.A//  Novice of the Society of Leopold


.S// Awakened Human


.R// Egyptian/Greek


.G// Male


.O// "Yeah, I don't do labels."





Uriel knows very little of his Egyptian heritage, only that his mother was Egyptian.. and he can barely remember what her face looked like before the incident

He's never even been to his homeland before, and his so-called father, Inquisitor-General in charge of the Society as a whole could hardly afford any time away from his duties to teach him about the 'nuances of a dying, unimportant culture' in the Inquisitor-General own words.


He was raised by a number of lower ranking members within the Monasterio di San Michele in Rome, by modern day scholars and self-appointed champions of the Societies holy cause.  That is, to cleanse the world of all supernatural life before the Parousia.  Before the Second Coming.

It is expected of him, as a descendant of numerous Popes that have been leading the fight against the Adversary's unwitting army upon Earth since 1231, to abhore and despise the Children of the Night with everything he is, to be glad to take up arms and give his life to the cause.

But he's only gotten more open minded the older he's grown, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot hate entire races for simply existing.  As it is, he won't take up arms against someone he doesn't think deserves it-- human, or otherwise.






The Monastery of Saint Michael, the Archangel became The Society of Leopold's main headquarters in 1486, after an internal reformation spearheaded by Uriel's own ancestor, Pope Innocent VIII.  It is located within Rome, overlooking the Vatican from the peak of a mountain.  

It has been standing in near perfect condition since it's creation in 966 as a fortress, built upon an old military stronghold-- a well used one, at that.  

It it surrounded by high walls and equipped with a slew of modern security systems like surveillance cameras, turrets, and of course, the Condotierri; an order that consisted originally of the mercenaries that fought alongside the early Inquisitors against the Children of the Night during the 15th century.   In modern times, they're a quasi-military order made up of highly trained body guards and protectors, whose main role is to protect the members of the Society. 

There are three buildings housed securely within the Monastery's high walls; the Aedificum, containing a glorified throne room, a great library with numerous ancient texts and scriptures -- religious, magical, and otherwise, and the Reliquarium on top of that, where some of the most dangerous and holy relics are safeguarded around the clock.

Then, the Bascilla Houses that contain the remains of their Founder Leopold von Murnau, and remnants of every Inquisitor who has ever served and died for the cause.

The final group of buildings are the cloister houses-- that's where the the day-to-day Witch-hunters train and study within the Monastery.  That's where Uriel was born, and raised.  Twisted into the holy warrior he is today by the Abbe, Alonzo Renzi.  He has spent most of his life in Italy, but has recently traveled to America in order to perform an auto-de-fe in the name of his Society.
"In the name of the holy and undivided Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." 

   These are but a few of the sacred tenants upheld by the Society of Leopold in their holy war against all things wicked of spirit, in accordance to their Faith.  They believe, above all things, that they are alligned with the Grace of God, and are therefore his literal army upon Earth.  This belief has turned out numerous fanatics and zealots.. but there are those among the Witch-hunters who see it as the only path to a brighter future, one where humanity has a propserous future, where they're more than prey or playthings for the forces of darkness-- which is in itself a very real threat.  Like Uriel, there are those that walk the path, unsure what to believe in, or who to side with.  According to the Society, though? There is only one path, and one feasible option--besides death. 


         Canon I. If any member of the Society forsakes his duties, either through negligence or intent, let him be anathema.  While the provision of general failure or error is allowed, the Society views the Inquisitor's duties as sacred and binding.

         Canon II. If anyone disobeys the decisions of the Inquisitor-General, or his Provincial, or his Abbe, or any other member of the Society or just authority, let him be anathema. 

         Canon III. If anyone disbelieves in the reality of the Prince of Darkness, or that his children walk the earth to torment and harass the faithful, let him be anathema.  Such apostasy is contrary to the truth of the Society.

         Canon IV. If anyone believes that Salvation is open to the children of the Enemy, or that they are deserving of the mercies of the Church, or the Society, or is in anyway an adherent or a sympathizer to the Florentine Heresy, let him be anathema.  Such apostasy counteracts the good which the Society has done on Earth.  He shall be branded traditor and will be deserving of the most severe punishments and penalties, without hopes of penance or forgiveness other than by God.

         Canon V. If anyone is disloyal to the Society of Leopold, or reveals it's secrets to outsiders, or sides with the enemy of the Society, let him be anathema.




