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"Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure, we're honoured by your presence."
"You may dispense with the pleasantries."

Darth Vader is fully encoated with a suit of heavy armour, augmented by Sith Alchemy in order to augment Vader's diminished physical strength and vitality. It provided a suite of life-support systems and gave Vader free movement without the need of external appliances. Despite several weaknesses to the suit including electrical discharges and the need of pressurized meditation chambers in order to take his helmet off and survive, the suit grants Vader numerous advantages; including enhanced durability and stamina, sensory enhancements and the ability to survive in intense environmental atmospheres and protection from inhospital environments and biological weaponry.

Character Personality


"I find your lack of Faith disturbing."

After becoming Darth Vader, his personality underwent a drastic change. He was now a rattled man after the betrayal of his loved ones, his comrades in arms and his mentor; Obi-Wan Kenobi. He believed that love was a weakness and was utterly meaningless; a belief that was very prevalent when he ordered the clone of Galen Malek to murder Juno Eclipse during a training session on Kamino.

Vader developed a mental obsession over tracking down and killing Obi-Wan Kenobi, as demonstrated in his slaughter of all the remaining Jedi after Order 66; often executing and viciously interrogating them. However when he finally tracked down Kenobi aboard the Death Star I and killed him, the death was unsatisfying.

"You have failed me for the last time, Admiral."


"You are in command now, Admiral Piett."

Vader has a very low tolerance of failure. On numerous occasions within his army, he has force choked officers and soldiers who had failed in the duties set by him. When one of the officers on the Death Star I questioned the force, he nearly choked him to death without the intervention of Grand Moth Tarkin. Another was when he was tracking down the Rebellion Base of operations after the destruction of the Darth Star I, when the former admiral of his fleet jumped too close to the Hoth system and alerted the Rebels. That time, he successfully force choked him through the montor, and declared that Piett is now the admiral of his fleet.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, No-Preference

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Fantasy, Anime, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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Enjoys many things from Fantasy, Adventure, Action and Sci-Fi (Absolutely loves Star Wars); to various Video Games, Anime, TV Shows and even films!

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  • (Thank you for accepting. My main Star Wars OC. Is based off the Force unleashed Games and later on the Ones family    From the clone wars show. As I played the Son, as a character. 

    My dark Jedi Salia, being daughter of Star Killer and Juno possibly or Kryptonian depending on storyline I am writing for her. As she was possessed by a demon in one storyline I have with the writer Rey. But think for other story settings. She will just be child of Junk and Star killer. The real Galen Marek and his clones. Such as dna of the Dark Apprentice being used to impregnate Juno to create a child. All done at Lord Vader's behest to make a new apprentice that will be more powerful the his current one and one he can control and molds from childhood. Like he did with Star Killer. Like a back up plan. 

    That is the idea anyhow. Thanks for accepting. Vader plays a big part in her background. So hoping we may write a story around that. If you want. )

  • ( Hey there, thanks for accepting. Let me know if you'd be interested in writing sometime! )

  • (Hello! Thank you for accepting. It's good to see more SW writers.)

  • [ Holy Crap!! Hello!! Sorry, I'm really excited to finally meet another Canon Star Wars Roleplayer! Welcome to Writer's Realm! I really hope we can write sometime :) I know timeline-wise it doesn't make the most sense but I think Rey and Vader squaring off would be really amazing. Let me know if you'd like to plot! ]

  • "One of the Empire's finest warriors I see."


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     "Join me, and together, we can rule the Galaxy."

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