I was a surgeon. 

Whose talent was only exceeded by his ego. 


Until an accident damaged the nerves in my hands


and sent me searching the far corners of the globe for a miracle cure.

 What I found was a mysterious wizard called the Ancient One.


 But she didn't help me hold a scalpel again.

              She made me




The Master of the Mystic Arts.

Earth's first defense against all manner of magical threats.

 So now I walk alone through the nameless reaches of the netherworld,

 each day weirder than the last.


Each new challenge

liable to end with my

doom or damnation or

final descent into

screaming madness.

But you know what?


I'd be lying like hell if I said I didn't love it.


Doctor Strange #1, 2015


Stephen grew up the elder brother to siblings Victor and Donna, all beloved by their parents Eugene and Beverly Strange.   While Stephen and Victor often clashed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brother and a sister closer than Stephen and Donna.  When Stephen was a mere twelve years old and Donna nine, she fell and scraped her knee while rollerskating.  Because their mother was away at work, Stephen cared for his little sister, cleaned up the hurt and soothed away her tears.  It was then – faced with the smile on Donna’s face and the trust, faith and gratitude in her eyes – that Stephen knew that he wanted to be a doctor.  He graduated high school with honours at the age of sixteen, and entered medical school at the University of Columbia in New York with a full scholarship.  His professors praised him as a good student, hardworking, imaginative and tenacious, and even though he devoted himself to his schoolwork, he always returned home for the holidays to be with his family.  

He and Donna loved to swim – their mother called them her little “waterbugs” as children and when they were small often had to drag them out of the water kicking and screaming.  When Stephen was in his final stint in medical school, he was home for the summer holidays and he and Donna decided to go swimming at one of their favourite haunts.  Donna dove too deeply and struck her head on the rocky bottom, and by the time Stephen found her…it was too late.  Even though he wouldn’t admit it to himself, Stephen never really stopped mourning his sister.  

He graduated summa cum laude from University of Columbia with an MD and a PhD in neurosurgery and neuroscience, and began his residency at New York Mercy Hospital, during which time his father Eugene suffered fatal heart failure.  Still grieving Donna, Stephen felt that he could not handle any more loss, and abstained from going to his father’s bedside.  When Eugene passed, Victor went to go confront his brother at his apartment, and the two of them proceeded to have the worst altercation of their lives.  Enraged and aggrieved, Victor stormed out of the apartment, went out into the street and was hit by a passing bus.  Afterwards, Stephen always blamed himself for his brother’s death.  The loss of Eugene and Victor – within mere days of each other – combined with the still relatively-fresh passing of Donna – was too much for Beverly to bear.  She followed them a few months after, and Stephen was left alone. 

He spent the next few decades rising through the ranks of neurosurgery and pioneering new and inventive techniques.  As the years passed, he began to prioritize only the cases that would be worthy of medical journals and accolades, and pass over the ones that truly needed his help.  Eventually, it was only his friend Christine Palmer who could ever get him to take the occasional critical case.


One night when he was driving to a speaking engagement at a neurological function, Stephen’s car went over a cliff and crashed on the bank of the Hudson.  He survived the accident, but his hands suffered catastrophic nerve and bone damage.  Despite his colleagues’ best efforts, Stephen’s hands healed with considerably limited mobility and constant tremors.  He spent the next few months chasing every new and experimental procedure to repair his hands, exhausting his entire fortune for a grand total of seven surgeries.  But they all failed.  At the end of hope, he met a man who miraculously recovered from an untreatable spinal cord injury at a place called Kamar-Taj.  So he scraped together his last dollars and bought a ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal.  While looking for Kamar-Taj he was found by Mordo, who brought him there and introduced him to his master, the Ancient One.  But what the Ancient One offered was not healing for his hands but the study of the mystic arts – real magic.  And when he expressed disbelief, she opened his eyes and sent him on a whirlwind journey of truth through the infinite number of other dimensions in the multiverse.  Shaken and forever changed by what he had seen, Stephen begged her: “Teach me…

The not too distant past…

In Stephen’s early days as Sorcerer Supreme, he encountered a woman named Clea – very magically talented, but untrained.  He undertook the task of teaching her the ways of magic, and she gladly became his apprentice.  They traveled space and dimensions together, and as time went on, they fell in love, and were married.  For a while, they were happy.  But with the passing of the years, differences and longer and longer periods of time spent apart created a rift between them…until one fateful Valentine’s Day in the Dark Dimension.  Clea confronted Stephen, revealing who she truly was – the daughter of Umar, the sister of Dormammu – one of his oldest enemies.  She gave him an ultimatum, forced him to choose between her and the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.  And when he chose his duty, she turned on him and attacked.  Stephen was forced to defend himself, and although both suffered terrible wounds, it was Clea who died that day – in Stephen’s arms.


