Time era: 1700’s – 1800’s
Time being ‘Elizabeth’: 6+ years

Subject name: 'Elizabeth Lavenza'


Journal logs:

1798 – September 13

I have all that I need! Just a few more touch-ups and sutures and she will be complete! I’ve taken precautions to insure she stays proportional and doesn’t deteriorate over time.. I’ve also made sure her skin lines up perfectly to prevent any… deformities or stretching… She should function perfectly without a doubt! However, though I am sure all my work is well looked over, tests will be necessary. I can only hope she lives up to my expectations…

1798 – September 15

The time is… Not important at the moment… But my creation! My sweet Elizabeth, remodeled and finally ready to be brought back to me! Not tonight, however. No not tonight… This time has to be perfect, I can’t stand another failure! No, she will now be perfect! The townsfolk are starting to question the disappearance of those girls.. I’m starting to suspect they believe I did it too! So what if I did!? Their sacrifice is well worth it! For science! And for my beloved Elizabeth… The weather is said to be perfect the coming days.. I won’t log again till I have her back and this time I know I shall not fail!

1798 – September 18

The storm has passed and yet she ceases to move! I did everything right and yet again I failed! Could it have been sabotage? I’ve come to see the door was left ajar the previous day, but all seemed to be in order and Elizabeth had been left untouched as far as I could see. I can’t believe I… Wait! I could swear I’d seen her move. Was it just my mind tormenting me? Perhaps… No! I refuse to believe that she is yet another attempt that failed me! I’ve put too much into this one! I’ll hold her through the night after suiting her in her new attire. I can’t risk her seeing herself like this. It could traumatize her and ruin any attempts at bringing her to the right mind set. I’ll log again in the morning when I know for sure she is with me. That she is mine once again!

1798 – September 19

Yes! I found her awake the following day and she seems to be moving perfectly! Functioning without pain or fuss save for her stitching. With a few simple exercises it seems all went well without any fault! And just in time.. I’ll be moving her back to the manor as soon as possible. My presence here has caused more tension with every passing hour and I fear soon I will be driven from this town or worse. Many avoid me in the streets now with fear in their eyes. I hear my name on their lips.. They threaten the beauty of my work! I can’t allow them to see her.. I cannot risk them stealing my Elizabeth from me!

1798 – September 26

Home at last! Just in the nick of time too.. Soon after my departure the townsfolk swarmed the laboratory and destroyed everything in search of me and the girls! Those savages! My beautiful Elizabeth and I slipped away into the night without so much as a soul seeking us out. The whole town unaware of our departure. I’ve asked that the servants remove every mirror and reflective surface from her quarters. Every meal and drink will be served with white porcelain to minimize her reflection. I have given strict orders to all not to speak a word to her or make eye contact. I do not want them to interfere with my work.

1798 – September 30

She is learning quickly, speaking a few words at a time though mostly staying silent. No worries, however, I am sure in time she will be just like the Elizabeth she was made to be. A few times I’ve caught her picking at her gloves to try and get at the stitching, the sutures proving to be rather irritating for her. I assured her that the feeling would dull in time, that it was a side effect to her being asleep for so long. It seemed to ease her and she stopped messing with the area. I’ve given her a few books and she seems to recognize a few smaller words. It shouldn’t be long till she can read and speak fluently without pause or hesitation. I must be patient.

1798 – October 7

Elizabeth is improving steadily, her brain function increasing ever day. She can now hold a small conversation with me and has learned my name. During her time of resting thanks to a few mild sedatives I can check her stitching and clean her up to prevent any build up of sweat that might sting or infect the area. I’ve given her a few puzzles to test the level of thought she can put into simple tasks, to my astonishment it took only a few mere minutes for her to finish each. Though given the rapid expanse of her abilities, I fear she will begin to remember what it was I suppressed. Hopefully she will stay blissfully unaware of who she was before and that those memories will stay deep in the recesses of her mind.

1798 – October 16

Elizabeth asked me why her door was locked the other day. I had to come up with a quick excuse as I didn’t feel I could yet trust her to wander freely through the halls, so I convinced her that the manor was under construction and was not safe for her. She countered in asking why I or the servants did not have to stay out of the halls if they were so unsafe. I must admit that I do not like her challenging me and after convincing her that I was just worried for her safety she let it rest. Though I could see it in her eyes that she did not find that excuse satisfactory. I fear for her increasing behavior, it was not what I foresaw. However, she will learn to stick to her role. I would consider her resilience to be strictly… Temporary.

1798 – November 20

She continues to challenge me despite my attempts at teaching her to be more obedient. The other night she refused to drink her water, preventing me from sedating her. I fear she is turning against me and I have yet to see the love in her eyes like that Elizabeth once held for me. All that drifts behind them is loneliness and spite. She demands I let her out of the room and in an attempt to satisfy her, I had several more rooms opened to her. For now it seems to have temporarily eased her desire to explore and it had taken some time to remove any and all reflective surfaces in each room along with the barring of the windows. I’ve left a few notes on some more elaborate puzzles. I’ll check on her progress in the morning before she wakes.

