Shes a mess for sure.

Sweet Ellah


Ellah use to live alone, a shitty little cabin like shack. It had the essitals, running water that got hot. A fridge.
The AC didn't work worth a shit. She was secretly glad that place went up in flames.

She doesn't drive. Banged up her vehcile, blaming in on a deer crossing the road. Alcohol tests don't lie though. She might have other things in her system...that was a fuzzy night.

Making fake money - that sure as hell is going to bounce up on her quickly.
But she tested out in the stores around town.
That worked what could go wrong?

Trying to use it against the drug dealer.

Boy did her life go for a spin after that~



Smoke in her lungs.
Coke in her nose.
Blood on her hands.


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  • |. His hostage. Nice touch. xD

    "What the fuck took you so damn long, cupcake?"


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