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Cheryl Majorie Blossom

(n.) an ambitchious queen bee who will gladly kill you with kindness.

Synonyms: seventeen, survivor, thriver, River Vixen, Little Red Riding hood, Cherry bomb shell


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{ 17 years old, female, bisexual, taken by Toni Topaz }

Cheryl Blossom goes to Riverdale High School, currently enrolled with a 4.0 GPA. She's the head cheerleader of the River Vixens, the self proclaimed high school queen and overall a bitch. This, however, comes as no surprise, as she grew up in the shadows of her golden boy brother, and was always shamed by her family. Her meanness is only a self defense mechanism. 

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History // Canon


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Samantha Giddings

(n.) An animal activist, vegan and the girl who can survive almost anything.

Synonyms: Until Dawn last survivor, fighter, lover, brilliant, a peach

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{ 23 years old, female, heterosexual, single }

Samantha Giddings is an animal activist who works as a nature conservationist. She currently is in college, studying all sorts of things, but mostly focuses her work on animals. It is noted that she suffers from survivor's guilt and struggles with the acceptance of the supernatural. 

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History // Canon


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  • (Okay so it took me a moment to realize you were originally just RPing as Sam. XD Hello! How have you been?)

  • || Shit yeah,let's write!

    "Pfft. You're practically eighteen already,doll. Your girlfriend can join if she wants..
    I mean fuck. You did call me a DILF. Let's knock boots."

  • || Mmf!! Hey Mouse <3 Been wonderin' where my girl was.

    "Jesus fuckin' Christ,I hope you're over eighteen.."

  • (Of course. I watch almost all the CW shows. In all caught up on riverdale. Shits getting dark as hell in the show and ms red with her red riding hood outfit. Hehe. )

  • I will be sending out replies tonight and be working on adding a new character. 

    Have patience with me, please,

    - Sam

  • {We plotted once before and I think I sent a starter but not sure it ever went through. If you are still looking for more threads and are interested in Sam and Blake having some kind of storyline together. Just give me a holler. 

    Peace out }

  • He tried his very damndest to appear confident and brave in the face of such a vicious onslaught of verbal punches, putting on a face of pure defiance as an immediate gut response to them, one that took every ounce of willpower that he had in him to uphold.
    It was especially difficult because try as he may he couldn’t find a single counterpoint solid or sharp enough to jab back against with, as Josie’s spoken words were simply softer reiterations of his own thoughts and feelings thrown back at him from another source other than himself, so he really couldn’t argue even though every fiber of his being screamed for him to do so, to push back with whatever he had had.
    But because he wasn’t the same ol’ confident Josh who with boy-like charm and fast wits could easily dismantle an opponent and tip the scale of an argument over to his favour - trying to be...well it was exhausting to him beyond any reasonable limit.

    But his heart took a sudden jump, threatening to bust out of his ribcage and spill out onto the linoleum floor when the confrontation seemed to have come to an abrupt and decisive ending - and you could literally feel the aggressive tension drain from the air as Sam’s parents stepped off their attack and lowered their weapons to allow Samantha to say her goodbyes...
    This obviously upset the boy even though the following ‘text me’ indicated that she didn’t mean goodbye as in a final goodbye, as she’d previously promised to him.
    But this hardly made any sorta difference as the male’s heart rate had permanently been put up a notch, and it was about to go even higher now as the monochrome handle to the door was turned slowly and a fifth party member showed up.

    Mrs. Washington, Josh’s mother, stood hugging the door frame while her eyes quickly ran across the room before they suddenly flashed over with indignance and anger, much like lightning on a pitch black night.
    “What do you think you are doing?!” No longer confined to standing around, the middle-aged woman immediately sprung into action and covered the distance between her and Samantha’s parents, like a feral lioness pouncing on it's prey.


  • While Samantha snuck into the kitchen to take Ashley’s place Joshua had in the meanwhile managed to do the impossible, and had been able to successfully draw out the red beast from it’s hidey hole, and to help keep it from running back there he grabbed yet another log from the pile, throwing it into the blaze, adding more fuel to the fire - needlessly perhaps, as the darn thing had chewed on a magnificent feast of varying tree species already, and this was just overkill. Nevertheless the boy stood bent over to watch the wood turn black as it was consumed by the relentless flames, then gave his victory cry proclaiming himself the fire master of Blackwood.

