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General rules/requests

1: I work full time, so please be patient.

2: Eljhinn is single. If you desire a ship, try to work for it. I do not like to just jump into it.

3: If something is making you uncomfortable in an rp, or you do not wish to continue, just let know. I will gladly stop, as comfortability and enjoyment is key.

4: Please do not kill Eljhinn without permission. 

Character Age

Unknown. Her age is a huge topic of debate.

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

8536769059?profile=RESIZE_710xWhile appearances vary, she tends to stick to the following form. Roughly 8 feet tall, with a pale complexion. Dressing in dark Gothic style dresses, she has a black cloth over her left eye, and her right eye is a vibrant violet. Her hair is black with white streaks, and she has a pair of rabbit ears atop her head that match her hair. Her body type is thin yet curvy, giving a sort of hourglass shape.

Character Personality

Calm and collected, she acts very motherly towards most, even enemies.

Character Likes

Tea, research, observing events, world travel.

Character Dislikes

Violence, being interrupted, wasting tea

Character History/Story

Eljhinn is an enigmatic being, that has forever been shrouded in shadows and mystery. Appearing in times of great peace, strife, change, and cataclysm. It is unknown exactly what draws this beings attention, but it is always connected to the same thing. Vast change. Eljhinn is an extremely knowledgeable being, shown to be capable of extreme kindness and compassion, alongside vast cosmic levels of destruction. She is just as capable of caring for someone, as she is capable of wiping a planet of life. Despite this deific power, Eljhinn is actually rarely ever recorded to raise her hand to others. Instead, she prefers to keep to herself, and observe. Teach. And learn herself, from the multitudes of races. In some ancient civilizations, she was referred to as a Sage, a being of immense wisdom who spread that wisdom to others. Eljhinn herself has always freely shared knowledge to others, but has also made it obvious there is some knowledge that should never be shared. As such, the instances she straight up says no to knowledge, are rare but respected. Eljhinn rarely if ever fully interacts with species, but the few individuals who manage to gain her as an ally, have a friend for eternity, that will protect their family for generations. Eljhinn is highly protective over those she has come to view as friends or allies. Those few individuals are also capable of calling upon her aid in times of need.

Character Inventory


Character Abilites

-Extreme Intellect: Due to a connection to hundreds of worlds, Eljhinn has a high level of intelligence. This has been proven by rapid adaptability to new worlds, no matter the technological level or cultural differences.

-Extreme Strength: Despite her fragile appearance, Eljhinn is terrifyingly strong, being capable of lifting and moving up to 500+ tons of force with a single hand. This also attributes to extremely strong and debilitating physical strikes.

-Extreme Speed: Despite the weight of her bodies physical make up, she is capable of surpassing g force speeds, enabling her to break the sound barrier, and even exceeding those speeds in seconds. This also shows off her insane durability, as she achieves these speeds with no damage.

-Extreme Durability: The chemical make up of her body, has made it surprisingly durable. Sources have stated her capability to withstand cataclysmic levels of force and destruction with nearly no harm.

-Regeneration: For the rare instances where she is injured, Eljhinn was coupled with near instant regeneration, enabling her to recover to most wounds instantly. This makes her extremely difficult to combat, due to her durability and her regenerative factor.

-True Immortality: Due to her connection to the metaphysical, and theoretical force known as the Library of the Ancients, Eljhinn has True Immortality. The Library maintains a back up of her memories and personality, and in the rare case she has her body and soul destroyed, the Library will reforge both on the back up.


-The Library of the Ancients: The only true power Eljhinn holds, while also being her weapon. The Library of the Ancients is a metaphysical and theoretical power, which is also a location, and a weapon. Considered an index of all of creation,  it holds the combined knowledge, flora and fauna, artifacts, art(of all forms) and magics of all worlds, known and unknown. Past, present, and future. This enables Eljhinn to have access to a near endless supply of power, weapons, forces, and magical abilities. This also grants her access to what she refers to as Life Stories. Each living being, no matter how big or small, has its own book. Its own story. Showing their past, present, and future. Constantly editing and adjusting based on their daily choices. This place, also has a very complex law system, preventing all but Eljhinn from accessing, controlling, or effecting the Library in any capacity. This is to ensure the following.

1: No one can threaten the boundary of wolrds, on a cataclysmic level using the Library.

2: Anyone who enter the Library is subject to Eljhinns laws, making them subjective to her will. This to made to prevent anyone from taking anything from, or harming the Library.

3: The Library is protected from the millions of universes it keeps stable, and vice versa. Eljhinn, upon the rare instances she has spoken of the Library, has stated it has a very fragile balance with the millions of other universes.

It is Eljhinn's Duty to ensure both the Library and the Universes are protected from each other. As the Library holds things from past and future, it is imperative that Eljhinn ensures the safety of both, as a single item being removed or viewed, can causing a dangerous domino effect. As such, an additional law was put in place to the Library. No one may take anythung, or view anything within the library, without Eljhinn's permission. On the rare instance that something does happen, Eljhinn has shown a near unstoppable ferocity in rectifying it, fixing the situation within a few hours. This is mainly due to the Library bending to her will. As such, if anything is taken from it, she can track it to any world, and anywhere in that world. In addition,  she can retrieve it, as when she comes within 5 miles, she need only call to whatever was taken, and it will return to her, and then to its place on the Library.

-------Lay Out-------

The Library is an ever changing place, endless in size and mass. A multiverse, connecting to the multiverse, each universe has its own section, with varying flora, fauna, and terrain. As such, one section can seem like it is deep under the ocean, with Leviathans, sharks, and other species. One can be a forest. So on and so forth.

-----The Vault-----

The Vault is arguably the most confusing aspect of the Library. Considered a prison, and a safe, it holds the most dangerous entities across all of creation, past present and future. Only Eljhinn can access this vault in any way, however that has not stopped beings from escaping in rare instances. When this occurs, civilizations have fully witnessed Eljhinn unleash her full power to combat and drive the entire back into its cage, showing no mercy.


The Library of the Ancients, also known as the Akashic Records, gives Eljhinn mastery and dominion over creation. This also includes access to anything and everything both known and unknown. As such, fighting her nearly impossible to plan, as she has a menagerie at her disposal. Weapons, magics, powers, organisms, and much much more, all at her disposal to use in an instant.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I have been rping since I was 8 years old due to DND and Vampire the Masquerade. Eljhinn is an original character who was my first dad character. I am very easy to get along with, and am open to most if not all rp styles. I work full time however, so I only ask to be patient.

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