Uriel is unique-- even amongst his own kind, whereas others within the Society are fully aware of the existence in the Otherworld, and adept in the ways of beating it back, he carries with him something of a spiritual handicap, giving him one hell of an advantage against most, if not all inhuman creatures that exist in the world.

There are many like him in the world, many who do not even know of the gift they carry, old ladies, and children, and the rare Priest.  The gift of True Faith-- not necesarrily in God, but in something greater than themselves, something out there protecting them from the darkness of the world.  

Not even the Society fully understands these blessed individuals-- but they are considered (in most cases) to be just that-- blessed.  True warriors in the fight against the Adversary's army upon Earth. Do not doubt, however, there are those even within the Society who view those with True Faith no different than a magic-user, spitting in the face of God.

Whether it is magic, generated through the user in times of duress, or something they're drawing from the enviroment themselves, or perhaps, indeed, a god watching over them, no one knows for sure.  It seems impossible to tell, but the potency of ones True Faith seems to depends on the strength of their belief, which will in turn change how it effects the people, or creatures around them.  (The most popular theory among mages is that True Faith is an ancient magic drawn from an external source by the users own will.)


Vampires/Undead - In theory, one could drink from Uriel.  However, it would probably be a very unpleasant experience -- his mere touch causes the undead to recoil in pain, as though scorched by the light of the sun.  Beyond that, he is immune to their powers of mind control and seduction, at least in so far as every Vampire he's ever come across. (And they do try to always manipulate him.  Always.)  With prolonged contact, he can cause an Undead to feel a bombardment of emotions they might have never felt before-- self-loathing, guilt, disgust.  If unable to escape his grasp, they will be overcome with burning pain, unable to do much more than squirm on the ground begging for forgivness and protection from the "light."    Vampires have alluded to seeing a fiery golden halo surrounding his aura, which is usually more than enough reason for them to steer clear of Uriel.


Werewolves/Garous/Lycans - Much like with a Vampire, but thankfully without needing to touch them, Uriel is able to turn their murderous intentions (if any) back around on them, instead, causing them to feel guilt -- a shred of their own humanity.  He can even sooth one of the beasts in the midst of a frenzy and cause it to return to it's human form -- but for that, he would need to touch them. (Untested.  For obvious reasons.)


Spirits/Wraiths - Literal canon fodder.  Even someone without Uriel's powers can banish a spirit from their house with just a little will.  Some intention can even ward ones home permanently from these pesky little buggers.


Mages/Sorcerers - He can sense them, pick them out even in a crowded room, but beyond a sense of something "more" that's pretty much all his radar picks up.  His mere presence will disrupt a magic-users innate-energy, however, causing even the simplest of spells to go drastically wrong.  When magic is directed at him, depending on the levels of it, it'll normally soak into the air around him.  His "Holy wards" he calls them.  He can banish anything summoned from another world with relative ease, but he's far from immune to magic -- he just has a very good natural/spiritual defense against it.  In fact, he knows next to nothing about magic that doesn't start with 'the' and end with 'urgy'.


Demons - They're really no different than any other creature that Uriel has encountered, albeit far more powerful and probably far more deadly.  His mere presence repels them and offends them, weakening them-- but also enraging them.  Like with a Vampire, physical contact with Uriel will cause a demon of any ranking great spiritual and physical pain.  And like with a Sorcerer, he can provide a sort of natural countermagick to defend him from infernal magic and illusions, all while working on banishing the fucker back to Hell or whatever other dank pits houses demons.


July 4

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  • (Hey there I know its been some time, we didn't get to plotting yet I don't believe, anything in particular for a setting you would like?)

  • Go for it, I have no particular bias so it's up to you which character you choose. We can plot whenever you're ready.

  • Thanks for the invite! 

  • During the course of the night, Eve had fallen into an fitful sleep, scrunching herself up even more in the corner as possible as she switched and murmured soft inaudible words of fear. The scenes in her mind if one could see were the reliving of experiemt sessions, and tortures, and new scenes as well, featuring new people experimenting, harming etc. Gasping on an silent cry Eve jerked up in an hurry and looked around, frowning she was shaking, not quite cold but more so scared. Nostrils flared as she scented someone near, getting closer, eyes widened in fear as that same feeling seemed too overwhelm her senses, shaking her head as an growl rumbled in her chest and she was shifting without any control, normal forest green orbs now glowing electric blue with black sclera, lips pulled back too expose sharp almost vampire esque fangs as her skin chamged too an almost blue like shade as her hybrid nature appears and almost takes over, deep within her hybrid form she lost the ability of speech and could only growl. Crashing out the door she leaps her way to rest on the balcony roof over the door, growling as her arms were drawn back and her nails sharp lengths growling low in warning as her teeth flash.


     watching as an man approaches she settles too crouch getting ready too leap. Fear leading too her actions as it practically took over. 