    But after that, and having turned to witness his audience having shrunk, he just kinda stood there counting the heads still present for his little show of manliness. After a full count was completed he could see Ashley, who wasn’t supposed to be there but nevertheless cheered him on, and in the distance not paying even the slightest bit of attention was Mike and Emily, being nauseating as always and all over each other, slabbering their tongues all over one another faces. Classy.

    “So, guys, want me to roll the cameras, huh?” He snaps at them, laughing as the two lovebirds break off their little makeout session to look at him just as Sam comes back informing the gents and ladies present that food was ready for their more than eager consumption.

    “If the tacos are in the dining room, why are we all in here?” The Washington lad asked in light of these news. Then with his tummy grumbling and groaning something fierce he quickly grabbed a hold of the beer which Sammy had abandoned on the table, and then turned his heels around to head towards the dining area, sneaking the occasional glance Sam’s way.

    Ash, Mike and Emily all followed Josh’s lead, with Emily tapping Ash on the shoulder and popping a suggestion.“Ashley, you could always say something. About the cold, I mean. I’m sure Josh wouldn’t mind cranking up the heat in here, right Josh?” Craning his neck the young male in question gives a nod. “That reminds me,” Josh suddenly blurts out, stopping the group just before they entered the dining area, “..keep it PG 13 while we eat, okay?”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Em immediately snaps back, positioning herself to look almost like a snake, posed to strike at any time. Throwing up his hands in defence and as a means to calm her down he flashes a smile, explaining, “It’s just a joke, relax friend. You two have been at it for so long I’m surprised your tongues haven’t gotten twisted.”


    She said nothing to that and she and Michael entered the diner, followed by Ashley.

    Josh leaned in when, (if), Sam arrived, and whispered so only she could hear.

    “Goosfraba. Goosfraba.” He shakes his head, hoping Sam would get the reference and perhaps laugh just a little bit. He then went in to take a seat right next to Chris and Beth.

    It was a grand space, to say the least. The huge mahogany table took up most of the room, and on it was a mountain of food, with no less than five bowls fully filled and overflowing with nachos, sauces and spices, and enough beer and coke to force even the strongest bladder into submission.

  • Bouncing back into bed with her his head sank deep into the cushy white pillows as the soft feathers inside subsequently gave way under the weight of his head, and for a brief moment he sort of just laid there, staring absently into the ceiling above, content in knowing Sammy was right beside him should he feel the need to talk. But right now he was happy just being there.

    But it wouldn’t be like that forever, and whenever his eyes ran to the clock he was cruelly reminded of that fact, as each ticking noise marked as one moment closer to the end for them two together. And with the minutes going by as fast as they were, he knew he couldn’t waste even a single one of them. He needed to savor every miniscule detail of their encountered, because it’d be nothing but a fond memory after tonight, a chapter in their friendship never to be spoken of again, perhaps elluded to awkwardly, but nothing more than that.


    But once he actually flips over and his eyes connect with hers, the promise to end whatever they had got going on were pushed to the edges of his mind once more, momentarily forgotten. Now facing Sam he lets his eyes trail across her body, watching the steady rise and fall of the sheets which had in his absence consumed her form entirely, leaving only a head poking out at the top.

    He didn’t mind that at all though, as it kind of made her look like a neat little birthday present, just for him, and one that he just couldn’t wait to rip open and play with.


    “Sam, the human taco.” He comments to give it a more humerous twist instead of a naughty one, biting the air as he then tries desperately to rid himself of those pesky jeans of his, wriggling and wiggling frantically with his lower half body until he finally managed to slide them down low enough to where they dangled lazily by his right foot. A powerful kick then sent them flying through the air like a cannonball, hitting a shelf and knocking down several books and video games, something that gets a chuckle of amusement from Josh as he goes back to address something Sam said, regarding a particular body part of his.


    “Oh! Really? You like my butt, do you? Well I’m damn glad to hear ya say that because I assure you that this…-”, he says panting and rolling over on his belly, making a sweeping motion across his behind.

    “-...this doesn’t happen overnight, so I’m glad all my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. I’m hoping one day to be able to give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.” He gave it a slap, laughing as he turned back over, and in the process of all the jokes and butt slapping he completely ignored her question regarding how it went. Intentionally? Maybe. But he nonetheless moved ahead, showing little sign that he would backtrack and answer her and instead moved to press his body up against hers, yanking on the cover.


    “Now I know it can hardly cover my fat ass, but can I get a little bit of cover over here? Pretty please.” Another tug is given and he looks at her pleadingly with puppy eyes whilst the music downstairs begins to die down, only to pick up again in a moment with another track.

  • ( can go into the game a bit if you like.)

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