"For I have lived more lives than any man under the sun, and I will live many more beyond this day."
 D o l a i
Age: 60,012 Years Old
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Race: African
Ethnicity: Anu
Nationality: None
Meaning of Name: "Gift" in isiAnu
Birthdate: Rain Season (between march or april), around 58,000 B.C.E
Zodiac: Aries
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Health: 100%


Dolai was born in what is now Ethiopia, among a prehistoric people known as the Anu. Her mother, Nani, seemed to have an immaculate conception of her own, leading many tribespeople to believe that she had birthed a sort of curse from their trickster God, or a demon child. Unbeknownst to Dolai, her father was the First One, the first god of the first people to inhabit Central Africa. At the age of fifteen, she began to receive visions of the land locked in ice and the death of the five northern tribes. The people starved as the forests and plains they once hunted in froze over, if they did not perish from the cataclysmic eruption of what would be the Quaternary Ice Age. The message was clear; if they stayed, they would die. 

She rallied the five tribes of North Africa, each becoming divided by the desire to leave or stay in the homeland they had always lived in. In the end, some did stay, others built boats to sail into the eastern sea, and Dolai and other tribespeople went north along the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia Minor3713431160?profile=RESIZE_710x. Dolai was married to Daxeri, the son of the Xdu chief, and became pregnant not long after.

Then the ice came.

The earth shook and cracked, the sky tore in half, releasing the heaven’s fury, as the land and sea became locked within ice. Darkness and discord ruled the lands. In what is now Azerbaijan, Dolai gave birth to a stillborn daughter at the age of sixteen. Her husband took another wife, who bore him sons and mocked Dolai’s proclaimed failure.

 Dolai cursed the Gods for the darkness, the ice, the death of her people and her child. It was then her father revealed his presence. He was weakened, his followers having died or abandoned him, the belief that kept him alive was fading. The God told her of her purpose; to scribe the story of mankind, to usher it forth and watch nations rise and fall. 

Dolai left her tribe at once, bringing people to new lands and honing her magical ability, surviving long enough to witness the ice melt, and the sun return at the dawn of the fertile crescent. From then on, Dolai would live a thousand lives. She would lead people to the four corners of the earth, crossing the ice bridge with ancient Siberians to the Americas. 

She would become djati to the first Pharaoh, Nari Mare, and to Hatshepsut. She would become the Akkadian-Sumerian Queen, wife to Sargon of Akkad. Centuries later, an empress at the side of Alexander the Great, become an advisor to Genghis Khan, fight in Shaka Zulu’s armies, guide young Siddhartha Gautama and conquer lands with Ragnar Lodbrok. Dolai would sail with West Africans to Central America, where the Olmec civilization would blossom, she would journey with the wayfinders to the Polynesian islands, and bring the Ainu to Japan. 

Dolai has watched the rise and fall of many empires, a mere relic of the past, embarking on a seemingly endless journey. So the nomad continues to wander, protecting the earth from what should be left in the past, and continues to scribe the world’s story.



The Anu

The Five Tribes of North Africa inhabited North and Northeast Africa from 80,000 to 60,000 B.C.E. They were the Anu, the Nxual, the Ədul, the Xdu and the Iəku. Dolai hails from the Anu people. They were nomadic people that roamed modern day Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and Libya. They followed the migration of what they called Ifeə, "horned beast,"or the pelovoris, a prehistoric African buffalo. Unfortunately, this lead to war with sedentary tribes, like the Nxual of Libya, Algeria and Morroco, as well as the Ədul of Libya, Sudan, Chad and Niger.

All tribes had no concept of farming, fishing, building, etc. They were hunter-gatherers, meaning they relied on hunting animals and gathering natural resources for survival. 

The Anu are tall, typically mesomorphic people, with skin ranging from copper or bronze brown to obsidian black. They have 4b or 4c hair, rarely anything besides black. They have straight noses with rounded nostrils, full lips and large, slanted or upturned eyes. Their faces are often narrow, with high cheekbones and larger ears. Scarification was common with black skinned tribesmembers, whereas brown skinned often had black stick and poke tattoos. Hair was often locked into dreads, or braided against ones scalp.

They spoke isiAnu, which sounded like a series of clicks, grunts, vowels and harsh, gutteral consanants. The X makes a "high" click sound,  the Ç makes a "neutral" click and the Ə makes a "low" click. The Ğ is a throaty grunt.