  • ||Hey there, thanks for the add.||

  • Roman clicks his tongue and draws in a harsh breath through clenched teeth. Touching Uriel was like willingly dunking his hand into a pool of lava after having ignored several BEWARE signs. Apparently Roman doesn't know what lava is and he also doesn't know how to read. Despite the pain that feels like it's attempting to eat away at his flesh, he doesn't draw away until Uriel's elbow strikes him in the rib. Roman immediately recoils from Uriel and uses his opposite arm to rub where he had been struck although it had not been particularly painful.

    Frustration surfaces at the forefront of Roman's hard-to-ignore aura. He spends no effort to conceal the emotion - he's concluded Uriel isn't as sensitive to these things like he is and doesn't see the point. Roman feigns offence and scoffs at Uriel, "so devilishly good-looking just doesn't do it for you, huh?" There's a joke in there somewhere. Widening his eyes in a display of shock, he turns to look at Mildred who appears far less amused than Roman. He cups his mouth, hiding it from Uriel's view and leans a little closer to Mildred, "get a load of this guy, doesn't he know there are people who have killed to get into my pants?"

    Satisfied with himself, Roman straightens up and flashes his best innocent grin toward Uriel. It's rather disturbing how well Roman actually pulls it off.

    The sudden sound of the door swinging all the way open catches Roman's attention and he snaps his head toward Mildred just as she is walking away with a sense of purpose and complaining about this and that to herself. Roman nods at Uriel who is seemingly frozen in place and suddenly gives the man a thumbs up. Like Uriel, Roman hesitates. He glances outside of the building, examining it the same way he did before the door had opened. He frowns. Whipping his head back to the inside of the building, he looks around with a degree of suspicion before he steps inside.

    "I'm not a dick," Roman argues weakly against Uriel's joke as he continues to investigate his surroundings. It isn't how he envisioned a place like this to look like - somehow Roman's imagination was closer to that of a hospital-like feel. This is... cosy. He would have continued being nosy and looking around if Uriel hadn't spoken up and drawn in Roman's attention. The way Roman looks at Uriel is eerily void of emotion when he isn't smiling or frowning. Like there's something broken or wrong with him. Roman smiles again, although it's the typical plastic kind that he wears.

    "Hmmm," Roman hums in a dramatic show of thought while running his fingers through his wet hair to push it away from his eyes. "Maybe," he says, "I'm not sure, choke me and we'll see what happens." With a slight bounce in his step, Roman walks forward so that he is somewhat approaching the stairwell, but he stops just in front of Uriel. "Are you worried about me?" A simple question that Roman is sure he already knows the answer to. No, I'm just saying, probably.

  • The plague can be very noticeable in the hospital, those who have it has be quarantined to the West wing.  Doctors would not dare to step close in fear of catching the plague.  Those who don't have the plague were forced to either stand in the East wing or  go home unless having a severe injury.  Those who are suffering from the plague would be laying in bed; their bodys pale while their fingers were dark black, their faces starting to gain the same color while their lips became puffy. Their eyes were blood shot, as if tears were always forming and never ending.


    Lawrence and Drosselmeyer were at the West Wing, they were  praying while Lawrence read a passage in the bible. After they finished their prayer they were soon joined by a Nurse who would have her hands entwined while lowering her head.  There was a long silence that seemed to have held on for more than two minutes. Father Lawrence would break the silence as he would turn to look at the Nurse as he would begin to speak. "You said that you wanted to show us, something that may concern us."


    She would nod her head as she would lead them to the second floor where a doctor would be standing beside a lad in his twenties. His hair was pure white and was in some type of state where he would not blink. "We found him drifting ashore, he is a well known trader that goes through the Border of Sweden. He has never had white hair before and no signs of tint." She explained as she would frown a little staring at the young lad.


