"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned."







The Room

      The dusty space underneath the staircase housed clay statues of religious figures such Mother Mary and Jesus. Red dripped from Jesus' hands and feet, and it rained blood from the spiked halo adorned upon his head. All the messy paintwork that detailed his eyes made him look unloving and unwelcoming. Zach kneeled in front of him, resting the open wounds on his knees into the line of salt on the floor.

      "Pray." Commands the voice behind him. He flinches first, then lowers his head and begins, "Be merciful to me, O God..." Only two weeks six earlier had Zach turned eight years old. At his party, there was balloons and cake, even friends from school. But not Ruth. Zach's parents were very particular about the friends he made, and Ruth had not made the cut. "...because of your constant love, because of your great mercy..." His parents told him he is not to speak to Ruth at school. Even so, Zach remained friendly towards her in the schoolyard. It was only a matter of time before husband parents noticed.

      They said she was poison her family did not worship God.  Zach didn't know what that meant, only that it was bad. She didn't seem bad. He got two lashes to his feet and another three on each knee for crying about it. Locked for two hours in the prayer room, another hour added each time he pulled his hands apart. In total, five hours.




Coping Mechanisms

      Silently consoling himself in his bedroom was not enough to mentally protect himself from the daily abuse. Each day he lived in fear; second-guessing every move he made. It was taking a massive toll on him and reflected throughout his life. Zach had terrible grades, unhealthy relationships with other children at school, and grew skittish of adults. He had been emotionally and physically beaten down to the point of lacking trust in himself, and Zach had nowhere to turn.

      Then, he made a friend. It all started innocently enough. Presumably, Zach invented an imaginary friend named Alexander, or Alex for short. Zach and Alex would often play quietly in his bedroom, or on the playground at school. They were inseparable. Where Zach went, Alex would follow. He often reserved a seat for him at the church on Sundays, and sometimes was daring enough to insist that his parents leave an empty chair for him at the dinner table. 

     Zach's parents were willing to put up with his imaginary friend, but as weeks turned into months, their patience wore thin. They insisted that Alexander needed to go - Zach had surely outgrown an imaginary friend. It wasn't going to be that easy, however. Fearful of what his parents might do if he went against them, Zach tried his hardest to forget about Alex.  Yet, no matter what he would do, Alex continued to hover around Zach endlessly. He would appear on the opposite side of the playground, taunting Zach to encourage him to interact with him. Sometimes, he would throw things at Zach during class. The more Zach ignored Alex, the more irritated he became.


      The first blackout was the scariest; Earth froze, and Zach along with it. Time slipped through his grasp as his consciousness fell into a deep slumber. Alexander, the friend supposedly crafted from a child's imagination, had grown tired of being ignored and so, out of desperation to stay in touch with his dear friend, possessed the poor boy. The loss of control came in and out like seizures, wearing out Zach on a day to day bases. One night, when he finally came to, Zach recalls a horrified expression on his parents' faces. What did Alex do? What did he say?  That night, he was punished severely. Multiple beatings from his father's belt tore up his flesh. His throat burning painfully as his screams ripped at his vocal cords. He never did find out what it was that he did to deserve such a beating.

      His parents were delirious, calling Zach's blackouts and behaviour to be the work of the devil. Priests came to visit Zach, intrigued by rumours spreading at the church of the boy with the Devil inside his head. Convinced that the only way to save their son would be an exorcism, his parents encouraged the visitations, exposing him to many exorcisms. The whole experience was a blur of confused timelines and varying memories for Zach. From his parents perspective, their only real option was to lock Zach away and pray to God for a miracle that their son may be saved.

      As if Alex were apologetic, Zach did not see, nor hear a single word from his friend in the following years. Not until he was a teenager did Alex reappear looking to have grown older much like himself, and still very much not real. Despite his efforts to ignore the lingering ghost of his imagination, Zach eventually could not continue to pretend Alex did not seem incredibly real to him. To this day, Zach is still followed on a day to day bases by his life-long friend. 


"What if I told you that I don't know what's real anymore?"







 The Game and Friends

       In Zach's first year of high school, he tried out for the football team. He showed promise out on the field because of his physique and apparent natural talent for sports. However, his knowledge of the game was severely lacking and therefore led to him not making the team. Not all hope had been lost that day, as Zach had strengthened a bond with a fellow classmate and friend at the trials -Matt, who had been lucky enough to make the cut. 