They used spears, bows and arrows and blades. Their diet consisted of fruits, wild rice, elephant, buffalo, okapi, fish, and things of that nature. Life was greatly affected by the change in climate in North Africa. Every ten to one hundred years, North Africa went from full of life, dominated by tropical plants to a dry desert, and then back again, a transformation that the Anu called Yan'adual.

Religion held great importance to the Anu. They believed that what lie in ones heart and the motive of their actions, would send them to either Çxu'ğl (Above the Sky/the afterlife) or Ğmur (Below the Sea/the underworld). Their teachings relied heavily on duality, the safety of what is known and the fear of what is unknown.

Their two main Gods, were Ta'jat and Xanadu. Ta'jat was the Sun, the ruler of the Sky and creator, he was the God of the sun, life, chiefs, Çxu'ğl, Yan'adual and the Afa, which was the future, the known and divination. Xanadu was the wife of Ta'jat, and the Goddess of the moon, magic, healing, wisdom and the past. Omandu was created by Ta'jat, and cast down to Ğmur, which he made his domain. He is the God of the sea, evil, Ğmur and the Ofa, or the unknown. 

The Efe, or shaman, played a vital role in the tribe. The Efe chosen at a young age, to train under the current Efe. They were spiritual leaders, healers and were believed to have the Afa. This allowed them to tell ones future, transfer their consciousness, recieve prophecies and connect to the Gods. They were believed to hold ancient knowledge through the Afa, and regarded as more than human. It was common for an Efe to gauge their ears and bottom lips, pierce their noses with animal bones, shave their heads and tattoo and scar themselves. They also sometimes stretched their necks with rings or even blinded themselves to only be guided by Ta'jat and therefore have more powerful Afa. 


Anu tales and myths coming soon


 Despite being sixty millennium's old, Dolai does not look her age and appears to be in her early to mid twenties. She has natural black hair of the 4b texture, however she most commonly has dreadlocks. She is also known to wear her natural curls or don twists, box braids and cornrows. She has bronze brown skin that can darken depending on climate, with a cool undertone and sun damage around her nose, cheeks and shoulders. She has full, rosebud lips that reveal fairly white teeth, and one golden left canine tooth on the bottom row. Dolai has a narrow shaped head with a sculpted, sharp bone structure, a defined jawline and high cheekbones. Her arched, full eyebrows arch over almond shaped, dark brown eyes, with long, thick eyelashes. Often dark circles plague the skin beneath her eyes. 
Dolai stands at 5'11, with rounded, full hips and shapely 
thighs. From centuries of travel, war and hunting, she has a very athletic, strong build. She has a cinched waist, contrasted by broad shoulders and well muscled arms. Her back is arched and toned, her abdomen sculpted and adorned with Ethiopian scarification from the Karo tribe, as curved and straight lines on her stomach. Dolai also has heavily scarred palms from rituals requiring her blood.

The nomad has recieved many tattoos from many regions of the world. Her first tattoo was the sun on the back of her neck. She also has a unalome on her throat, given to her in India during the Maurya Dynasty. An Egyptian scarab is etched into the back of her shoulders, massive Nordic runes adorn  her chest. Dolai has ancient Scythian tribal tattoos on her right arm, depicting the animals she hunted, and a Haida ki-da of Xhuuya, or the Raven, dances across her left arm. Below that is a snake, given to her by the prehistoric Anu people. On her right arm, are Pictish ties. On her lower back is a Sak Yant, or Thai magical tattoo, known as Suea Koo.  On her right hand, she has henna tattooed on the back. On her thighs, she has Polynesian tribal and traditional Japanese Irezumi Hebi, and finally, a West African sankofa on the back of her left calf.