    "Its like he was scared half to death." Lawrence spoke out and soon frowned for a moment, he was rather curious to what could possibly do such a thing.  " He was part of a ship that is used for trading routes, the ship was never found, we fear it may have sunk taking the lives of the crew or taken by Pirates." This news troubled the Priests, because this couldn't be a coincidence when their is this Cult around. Things were starting to click as Lawrence would nod his head pulling Drosselmeyer to the side.

    "We need to gather more information on this cult, Drosselmeyer can you go to the local library. See if there is any signs that point out in the archives if there is any archives that were ordered or taken." The Priest would nod in agreement and takes his leave while Lawrence stays to watch over the man, slowly lowering his head to do a small prayer.


    "It came from the sea,

    it was like a dream.

    Its eyes glew Gold.

    Like stories passed down to young and old.

    Those who worship do so for their needs

    But all it wants is to feed."


    The young lad's voice came in a stutter, this made Lawrence raise a brow. He would then look at the nurse and soon started to speak. "What does that mean, has he ever spoken like this before?"  She becane silent as she would shake her head no. "Its a old folktale, about a monster that lived in the depts, a creature old as time that forever sleeps until it awakens to feast."


    This really shook Lawrence as he held his bible tightly before asking one final question. "This Beast, what did they call it?" The Doctor  would be the one to answer as he would put down his clipboard.  "The Leviathan..."

  • [I am changing things yes.. But you almost implied she wasn't an Sidhe. She is being changed, the rest  especially back-story I am not sure yet.. Besides her past being unknown, she is still an Sidhe]

  • “Oh, come on now,” Dolai said, ringing out her soaked dreads as they continued on through the quaint little town. “We’re not all pretentious assholes, although I’ve met more than a few in my time.” She looked to the sky, the downpour still raging upon them, rain running over hollow cheekbones, down to her jaw and over her neck. “I’ve spent too much time with humans to think of myself as..” She couldn’t finish. She was more, she knew that, but she knew not of if she belonged among the mortal or the divine. The ancient shook her head, scratching at the back of her neck with an inked hand.  “I even used to think I was one. But it sounds to me like you have wounds more fresh than you care to admit.”

    The African let out a wistful sigh. “It’s easy to have that mentality as something beyond human, believe me, hunter. Magic, it…” She looked at her hands, enclosing her fingers into a fist before reopening them slowly. “It is a feeling unlike any other. Pure, natural power, coursing through every fiber of your being. I don’t think it is something I can describe with words.” Light danced in her eyes as she spoke, as if she were a teenage girl thinking about her first crush. 

    In her own way, she was right. She had ruled nations, commanded legions, had millennia of knowledge at her fingertips, entwined her body with a God overlooking the mortal world from the heights of Olympus. Not a single one of those sensations compared to the magic in her veins. 

    Dolai listened intently as Uriel began to explain, her brow twitching at the smile he wore. She canted her head as he went on, the look in her amber eyes beginning to soften. Despite the creed he had aligned himself with, by choice or not, she admired the passion in his words, his eyes, even his movements as he explained. She missed that, longed for it even. Granted, he was rambling, but for once, Dolai didn’t mind, her lips slowly beginning to upturn into a grin, rain still racing along her features. A laugh escaped her at the mention of killing someone versus slicing cheese. “I suppose you are right, it sounds like you paid attention to what your superiors had to say. Although, I must disagree,” she said, turning to walk backwards, facing him as they made their way along the sidewalk, just the two of them. “I could slit a few throats with my knife should I choose, yes. But I could set this whole town ablaze if I fancied the thought.”

    That definitely didn’t help her case, as far as trying to appear as less than a threat. “I would love to learn more, should you be so kind to teach me, but for now, I’d love to get out of his fucking rain even more so,” she turned on her heel to continue walking along. 

    “Iboga is a root found in central Africa, it is similar to one my people once used. We called it-” she thought for a second, scrambling for a translation. “The dream root. A sect of the Punu and Fang people called the Bwiti use it for a cleansing ritual. However, these psychoactive plants can be used for much more. Gateways, I like to call them, gateways to something far beyond the physical world.” She chuckled to herself. “Stick with me, hunter, and you will see many, many things.”

