Moon. Glorious moon. Full, fat, reddish moon, the night as light as day, the moonlight flooding down across the land and bringing joy, joy, joy. Bringing too the full-throated call of the tropical night, the soft and wild voice of the wind roaring through the hairs on your arm, the hollow wail of starlight, the teeth-grinding bellow of the moonlight off the water.

Meet Dexter Morgan, a polite and charming wolf in sheep's clothing. He works as a forensic scientist, specializing in blood splatter analysis, for the Miami Metro Police Department. Talented in his line of work, handsome and quirky, dearly damaged Dexter cannot fathom why in a room full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight to the human soul, is Sargent Doakes the only one who gets the creeps from him. See, something in Dexter's past has twisted his mind into abiding by a different set of rules. He is a serial killer.

All calling to the Need. Oh, the symphonic shriek of the thousand hiding voices, the cry of the Need inside, the entity, the silent watcher, the cold quiet thing, the one that laughs, the Moondancer

Dexter was born as Dexter Moser on February 1st 1981* to mother, Laura Moser, and older brother, Brian Moser. Laura, a loving mother, struggled with drug abuse despite her attempts to cut the habit in favor for her two young children. During her time of on and off substance abuse, she met Detective Harry Morgan and became enrolled as his undercover informant in the hopes of taking down a drug lord. The discovery of her police involvement found by members of the drug circle led to the end of her short life.

On October 3rd, 1983*, Dexter witnessed the brutal murder of his mother. Along with his mother and brother, Dexter was brought to a shipping container. Three men whose names were Lipsey, Welsh, and Santos Jimenez all played part in hacking Laura Moser with a chainsaw in front of her two children without remorse. Both Dexter and Brain were left in the shipping container for two whole days in inches of their mother's blood and her dismembered body parts.

Both boys were severely mentally damaged. Brian goes on to remember everything all through his adult life, while Dexter suppresses the memory and lives with an urge to recreate the murder of his mother. Unlike Brain, who is sent to a mental facility, Dexter fell into the foster home of Harry Morgan. Later, he was adopted as his son, changing his family name to Morgan. Their separate upbringings did not deter either one of them from later perusing a life of murder. The boys each carry the weight of the days spent in that shipping container, tainted by the memory and were shaped into monsters. Dexter considers himself to be 'born in blood'.

I could not be caught, not now. I had worked too hard, too long, to make this work for me, to protect my happy little life.

And so I was always careful. Always tidy. Always prepared ahead of time so it would be right. And when it was right, take extra time to be sure. It was the Harry way, God bless him, that farsighted perfect policeman, my foster father.

Detective Harry Morgan, Dexter's adoptive father, noticed Dexter's psychopathic tendencies from a young age. He found the buried remains of the neighbor's dog in a shallow grave in the backyard. Alongside it there were corpses of other small animals. Harry confronted Dexter, asking him if he thought he was different from everyone else. Dexter explained he killed the dog because his mother was losing sleep from it, yet he was unable to offer a reasonable explanation for the other animals. Harry had asked if Dexter ever thought of killing anything bigger - like a person, and he answered yes.

After a meaningful conversation, Harry drew to the conclusion he would not be able to stop Dexter's need to kill for all of his life. At a loss for how to help his son recover, he sought the professional help of Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a neuropsychiatrist specializing in profiling serial killers. Together, she and Harry designed a code for Dexter to kill with the number one rule: Don't get caught. It's dubbed, The Code of Harry by Dexter.

The code implements a set of morals that Dexter lacks, dictating that he only kills 'bad' people who fail to be brought to justice through the legal system. It gives him a sense of right and wrong even though taking the life of an innocent does not truly bother him. Dexter lives his life by The Code of Harry religiously, using it as the building blocks of his unsavory lifestyle to ensure he is never caught.

Harry's teachings go beyond the meticulous steps Dexter must take before taking a life. They extend into his personal life, guiding Dexter into a lifestyle that erases him from suspicion. When he had been urged to fit in with the other kids, Dexter was caught bullying another boy on the soccer field. He claimed he had to, saying that it was the only way he would blend. Harry explained that bullies are always remembered, and Dexter must keep his head down and not behave in any way that may attract attention.

Throughout his life, he was confused by many of the social norms. Lacking empathy made it difficult for him to relate to others, and made him feel like an outsider forced to fit in. Over time, and with the persistent lessons from his foster father, Dexter learned to blend into society. Polite, well mannered, handsome and quirky, dreamy darling Dexter constructed himself an outward appearance to fool the world. His mask.

