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Born to poor gypsies in the small European nation of Latveria, Victor Von Doom lost his mother to a soldier’s anger, and not long after lost his father to a king’s revenge. Alone, the young Victor discovered his mother’s trove of mystical artifacts and set himself on a path of darkness when he realized her spirit was subject to a demon she’d bargained with. His incredible scientific acumen won him a scholarship at America’s State University in New York, and he left his native country seeking knowledge with which to salve his wounded soul. During his time in New York, Von Doom met another scientific prodigy, Reed Richards, and the two formed an immediate rivalry. When the Latverian student secretly experimented with a device of his own creation to bridge the gap between dimensions, only for it to literally blow up in his face, he found himself expelled, with only small scars on his face in return. Loathing his marred good looks and furious at fate’s fickle finger, Von Doom made his way to Tibet to allow his anger an outlet. There, he dominated a circle of monks and after learning their secrets directed them to forge him a suit of armor and an iron mask to hide his face from the world forever. As Doctor Doom, he returned to Latveria, overthrew its monarch, and renamed its capital Doomstadt while further developing his command of science through robotics, weaponry, and even time travel. Secure in his rulership and with formidable forces at his command, Von Doom set out to conquer the globe, as well as rescue his mother’s soul, and prove himself superior to Reed Richards, the only man he’d ever met who might equal his own scientific genius.

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  • [(I have seen Endgame, multiple times actually lol.. However, why would Wanda be there as an diplomat? She's one of the last few Avengers left. I may just be tired and missing your point, I apologize.. )]

  • // Good evening metal face Von Doom. Thank you for accepting my request. I look forward to plotting with you :]

  • “Mmm hello Bucket Head. Mr Tin can. What do they call you? Loom, Doom, Gloom?”





    (Thanks for the invite)

  • {(Cap, Bucky and Nat went in hiding together, the others went separate directions. If I'm remembering correctly. I do like that though.)}

  • For the most part, she would be straight with him. Having no reason to lie, yet.  She took his hand and gave him a firm shake. No doubt a man like him wouldn’t be wearing an all metal suit if he either didn’t trust her or he had some contingency plan Incase she went rogue. No doubt no she would err on the side of caution until she found out more.  She knows he is a clever one though he is not sure if he suffers the same level of arrogance as other so called villains do. Course he wouldn’t be stupid to fight her in an all metal suit, unlike a certain playboy genius that flies around in a metal suit. A man like he can be smart and dumb at the same time, that Tony, but Victor was more shrewd the most gave him credit for. 


    Still, he was offering aid to her people and because of that, she would enter into an alliance with him.  The way she saw it, he was a smart man. Working with her was more prudent and the smarter play then working against her and her entire mutant population she had with her. Not to mention it wouldn’t be wise to make an enemy of her father and the entire  Mutant Brotherhood. 


    “ In three days time. I had to get some transport ready to ferry the people over, if by sea, if by land, all that Jazz.  I haven’t had time to check. This is not an island area is it or is it part of a land man’s like other places? In my rush to get over here, I didn’t take the time to study the geography of Latveria. “

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  • She flexed her finger muscles as the various metal items hanging around the throne room would slowly begin to shake. She removed her helmet and brushed her long green hair out from her eyes and the shaking would stop. 


    “Terrible thing about armies , current day and in ages past. Aside from a catapult and a bow and arrow. All those swords and armor and shields, all those planes, tanks, bullets, and missiles, so much .... metal.  I’m not to concern about an invading army. If one should come, I’ll reduce the entire lot to scrap metal. Unless they come at at me with sticks and Stones, or plastic weapons of some gun, your borders will be safe.  Once they learn I am here. No one would be stupid...... well. Actually. There is a staggering number of stupid people on this planet. I wouldn’t be surprise if an army with s bunch of metal, shows up. They will all die or be dealt with.  The only problem we will face are those costume types with powers.  I’ll protect your borders if it keeps my people safe and as for expansion. I’ll let you work on the details and I’ll just follow suit.”

  • “Hmm very well. I’ll pass the message along and I thank you for helping my people. Hmm guess the next question is. What now? What’s next?  I know you can’t be helping us out of the goodness of our hearts. I assume you want something in return. A way of earning our keep or at least me doing something on behalf of my people. So they won’t have to worry about being... evicited should you suddenly change your mind later on for whatever reason. Is that something I should worry about for them?  I am not one to be a freeloader. So if you want something in return. My services for example.  I will lend them then, as a courtesy thank you for your hospitality. Let it be said that we mutants are not the thankless, ungrateful sort. We pay our debts.  Long as they are within reason of course.”

  • “Yes. You are Mr. Popular where the F 4 are concerned. Though with all the lies or half truths I heard about you. One thing I did hear that many all agree on. Is that no matter how Supposedly “evil” you are. You at least give a crap about your country and it’s people and you would never nuke your own countrymen for example and protect them all.

    That is the one redeeming factor they said about you. Much like my father. While he fights the x men and such. He would never kill a mutant in cold blood andnwoukd only resort to if that mutant death meant the safety of other mutants and the like. Way I see it. Whatever is said about you. I’ll judge for myself. Since many bad things are sad about my father and my kind in general. So I’m no stranger to people spreading hateful rumors and what have you, about a person without knowing their true character.

    I am curious as to how you got everything running so...... smoothly here.  How do you have enough food to go around, keep the populace in check and so forth? Surely it can’t be easy. As for giving me home to my people. A refuge as it were. What does the rest of your people think about that? Will we have to worry as being see as foreign invaders encroaching upon their lands?.  “


    She said as she lowered herself to let her feet rest on the floor and fold her arms across her chest as she studied him and looked around the place. 

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