    However, his last words brought her to an abrupt halt, squinting at him as if she did not believe that he was standing before her. “I fail to see how that is possible, without the use of magic itself,” she snorted. “Even so, I don’t see how that could harm me in the least. All we’re doing is swearing an oath that shall not be broken, there is no harm in that.” Dolai felt a twinge of doubt in her chest as she spoke.  She could only wonder how such a thing was possible, and she wasn’t quite sure if she believed him, but she didn’t see a reason that he would lie. Regardless, she had confidence that there was no way such a relatively harmless ritual could backfire. It’s not like she was attacking him or placing some sort of curse, therefore there could be no damage to return. Right? Right. 

    “Not much puts fear in my heart. After sixty thousand years, I doubt you will be what puts me in the grave,” the ancient continued on. “We would make two sacrifices; one at dawn, the other at moonrise, to honor and summon both the maternal and paternal lines of ancestry. We would light the ritual fire as the moon ascends, partake of the iboga, and...well, just let me worry about most of it. No harm will come to you, save for a bit of blood letting, I hope you don’t mind. Don’t worry about it...it’ll be fun-” She was cut off, mid-smirk, by the roll of thunder in the distance, brow furrowing, a frown displayed upon her rosebud lips. “Oh for fucks sake, will we ever reach the hotel? I'd be happy to explain why I'm here, if I were dry."

  • Honningsvåg, a situated village near the bay on the  southeastern side  of the large island of Mageroya. It was a beautiful city, but since this suppose plague entered Norwegian territory their had been a decline.  Only a few were outside of their homes, mostly wearing masks with ventilators to avoid infection.  But there were those that didn't but mostly kept to themselves hanging around the port setting up ships for travelling.  Other than that, everyone in the village was keeping their distance so that their won't be a spread of the plague.

    Meanwhile in a small hotel The priests were praying to themselves before they left their rooms. Soon they made their way down stairs toward the dining area to discuss their plan. Father Lawrence would be the first to speak while pouring a cup of tea for himself and his fellow Priest.  "We should first check the hospital nearby, it could enlighten us on how many have suffered from the return of the Black Death. Then we will learn more about this suposed  Cult, agreed Drosselmeyer?"

    The Other priest known as Drosselmeyer would nod his head in agreement, he would take a small sip of his tea before closing his eyes to saver the taste. After that first sip he would use a spoon to swirl the dark liquid in his tea.  He would then look up to stare at Father Lawrence noticing the wrinkles on his face. "Have you been sleeping well Lawrence? You don't look well, as if you were plagued with your thoughts." He spoke with concern for his fellow Priest, and when he didn't answer right away he became more worried.


    Lawrence would flinch while he held his tea with a tight grip which caused his drink to shake. He would slowly calm down once he took a sip of his own tea. "Apologies Drosselmeyer, I have been having these strange dreams, ones that I cannot fully comprehend- like a memory from a long forgotten past." Drosselmeyer would scrunch his dark brows and soon nodded his head in curiousity. "Come, tell me these dreams that ill you so."


    Like that, he would explain the dreams that plagued his mind him for the past few weeks that drove him close to insanity.

    Darkness, he was covered by it, he was swarmed by it--he was consumed by it. When the darkness finally faded it was replaced  by a deep blue, with a sudden breath he realized he was in the deep blue sea. He started to frantically kick his feet as he tried to reach to the top to take a breath of air. He looked down for a moment gasping when he saw something moving around from the deep depths.  It's eyes glew bright red while giant tentacles came from the darkness  slowly moving toward him. Seeing that only picked up his pace until finally reaching top side side.


    He would look around trying to find land but was shocked to see that the very village he just arrived to was right in front of his eyes, but upside down as he would stare at the roofs and people on their knees praying. His eyes would blink wide as he would notice a face that seemed young and out of place as if he placed himself in it. standing while looking up at the Priest. Lawrence was about to speak but suddenly the sea shook as it begins to drift falling from what Lawrence believes the sky as the water now covers the land as it now sinks in the depths while a Serpant like head with tendrils on its face would reveal it self from the depths engulfing Lawrence and the village whole.


    Lawrence did as best he could to go in detail with his fellow Priest only to sigh and shake it off. "It didn't matter now, it was a dream and nothing more. Come, we must go and fullfill the the deed that was tasked upon us." With that said he would rise from his seat and begins to step outside while Drosselmeyer goes in pursuit. Reaching the hospital not far from the hotel but near the docks which was something that Drosselmeyer did not like. Before they left they made sure to put on masks, and once they stepped inside--all they could see is death.   

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