Character Information...


Name: Dilana Sorosky


Nicknames: Di, Dil, Ana, Lana

Titles: High Priestess to the Dragon of the Earth

Species: Human

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'4

Marital Status: Engaged to Dessan Lyvanna

Sexual Preference: Straight

Home World: Antares


Birth of a World...


“We men dream dreams, we work magic, we do good, we do evil. The dragons do not dream. They are dreams. They do not work magic: it is their substance, their being. They do not do; they are.” 


It is said that countless eons ago, the world was created when four great beasts, dragons to be exact, held a massive battle in the sky. Why the battle started no one knows? Perhaps, it was just in there nature. The one thing that is known is the result--the world known as Antares. According to legend somehow during this fight the world sprung forth causing the great beasts of the sky to stop fighting. Instead, they turned to this new creation with curiosity and marveled at the beauty of this new creation within their skies. And so being in awe of this new world, each dragon decided they would grant it a unique gift of their own.

The four great dragons each making their marks upon the world, the green dragon of earth gave the world, mountains, trees, and plants, the blue dragon of water gave to the world streams, rivers, and oceans. While the purple dragon of the sky gave to the world air, wind, and the clouds and the red dragon of fire gave to the world sun and fire and so forth. Each dragon gifting the world with their elements and things that spring from said elements until the world was a lush place ready for life and thus they created beings to live there, each creating their own races to inhabit Antares.

They decided their was value in creation and now they had to decide how to rule or guide their creations. Unsure how to do this the four dragons decided to seek guidance from the wisest of their kind, the king and queen of all dragons. They were told that fate would decide what would befall their creations and they should leave it as such. So, they placed their new people upon the world and returned to the skies but not before doing one more thing for their creations and that was creating the dragon priests and priestesses. 

Twist of Fate...


“Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction.” 

Realizing that their people would need guidance they created the priest and priestess one for each of the great dragons. Some say that the lesser kingdoms once upon a time had them as well but now four exist for the four creators and the four major kingdoms and races. The Earth kingdom ran by the race of man, the fire kingdom ran by the race of witches, the air kingdom ran by the race of fae, and the water kingdom ran by the race of mermaids. However of all species of the world the most connected to the dragons were the dragonlings. Smaller version of the great beasts of the sky that dwell upon the world.

The lesser dragons serving as a link to the spirit dragons and the only ones who can speak their language is the dragon priestess and to a lesser degree, the dragon priest, chosen by the great dragon's themselves. The Priestess communing with the great dragons hrough the lesser dragons, and in rare occasions serving as a direct voice for the great dragon itself and the Priest serving as her protector, a warrior breed and given the powers to keep his Priestess safe. 

The world grew and grew and complex systems of government were set up. Kings ruled over each of the nations. However, the Priestess and of the dragons always had the final say; after all, she was the messengers of fate itself. And the Priest always guarded and controlled her for he was her protector, her mate, and in charge of her well being. No one knew how long a priest and priestess would reign. It could be for a few days or centuries upon centuries. A new one would be discovered and upon their 18 birthday, they would take the mantle from the previous. If the old one was alive she would continue to be revered she just would not be in power. The system worked fine until Dilana was born.


Breaking Tradition...



“Whatever you are physically...male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy--all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.” 


A Priest is always born first, sometimes, centuries before in order to train with their predecessor in the art of combat, so that he is ready to defend his Priestess from the moment of her birth. Once the priest is born it is only a matter of time before his other half comes into being. And a new reign begins, however, the Priestess before Dilana didn't wish for her power to end so she decided she would kill her thus ensuring she would rule for another cycle with the help of her Priest they kidnapped the six year old Dilana to kill her. 

As one might expect, Dilana's priest Dessan went after her and in protecting his priestess, killed the previous Priestess and her Priest. He saved Dilana and upon return the world exploded in confusion. Dilana was to young to take the mantle as Priestess and her Dessan had committed a crime punishable by death--killed a dragon priestess. But punishing him would leave Dilana without a protector. They called for a trial to decide what to do about the whole situation people arguing back and forth about what should be Dessan's fate. It was then that the Great Earth Dragon would use Dilana to speak directly to them, something some say had never been done before as the very world shook and he passed his verdict.

The Dragon informed them that normally it was punishable by death but a Priest must protect his Priestess even if it is against her predecessor. thus he acted within the confines of hi duties so there was no crime and that despite what the elder Priestess believed she would have still ceased to be his voice if she had killed Dilana and that would have left them without any way to commune with him the Earth kingdom would have had to w became the youngest wait for the next Priestess to be born this terrified them to be without the wisdom of the Great Dragon. So, Dilana became the youngest Priestess in history.

She was raised within the palace walls. The royal family taking great cares to keep her safe. The King adopted her and raised her along with his son, the heir, who became like a brother to her. She lived their with her dragonling that serves as her link to the great dragon. While all the lesser dragons can commune with the great dragons and be understood by the Priestess, one dragonling normally serves that role. This dragonling is born around the same time as the Priestess and serves as her constant companion. Dessan also lives there protecting her and is the half brother to the prince being the son of the Witch Queen, who also serves as the Fire kingdom's voice and the King.

She is a happy girl that often thinks with her heart, a trait that sometimes annoys her benefactor. However, she cannot help it. It seems the best way to be if you ask her. She is never without the priest and her dragon companion. She rarely leaves the palace walls even if she does wonder what the outside world is like.









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Dilana Sorosky

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Dilana the main character is my default other characters are available to be played with and I will add their profiles on links as I finish them. Please feel free to post me any questions or plot ideas. I can plot or just wing it. Have fun.