 From a first impression, Dolai is not a ray of sunlight and warmth. She maintains a stoic expression, with a rather apathetic and indifferent attitude. She has been percieved as short tempered, distrustful, and above all, blunt. Although this is mostly true, there is more to Dolai. 
She is hesitant to form relationships, and would rather observe than assume, and analyzes character through this. She is private, but perceptive and rather talented at deciphering one's true nature. When she finds someone she genuinely connects with, she values honesty, loyalty, respect and ambition within them.
Dolai's true purpose has made her ambitious, in both positive and negative aspects. Some will tell the tale of a noble and just woman, the others a cruel, ambition driven witch. She is without a doubt cunning and driven, with a wisdom only acquired over milleniums of failure and strife. Dolai is constantly willing to learn, her favorite subjects being science and (of course) history. 
Despite her many lifetimes, the human and divine aspects of her being are always at war. She is no more than a tired soul, with feet weary from travel, eyes heavy from centuries of witnessing war and shaking shoulders, exhausted from carrying the weight of the world and a downtrodden heart. 
 From her tens of thousands of years wandering the Earth, Dolai has learned from many branches of witchcraft. Her divine blood also gives her hereditary magic. She is naturally adept in witchcraft and can sense magical presences, beings, items and places, through a burning sensation in her core. Dolai also hears the call of the ancestors, who give her prophetic dreams and visions, which in the Anu religion, divining is known as the Afa. She is semi immortal and immune to all diseases. Dolai also has enhanced physical strength and senses, her body can withstand massive trauma and extreme conditions. She is also gifted with omnilingualism, which means she can speak, understand and write any language upon hearing it.
From her travels, Dolai has learned many facets of witchcraft. These include Ile Ifa, Druidry, Voodoo, Seiðr, Akkadian, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Irish Celtic, Native American, Zulu, Himba, Japanese and Aborigine witchcraft. She is also an expert in Vedic and Alchemical magic, and is a member of the Nine Unknown Men.
Dolai also has magic that was given to her, either by beings or items. Through the Veil of Isis, she can grow anything natural from plants to vines to trees. After drinking from the Pot of Fire, she is able to manipulate and manifest fire. She is also able to manipulate sunlight through the enchanted scarab tattoo on the back of her shoulders.
Finally, Dolai has a pocket dimension, a domain only she has access too. There, she has made her own home and keeps her various pets. She also has a giant Library, where she keeps every petroglyph, cave painting, stone tablet, hieroglyph, scroll and book that she has written about the story of mankind. She has never shown the pocket dimension to anyone, and doesn't spend too much time here. Entering the pocket dimension requires a great deal of her magical energy, and she must remain there for two to three days to fully recharge.

 (( not complete ))

Mother // Nani, long deceased


Father // The First One, long forgotten


Siblings // None


 - Sons -

Rimush, Shu-Enlil, Ilaba'is-Takal, Manishtushu, EumenesKehinde, Moji, Takalik, Tariq, Alasdair, Ronan, Ros, Mahindra, Ezume,  Zurka, Niles, Bjorn, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ivar, Siyanda


 - Daughters -

Enheduanna, Taiye, Sehene, Sanghamitra, Sarnai, Aiko, Dānu, Amahle, Khulekani




 - Dolai mastered Alchemy under the teachings of Enki -
- She studied at Nalanda University in India, where she met Siddhartha Guatama for the second time -
- She is one of the Nine Unknown Men and continues to gather knowledge for them to this day -
- Her magic is weakened in the city -
- Dolai has trained in Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Dambe, Capoeira and Krav Maga -
She owns an enchanted bar called the Isola Rosa, which means "Red Island" in Italian, and it can appear in any city. Mortals will behave as if the bar had always been there, those of magical nature may notice a difference -
- Dolai exceeds in math, philosophy, physics, zoology, botany, anatomy, history and astrology -
- She cannot get enough of spicy food -
- She is definitely an alcoholic, she'll blame it on the fact that beer and wine were the only things to drink back in her day-
- Dolai studied epistemology under Socrates -
- Surprisingly enough, she still remembers her first language, isiAnu. It sounds like a series of clicks, grunts, vowels and harsh, guttural consonants -

- The Book of Thoth -

The Egyptian God, Thoth's, book containing ancient magic. Acquired during Hatshepsut's reign.


- The Falcon Cloak -

A gift from the Norse Goddess, Freyja. It is a cloak that allows one to turn into a falcon.


- Veil of Isis -

Symbolic of the secrets of the natural world, gives Dolai the power to control nature


- Shamshir-e Zommorrodnegar -

An emerald encrusted scimitar from Persian legend, forged by Kāve to slay the demon, Fulad-zereh. Acquired by killing the demon. Once belonged to King Solomon.


- Pot of Fire -

The pot that Grandmother Spider carried fire in, and gave to the Cherokee. Dolai drank from the pot and gained the power to manipulate fire.


- Cauldron of Dagda -

A cauldron that was once guarded by the King of the Tuathe De, Dagda. Once one cooks in it, the food is endless. The cauldron can also raise the dead and heal wounds, and was given to Dolai by Dagda after defeating the Fomorians.


