Personal Information
Full name: Dallan Von
Alias(es): Dal
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Species: Wolf/witch

Hair Color: Brown
Eyes Color: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 176

Dallan was born what many would call a hybrid. His mother was a wolf--to be precise a lycan or werewolf, which term one uses matters not to him. His father had been the product of the union between wolf and witch. Dallan's grandfather had been head of the Von Clan---a position that his father would eventually inherit. His father had been a wolf seeking to have a child that was the perfect blend between wolf and witch. A perfect blending that Dallan's father failed to be. He was too much witch. There appeared to be no traces of the wolf blood within him. This did not make her happy and she sought to kill the child that failed to live up to her expectation.

Dallan's grandfather believing that his son still had use convinced his mother to spare his life, and give him full custody over him. She could go off and find another witch to have her perfect hybrid with. Growing up, his father dreamed of being a wolf. It might have stem from the fact his own father saw him as nothing more than a tool, and he saw being a wolf as a way of belonging to a loving family. It might have been he thought becoming a wolf would gain him the approval of the mother whom rejected him. Whatever the truth, it was a dream he would eventually make a reality.

It, however, would be many years after Dallan's grandfather's death and his father gaining control over the Von clan before he actually started to work to make this dream a reality. Dallan's father went out seeking wolves whom might change him, but everywhere he want his request was denied. The wolves were grateful that he did not hate them like the countless other witches, but they knew in his heart he was a witch. He would never abandon them to live among the wolves. This did not deter him. He continued his search until he found a wolf that was willing to change him.

The wolf he found was his own mother. She was unaware that the man seeking to become a wolf was her own son. She believed her son along with his father and a large potion of the Von clan had been killed by another witch by the name of Kyrell Giese, whom sought to make them pay for the role they played in the death of the witch-queen Astrea. She just knew that she had not had another child since Dallan's father and that she was desperate for one. She agreed to make him into a wolf if he promised to get her pregnant. Dallan's father agreed to her terms, and the deal was struck. Those other wolves were correct in their belief that he would never abandon the witches to live among the wolves. He didn't even let them know that he was a wolf.

He was true to his word. It took him a few years, but he managed to get Dallan's mother pregnant. His mother was overjoyed. She thought she was finally have that perfect hybrid she had always dreamt about. She knew Dallan's father suppressed his wolf nature with the other woman he managed to knocked up after she changed him, and believed because he knew her desire that he would do the same for her. This was not the case. He only suppressed his wolf nature among the witches he slept with because he knew due to the extreme hatred that witches bore towards wolves that a witch would never give birth to a child that was part wolf, and will remove any traces of the wolf. This was not the case with Dallan's mother or any women he managed to knock up that wasn't a witch.

In fact, he did everything in his power to ensure that the children born to these women would inherit as much of the wolf from him as possible. He didn't just want to be a wolf. He wanted children that were wolves to. However, it appeared that none of his children were what he hoped. They were not wolf enough. His hope pinned upon Dallan's mother. He believed that because she was wolf that there was a high chance that any children born from their union would be completely or mostly wolf. He was proven correct in his assumption when Dallan was finally born. He was mostly wolf. In fact, if it wasn't for the low level magic he possessed one might mistake him for being completely wolf.

At first, Dallan's mother was not happy about this. Just like with his father she failed to have that perfect hybrid she dreamt about. However, before she could react to Dallan in the same manner she had his father all those years ago she caught sight of her son's reflection. It was within that moment she realized the truth. She had given birth to someone far greater than that perfect hybrid she had always dreamt about. She had given birth to the philosophized one that not just her people but all the wolves of their world had been waiting for.  Eons before Dallan entered the world, there was a philosophy that said that the wolves days of being wandering nomads would come to an end when a wolf whose reflection was always the monstrous form no matter which form he was in at the time birth. It was not his birth that would cause it to come to an end, but he would create the kingdom of wolves by rising to power and uniting all the packs underneath one banner.

His pack--like his mother--was overjoyed by this new, and they did not try to hide it. They treated him exactly as they believed the philosophized one should be. They wanted his every want and desire. They hung upon his every word as if they were the most brilliant things to be uttered. They sought to be his friend and when he became older they sought to be his lover. Everywhere he went he had wolves throwing themselves at him in hopes of establishing any kind of relationship they could with him. They wanted to be able to say they have a connection with the philosophized one, and he hated it. He wished for someone to be interested in him because of whom he was and not who he was destined to me. He didn't want the fact that he was the philosophized one to shape how he was treated.

