080e6f0c299b2e31d7675de907c7dfd8.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xFull Name
Elliott Ellis Declan Gray

Nickname(s) & Aliases & Titles
Ellis(prefers), Eli, Mr. Gray, Elijah Degra(Alias), The Gray Pack Alpha


Pureblood Amarok*


Birth Date
August 19th

Birthplace & Current Residence
Mississippi (Born) Houston, Texas (Lives)

Harvey Christopher Gray     》Father《
Annaliese Laurel Gray     》Mother《
Daron Timothy Gray     》Twin Brother《
Madeline Freya Gray     》Sister《  
Dylan Abigail Gray      》Daughter《

Known Languages


Relationship Status
No Mate


Sweat, Leather, Whiskey & Beer, Smoke

Face Claim & Physical Description
Adam Driver
A man of 6'4, and usually tanned skin. His body is well kept with work and usually covered in a shirt of some kind - his torn and worn jeans - and his usual work boots. Ellis loves to dress loose and comfortable, though he keeps his face very cleanly shaven. He has shoulder-length soft dark chocolate brown hair, alongside chocolate eyes. 

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The History of The Grays

         The Amarok were an ancient species of magic-infused wolves, hailing from a far off world that has long since died. They were simple but wise creatures, who lived peacefully on their homeworld, they resembled wolves roughly the size of mountains with immense strength, intelligence and speed. The Amarok only truly has one predator that can easily overpower them, The Deathless. They are a hideous species of monster the size of three-story-buildings, with heads of skulls and tails sharp enough to pierce even the strongest tumblr_peur7yIj481weksw2o1_540.gifmaterial. When the Amarok homeworld began to die the cracks in the crust of the planet gave way for these venomous creatures to flood out from the world’s core with the sole purpose of eradicating the wolven creatures. What they lacked in size they made up for in ferocity, speed, and sheer numbers. Amarok numbers quickly fell as whole packs and royal bloodlines were overwhelmed by the vicious creatures and ripped to shreds by the rows of razor-sharp teeth.

         Very few Amarok survived the genocidal onslaught, able to escape the dying planet through unknown means and take refuge on the planet Earth. Over the years the size of the Amarok had decreased to accommodate living on the planet, their magic-infused cores enabling this change alongside the ability to take human form. Modern-day descendants are no larger than dire wolves. The Gray Pack is one of the few pureblood Amarok bloodlines left in the world. The Gray bloodline began originally on the North American continent, on what is now the East Coast of the United States of America. This pack lived alongside what was the Halloran pack, another amarok bloodline, the two making it tradition to breed their lines together to create more purebreds. 

         The last alpha of the pack, Harvey Christopher Gray, was the last Gray to take part in these traditions with his wife Annaliese Halloran. They were wed shortly after his father’s passing, becoming the head of the pack at the age of twenty-two. The two were together for a few years before carrying their first set of offspring, twin boys. The firstborn was named Daron, with his brother following moments later with the name Elliott. Twins were rare, but a gift nonetheless, making both parents extremely happy. It was the family of four for only about three years before Annaliese gave birth to a girl named Madeline, the last child the pair were able to produce. 

         The family lived in the state of Mississippi in a large home, for over fourteen years. When Daron and Elliott both turned fifteen, their father sat them down and explained to them their traditions. Throughout their childhood, they were prepared for it, but it was around this time that the arrangements would begin. Due to Twins being more of a rarity the brothers would have to fight over the alpha position when the time came, and the winner would take a mate from the Halloran’s. It was a young lady, their age, named Mallory. She was the only child of the Halloran Alpha’s, so this union was important. Boys being boys, Elliott and Daron had their competitive sides sparked like wildfire to be the best and to ‘get the pretty girl’. They never took the responsibility seriously. 

         One fall evening the Gray’s were asleep in their home, except for Elliott. The young amarok was awake in his sister’s room, soothing her after a vivid nightmare woke her in the night. Elliott was wide awake when he heard the crash in the living room downstairs and the panicked cries of his mother that lasted only a few moments. The teen thought he imagined it, at first. But through the cracked door of his sister’s room, he could see the faint shadow of a large creature dragging itself up the staircase with a nearly silent hiss. When his survival instinct kicked in, he dragged himself and his sister into the bedroom closet with the door cracked slightly. It felt like it took years for the creature to make it’s way through the house, dragging its large snake-like body down the halls with sharp-clawed hands.  Hours had passed before the creature was gone, and the two were able to climb out of the closet. The sight of the house was horrendous with stripes of blood marking the path the creature took through the home. Daron was in his room, laying in the center of the floor with his torso ripped to shreds, many of his organs gone. The father and mother were found in the same fashion in the living room and master bedroom. Elliott and Madeline were found to be the only survivors. The last two Grays were raised by family friends up until they were both old enough to go their own ways. 

        When Elliott was around 20, he packed up his belongings and left for Austin, Texas with determination to have a better life far away from his childhood trauma. It was in Austin that Elliott, preferring to be called Ellis, had taken up the career in law enforcement. Elliott had begun as a regular city cop, working for a few years as a patrolman in a uniform. After about five years, at age 26, Ellis was promoted to a Detective position with his partner

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Notable Relationships



Madeline Freya Gray

{Madness, Maddie, Freya(Prefers Middle Name), Baby Sister}

27 Year Old Amarok

Gray Pack Beta {Elliott's Sister}

Sweet, Loving, Accepting

Profession: Model

{With Elliott; To Help Raise Dylan}

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 Dylan Abigail Gray

{Dill Pickle, Dyl, Baby Girl}

8 Year Old Amarok / Human (Untriggered)

Gray Pack Beta {Elliott's Daughter}

Sweet, Bubbly, Funny

Lives With Her Father In Houston, Texas




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Main  Arc  Relationships

(These would affect the information of other Main Arc roleplays)

To be added to over time

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Alternate Universe Relationships

(These would be separate and unaffected by main arc influence, ideal with multi-shipping Elliott)

To be added to over time. 







Genres: Action & Adventure, Romance, Rated M/R, 18+

Universe(s): Universal


Status: Open - Accepting Selectively | Closes At: 4 | Current: 0

(Currently, I have two accounts, that's why I'm only taking a few threads on both. Thank you for understanding)



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Roleplay Rules
1. Be polite, and I shall return the favor. 
2. Do not come to me for smut, any relationship built for my character is through Chemistry and I am a big fan of roleplaying a good relationship. Roleplays can have separate relationships.
(OOCNOT LOOKING for a relationship. Understand IC from OOC, please) 
3. Do Not Control/Kill off My characters. Elliott is my pride and joy, and I'm perfectly capable of controlling him on my own. 
4. 18+ Elliott is an Original character. So please be careful when coming to roleplay with me. There is cursing, violence, blood, death, some gore even. Things get crazy here. I am 21+ years old as a writer and would like anyone I write with to at least be 18 or older, due to mature themes in my roleplays. 
5. Have Patience, I'll try to get to reply to anyone and everyone when I can! The max a reply should take is one day, to a week. If I am busy.

Thank You and Have Fun!


September 28

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

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