Present day.

One cold night in January, Stephen met an ethereal Fae with skin like jade, eyes of gold, and twin horns like a gazelle.  Maleficent – sometime called the Mistress of All Evil, the Dragon Lady, Queen of Darkness, and the Sorceress Without Peer.  By all the rules and expectations of their respective “sides”, they should have become bitter enemies that day.  But Fate intervened.  The legendary witch and fellow sorceress Morgana le Fae sent creatures after Maleficent, seeking her heart for a profane ritual that would make her the most powerful practitioner of magic in existence.  Stephen helped Maleficent fend off the creatures, and went with her to confront and fight Morgana.  In the ensuing battle they prevailed and Morgana was defeated, but Stephen was mortally wounded.  Instead of leaving him, Maleficent brought him to the office of a friend, Dr. Christine Palmer, who was able to save him in the nick of time.  Since that day, there has been something of a friendship between them…a friendship that has grown, and flourished, and strengthened.  If asked, Stephen might not be able to describe the exact nature of his relationship with Maleficent.  Or perhaps would decline to is the more correct phrase.  But his eyes shine brighter when he is around her, and he laughs and smiles more often when she is near.


Frequent and welcome guests of the Sanctorum.



Thor Odinson

Loki Laufeyson

Steve Rogers


The Magi

(currently defunct)


Once upon a time, a group of fighters and magically gifted defenders swore themselves to protecting their world from magical threat, and devoted themselves to the guardianship of its most dangerous and magical artifacts.  When some of these precious and dangerous objects were threatened, they banded together and named themselves "The Magi", and Stephen was named the Magi's...



About me:

  • I am an rper of 8+ years experience.  My earliest dabblings were back at the tail end of YouTube rp glory days, and for a long time I was a member of the Rolepages rp community.  I am excited and honoured to join this community here on Wrealms, and I look forward to making many new friends.


  • I have experience with both one-shot and ongoing rps, and while I like to keep rps going, I understand that some rpers might not be comfortable with rps that stretch on indefinitely and I am more than willing to do one-shots.


  • I welcome both PG-13 and 18+ rps.  However, while I am flattered by every offer, I must regretfully decline any requests for romance-centric rps, as this character is already in a steady relationship.


  • Please make your rp comments a minimum of one paragraph.  I appreciate a good one-liner as much as the next guy, but if every reply is a one-liner after awhile it starts to feel like I'm shouldering most of the work.


Let's have fun and write some magic together!


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  • It was a strange thing indeed to know that only an hour ago she would have refused any kind of company, believing that all her problems could be solved without the involvement of others.  This man’s arrival had held a mirror up to her face and made her see just how wrong, hurt, and broken she had been, and yet the more that he talks the better she starts to feel.  In fact, when he quips about the Ancient One’s lack of shoes, she finds the corners of her mouth upturning and almost laughing.  It catches short in her throat this time, which is still sore from deep sobbing and long hours of incantations, but to even have the impulse to laugh so soon after tragedy was by far one of the most skillful acts of magic she had ever seen.


    She decides to let the moment continue without anymore negativity at the mention of John so she simply nods her head when he suggests changing the subject.  That wound was still open and it would have to wait until another time before she was ready to work on mending it. 


