, or she simply longed for it, who really knew), but immediately a soft dismissal given by one of the officers informing the lead detective that her badge and identification was not needed as a man's voice spoke, "Just this way Detective Decker."

    With a soft nod, the female detective lowered her jacket, a thank you spoken.  And with that, the final few steps taken as the detective lifted and slipped herself on underneath that police line and tape, they guiding her to and then inside the deceased's boat.  On eventual arrival to the body, Chloe examined it by visual while listening to Ella's facts on the deceased, she recording any and all information spoken from their Forensic Scientist within her mind, yet also on paper.  No current leads as of yet, yet it would soon turn itself around. 

     ×  ×  ×  ×


    Victim: Lee Garner. 53.

    Career Criminal: Robbery, Burglary, but mostly small time stuff.

    Cause of death: Gunshot wound to the chest.


     ×  ×  ×  × 


    Following that first day on the crime scene, the days moved moved by rather quickly, information falling effortlessly into the good detective's lap due to her by the books investigation, and the blonde finding the correct key witnesses, evidence plus more to gather the information to proceed forward and close the case. Weeks later again nearing the end of the case, Detective Decker received possibly the biggest and final lead (that could close this case) from an anonymous caller.  A trap for the good detective, or a genuine call that would allow the remainder of the information, (those final missing pieces) whether it come from someone's mouth, or from a room full of evidence come to light? Regardless alone she would depart from the precinct to take that drive.  Or rather what she thought would be all alone━ Lucifer Morningstar had returned unknowingly to the good detective, and he already waiting there for her, the true perpetrator in his hold, he wishing to hand him over her himself, and others on the team, but more so to just Chloe Decker, Lucifer hoping she would accept his return.

    On arrival to what would appear the final destination, Chloe Decker stilled the vehicle's engine and climbed on out from it.  It wasn't immediate, though soon after, a few seconds if not a little longer, Lucifer Morningstar came out to see her, from those shadows or wherever he had been, perpetrator in his hands while he smiled her way.  "Lucifer," she breathed out, wide eyed somewhat as she couldn't believe what she seeing. "It's you, it is really you?"

    Fighting the urge to smile, because maybe she was seeing things, though she does.  Before they could have a chance to reunite if it were possible, the woman turned to hear backup arrive, her team and family of officers, sirens on, their lights flashing, they the ones who had come on in to collect their bad guy.  So snapping herself out of that temporary trance or whatnot, the woman took her cuffs, walking on over to Lucifer, cuffing their bad guy, then reluctantly leaving Lucifer, letting him slip back into the shadows or do whatever he wanted to, she then turning on her heel, bringing their perpetrator to the others on her team.  Towards the back seat of one of the waiting cars she opened the door first and foremost, telling him to watch his head before he was placed on in. "That's our guy," she said to then continue with, "take him away."

    Standing there as a nod was given to her, and the vehicle with the perpetrator inside left shortly after, the process to be with him would be finalized down at the station, from whomever would continue or finalize it there.  Slowly yet surely after the entire process was completed, her team and their vehicles would leave, it now only leaving Lucifer and Chloe, well if he had remained.  Looking around, taking a few steps forwards, searching over surroundings before this came from behind her, something she had missed immensely.   "DETECTIVE," not her name exactly but her title, it definitely the sound of Lucifer.  Spinning on her heel, Chloe was face to face with him and then walked his direction, smiling in pure relief, in comfort and more knowing he was there.  The past two or three months forgotten it would seem ━ A short or long time would be spent with him as they caught up to the best of their ability, as she thanked him for helping her with the arrest, before she was suggesting they should leave, head back to the precinct and to work, or to wherever he wished to go.  Lucifer would agree with her, and so it was then that she lead him on over towards her vehicle, keys already in hand to unlock it, or to begin the drive in time.

    Little did she know that they were not leaving just yet, and something unexplained, surreal perhaps was about to occur ━ Or an extra level of surreal for Chloe, considering she just got Lucifer back, well if he was the real thing, and staying in Los Angeles, that was.  Having no indication of it however, nor were her inner instincts, her gut telling her anything or making her feel ill and uneasy, so she had no reason to believe that the remainder of the evening was not going to be smooth sailing, so to speak.  Lucifer's return was one thing, and the two had a lot to catch up, but something else, the woman was not sure she could take it, though time would tell.

  • ((thanks for the invite, if ya wanna plot let me know))

  • ( ((Thanks for the invite.)) )

  •                     ┊ You're  welcome.

    I'm available to begin plotting whenever you are ready.  Perhaps you have some ideas you can leave in my comments? Or shall we brainstorm together? ━ ┊

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