       Through Matt, Zach became friends with a wider circle of people which included Josh, Chris, Mike, Samantha, Jessica, Ashley and Emily. He is the final addition to the group of friends but considers them all to be just as close to him as Matt is. From the beginning, Zach has always been open and honest with his friends about his rough relationship with his parents. Although,  he preferred to skip over a few details about his still very-current imaginary friend. They have helped him through rough times whether they know it or not, helping him to find independence, as well as question his religion in a healthy way.

      Matt is who Zach feels he owes the most to, as he is the source of all of Zach's current football knowledge. Wanting to find an escape from his home, even if it only meant an extra couple of hours after school a few times a week, Zach put his all into qualifying for the football team. With some help and a whole lot of patience from Matt, Zach made team. Without any other hobbies or particular talents, Zach focused all of his time and effort on the sport, much to his parents' dismay. 

      Gradually, Zach grew to be the star of his football team and before he knew it he was front and centre for every game. Before his high-school graduation, he was scouted by multiple colleges' seeking out talented football players. Zach, who had rather disappointing grades, was encouraged to raise his average to better qualify for a full scholarship at the respective colleges. Turning back to his friend Matt, and another Emily, Zach sought out help to achieve higher grades. He had been successful enough to land a scholarship to the furthest college away from his hometown. Without his friends and football, he doesn't know where he would still be today.



 Blackwood Mountain

 2 February 2014

[Text: History in progress]

2 February 2015

[Text: History in progress]


 Character Outline


      A rough childhood designed Zach to be empathetic toward others. He is nervous to judge people at first glance and will almost always give someone the benefit of the doubt no matter how many odds are stacked against them. The belief that everybody has some good in them can be misconstrued for naivety on his own part. Zach is hopeful about many things like his future, his friends and his faith.

      Religion is a complicated subject for the young man. He has since strayed from his parents' harsh teachings, yet clings to blind faith in something greater than himself. Somedays he can't be certain what it is. A simple wooden cross taken from his childhood bedroom is kept hidden in his sock drawer. He also has a rosary in his closet that he has not touched in years.

      'What goes around, comes around' is a motto Zach lives by. He likes to put out into the world what he would like to receive from it. In circumstances of negativity, Zach is optimistic and able to keep his chin up. He easily keeps his cool and remains well-rounded in stressful predicaments; this is a skill he honed while working part-time jobs between his study. And the stressful home environment he grew up in. His friends often note that Zach has a calming disposition. Often, he is a peacemaker, or in some cases a leader during stressful times. 

      Zach's extraversion and sense of likeability have given him a large circle of friends. Many of which are compiled of frat boys and sorority chicks. His friends are not, however, limited to this crowd of people. To this day he stays connected to his childhood friends; admittedly, some more than others. Additionally, he welcomes new people into his life with open arms.

      Regarded as 'not the brightest crayon in the box', Zach is slow to the punchline. His academic grades suffer when he is not completely focused on his studies. In school, Zach marginally gets acceptable enough grades to maintain his sporting scholarship, but none of it would be possible without the daily support from his friends. Zach's 'slowness' is considered to be endearing by most of his peers.




[WIP - To be added]







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  • ( I don't have a specific plot idea per say. But I think it would be interesting to do a plot involving either Alec {My Sunai} or Levi {This other sorta supernatural creature thing I created} )

  •                  Sam


              Cable car station

    The locking mechanism to the cable car station door gave off a melodramatic grunt of displeasure and the door swung open with a creak as both Chris and Sam emerged, boots crunching calmly in the snow as they casually strolled out. However they were out in the open now and therefore under the complete and utter mercy, (or lack thereof), of the Blackwood mountain. And the enormous beast in question, with power and wisdom accumulated over countless eons past, wasted little time and immediately nabbed a hold of their bodies, slicing into their lungs with fierce vivacity and making a pitter-patter drumbeat of their hearts as the icy winds mercilessly pressed up against their forms, howling a rough and frigid welcome as it tore into their clothes, yanking it this way and that as the winds changed direction.