    Zee was grateful of the sorcerer for oh so many things already, but one of the greatest had to be this moment where she brings her eyes to his and is taken aback by the power of his words to her.  His last sentence strikes her hard. “It’s only human.” How odd it was to think that something so simple could mean so much… but it did.  She had always seen herself as what she was, a homo magi, magic running through her blood as common as white blood cells.  She had always embraced this truth because it allowed her to do some unbelievable things for herself and those she cared about that it was only natural for others to focus on the magi and not the former, the part that she shared with the other humans around her.  She was always off on some great supernatural adventure, or trying to stop some magical threat to the world that she had little time to be ordinary (heck, even her day job as a stage magician demanded her to be nothing short of spectacular.  It’s what people paid to see.)  Now, here she was, for the first time, aware that the emotions she was feeling and the reactions to the loss of her father (as extreme as they may be) were completely human. Hearing this comforted her and gave her a renewed sense of hope to a rather hopeless situation.


    “Thank you.  I can’t say I’ve ever been told that before…” Another genuine smile appears across her face, and a glimmer of hope ignites in her tired eyes.


    In the library, she watched Stephen, silently curious of his assessment of the scene before them.  She of course knew now she would not find judgement in those eyes, instead he seemed to be taking inventory of the situation. When he asked for a token of her father’s that he was close with, she immediately strode over to the table and pulled the gold watch from the center of the table and presented it to Stephen.


    The cover was smooth, almost impeccably so for it being so well loved and old.  In fact there was hardly a marking on it that was not part of the engraved pattern.  Pressing the latch release the cover opened to reveal an ornate face, black with gold roman numerals and the gold gears in the center of the mechanism.  It was well maintained and keeping time perfectly despite all of the magic it had been a part of, acting as a crude reminder that no magic in the world could stop this days from continuing just as it ever had before. The world would not stop for anyone, even for Giovanni Zatara, although the life of his daughter would never be the same.  Should Stephen turn the watch over in his hand, he would notice the only indentions on the watch, and these were incredibly intentional.  In a flowy script the engraving simply inscribed:


    “To a loving father with a heart of gold.”

    Love, S. & Z.


    “It was a Father’s Day gift to him from my mother when I was about a year old.  I obviously don’t remember giving it to him, but he always kept it on him and would show me it often.  When he….left I found it inside his hat rather than on his person.” She nods in casual reference to the magician’s silk top hat in the corner sitting on a chair a few feet away.

  • (So Deirdre normally works as a history teacher but does try to teach magic to eager students on the side. I don't know if you ever saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Nicholas Cage in it, but she is taking on the role of trying to find Merlin's next successor if she can. So far, she has not found anyone she liked or anyone she found worthy. :o 

    There are many occasions where she will stumble intro trouble as well which is always fun.)

  • < Apologies on not yet having a finished comment!  Work has been busy and since it is my first comment on this thread in awhile, I'm taking a little extra time on this one.  I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about it and I'll have the comment tomorrow! :) So excited to get back to this thead! :D >

  • (I never exactly did have anything solid either. Both Deirdre and Stephen are quite the talented mages. I am sure they could aid each other in some way but to say how is not coming to me.)

  • // Oh right! Derr.. slipped my mind. He's one to do brain surgery. Hah. But anyway how Pep got her acr reactor was that a building she was in got blown up on purpose and she got caught up in the falling debris of the building. Tony (Iron Man) came soon after and pulled her out. She had major internal damage done to her. And so to help her heal Tony had brought up the idea of giving her a arc reactor helpnig to keep the shrapnal away from her heart I believe (been awhile since I read the comic) there may have been a situation with her spine too. But she has a rough time dealing with it, Tony helps her through it.

  • (Eh, nothing much. The same y'know. Just chillin', killin'. Nah but seriously I was just saying hello since you tossed an invite my way. ^^)

  • (I am slowly bringing myself back online. Did we have an idea set so far on what to do with Deirdre and Stephen?:) )

  • < Wonderful!  Message recieved!  I'll get to work at once! *rolls up stage magician coat sleeves* ;) >

  • < YESS!  You truly are Scorcerer Supreme!! If you could please inbox those, we can pick up immediately! :D >

  • < Hello friend!  It's been awhile!  Terribly sorry for the long disappearance, but I was hoping that maybe we could pick up a thread again? I really enjoyed role playing with you back on the Pages before it changed and our comments seemed to get erased.  I don't mind piecing together where we left off or something new, because honestly, I really just miss writing with you. ;) I hope to hear from you soon! >

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