1798 – November 21

I found that Elizabeth gathered the puzzles and put them in her room for me to find with her own note describing how to solve each in elaborate detail. She is starting to ignore my instructions and is becoming steadily more aggressive, breaking trinkets and refusing her food. I will not allow my progress to slip, so as punishment she has been locked up in her room. No servants are to bring her food or water lest I say so. After a few hours of her waking she grew increasingly frustrated, I can hear the shouts and the rattling of the door from the east wing of the building. She will learn.

1798 – November 25

A servant was sent up to give Elizabeth some water. She seemed more docile, but still aggravated. The food brought to her had some sedatives, not enough to put her to sleep, but enough to put her in a dazed yet conscious state of mind. Perhaps if I keep her like this long enough it will permanently keep her in this tame mentality… Or perhaps.. I could use this to my advantage. Teach her while dazed so that she doesn’t have the mentality to defy me! I should have thought of it before.. I just hope this rebellious behavior wont last beyond it. I start this little experiment effective immediately.

1799 – February 3

I took Elizabeth off the sedative yesterday, though she doesn’t seem to be responding with a clear mind. However, she is reacting the way I had hoped.. Perhaps even surpassing my expectations. For now she appears happy to have my company, I can only wait and see what will happen when or if the sedative wears off. I’ve read her poetry and gave her a little more range to wander, this includes the library and my study. Perhaps she will improve her vocabulary and penmanship. I’ll log again if she shows signs of recovery.

1799 – February 10

It has been a week and still there is no sign of her regaining deep thought or formed any sort of coherent speech. I’m not sure whether to be worried I scrambled her brain or glad I ceased her defiance before it got out of hand… Unlike my last creation… Although I’ve often come to miss having an intellectual conversation with someone. I’ve been informed ahead of time that Henry will be visiting soon, I’ll have to keep Elizabeth elsewhere in the meantime… If he were to know of what I’ve done I’m sure he’d never forgive me.. I’ll hold her in the lower chambers until he leaves. I’ve already asked that the servants set up a room for her with plenty of books and poems and a few puzzles to keep her occupied..

~There is a torn page added to the journal. The sheet crumpled and creased~

1799 – ????

It has come to my attention that Victor see’s me as a threat in a way I do not understand. I do not know why he drugs me so, nor do I know why he insists on keeping me locked away. I do believe he is hiding things from me. He looks upon me with a longing gaze, but it is hollow and cold. His emotions seem so reserved and lacking. No longer can he hide the disappointment that radiates off of him, which is ever directed at me.. Why does he resent me despite denying it? Have I done something in my past I am not aware of? And the servants too.. Look upon me with such fear… Such disgust and sheer disdain… When I awoke that day in September all seemed so… New. I couldn’t think or remember anything before that night.. He made me flex my fingers and toes before making me walk and move my arms.. my body ached all over like nothing one could ever come to imagine. I found my attire less than satisfactory. Everything sewn together like a suited gown. Constricting… But why? Why keep me like this? Recently I have been brought down to the basement, Victor still seeming to be under the impression that I am still dulled by the sedative.. Though at times I can still feel its effect on me.. The ghosting numbness that fills my head even now… It is hard to remember what happened in months he kept me in that state… But I believe he wa-

~The rest of the page is missing~

1799 – February 15

I’ve yet to check up on Elizabeth prior to Henry’s stay here.. The servants tell me is well when I pass through the halls, but when I ask for details of her improvement they turn their gaze from me! Like they know something I don’t… Perhaps I am just being paranoid… Yes.. Perhaps.. Henry, thankfully, is still blissfully unaware… Oblivious without suspicion or doubt. Though he says he worries for my health. He states that I seem paler… More distant… That my mind kept slipping during our conversations. I suppose I have been defensive since his arrival.. Should I not? I’ve done things man has yet to ever behold! In light of that… Maybe… Maybe I was wrong…

1799 – February 17

Did I do the right thing, Elizabeth..? In the beginning I felt as though this might be the best alternative to your loss… I thought I could teach her to be like you… Alas… She is just another failure.. A fruitless labor.. Her heart does not beat for me.. No she is stubborn and no matter the work I put into her she seems to reject it. I grow weary, woeful, and increasingly impatient with her. Should I have done more to foresee this outcome? Oh Elizabeth.. If only you were not ripped from this word by that… Retched monstrosity… No shred of her very being is close to as compare to you… Not in face or heart.. Gentleness or care… Show me what to do Elizabeth…

1799 – February 28

Once Henry left Elizabeth was returned to her room after I checked in on her… Though she appears to still be suffering from the effects of the sedative… Her eyes react to the light like she is well aware and alert… Either she is deceiving me or I am seeing things… Perhaps it is just me… Though I would not be surprised should it be she that is playing tricks.. wouldn’t see the advantage in it… One of the servants has been especially on edge.. I have reason to believe they have been conversing with Elizabeth behind my back… They jump when I draw near and avoid my gaze… I fear they are feeding her lies… Or truths… Either would be a devastating blow to all of this! I’ll have to prevent any more interaction… Permanently..