    Sam tipped her head and sent a smile towards Zach, having already handed Jessica one, and she took particular note of how both the boys shared a similar distaste towards the harsh winter conditions prevalent up here, something she found rather curious as she herself loved every minute of it. And while the boys began to move out she couldn't help but remain rooted in place, even moving closer to the edge and marvel at the picture that was presented to her. It didn't matter much that standing closer to the edge the wind was especially cruel, threatening to even blow off her hat, and she only stepped back a little once a cloud of concentrated snow hit her in the face.

    “Guys, I’m coming, I’m coming. But would you look at this view?” She threw out her arms excitedly, eager to showcase natures finest piece of art, and she a part of it, covered entirely in snow.
    “I mean, holy cow! Sometimes I forget to stop and just take it all in, you know?
    I mean, I have been here a million times but still I can’t help but just...you know, swoon over this snazzy view....”
    Mere parasites in comparison, the mountain rises over their heads, bursting from the earth like jagged teeth biting into the oily evening blue sky while tiny flakes of whites swirl wildly across.
    But presenting a view such as this to a couple of guys like that, was pretty much like throwing pearls before swines, so she let her arms fall back down to her sides again, admitting a chrushing defeat.

    “Okay, okay, fine….let’s get you guys nice and tucked in by the fireplace.”
    Chuckling, Sam joined the two males and began the trek up towards the lodge, trudging through the snow at a linguid pace.
    Not long after setting off she purposely yanked a hold of Zach’s jacket, dragging him off the beaten track a bit, but still close enough so that Chris was in sight, just up ahead a few.
    “Sorry for kidnapping you." She says, correcting her hat which had fallen slightly down over her eyes in the whole grabbing process.

    "I just wanted to have a little chat, see how you were doing. We haven't really talked, you know...since it happened.

    Are you okay? You know you can always talk to mama Sam."

  • The paper he had been scanning before had no longer held his interest, all attention is on Alex. The corndog is set down on the cardboard plate it had been given to him on. 

    What interested him is the way Zach responded to Alex, clearly there is a visual connection to the dead and this young man. Finally, he speaks up without any worry that he might appear to be a loon muttering to himself.

    "You there. Why do you follow this man? What connection do you have?" Well, back to buainess as usual. Ellison slowly rises and begins to walk forward, gaze chilled and this aura about him rather dreadful to the undead sorts. 

  • "No need. You are merely trying to help. I understand." The answer still stood for Ellison as he sinks his teeth into another  bit of the  corndog. Plain and simple. The crisped batter untainted by any sauces and the meat  inside... unf. Humans make interesting food.

    Ellison does focus more on Alex now that he is actually paying arttention. It becomes an odd staring contest, his focus not enntirely on Zach but just off to the side where Alex is looming. "....." no comment. 

  • "Plain may be boring but I see no reason to modify an already pleasant taste." In short, no.

  • "I quite like it plain." He replies, "Is that all?" He does not appear to be shooing the youngster away. It is hard to say with a dead expression and eyes expressing little interest in the world around him. 

  • "Hm...?" He mumbled, a quizzical sound as his head raised and hazel eyes lift from his read. It was a simple daily post he had grabbed from a basket by the cashier, one with a little sign requesting that the paper be returned after use. The strangest part of all this was a good bit of corndog is shoved into his mouth. Clearly he is doing it wrong which made him a possible target for the perverted minded. Chew, chew, chew, swallow. "Yes?"

  • Joshua wasn’t particularly thrilled about where this drama train appeared to be headed at, as from the looks and sounds of things he would be trying to escape the house, or hide out somewhere inside of it. And with the boy now shirtless, doing either would likely prove more than a little uncomfortable for him. And he let that fact be known as he presented a clear look of annoyance, slightly exaggerated, though he wagered a few hundred bucks that said a tiny detail such as that was undoubtedly wasted on the other.

    So, standing at the threshold of the door he awaited the response of his friend as tiny little droplets of water occasionally trickled down his face, kissing it gently as it continued to cascade down that sharp jawline of his, gathering at his chin where they then dropped soundlessly to the floor, adding little needed nurture for the varying species of mildew growing there.

    Now, surprisingly, Josh didn’t have to stand in his quickly forming puddle for long, and was almost immediately dragged across the hallway and hastily shoved into his friend’s room.

