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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Edge is a 6 foot tall white male that has black hair with silver highlights spread throughout his hair. He wears a black tee shirt, camo pants, and a dog tag. He has scars spread all over his stock and semi muscular body structure.

Character Personality

Edge is kind most of the time but he has an edgy humor and he will say what he means even if it's not 100% sugar coated.

Character Likes

Likes: technology, liquors, meats, weapons rock music, doing crazy stunts, technology, horror movies, scorpions and a few more which will make this way to long

Character Dislikes

Dislikes chocolate, people making him sugarcoat his words, cakes, the thought of having to mate with someone (Call it uncalled for but I seriously hate making my ocs have kids), people who call themselves 'kami'/god when they are not

Character History/Story

Edge is an assassin that built the ender system after having experience with both the build and evol systems in the battlefield as a transteam gun user. He took on the role of a Kamen rider till the alternate timeline that he was apart of was destroyed and he was given the ziku driver and the ender ride watch before he was sent to a time and world that was in 2066 (or whatever timeline hes needed to be in pere plot)

Character Inventory

Ziku driver (Abelt that gives access to his armor) zikan scythe (A mechanized scythe that can turn into a sword by flipping the scythe's blade down turning it into a hand guard) ride watches: dark wizard ouja orga ooo diend gold drive snipe

Character Abilites

How the rider works: The ride watches are items that posses the powers of past riders, they can give the user of a ziku or any ride watch system an armor. For example, when the ender rider watch is inserted into the right side of the belt before its spun it gives the rider their personal armor. The same can be said about legend ride watches but they are put in the left side to activate armor time instead of rider time. Example of a henshin jingle: rider time! ender~! Example with legend ride watches: rider time kamen rider ender~1 armor time (tatoba tato-bato ba) OOO! Rider time (Gives the user their personal rider form) Armor time (has stated in how the rider works this give ender an armor based on the legend rider when a legend ride watch is inserted in the left side of the ziku driver) Finish time: gives its user the ability to use their rider kick or punch (a Kamen riders finishing attack) and to also use a version of the legend riders finishing move. time travel

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is edge dickstein, I'm 18 years old I own two dogs ones a yellow lab the other a Boston terrier. I'm a huge Kamen rider fan but I'm also into star wars and transformers (possible rps). I'll end this here before I start rambling


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