- Tezcatlipoca's Smoking Mirror -

After the fall of the Aztec Empire, the God, Tezcatlipoca, transformed into an obsidian mirror to be kept by Dolai. Through it, one may see the entire cosmos, including the past.


- Sampo -

A mythical, golden Finnish artifact that Dolai went on a journey to find. Grants endless wealth.


- Idol of Shango -

An idol of the Orisha of thunder and lightning, Shango. Was carved by Shango and Dolai's son, Moji.


- Fire Opal Blade -

A beautiful blade made of fire opal, given to her by the Aztec goddess, Itzapaplotl.


- Buddha Bracelet -

A green, yellow, black and white beaded bracelet with a Buddha pendant, made by Dolai and King Ashoka's daughter, Sanghamitra.


- Hagstone -

A stone with naturally occuring holes that allows Dolai to see the fae in the area, found in Scotland.






- Kháos Mávros -
- Dominic - 
- Kujo -
 - Loki -
 Dolai has had many relationships throughout her lifetime, platonic and romantic. As of now, she is single and not too keen on finding a romantic interest. Dolai is demiromantic, meaning it takes a deeper connection for her to develop an interest in someone. However, she is bisexual, and has been in both polyamorous and monogamous relationships.
Leave drama at the door, I tolerate none of it.
I try to keep most of Dolai's story historically accurate. I do tweak some details for her, as she is my character, but if something is wildly inaccurate or offensive, please let me know.
I have the right to say no to a thread.
Do not kill, maim, rape or emotionally scar my character without plotting it with me first.
This is an 18+ zone, there will be mature themes and storylines.
That being said, I do not write purely sexual or violent content. I participate in threads with substance and story behind it.
I'm open to threads and additional plotting. PM or inbox me if you'd like :)
Jorah: Tales of Legend - Replied
The Black Dog - Pending
Dominic - Replied
Mai Ortega - Pending
Knight - Pending
Jeverich - Replied
Noita Doe - Pending


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  • "Could have fooled me..." 


    He watched her as she took his and her bowl back into the kitchen, if there was one thing that Kujo learned was to never get on a woman's bad side, they can come up with ways to murder you in your sleep and make it look like an accident with ease. She came back and settled back down on the couch as she pulled the blanket over her, yeah he had more then enought time to think on it before giving her his answer probably by tomorrow or something. A small smirk formed on his lips as he got up from the couch and made his way to his bedroom, though let's be honest here...Kujo isn't the type of person to fall asleep so easily like most would, his mind would always be racing with thoughts and yet it was because of that he couldn't sleep for the most part, those racing thoughts of his would have him up for most of the night just trying to piece together his past life before he gained a new one..


    "Have a good night Dolai.." 


    That was all he said as he went into his room and closed his door but he didn't close it all the way, he left it cracked a bit as he sighed and laid down in his bed for a moment. He placed both hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling for what seem like hours to him. Those thoughts came rushing into his head like a waterfall, some thoughts were a bit blurry to him, he was trying so hard to remember everything in his past life but every time he came close to doing so, something would disturb his memories and those painful headaches would come shortly after which was while he had a bottle of pills sitting on his nightstand beside his bed. Though it didn't take him long to have fallen asleep, he didn't even realize when and how he fell asleep. Just a moment ago he was starting up at the ceiling and within what he though the next couple of seconds he was out like a light bulb but of course with his line of work, there's no telling when something could go wrong or when he was needed.


    His phone was blaring loudly in the dark room which made him quickly stir from his sleep and sit up, reaching over on the nightstand he rubbed his eyes and hit the green button on the screen and placed the phone to his ear. A yawned passed his lips as he got up from the bed and grabbed a pair of jeans to put on along with a shirt to throw on for now with his favorite black hoodie that he was always seen wearing whenever he was out and about on the streets. While he was getting dressed, he had his phone pressed between his shoulder and ear as he listen to the person on the other end, apparently there was a problem with one of the shipments that came in and Kujo needed to come take a look at it, seriously if its not one thing its another with these people...

  • He raised an eyebrow this time.

    So she came wandering back to find out what he was? Can't entirely blame her there. He himself was like a curious cat at times, especially upon most things that pertained to this world. The majority that ruled. But that was often inspected on his own time, time like now he really didn't feel like wasting on her. But he knew she wasn't one of the majority. Knew that since he'd first looked into those ancient eyes of hers.

    He sighed.