His wished was granted among his father's people. His father didn't officially acknowledge Dallan as his son, but everyone knew. His father just put up appearances by pretending that he was a witch who only wished to acknowledged those children whose magically abilities could give him a viable heir or further his clan's influence, and Dallan was anything but that. While he did have magical abilities, it was extremely low. He had a difficult time casting the simplest spells. How little of his father's witch blood he inherit was further proven when it came time to enter his magical puberty, and he did not. This did not matter to Dallan. He knew that his father loved him. Just as his mother did. Some part of him believed that his father didn't acknowledge him on purpose.

His father had quite the reputation among the witches. One that made a lot of witches afraid of him as well as a lot of enemies. He did not know if they would treat Dallan with extreme reverence due to whom his father was, or with more disdain than they already did due to being basically a wolf. He just knew that however they treated him Dallan would hate their treatment of him being influenced by whom his father was as much as he hated how the wolves treated him because he was the philosophized one. It was because of his father's decision that Dallan found a place where he felt as if he was being seen for him. More than that it was here that he found his four closest friends.

Sure, a large number of witches held extreme hatred for him for being a wolf, but it was mostly his father's generation. Those witches his own age did not share their parents or even grandparents opinions. The stories of The Great Betrayal where the witches were almost decimated by wolves were nothing more than that stories, and many of them believed it was the witches own folly for messing with magics they knew little about. His closest friends were a tiger, and three witches. They were brother-in-arms. Whatever mischief one found the others were quick to follow.

They ended up gathering quite the reputation. They were the ones people went to for a good time, and no party was considered even remotely successful unless one of them made an appearance. The more of them that made an appearance at a party the more successful it was said to be. They were considered the bad boys. The ones that would never be tied down that is until one of them feel in love and decided to get married. Many believed that Dallan and the other three would cut ties with this friend. This showed how little they understand their relationships. They were more than friends they were brothers and one did not abandon one's brother for deciding to walk a new path. Truth be told, if one was really someone's friends they did not abandon them for that reason either. They still got up to their old mischief, but they still spent plenty of time with their friend.

Dallan was secretly envious of his friend. It wasn't in the manner that made him bitter towards him, but he longed to find his true love in the manner that his friends had. He eventually found her, or so he believed. She was not the sorta girl his parents approved. First, she was a witch. Both his parents wished for him to marry another wolf. This was a sentiment that the other member of his pack shared. He was the philosophized one. It only stand to reason that his mate be a wolf just like him. It did not matter that she could be changed into a wolf. It might have to do with the fact he was believed to be the ultimate catch, and they wished to his mate or push their relatives to take that role.

His father, also, didn't approve of her for another reason. He told Dallan it was because he had made her to be nothing more than a toy for the pleasure of other. It was here that his father told him the world that would make the female completely obedient to the will of whomever uttered it. This did not matter to Dallan. He loved her. He saw a brilliant woman whom was much more stronger than others gave her credit for. He was determined to make her his wife. He, however, knew that he had to make it so that word held no sway over her. The very idea that anyone whom knew the word could turn her into a mindless doll just by uttering that word did not settle well with him. The reason was not completely noble yet it was simple--she was his.  

He should be the only one she obeyed completely. He should be the only one that she gave absolute control to. He, also, knew that she wouldn't like being a pleasure doll to countless others. He knew that she would not like being such to anyone, but she might prefer being it to one rather than millions. He started to make it so that only he had that much control over her. It was a hard process, but slowly he made it so not everyone whom uttered that word gained complete and absolute control over her. There were still individuals beside him whom could gain that control over her, but they were people whom she had already hold a close bond with. Those whom she might willing submit to on her own. The next step was to remove their influence. He decided that the best way to do this was to get rid of the word's power all together and make her obedient to the sound of his voice and therefore just him, in general. 

This, however, did not come to pass. The witch became pregnant with his child---twins as it would eventually be discovered. This did not make his mother happy. She knew that if Dallan discovered his witch was with child that any hope of convincing him to pick a wolf for his mate and queen when he created the wolves' kingdom would be lost. So, she convinced Dallan's father to help her with a devious plan. She asked his father to transfer the unborn babies into a female wolf whom Dallan had relationship with. They knew that it couldn't be any female wolf, but that it had to be one that would be willing to go along with their scheme and whom would not accidentally spill the beans. It did not take them long to find her, and the put their plan into action.

When Dallan discovered this wolf was pregnant with his child he was overjoyed. He knew that he wouldn't make her his queen even if everyone within his pack expected it to be so, but he was determined to be a good father. His joy increased when he found out that they were having twins. The day finally arrived for his children to be born and he couldn't wait to meet them. It was here that a day of great joy also became one of great tragedy. One of his children was born dead, or so he was told. The truth was both of his children had inherit their grandfather's telepathic abilities and ones that had been a source of much grief for him. In order to save his grandchildren from that pain, he decided to kill them. He managed to kill one before his lover and the mother of the witch whom was biologically their mother ran away with them. Whether she believed they were her grandchildren or simply decided to save them for some another reason is another story.

