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Character Appearance

Eyes: Green Hair: Long, very red, and wavy Skin: Very fair Build: Athletic Height: 5'2" (yes she’s short) Weight: A lady reveals nothing… and who cares? Other distinguishing characteristics: Mandala tattoo on her left upper back covering up a scar.

Character Personality

Highly intelligent but distracted, wicked sense of humor, objectiveness when dealing with people, kind to a fault

Character Likes

Movies, music, books, running

Character History/Story

Bio: Samantha Ascher’s life is one complicated mess. A graduate student and intern for SHIELD (the person who processes paperwork, and so.much.paperwork) Samantha doesn’t necessarily like people to know that she is also a powerful telekinetic. She doesn’t control it well, and because of this deems herself dangerous. Her greatest fear is that she is going to accidentally harm someone. Hiding is sometimes the best way to stay out of trouble. Imagine being a mutant who can move things, only instead of just whatever you want to move, you can only move inorganic things. And you have to be able to see them. Bounced around in the foster system for years, Samantha eventually was taken in by the people that her mother worked for before her tragic death. She knows full well that she doesn’t live up to her potential. More than once she’s been referred to as “SHIELD’s problem child”. Brilliant but distracted, she’ll feels that she’ll never be the great scientist that her mother was. But while her mother’s outward image was untarnished, her life outside of the lab was a mess. Samantha has no idea who her father is, she is a product of a string of extramarital relationships. Due to her work for SHIELD and her owing Nick Fury a few favors, she comes to cross paths regularly with the Avengers. Clint Barton is a friend from childhood. Tony Stark is a pain in her ass that she really wishes would just go away (for reasons that will come to light later). Samantha sees life in shades of grey rather than black and white, except when it comes to herself. Avengers: During the events of the Avengers she happens to be on the helicarrier when Loki is brought into custody. Her unfettered curiosity about him leads to her attempt to study the matter for her thesis. In short she manages to break and enter the holding area where he awaited his forced return to Asgard. While she doesn’t glean much information for her study, she manages to strike up a strange rapport with the demigod. Eventually upon his return to Midgard he sought the redhead out, more out of his own curiosity as to why she was so kind to him.

Character Abilites

Primary mutation-Telekinetic manipulation of inorganic matter (controlled at will for the most part); Deconstruction of inorganic matter on a large scale basis (not controlled, tends to occur in extremely high stress/very emotional situations) Secondary mutation-High healing capacity. This is not infinite though. She can get very sick due to what is causing the injury (certain organic matter for example) and she can die, also appears much younger than she is most likely due to this mutation

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi my name is Jayne. Once upon a time I was a humor writer. That’s right, I wrote some damn funny stuff that even got put into books and everything. Then I got depressed and that was the end of that. Because who wants to have a depressed humor writer write stuff???? So now RP and fanfiction writing are my escape. It’s supposed to be fun. I spend a lot of time writing my own stories about some handsome heroes, antiheroes, and villains too lol. Why would I want to escape? For starters I have a job that I vacillate between loathing and tolerating. I also have a husband who’s addicted to gaming, and two kids, one who is disabled (thank you spinal tumors), the other with an inoperable brain tumor. When I’m not working, transporting my kid to dr’s appts and physical therapy sessions, being ignored, and not sleeping, well, you get the idea. So hey, let’s have fun. Let’s RP if that’s your thing. Let’s hang and talk geekery. And superheroes and villains and good stories. Who knows… maybe we’ll even become cyberfriends!

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