    " Suppose you're right. But unlike your friend there, I'm not causing trouble, so it's a waste of your time to be here." 

    He hoped she'd just take that and move on, but he also knew that that wasn't likely. She'd traveled and seen everything apparently and what were the odds upon finding something new that she'd just leave him be? Very unlikely. 

  • The audacity of this woman.

    His face screwed up, lip curling in disgust at the way she so casually spoke to him and then asked to come in. Why? What the hell did she want to know? He knew nothing of the kishi and it's endeavors for why she had been led here, but questions for him? What could possibly need to know. 

    He looked away, crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. So he clearly wasn't about to just.. let her in. Oh well. It's not often one ever got permitted into his personal space anyhow, close to him or his sanctuary. He was not the most hospitable host and he wasn't about to try and plays as one by his posture and the way he was looking anywhere else but her as though bored by this already. 

    " About?"

    He doesn't even give her his name in return. As far as he could see, she didn't need to know it as much as whatever she needed from this discussion she wanted to have. 

  • || Athens, 478 BC ||

    From the home of her sponsor, Barak, on top of the Acropolis, Noita looked longingly out over the spiraling city of Athens from her room's large window. Barak left this morning and had gone out to the assembly to celebrate with the Eupatridae men and soldiers over the official signings which stated that certain Persian cities would no longer be under the rule of Persia. She had been brought from Thessaly, when one of Barak's cousins's spoke highly of Noita's diligence to the worship of Zeus and her respect for one's home. Barak loved guest and he loved foreigners, because they brought along stories. Barak owned some land and slaves, his main business being the trading of wine. He was a high member of the Assembly, and was regarded with respect as a pillar in the community. He showed nothing but kindness to Noita, allowing her to speak her opinion on politics, and only expected that she made sure that slaves and servants kept the home tidy. That's why she almost felt bad for what she was doing. Almost. While he would be partying for the next two days, she would host the first gathering of witches in Athens, in his courtyard. The servants here were loyal to her, as she had won their affection. She did their duties side by side to them, gifting them with money so they could go out to the markets and buy trinkets to their hearts content. Noita worked in the kitchen beside the mothers, keeping an eye on their children, and learning their songs. The servants would not participate with them, but they would turn a blind eye and keep a shut mouth to Noita's hostings.

    The witches that would be attending tonight would have received special invitations from Thessally, picked out by priestess of Hekate. The invitations were in code, but anyone who had any inkling of knowledge regarding witchcraft would pick up on the meaning and instructions clearly. The intent of the meeting was to create a society of women who relied on the magic of their patron goddesses and beliefs, most centrally, Hekate, that would sway the opinions of men in order to grant more rights and freedoms within the city of Athens and protect the Greco people everywhere. The invitations were professional but a cry to action to create equality in order to access power and safety in a secure manner. Any women of any background were free to join as long as they would keep everything hush hush. 

    The meeting was set up in the courtyard. The guards had been dismissed by Noita, told that they were to rest or go home in order to celebrate the wins of Athens. The courtyard was wide with a fountain in the middle, and a long oak table that reached out to the open gates. Crawling ivy infested the white walls and marble statues that stared down at the table, their arms raised, holding torches with actual candles lit on them, providing light. Plates lined down the table, with olives, grapes and fish on them, and red wine set to the side. A large, stone like bowl with the triple moon carved in it’s side was placed at the very end of the table, towards the fountain, and cradled in it was the corpse of a black lamb, ready to be set a flame once everyone was here, and the meeting started. 

    Noita was ready to greet the guests as they came in, wearing a dark purple chiton with her brown hair braided back to frame her face. Slowly, guests started to arrive, wearing all sorts of outfits and all sorts of clothing. She would speak to them a little, then invite them to sit at the table, where they would snack on the fruits and converse amongst themselves under the light of the moon. There were fourteen total so far, Noita included, and Noita waited for the fifteenth to arrive, anxious to meet this last stranger.

  • He was about to simply return to his book, because his gut instincts sometimes preyed upon simple animals and perhaps that was all that it was until.. a knock at the door came. Animals didn't knock. Not like that, anyways. 

    Who the fu--.. oh.

    His mind went right to the woman he'd seen maybe thirty minutes ago now. It had to be her. It wasn't likely to be anyone else, really. His coworkers didn't know where he lived, didn't care and he had no other friends, nor even enemies for that matter. And hikers? They never got this far up. No, the only explanation was that that damn woman had found her way to his home and.. what was she injured? needed his help?

