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Some basics - Not your usual kind of character presentation

I don't think personal information matters but since you might want to know a bit more about the person behind the screen I will share a few things.

I am 35 years old and currently a Philosophy PhD student but also a family person.

I am not new to roleplay. I started somewhere in between 2010 and 2012 on a forum with some of my friends. After some time I went on a long hiatus. I came back at the beginning of 2021 mostly because I miss writing interesting stories with someone quite a lot. I used to play only male characters in MxM pairings. Somehow they were more inclined to be dark, sarcastic, mean even rude sometimes. I also played some funny and normal guys but for some reason I was always asked to play the first even though I can't say I have a thing for them. After I came back I promised myself to try and play more types of male characters and even female characters.

Writing style

I write using past tense and third person. I don't say it's the best, but it's what I feel comfortable with. Also, it helps me dive more into the story than any other style. Thus, I really hope my partners will approach the same style as me.

As for length … I usually go from moderate to something very novela style. For example, the last post I gave to one of my RP partners was 10 pages (I work my replies on docs). But, that's also depending very very much on the story, on the vibe the characters have, my partner's replies and implication and so on. So, it's obvious that the length of my replies is variable. While I don't ask anyone to match my post length I'd prefer for it to be somewhere not too far or else I won't have enough to work with. Also, I do understand that it also depends on the situation and the scenes of our story.

Character description

I have no preference for it. It can be a brief one or a detailed one. It really depends on how you prefer. I can do either. I will add at the end of this post a blog of mine where I posted two of my old days roleplay ideas and my most current and favorite RP. I got permission from my partner to post it so I am gradually doing that. That might give you an idea about my style. I shall also add, as an example, a character description I have for the main character of this RP.

Until now I roleplayed using discord but I wouldn't mind using open threads in the forum or private messages somehow. Other than these two I'd rather not. I am quite an organised person so RPing through comments and getting them mixed tends to distract me and male it harder to focus. I know, I am a pain but ... That's me ... 😅

Posting frequency

My posting frequency is not that great. First of all because my PhD requires quite a lot of time and then I also have my family. Besides, I prefer to take my time and plot my next reply very well before writing it. So, depending on my real life I can go from two replies per week to one reply per week or one every 10 days. It depends … but certainly I am not the type that replies every single day or multiple times a day. That can happen too but rarely! 😅 It really depends on how busy I am and the RP itself.

That being said, I am also patient when it comes to replies. As long as you won't let me wait over a month for every reply it's all good.


I prefer private PMs or Discord or even private chat here. It's easier that way for me. I like to plot to a point but not to go too far with it since it might restrain the development of our characters. While I don't like plotting every single step I don't mind talking about possible turns of events, new ideas to make the story more interesting and so on. It's all to make us enjoy what we write.

English is not my main language and even if I do try to polish it I might make mistakes or word things in a weird way. So, if you are strict with grammar I might not be the perfect match for you. To be honest I have no idea how bad I am at it. 😂 That being said, I am not a grammar nazi either. As long as I understand what my partner meant I am pretty okay. I don't even pay attention to it. My mind autocorrects automatically and moves on.

My male characters

They can have different personalities but they always tend to be strong and dominant ones. They're usually sharp, observant, and analytical. They can be calm and composed while boiling inside or impulse and loud. They can be polite and generous or rude and even ruthless. I like to play them in pairings such as MxM or MxF only. I have nothing against other kind of pairings but I am not sure I can be of any good at playing them.

My female characters

I can't say much since I don't have enough experience playing them. I'd like to try tho. All I have as experience is a female assassin and a few posts playing a female mob leader. I tried playing innocent and cute and sweet but for some reason without a good partner it gets boring. As for pairings I definitely go okay with FxM and I even consider trying FxF but I have zero experience in the field. Just letting you guys know I am open to try if the plot is good. 😋

18+ content

I don't really look for roleplays that are driven only by smutty scenes.. I don't mind writing them at all and I am quite open minded when it comes to it,  but for me the story and the character development come first. For me seggs comes to complete the story and not to lead it.

One last thing before continuing to the on and offs section is about communication between me and my partners. I am a pretty open minded and friendly person. I am usually private, but if we vibe well I can be rather talkative. I wouldn't mind plotting with you and discussing ideas. Also, I don’t mind if you tell me frankly you don’t like an idea or even something I might have written in the reply. We can talk it over and I can even edit my post if the issue is there and we agree it should be changed. MOST IMPORTANT if replying to our roleplay becomes a chore on your to do list better let me know and we can stop it. You can also tell me that you got bored, or you lost interest and such and I won’t get upset. I perfectly understand that. But it’s better to tell me than to ghost on me.




Genres: Romance, Thriller, Action, Psychological, Modern and even Slice of Life and Fantasy.

Pairings: As I previously stated I’d rather go for MxM, MxF and even try FxF. Other than these I am not so good at writing.

Smutty scenes: I am quite open minded and I can go from vanilla to rough but you should also check the offs. I think that based on the plot we can talk more in private about to what extent we can go. There are many things that I’d agree with and I’d rather state more clearly what I won’t do. Simpler and easier to write and read :D

Others: A big YES goes for playing multiple characters. You cannot create something good if there’s only the two main characters. So expect from me to come with various type of secondary ones.




Genres: SF (I am really not good at writing anything like this), Fandoms (I honestly prefer original characters) Group Roleplays. I just want to say that I have nothing against any of these, just that they’re not really my cup of tea.

Smutty scenes: scat and any bathroom play in general, humiliation (that depends but it should be talked about if it’s necessary), vore, zoophilia, necrophilia and whatever things like these, fisting, slutty clothes. (there might be others but they don’t come to mind right now)

Others: Godmodding - please … don’t take over my character. It takes away the fun and the joy of writing. If you want to move the scene along or change the place or whatever else please consult me first and we shall both work to make that happen.


