The Assassin


Doom Morningstar
Looks to be in his mid twenties. Actual age is unknown.
Unknown hybrid
New York City
F.B.I. agent
Doom prefers to be dressed casually, but keeps a small sense of style to it. He's mostly in jeans and collard shirts He doesn't care to much about his hair and keeps it a little messy. He keeps his beard trimmed to the best of his ability.
He's in top physical condition being prepared for extreme claimants. He has a sleeve on his left arm that bleeds onto his chest, but one mark stands out above the rest. There is a WL burned into his stomach, and still hums with the ancient magic that created it. He belongs to a clan, and though he doesn't keep good communications with them, he considers them all family.
He carries himself with a carefree demeanor. His position with the past army kept him in the dark with several nightmares. Not much scares him anymore, and there isn't a screech loud enough to concern him.
Carefree, reckless, and confident in his ability to take whatever he wants. He lives a proud life and only thinks about himself. He has no regrets when he spits in the face of any creature. It doesn't matter to him how strong they claim to be. As far as he is concerned they haven't done much to claim their titles as "gods." Doom on the other hand lead an army, and was pretty damn good at it. Not to mention was part of a lethal security force as well.
He's cocky and full of himself. He's young and immortal. This type of attitude does get him in trouble, but so far it's been nothing he can't get himself out of. The only one he has second thoughts about fighting is Mai Ortega due to the last time he sparred with her he was barely able to survive five minutes.

[Age is but a number]
Doom is the youngest out of all five Generals by ages. Physically and mentally. Before being dropped into the Warlord Army he was law enforcement. During the battle over a major city his vehicle was rolled over several times by giant of a demon. The wreck left Doom in a coma for several more months. His family was about to pull the plug, but the man in red found him and offered his family a deal.
If he ever wakes up he won't remember who he is. So Ashton and Chelsea molded this man at twenty two years old. Once he woke up he was given the name Doom, and began his Warlord training. He did great as he was being mentored by General Blade. As time went on Doom requested to become a General.
At the time there was already 5 Generals. Mitchel Blade was the five star general then Creed, Chelsea, Eric, and some nobody that Doom never got along with. To become a General he had to fight them one on one. Doom beat the one star general, and that demoted him to colonel. He then went on to beat Eric and Chelsea, and knocked them down a rank. Creed kept his 4 star title and outmatched Doom.
Still, they were impressed with him. So young, but he took the title of Lieutenant General. He was then tasked out to human populated areas to hunt vampires. He was not a merciful man.

He's only felt love for another woman once, but he knew it wouldn't last so he didn't get too involved. Other than that one person love isn't something he is concerned about. The years have made him used to the silence in his surroundings, and it doesn't bother him one bit. He also enjoys the part where he gets to spend all of his time doing whatever he wants. Not to say he won't accept a lover, but he won't be rolling over for just anyone that throws them self at him.


 [You're a dead man]


He only started existing the day he woke up on the table. Chelsea was there. There was IVs going all over his body. He wanted to panic and break free, but Chelsea had already taken steps in securing his body to the table. They talked but it wasn't a long conversation. He asked who she was and she answered with her name. He then asked who he was and she answered with "Project Doom." He was going to ask what that was but she shut him down before the question could come out.


Soon he was educated on the war against humanity, and where he fit into all of this. He was told he died and through science the Warlord Army recreated him to be the instrument of death. He was trained in several versions of martial arts. Trained how to come in and out of the shadows. Trained to bend time. Trained to hunt. It didn't take him long to find pride in what he became. As far as he was concerned, he became Doom.




[Death upon you]


So began his time in war. He was assigned to the genocide of vampires. The only reason he wasn't successful was because the Warlords fell apart from the inside before he could complete his mission. He fought hard and overestimated everyone. With the tools given to him and the access to technology granted to him he was a ruthless man deserving of the name he called himself. There was no mercy for anyone. He understood the order of "no prisoners."




After his time with the Warlords ended he had gone off on his own for a while. Here is where he learned how easy it was for him to get whatever he wanted. He became a thief. He mostly stole for himself, but soon started taking the odd job here and there. He was good to hide the WL marking his body, and not many saw his face during the war. Fortunate for him, he still had a baby face, so not many people suspected to be dealing with a man accused of war crimes.




Then the day came his friend Chelsea came knocking his door. He wasn't going to answer, but his silence was only met with forced entry. She offered him a new job as part of a security force for his old Grandmaster Ashton Ortega. He refused and she wasn't going to bother dragging him out. That was Abigale's job, the second Grandmaster, and drag him she did. He soon found himself as a hitman. Jump in, execute, and jump out. Simple at first but then it started getting darker. Soon he was executing children again. Killing entire families in their sleep. Poisoning babies. All of it.


It was no issue to him at first but then he got a very interesting assignment. Infiltrate a wolf clan, rise to power, then start a war. He accepted the mission, uneasy at first, but then relaxed a little when he was changed into a wolf. He was going the hard way by trying to climb the ranks one at a time, but then he crossed paths with a lone alpha. He found the easy way, and with a few choice words soon found himself sitting at the top next to the alpha. Not to say he didn't actually love her, but he knew his place. His form would only last so much longer. Next was to incite violence. Soon war broke out. A pack fell and Doom's stood victorious. Then he vanished. He does miss her. It was a comfortable life he had. The most he could do was keep her name. Morningstar.




