Name: Scarlett Emaurri

Age: Physically 27 

Height: 168cm ~ 5"6

Species: Djinn - wish granter

Residency: Drifter who frequents Dubai

Occupation: Contracted computer technician


d67d3cb7086c6c08567b36b6dadecac7.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xAt a young age, she watches her mother die at the hands of a terminal illness. It had been a confusing time for a young girl barely capable of comprehending the finality of death. Soon after, Scarlett is adopted under the care of The Order - a sect run by Djinn with several alliances with other groups. It is there that she is not raised as a daughter but as a tool. She sleeps in barracks with other orphaned, vulnerable children. Each one of them fleshed out of childhood early and into something other. Scarlett hones a multitude of skills from reading and writing to physical combat and mythical studies.

By the time she reaches her early teens she gains the favor of the clergy and is swiftly alienated from her peers as a result. Her training grows more strenuous as does the pressure on her shoulders. Many eyes are on her and there is little room for error than ever before. Then one day, the line of duty is blurred as firm hands touch her lithe body in the name of the greater good, or so they say. Scarlett is hollow throughout the ordeal. A new routine of tutoring begins.

Once she is a young woman, Scarlett is given her first task as an official member of The Order. Her mission is to extract information and bestow punishment upon a human man that has murdered two of their kind. A young male Djinn that was sent before her mysteriously goes missing, and so she is instructed to approach under the guise of a fellow researcher and peace offering. For the first time in forever, she sleeps under a roof that is not keenly watched under the eyes of The Order. For the first time in forever, she dreams of something warm and bubbly.


She learns that the man she is sent to kill is called Jasper Holstein. He is not a fool. Not a bone in his body believes her presence to be a genuine peace offering. However, in favor of fabricating a temporary alliance with The Order, he accepts Scarlett under his watch as an assistant to his research. Somehow they manage to settle on an agreeable, albeit awkward, working arrangement. After months of delicately dancing around one another, Scarlett finds chinks are developing in her armor the more she learns about Mr. Holstein.

It is inevitable that she falls in love with him, she thinks. Her affections for Mr. Holstein grow out of control when her loyalty to the sect is questioned. The reports she sends back to them come and go at infrequent intervals and gradually contain fewer useful pieces of information. After a year of her living with Mr. Holstein, a letter requesting her presence back at The Order waits for her on the end of her bed. Upon her arrival, she is immediately ordered to terminate Jasper Holstein and return to the sect.

Scarlett confides in Mr. Holstein, spilling the nature of her mission and the conflict she felt in completing it due to her feelings the moment she returns to his home. She never had the foresight to think his research meant more to him than her. He cages her in his lab and proclaims that if she loved him she would do as he says. And she loved him, she loved him so much that she endured the truth that he did not love her if it meant she could still hold him close.

However, once The Order caught wind of the situation, an ambush was sent to Mr. Holstein's home. He was killed - and along with it, Scarlett's loyalty to the sect. Those sent to rescue her were killed by her hands. Scarlett came out of that battle bathed in blood and soot from a blazing fire.10472247252?profile=RESIZE_400x

"I'm not a bad guy.


Okay, I'm kind of a bad guy."


Rules & Notices


1. Multi-para/Novella

2. Writing may contain adult-themes

3. I do not always expect responses of equal substance, but be reasonable

4. Do not control Scarlett or make life-altering actions toward her without prior consent

5. I'm friendly enough, don't be too shy if you wish to be friends

6. Certified Diluc simp




 1. Elijah [plotting]

2. Jett [plotting]


I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Open

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  • One day, one day I will eventually complete my profile. >.>

  • (I'll do my best to get the starter over to you by this evening. Currently a bit busy working on some site stuff. I like our plan so far, we'll have to see how it rolls!)

  • (This is a great idea. The two could perhaps meet somehow because of this. So I've mostly just read about her past and The Order on your profile. I think once Jett finds out she's a Djinn, he's going to want her for no reason other than to try to bring his dead love intrest back. If i recall Djinn rules, they cannot bring people back from the dead. Jett's just unstable enough where he'd try anyway. Dare I say, he may even become violent or forceful about it. I can probably start us off as i have nothing to do today. Lazy Saturday. Even if this plot idea doesnt work. We can always muster up more / something different as we go)

  • (Absolutely. Jett's fun sometimes when he's not being a depressed butt. It's made for pretty violent stories lately. He's got a thing for kidnapping and violence now. Who'da thunk it. Anyway, to be honest I haven't finished reading through your profile yet. I'll need to do that, but in the meantime please shoot me any ideas you have, I'd be happy to follow up.)

  • Thank you for accepting. Not brave enough huh? haha No worries at all, glad I added you then. No need to feel that way though, I'm pretty easy going. Yeah I'd definitely like to plot something out, let me read over your page a bit and see if I can come up with any ideas before your next reply and I'll let you do the same.

  • (Yes I've been on Rolepages before too. A djinn character but a different name. It was kind of the starting basis for Eshir, but it didn't work out. I didn't find that many multi-para+ writers on there. I'd like to write with you, but I'd have to come up with some ideas. At the moment, Eshir is so fresh that I'll have to muster something up. The Order that I'm reading about in your profile, could we do something with that?)

  • (Hello yes! I saw you and had to add ya. I've had this account for a while with literally no info but the fact that Eshir was a djinn. As soon as I started working on it last week, I saw yours. I think we're the only two on the site actually. Anyway, I've just been messin around trying to find some people to write with. I write in a couple of other places (used to.) But really'd like this to be my main domain.)

  • (hi thank you! I got the coding from the group, I almost I could change the gold. Care to plot? Billie could comet to Scarlett for a wish?)

  • (thank you, oh love the pink! :) )

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