Come at me with any idea you have and if I think I can do it we might try it. If I think I can’t then I will politely have to refuse.

And that’s it for now … Thank you for staying to the end. I shall leave below the links I was talking about. See you around and … until then … Take care! ;)

Imre Knight - Character Description (please don't use my character and templetate without credits and letting me know)








I just created a blog where I shall post some of my characters and their stories. Feel free to check them out!

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  • (Hey, it's Hermes' player.  I use this face way more than any others, and I'm still really interested in creating some kind of story with you~ if you don't mind the change, that is.  Lemme know what you think, and we can get started.  Or.. not.  If the though is an equivocal 'no' but hopefully it's not and--- anyway, hit me up before I ramble out another paragraph.)

  • (No worries, and that's too bad!  I was certainly intrigued.  Always disappointing when that happens

    And I suppose that depends on what kind of play you're in the mood for! Hermes, while maybe not the strongest of his kin is one hell of a jack-of-all-trades.  He doesn't rule the sky like Zeus or the sea like Poseidon.... But.  Buuuuuut, he does actually care about the world and the people who are apart of it.  And as a being who at the best of times could be wearing a hundred different faces around the globe, were he to say, stumble upon someone like Ofnir, I could see his curiosity getting the better of him until he sticks his (undeniably handsome) nose into the males business.  

    It's not really an idea, but it's bones! Like 1/2 of the spine at the very least.)

  • (Hey! I saw your post on the main page and ended up checking out your blog lol.  Read about Ofir.  It was a good read! I'm definitely curious about the miracle boy and his .. let's say.. darker journeys.

     You interested in maybe working out a plot with me?)

  • (As far as her girls dating clients, she does have a rule that it's not allowed. But hey, rules were meant to be broken, right? Lol I don't even mind if one of my girls gets killed. Lol But if it's 1am over there you should consider some sleep? Sounds like you've had a long day. It's about 6:30pm here. :-) And you can hit me up in chat box for discussing during the week if you want. I promise I want Bite.)

  • ( I'm sorry to here it's a work trip for you. I guess this helps then, with putting some fun into your life? :-) You have cool ideas to choose from. Just a heads up with international though my character hates to fly. But she has flown before, if it's necessary travel. If you have any questions for me please give me a shout, I'll try to respond in a timely manner for you. :-) )

  • ( If you are on a trip, you should be enjoying that trip! 😉 But yeah, I like that idea. Just give me your thoughts on your vision of the steps involved. Then I can add whatever details jump into mind and discuss it. And hopefully get this rp started. I look forward to seeing your creative mind! 😀 )

  • (If you wanna send me the "who's" that are involved in the kidnapping of this sister and type of location with a possible step by step process that your looking for either here or in docs, I'd be happy to go with that idea. Catwoman could use her club for detective work, and help in the rescue. I just want to know as far as underground are you looking into normal criminal stuff of human Trafficking or the supernatural? So I can get a better idea of what you want?)

  • { RL first! This is just a full time hobby! Lol :) Okay, let me explain the club that Catwoman owns under her alias name. The club is used in different ways. For those unsuspected business men the burlesque show is used to obtain secrets that could be valuable enough worth stealing. Catwoman has two friends that are part owners and help run the place. Neo is the one who runs the security detail to obtain visual & audio to get converstions that goes on in the place. The second way the club is used, is when a client reserves the vip booth and is looking to speak with Catwoman and orders a particular drink that is not on the menu. The third is when Catwoman is in her alias persona for Bulesque. And she becomes friendly with patrons and builds a relationship through the burlesque hospitality in order to discover things about them that are worth her time and interest.  About what Catwoman's interest are. Now aside from the usual stealing. Catwoman keeps an ear to the underground channels and will help those who "arent" seeking to build power and become a threat. She will always try to help rescue those who are being trafficked. And works to try to keep drugs off the streets. Also she is very protective over her girls that work for her. Burlesque can be a dangerous job, as men sometimes confuse it and compare it to a regular strip joint, which it is not. So there are muderers and rapists and just plain sickos out there to worry about. So I hope this information helps to aid you in any brain storming ideas. I do find your character to be quite the hunk! Lol  And I look forward to hearing what options you come up with. Even if its something outside the box, I can try to help make it work.}

  • { :-) Hello! I'm glad to hear you'll give it a shot. But really just be whatever you are comfortable with being. You don't need to match me in that format. It can be just as interesting as you being you. As to Christopher Reeve, he was an AWESOME Superman! I miss him very much! I am very old school. Lol Also I wouldn't call my character a superhero. Lol She is just equally balanced of Good and Bad. She has a mind of her own, and doesn't always adhere to societies rules. As to figuring out where they would meet, I think what would help to know is what type of career your character will have. Then from there it can be figured out. Most often that's how I figure out what type of plots may work. Stay cool in this heat, and I look forward to hearing from you.} 

  • {Good afternoon, or whatever time it is where you are. Today is a cool day. But tomorrow it will get to 90 degrees. There has been a lot rain this year where I am. It kinda makes outdoor fun things difficult. But my tomatoe plants love it! Okay on to the topic at hand. So we both agree a romance story is out. So I guess its just a matter of what do you want your character to be? As far as fantasy roleplays with the whole superhero vibe, I must say I had to chuckle. Because I don't know anyone who has not seen a comic or movie. So you are my first of someone who has never understood it. And I find that oddly intriguing. However at the same time it puts me slightly wary. As I don't know what you are okay with as far as my character? You seem like you are looking for a straight up normal human to interact with? So if need be I could tweek things on my end for that more normal thief character if its something that is a must with you. But I'd rather play my character as I have built her to be. So please let me know what works for you?}

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