She fled with them, and his father chased after her. They eventually ran into Dallan's mother whom demanded to know what was going one. His father's lover told her that she had killed one of the babies and was planning on doing the same to the other. His father not wanting to reveal the true reason behind why he had done what he had done told Dallan's mother that he had killed the one baby because she was too much witch, and he removed her to keep Dallan from growing suspicious about what they had done. However, the other baby hold no such treat. Dallan's mother praised him for what he had done. She told him she would have done the same thing. Upon hearing these words his father's lover handed Dallan's son over to his grandmother, but she did not release the other. She fled with her, and it would not be discovered until later what she had done with her.

Dallan loves his son a great deal. No more than a great deal. He has never loved another being as much as his son. Even the love he bore for the female witch pales in comparison to the one he feels for his son. He takes a great interest within his son's development, and it did not take him long to notice his extremely high magical abilities. Something that is made even more noticeable by Dallan due to his age. He was still very much a wolf. In fact, he appeared to be that perfect hybrid that his mother had always dreamed about. However, his son's high level of magic raised Dallan's brow and he asked his father about it. His father told him not to worry about it--such things were common. Witch magic was an unpredictable thing. Sometimes the magic flowed from one witch to their children without change. Sometimes a witch with no magical talents give birth to extremely talented witch, and sometimes the opposite is true---an extremely talented witch will give birth to a child with no magical abilities.

It was shortly after this conversation that his father was killed by Kyrell Giese during the latter's ascension to the throne. The news hit Dallan hard, and there were some whom believed he should seek vengences against Kyrell for what he had done. However, the thought never crossed his mind. Mostly because Kyrell was the father of one of his closest friends and he would not be responsible for causing any of them the same pain he was feeling. It was, however, soon discovered that his father was not as dead as everyone believed. He made it so if anything happened to his body that his soul would be transferred to another set up in a safe location.

It was shortly after this that the truth of his son was revealed. It was the female witch whom unraveled the lies. At first, she was mad at Dallan, but when she discovered he played no part in keeping her son from her she forgave him. Dallan was just as enraged by this discovery as she was, but they both allowed the wolf that had given birth to their son continue to have a part in his life because in spite the role she played in their deceptions they knew that she and their son shared a bond. That is until she tried to forcibly remove the witch genes from him. He, also, forgave his parents for the role they played in this scheme. He loved them and believed their deception came out of a place of love.

Not long after this, the truth of what his father's lover had done with the other baby was revealed. She had took the dead baby and attempted to bring her back. She had failed. Through, some might argue there was success in what she had done. She had brought the baby back to live, but as a twisted thing. She not knowing how to fix what she had done decided to seal her away. Eventually, the mother of Dallan's son discovered the truth and like her mother she could not figure out how to reverse what her own mother had done. She was forced to put her down. It was a decision Dallan knows hurts her, and h he wished he could have spared her from that pain.

Dallan found himself growing closer to his witch, and when she discovered that the man whom she believed to be her father wasn't and decided to retreat to deal with her emotion he did not react in the manner he might have once upon a time. He made it clear that he would be there for her when she was ready to talk and went about taking care of their son. It was around this time that he had his own personal crises, and many could rightly blame Everleigh for it. She had been the one to push him to go to the pits, but he would have eventually stumbled into that place on his own accord. What he found there turned his stomach. He was disgust by what he saw. His own people abusing and twisting their own for their sick amusement. This was not all. What made this a true crises for him was discovering whom played a role in its creation---his mother.

He loved his mother, and try as he might he could not deny what he saw and the role she played in it. He knew that this place could not continue and those responsible for its creation had to be punished. More than that he knew exactly what their punishment needed to be---death. He did not wish to setence his mother to die, but he knew that it had to be done. There were others there that day---including his witch lover, whom were just as horrified as him by what the pits were, and when he gave the order for them all the be killed they all leapt into action. He knew that any one of them would have killed his mother, but he knew that he had to be the one to do it---even if it broke him.

Dallan became guilt ridden by what he has done. He has nightmares about it, and wonders what that means for him--the philosophized one. He was suppose to save his people. Yet, he failed to notice when they were suffering. He found himself face with the same dilemma he had face his entire life, and that is whether he should accept or reject his destiny. His reasoning, however, has changed. Before, he had teetered between accepting it and rejecting it because he had not wanted something spoken eons ago to determine the course of his life. Now, he is uncertain if he is worthy of being the philosophized one. What he does know for certain is that he will not turn a blind eye to his people suffering anymore. He will find any places that are like the pits---no matter their sizes---and put an end to them.


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