"They asked for a savior to deliver them from nightmares."


"Humanity delivered Doom."

Doom Morningstar
Looks to be in his mid twenties. Actual age is unknown.
Unknown hybrid/Hints of wolf, vampire, and demonic
Thief/Assassin for hire
Doom prefers to be dressed casually, but keeps a small sense of style to it. He's mostly in jeans and collard shirts He doesn't care to much about his hair and keeps it a little messy. He keeps his beard trimmed to the best of his ability.
He's in top physical condition being prepared for extreme claimants. His has a sleeve on his left arm that bleeds onto his chest, but one mark stands out above the rest. There is a WL burned into his stomach, and still hums with the ancient magic that created it. He belongs to a clan, and though he doesn't keep good communications with them, he considers them all family.
He carries himself with a carefree demeanor. His position with the past army kept him in the dark with several nightmares. Not much scares him anymore, and there isn't a screech loud enough to concern him.
Carefree, reckless, and confident in his ability to take whatever he wants. He lives a proud life and only thinks about himself. He has no regrets when he spits in the face of any creature. It doesn't matter to him how strong they claim to be. As far as he is concerned they haven't done much to claim their titles as "gods." Doom on the other hand lead an army, and was pretty damn good at it. Not to mention was part of a lethal security force as well.
He's cocky and full of himself. He's young and immortal. This type of attitude does get him in trouble, but so far it's been nothing he can't get himself out of. The only one he has second thoughts about fighting is Mai Ortega due to the last time he sparred with her he was barely able to survive five minutes.

[Age is but a number]
Doom is the youngest out of all five Generals by ages. Physically and mentally. Before being dropped into the Warlord Army he was law enforcement. During the battle over a major city his vehicle was rolled over several times by giant of a demon. The wreck left Doom in a coma for several more months. His family was about to pull the plug, but a man in a red found him and offered his family a deal.
If he ever wakes up he won't remember who he is. So Ashton and Chelsea molded this man at twenty two years old. Once he woke up he was given the name Doom, and began his Warlord training. He did great as he was being mentored by General Blade. As time went on Doom requested to become a General.
At the time there was already 5 Generals. Mitchel Blade was the five star general then Creed, Chelsea, Eric, and some nobody that Doom never got along with. To become a General he had to fight them one on one. Doom beat the one star general, and that demoted him to colonel. He then went on to beat Eric and Chelsea, and knocked them down a rank. Creed kept his 4 star title and outmatched Doom.
Still, they were impressed with him. So young, but he took the title of Lieutenant General. He was then tasked out to human populated areas to hunt vampires. He was not a merciful man.

He's only felt love for another woman once, but he knew it wouldn't last so he didn't get too involved. Other than that one person love isn't something he is concerned about. The years have made him used to the silence in his surroundings, and it doesn't bother him one bit. He also enjoys the part where he gets to spend all of his time doing whatever he wants. Not to say he won't accept a lover, but he won't be rolling over for just anyone that throws them self at him.
With that said, sometimes he will allow his body what it wants. Physical contact be it from a woman, or another man. He considers himself bi-sexual with no preference to either side. These nights will be rare as he cares more for money and guns.

1 - Valkyrie - Pending
2 - Open
3 - Open
Threads for Doom are open
[Equipment and Abilities]
Warlord Armor
Chelsea modified his armor to enhance his abilities. Without this armor he is still a lethal opponent. 
ac4be8ee47911488ee0a0974dd8afe21.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xThis armor was created for the darkness. He fades in and out of shadows, naturally becoming nothing and moving to another location. He can also make everything pitch black, and create walls of a solid black diamond-like material. 
Along with darkness comes the light. He has the ability to not just control fire, but to emit flames that burn like the sun. Intense heat and very bright. Most lethal to vampires.
His movement makes little to no noise. He can manage to be quieter than a mouse. Along with no sound comes no scent. His armor takes in the environment around him, and masks the smell with what's around him.
He can predict movement to a certain extent. When it comes to drawing pistols, he's not faster than Creed, but he predicts his opponents next move based on statistics processed through an A.I.
The armor is durable and extremely difficult to break. It was meant to sustain several repeated hits from vampires, and more.
2x Sickle
In his opinion these are the most effective weapons for taking off limbs. Easy to maneuver and very light weight compared to most swords and other bladed weapons. He often carries one in each hand and makes an effort to cut off the limbs of his opponents. Forged by Chelsea out of rare metals stolen from demonic clans.
Light, compact, and equipped with a hair trigger. One bullet does little harm if the opponent can regenerate. With the hair trigger on his pistols Doom has the capabilities of firing no less than two bullets per second from a single pistol. Coming from two pistols that's four bullets per second. He concentrates fire on a single spot in order to shoot off a limb, or cut someone in half.
AR-.50 BMG
An AR-15 calibered to shoot .50 caliber bullets. This weapon only fires in semi-automatic. This gun will very easily rip anything to shreds. Not just because of the size of the bullet, but also because these bullets are crafted out of the same black diamond material that he controls. This weapon looks simple, but is deadly to several supernatural beings who rely on a physical form.

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