"I do understand, Father," I said, and there was something in my voice, the Dark Passenger's voice now, and the sound of it froze him. He lifted his head slowly to face me and what he saw in my eyes made him very still. "I understand perfectly," I told him, moving very close to his face. The sweat on his cheeks turned to ice. "You see," I said, "I can't help myself either."

Dexter's need to kill manifests in what he calls The Dark Passenger. Believing the name had been given to him by his father, it is later revealed the name is one Dexter had come up with on his own. He does not fight his dark passenger, rather, he lives with it side by side. Dexter understands he cannot control his desire to kill, and say numerous times that when he is in control, Dexter slides into the passenger seat and goes along for the ride.

Name: Dexter Morgan

Nicknames: Dex, Dexie, Dexterious, Poindexter and Socio.

(Dexter is called Socio by his friend Batista. It's pun since the word 'socio' means 'partner' or 'brother' in Spanish, but is also a shortened version of the word sociopath.)

Alias: The Bar Harbor Butcher, Patrick Bateman, The Dark Defender

Sex: Male

D.O.B: February 1st 1981*, 35 years old

Race: Caucasian human

Height: 5'10''

Blood type: AB negative

Family: Harry Morgan (adoptive father, deceased), Doris Morgan (adoptive mother, deceased), Deborah Morgan (adoptive sister), Laura Moser (biological mother, deceased), Joe Driscoll (biological father, deceased), Brian Moser (biological brother)

Occupation: Forensic Technician for Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide Division

Residence: 8420 Palm Terrace #108 Miami FL. 33142

Skill set: Wit, charm, intellect, high physical strength, black belt in jujitsu, access to police documents/files, blood splatter specialist, burglary, acting, well rehearsed with a variety of weapons, lying, manipulation, bowling, and knowing where to buy the best donuts

Languages: English, some Spanish and little Cuban

Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual (Assumed heterosexual)

Relationship Status: Single**

Dubbed 'The Bay Harbour Butcher' when his heinous crimes come to light, Dexter earns an unexpected following. Fans come together to create a comic book based on the anonymous murderer, earning the more ego-stroking title of 'The Dark Defender.' Dexter expresses interest in the title, with only one crucial criticism to make. "It's too hot in Miami for so much leather."

Little information is released to the press about The Dark Defenders rituals, but it is spilled to the public that he targets those who do wrong. With a lack of information on how brutal his killings are, the public gain a positive image of the killer. In turn, many begun to idolize and look up to him. He's seen as a hero, a vigilante who protects the people and not for what he truly is. A killer whose instincts have been honed into giving him a fake concept of morals.

Dexter finds his victims through his work. He is easily able to find guilty killers who escape the claw of justice and goes on to stalk them until he has all the information he needs. More commonly, he will inject his victim with M-99, a tranquilizer approximately 1,000 - 3,000 times more potent than morphine, then proceed to transport the unconscious body into what he describes 'the kill room.' He is also known to strangle his victims with a metal cord until they pass out from lack of oxygen.

The kill room is a carefully selected and prepared room covered in plastic. Examples of previous places used as a kill room are homes, a cremation room, hotel rooms and boxing rings. Often the kill room will be a place that the victim associates with. Dexter decorates the kill room with pictures (or even the decomposing bodies) of his victim's victims, forcing them to look and admit their own wrong-doings.

With his victim strapped to a table by plastic, (or sometimes duct tape depending on the strength of his victim) Dexter cuts their cheek and collects a sample of their blood which he places into a blood slide. This is kept as a trophy, something his foster father, Harry, warned him to never have. He then goes on to kill the victim, traditionally with a stab to the heart.

To dispose of the body Dexter chops his victims into pieces with a cordless bone saw. This shows similarities in the nature of which his mother was murdered. The body is then placed into thick double layered black trash bags. After cleaning the kill room, he transports everything to the harbor where he keeps his boat, Slice of Life. All bags are thrown overboard into the gulf stream.

Disclaimers / Information

Dexter Morgan was created by Jeff Lindsay (2004)

Quotes taken from the book series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

(*) Dexter's date of birth is originally 1971. It has been changed to suit the time period I am writing him from. In turn, dates of life events have been altered also.

(**) With no writer of Rita present, I am voiding Dexter's relationship with her.

RP will contain violent and sexually explicit scenes that may not be suitable for everyone. I will not tone down exposure of explicit writing. By writing with me you automatically consent to being over the age of 18.

Dexter speaks Spanish and Cuban. Writer does not. There aren't many reliable translators out there, so bare with me.

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