    He closed his eyes and grunted in annoyance. Then he dragged himself out of bed, leaving the book turned down on the night table and this time grabbed pants to pull on, black jeans, but that was as far as he went for now. not like he needed to be all done up when he wasn't expecting visitors. When he didn't want them. So down the stairs he went, grabbing the wine bottle off the counter and taking a chug from it before placing it back and heading for the door. The door opens and Jev looks unamused and even kinda pissy at the sight of her and.. was the a severed head? Ah, yes. The Kishi. Dripping blood on his steps. Hopefully the rain would wash that off.. it was suppose to rain later that night. 

    I see you got your bounty.. 

  • Good riddance..

    Jev was by far not the most interactive person. Socializing is like his bane. If he didn't have to do it, then he wouldn't. She seemed to be on top of the whole thing anyways, so he didn't exactly see what his purpose here would be other than to protect his turf. To protect all he has left. Which isn't much to him. A house, a car, some stolen goods, none of it really meant anything to him and only brought short lived happiness. But with the wind shifting and the Kishi getting further away, his concerns began to drop and with little to any concerns for her, he simply let's her move on. If she wanted to continue chase? Then so be it. Just don't involve him.

    Any other time he would be curious enough. Humans were fascinating and the supernatural? Even more so, but it seems the man just didn't have it in him today. 


    He'd walked back through the heavily wooded area until he found the path of his drive way, long and winding down until it met the lonely road that would eventually lead back to town. The car, a sportsy black nissan with red interior was parked outside the garage. The house itself wasn't too big, just the right kind of size for someone living alone like himself. It was of dark wood, grey/brown wood, dark within where none of the lights were on, but the way the sun came off the mountains and hit it gave it more life. It was definitely a secluded little area. One he's worked hard to achieve.  Part of the home was one level, while the other half had two levels, a balcony and wide windows above where his bedroom was, giving him quite the view from the height and over the trees where they dipped below.

    Bare feet walked along the pavement until he reached the steps and entered his home. 

    In the kitchen, he poured himself a glass of wine and moved back for the steps to the second level, heading back to his room. On the travel back, his mind was.. in a dark place, like it use to be, but not nearly as bad. it was just a lingering feeling.. But he thought about the woman with years hidden within her eyes.  It was just a brief thought because soon he was back in bed and reaching for a book he's been reading.

    By the time she got close, he was well into a chapter of his book. A cheesy romance of all kinds. He scoffed to himself at one particular part he was on when something made him drift back into reality and away from the book...

  • She had an ancient air to her. 

    He senses it much as he senses it in the presence of the great dragons which only happened to him once in his lifetime, but he knew the vibe. Her appearance rather contradicted this, but he was no sort that'd judge a character based on their outward appearance. The body was simply a shell, a tool to use and it did not matter how it appeared as long as it proved it's use. The tattoos do catch his attention briefly as well, but too quick his eyes are back to gazing deeply into hers, a rather piercing gaze at that.

    " Then let it run..

    He sounds suddenly uninterested. As though to hear that it was on the run meant it'd likely be out of the neck of his woods soon was a good enough answer for him. Why should he care what it's done? It did not involve him. As long as it didn't stick around he was likely to turn back and go home. 

    Coward. That's all that it was to him. 

    A beast that can kill but then runs after was nothing more. And it certainly didn't deserve his attention. Just as long as it left him and his "home" alone. 

    He gave Dolai another look over, curious but not enough and began to turn and walk away. A bold move to turn your back, but then this man has never been anything but that. Right now he just wanted to return to his lazing, something he only got on Sundays like this. It was also his day of full solitude, so it was cherished when he wasn't working. 

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  • He was wound up.

    A heat curled around him, burning within and pulsing off of him, felt if you were close enough. Like a humanoid furnace. 

    The idea of there being an intruder had him.. worried to say the least. Animals came through, but other people? Not this way out and this was done by something or someone that clearly wasn't human.


    Yes, he's heard of their being other "beings" existing in this realm. Has he met many? No. In fact, he's only met two others in his time here and it opened his eyes to the fact that what he's read in books just might actually exist out there. He's sure most of it was convoluted information, especially dredged up by a race that didn't seem so worried about such existences, majority not even believing they existed. Odd world this was..  these creatures.. like Echoes and yet not all the same.


    Golden hues shot towards her.