1799 – May 2

It took some time.. But now both the servants and Elizabeth know their place in this manor. Elizabeth has even begun to listen and improve! She is more lively and respectable! However… It is not in the way I’d of preferred. Her eyes are hollow and show no more than fear for me… That goes for the servants as well. Either shuddering and shying away from me. But I did what I sought necessary! A little blood never hurt anyone did it? For all we knot they could have been out to hurt Elizabeth! But she doesn’t see it that way! No… No the retch merely see’s me as the monster! If only she could take a look in the mirror… Then! Then she would see who the real monster is…

1799 – July 8

A window in the library was unbarred! Elizabeth sat there for hours to see outside. I have yet to learn who did this.. Now Elizabeth asks for more free range of the manor, especially wishing to go beyond the walls. She wants to go outside. The suggestion nearly made me laugh, but the seriousness on her face kept the outburst inside. I’ve noticed that she shows very little facial expressions.. I was worried something had gone wrong.. I couldn’t believe I never noticed she never smiled or creased her features in any way. She’s just so… Void of emotions… Is this why she shows nothing? I can see it in her eyes… Did Something just go wrong?

1799 – July 14

I sedated Elizabeth to check if I had damaged her facial structure or the nerves in any way, sending electrical bursts in a light degree. Everything seems well… Flawless! And yet… Her emotions are lacking.. Now I know I could never have replaced Elizabeth… Not with this… Thing I’ve brought back to wander my home! If ever I confront her she just lashes out and hisses! She won’t speak to me anymore! Though she has made so much progress I can’t help but believe she is no more than a waste of science! A disgrace! So perfect and yet to flawed! It pains me! Oh how it pains me! I do not wish to prolong this any more than I must and I can not just allow her to run off… Lest she find that… Other… No.. I’ll have to dispose of her.. It’s only right.

1799 – September 1

My efforts to subdue Elizabeth have been… Less than successful… She refuses to eat or drink preventing me from sedating her. However, I have attempted to use more extreme matters to sedate her… And in my opinion… Did not go well… She became furious and eluded me.. Hiding somewhere inside the manor until the sedative wears off. I’ll have to try ~the rest of the log is illegible, the page stained with blood~

1799 – October 12

I’ve made arrangements to send Elizabeth to an old colleague of mine… Describing my wrong and pointing out what I have done, he is fascinated and eagerly awaiting her arrival. The weather has become too harsh to head out with her… Her behavior towards me hasn’t improved either, which makes it all the more difficult to transport her. Though.. She is still asking for me to let her outside. Should I convince her I am taking her to a place not barred by fencing, she should follow without much fuss. I’ve set a date in November that, if I am lucky, should be clear enough for us to start off.

1799 – November 8

Just as I suspected the weather is chilled, however, traveling conditions are perfect for as far as the eye can see. Elizabeth has been put into fresh attire, something a little more suiting for her being out. We will be heading out tomorrow as soon as the stagecoach arrives in the morning. She seems to have become more lively since I told her she will be going outside, though she questions the veil that will be draped from her hat. Though she was convinced it was a time of mourning and that the veil was appropriate, along with the white gloves and heels. With a few practice walks, I feel she is fit to travel. Tomorrow that mistake will be out of my life. Permanently.


December 4

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Appearance

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 120 lbs

Body age: 27

Sex: Female

Skin color #1: Fair/Freckled

Skin color #2: Light brown/Chestnut

Eye color: L/E Green, R/E Blue/Brown

Body Shape/Body Type: Hourglass/Mesomorph

Blood Type: AB-

Body proportion: Fair/Satisfactory

Body function: Adequate

-Elizabeth is most often played with the inability to use/or the lack of her left arm due to infection which left it useless and more than a little painful.

-Due to years of being heavily sedated, Elizabeth lacks the ability to show expression beyond small muscle twitches around her lips and brow. Meaning she can not smile or show simple emotions through visualization.

-Because of the sedation, Elizabeth finds it extremely hard to heal and it has prevented her stitched together halves to form together. This means she is long left with wounds instead of scars and bruising lasts for far longer than it naturally should.

-Due to a damaged or imperfect stitch placed along her vocal cords, she can not speak higher than a hushed whisper. Raising her voice causes a great deal of strain and can pain her or even cause her to wheeze and cough up blood as she has damaged the area. Though it is temporary and should only last a few hours.

Character Personality

Reserved but polite.

Character Likes

Reading, solidarity, and poetry.

Character Dislikes

Confrontation, fire, and needles.

Character Inventory

Victorian gown


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Gore, Adventure

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