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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

4'9, 93 lbs, skintone: Pale Ivory with Pink Undertone, messy short ginger hair, Dull Hazel Eyes, Rectangular body type, he’s kinda underweight. Lots of freckles over arms and chest, some over his face mostly concentrated over his nose and under eyes. Has a few scars under his hair and over his back. Depending on the plot he has a tattoo of the numbers 46 in bold on his lower neck.

Character Personality

In two words it can be summed up by jolly and sly. He’s almost constantly smiling even when he isn't happy, he tries to be reassuring to the people around him even at his own expense He’ll be constantly trying to figure out how he can steal his next item and what it will be, he doesn’t always sell them he just does it for fun. Very childish and mischievous.

Character Likes

Gold or any valuables really. He hoards and buries them like a squirril with his stash. He's more in it for short term gratification than keeping it though. Puzzles. He'll never admit it but he's good at puzzles, like get thing from A to B or those square puzzles. Cats, he usually feeds any stray cat he comes across. Just a cat lover.

Character Dislikes

Being tidy. He's used to livng on the run so having to tidy up after himself if he ever does stay somewhere kinda just bugs him. Being told what to do. I mean generally he's just hard to work with because of that. Rain, he's usually homeless this really messes things up for him. Lies. He's used to being backstabbed and even the slightest hint that someone's going to backstab him riles him up.

Character History/Story

Dillon is a Demiboy (afab). They came out at nine and their parents accepted it no one really used the they/them pronouns though. tw: eating disorder Until the age of 10 he was happy, he got a sister at the age of 1 and they get along well. At 11 his grandparents got very sick and his parents became short on money trying to pay their medical bills. Eventually, out of desperation they turned to crime, he was used as a distraction on numerous occasions, his life being at risk once. His parents forgot his twelfth birthday, on Christmas eve his parents were arrested, he ran but his sister stayed behind. He lived on the streets in hiding. He spent from 12-15 barely surviving, always cold and hungry. It’s the reason he grew up so malnourished. At 17 he became good at stealing and stole to survive but he got into the thrill of it and has never been able to live a "normal" life. He prefers it that way. Some issues from his childhood still affect him, he doesn’t eat sometimes for days at a time because he instinctively saves it.

Character Inventory

Photo of his family. Cat food. Lighter. Money. Latest thing they stole.

Character Abilites

Great at pickpocketing, heists, steaking, lockpicking, increadibly agile and weirdly lucky.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi! I'm Snake(they/them) I'm 18 I've been roleplaying for three years now and I really enjoy doing long roleplays with lots of worldbuilding.

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