    Smoke exited his nostrils as he took in her stance and words, the heat within simmering somewhat, but in no way would he simply let his guard down. His lips curled back again, a flash of blunt teeth briefly before he crossed his arms, expression falling back something more neutral. 

    " What then..or who..are you here for? "  His voice was a deep smooth sound, somewhat accented but not easily placed as to what kind of accent. 

    He sensed it's presence.. but he wanted something of an answer if he could get one. 


  • As the woman spoke, Kháos couldn’t help but want to give her the apple. But he was too afraid. Not enough to show it, but enough to let it stop him from opposing his mother’s wishes. Bitch was hacksaw on wheels when someone displeased her. The Greeks would know. Or well, their great great great great great great great great great grandparents. But at the same time, the spitefulness in Dolai’s words was almost as frightening as Eris’. They might be different, but they seemed to be cut from a similar tree. A lot of pent up anger there, seemingly. This gal probably had her reasons though. Eris was just born spiteful and malicious - or at least that’s what he thought. Not that he was wrong. Since the night she was born from the womb of Nyx, Eris had been difficult. Always revelling in chaos, but that’s a tale for probably never. 


    And suddenly SHE was comparing him to his mother?? Ooo, bitch. If this hadn’t been a public place, he’d have thrown all the Greek slurs into that roast. His entire face warped into a pile of disgusted… ness. Never had anyone offended him like this. Call him a bitch, call him an asshole, just never compare him with his chaotic whore of a mother. Sure he owed a great deal to her, and sure there was still the mother-child bond that was undeniable, but he thought himself nothing like that hag.


    “You know you can’t avoid the Fates’ tapestry. If your ancestors have seen this happen, it’s likely already woven in the destiny of the world”  he hissed mutteringly under his breath after rambling over the balance and shit that Kháos didn’t give three fucks about. Watch the world burn, whatever. At least he was not responsible… depending on how you loo- no. He wouldn’t be responsible for the actions and decisions of some deranged god. 


    It wasn’t long until the old bitch stood up, finally tired of Kas’ bullshit. He was hoping she’d have realised that nothing on this Earth would let her have the Apple and just leave it alone. Or kill him trying, either would be fine. Would make things easier for him, at least. At least he’d not have to see her mess everything up and potentially make it worse. For all he knew, the vision of them ancestors could’ve been her doing. How could she know for sure that wasn’t the case? Kháos thoughts came to a halt when she mentioned Greece and his mother. Phobos smiled and waved her off as she left the booth, but was soon startled be Kháos’ suddenly shooting up from his own seat. The poor deity tried to stop him from shouting after her, but to no avail. 


    “Listen, granny, if anyone’s talking to my mom, I’m fucking going with. I ain’t having no skýla trying to get herself into a sea of troubles. How dumb can you be? Do you know my mother?? She’ll yeet you to Alaska or something. I’m her ‘golden child’, even if it’s hard to believe - even for me.” he paused as he slapped Phobos’ clinging hands from his robe.”You wanna do this, you will need me. There ain’t no chance in Tartaros she’s gonna give you what you want. She’s the malakas goddess of manipulation. If I ain’t there, you’ll wish you was never born” -Actually…- “Not now, Phobos”. The Grecian demigod hated to be interrupted, but this time he should’ve listened. Phobos was well-acquainted with Dolai. Knew her history with both Hades and Eris. But alas, Kháos was in the middle of a heavily Greek accented frenzy. “I don’t care what you think of me, or anything for that matter, but I’m not about to let some idiot give my mother more pleasure than she needs. You sit your old granny ass down think it over while I go up to change. Believe you me, if you go without me you’ll regret it”. His words didn’t really make much sense, and there was a bit of repetition. But hey, English didn’t come super easy to the poor kid - neither did thinking, but that’s a different subject. He threw a demanding glare at Phobos. “Phobos, vevaiotheíte óti den enkataleípei aftó to ktírio! (Make sure it doesn’t leave the building) I will be right back.” and with that, he stormed off surprisingly fast for only having two human legs. 


    But he wasn’t gone for as long you’d expect. A normal person would’ve needed to run all the way up to their room, shower, put on new clothes, etc. Luckily, Kháos had War for that shit. In only a matter of a few seconds, the insolent child was back, fully dressed in ripped dark-grey jeans, a mottled grey shirt, and a thin leather jacket. His long hair seemingly brushed to perfection, and a dash of black eyeliner just along the ridge of his eyelashes.


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