    Once inside, Josh’s eyes ran a quick scan of the area, wondering if the football star had meant for him to squeeze himself into the closet or maybe hide underneath the bed. Or maybe, by the stretch of the imagination, the dolt actually believed Josh was nimble enough to bend his body to be able to fit into one of his sock drawers? However failure to properly hide in one of these things would find Josh confronted by Mr. Conservative 2015. What would he even say?

    ‘Oh hello mister religious fanatic daddy, sir! Yeah me and your son here, well we were merely doing normal teenage stuff. Nothing at all to worry about! Why am I in the closet you ask, half naked and slick with water? There is a logical explanation sir...we were praying, you see.’

    “Window, hurry!”

    Nope, none of the above. Josh was going to take a stroll out on town shirtless it seems.

                                        “Fuck, Zach.”

    A groan of displeasure escaped him as he threw his clothes for Zach to catch, then hiked his leg up and over the window ledge, placing his hands on the wall outside and used this as leverage to drag himself halfway through. However somewhere in doing that he lost his grip, and plummeted straight down into the twisted shrubbery below. It was now, entangled in all that nature that he realized that it had begun to rain, and he felt his elbow digging deep into the muddy earth and he could only imagine that if it weren’t for the shrub being there, to act as a shield, he’d be looking more like a pig in the mire.

    "Zach. What the fuck?" Piggy said as he rolled out and onto the wet lawn, rising to his feet and proving himself to be in need of another shower still.

  • (Thanks for accepting the invite. Hopefully we can plan out a roleplay sometime)

  • Josh

    Washington lodge



    The time flowed ever onwards, with every passing hour being sharply punctuated by the strike of the clock as Josh spent the first few ticks of it overlooking his ‘playground’ for flaws he might have potentially missed during the first few rounds, and this time, making sure of checking twice or even thrice, all to rule out any chance of a hiccup or fuckup.

    It was important that this didn’t fail, as he’d only get one chance, or risk to lose it all.
    But after having gone through each and every technical doo-hickey in the same manner as the previous in what was basically a loop, he found himself ultimately standing in the living room area looking at that beautifully designed leather couch that his mom had bought many years ago, so long ago that it had in fact been worn past the point of distress and now had small tears and holes in it, not that these qualities somehow made it any less valuable to him.
    In fact the opposite stood true because he could remember him and his friends a few years ago all curled up together underneath a warm cozy blanket, everyone at peace with one another and just enjoying the company of one another, watching some random comedy/horror movie whilst bowls filled to the maximum with chips were exchanged hands almost faster than they were replenished, with the result of many times someone ending up with an empty bowl.
    But no one cared, they were having fun. And that’s what it was about.
    But this night, this was different, this was to mend the wounds and to bring everyone together back again, as it had always been.

    With that memory in mind the boy plunged into the softness of the couch with a satisfactory thump and rested for a while, killing the last few ticks of the clock in a more comfortable position while the snow outside continued to pile up and the skies slowly began to drain of all light, leaving only hues of blues and whites as the moonlight peeked through the clouds.
    The time had finally arrived, and the more than excited lad flew out of his seat, throwing on some appropriate winter wear and heading outside into the icy chill, and in his eagerness he almost forgot an important thing in any good movie; the mood setting.
    Cursing himself internally for this near blunder he quickly turned and rummaged through his pocket, flipping out a tiny little bottle of water that he poured into the locking mechanism of the door, shutting it and hoping it would be enough to freeze.
    'The door which doesn’t open', a must have in any horror scenario he thought as he climbed down the stairs and his boots suddenly sank into the snow with a crunch, and continued to make that noise so as he strolled down the path towards the cable car to meet them there or halfway there.

    “Mhm. You should speak to Josh about arranging the next winter getaway party in the Bahamas then.” Jessica suggested with a laugh, followed by the sound of the arrival of the cable car.
    “Boy, oh boy, new people! Time to meet and greet.” Striding gracefully to meet up with the other new arrivals she stops and turns, kicking a whole bunch of snow towards the other teen and pouting her lips.
    “Oh come on! Don’t be such a wimp, Zachary, I mean you don’t want Sam to see you this way do you? Looking like a deflated whoopie cushion, I mean."

    She sent a little bit more snow Zach's way as she continued to tease him.

This reply was deleted.

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