[Fast lane]


Soon after the Ortega family was crippled after the death of Ashton and Abigale Ortega. Mai Ortega lived on and then began the power struggle for the land between herself and Wrath. Doom grew tired of the conflict and saw himself out. Returning to his life of thieving and killing. Taking up a hobby in fast cars and drugs. He was still immortal and treated life as such. Centuries passed before another knock came to his door. This time it was Mai with F.B.I. on her chest in big white letters... This time he ran.


 He didn't make it very far. He nearly escaped Mai and Lynn when they tried to catch him in a bank during his time in Rio, Brazil. After a little tussle with Mai he found an opportunity to run out of the bank and into his car. They had both grabbed motorcycles and began their pursuit. Lynn had caught Doom by surprise when she pulled out in front of him. What he thought was going to be a game of chicken turned into Lynn throwing her motorcycle into Doom's beloved car, destroying it. 


What came next was a fight between Lynn and Doom in the shadow realm. They had both gotten in some good hits on each other, but this wasn't a fight he was trying to win. He had an opportunity to run out and took. He was trying to escape still. Once out of the shadows he was met by a very pissed off Mai. She was fast and precise. Doom had no chance and Mai wasn't going to let him breath in her violent beating. After taking repeated hits to his helmet from Mai, she ripped off the face plate and was about hit his bare face with metal pieces still clutched in her fist. Lynn stopped the woman Doom was too weak to move again. He had been caught.






He was dragged to New York City and forced to work with the F.B.I. under the leadership of Mai Ortega. Their mission? Catch a vampire named Ryan Gage and bring down his empire of crime. Something wasn't right though. Doom could feel it. There was something far more sinister happening that Mai wasn't telling anyone. Even as an F.B.I. agent, why was he still being monitored? Why were they upgrading everyone's equipment? He felt like he was getting geared up for war... He was kept in the dark though. He can only hunt down this man named Ryan Gage and see what happens.


To be continued...


[Equipment and Abilities]

There are two ways to see Doom. The most common way will be when he's not in armor. In fact the only time to see him in armor is when he feels he must kill several others in a short amount of time. Otherwise it's easy to see him in regular clothes and taking one-on-one fights without his armor. He doesn't see much of a reason to carry weapons on him, but with his new job Mai has ordered that he carries a pistol. Her reasons were that he shouldn't use his abilities on normal people. When he questioned how he would ever know who is human and who isn't, she gave him this pistol and said, "Put a few rounds of this in them. If they die, they're human. If not, then they're not human."

Warlord Armor
Chelsea modified his armor to enhance his abilities. Without this armor he is still a lethal opponent. 
This armor was created for the darkness. He fades in and out of shadows, naturally becoming nothing and moving to another location. He can also make everything pitch black, and create walls of a solid black diamond-like material. 

Along with darkness comes the light. He has the ability to not just control fire, but to emit flames that burn like the sun. Intense heat and very bright. Most lethal to vampires.

His movement makes little to no noise. He can manage to be quieter than a mouse. Along with no sound comes no scent. His armor takes in the environment around him, and masks the smell with what's around him.

He can manipulate time itself. Not on a large scale though. On certain objects that he focuses on he can move it ten seconds back, or see where it will be in ten seconds. An example would be if he lost a leg he could go ten seconds back to when he had a leg. During an attack, he can predict his opponent’s movements for ten seconds. This is most lethal to opponents that like to move faster than light. The faster they move, the more he will predict. This ability isn't constant, and does take him a bit to use again. 

The armor is durable and extremely difficult to break. It was meant to sustain several repeated hits from vampires, and more.


2x "Fish" swords

3650534700?profile=RESIZE_710xAnother set of weapons issued him under the orders of Mai. He's been told that the reason he was easy to catch is because he was hilariously out gunned. He'd say otherwise but it's hard to argue when his pursuers had a vast array of weapons while he only had three. So now he had these swords. They are fairly new to him so he finds himself training with them in the space given to him by Chelsea. He isn't bad with them, but he finds himself wanting to use his sickles more often. These swords will be found on his back while in armor.


2x Sickles

3649661203?profile=RESIZE_710xHis weapons of choice just got a little design upgrade as well. With these weapons he focuses on cutting off limbs. Once these are out he isn't playing around anymore. He has made up his mind and decided that his opponent must die. He's quick with them, and unforgiving with them. One small mistake could cost the enemy a leg. He is most effective with these during a fight and they can be found hanging off of his hips.




A new weapon made by Chelsea. She had created a new ammo type after being recruited by the F.B.I. The only thing is that normal guns couldn't shoot the bullets without blowing up. So she had to develop new weapons as well to shoot her bullets. Doom handed over his AR-.50 BMG in exchange for what Chelsea called DAEVA. Still calibered to a .50 BMG round, this semi-automatic rifle packs a mean punch. Doom now has four choices of what type of ammo to use. Those would be armor piercing, incendiary, explosive, and electric. If this rifle is not in his hands, then he has set it down to use a different weapon. 


2x Vityaz


These automatic submachine guns are mostly meant to suppress. They have the same variation in ammo types as his DAEVA rifle. In some very extreme close range situations he will focus fire on a joint in an attempt take off a limb. These can be found stowed away on his lower back.

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