Creating one more OC. Cause i can, plus, versatility


Jin Hawthorn


Character Age



Character Species



Character Gender



Character Relationship Status



Character Appearance

Shaved dark brown hair, clean shaved face with a strong square jawline. Dark circles permanently set under his eyes, giving him an exhausted look. Strong hooked nose, a little crooked in the middle. Downturned dark green eyes, naturally upturned, big mouth with lips a little too plump for his face, softening it. 1.98m tall (6'5), naturally lithe, far from a gym rat (which makes people question his health, sometimes). Clumsy, very thin and long fingers, very pale from the lack of exposure in sunlight. Always in black, gray or navy blue casual smart clothing. On both his hands, a thick golden wedding band adorns his ring fingers to symbolize his faith and specialty, as an ordained Cleric


Character Personality

Despite his appearance, tall and skinny and always in button up shirts and jackets (which results in many people referring to him as Slenderman) he is a gentle giant. Soft spoken, charismatic, a silent force of nature. Hides a really dark side by being fiercely loyal to his religion. Very generous and altruistic, adores dark humor and puns. Intuitive and sensitive to the people around him, their emotions and moods. Celibate by choice, albeit not immune to temptation


Character Likes


Helping others, reading, taking care of animals, meeting new people, riddles, travelling, the outdoors, has a soft spot for vests (and a huge collection of them with matching cufflinks)


Character Dislikes


Mindless violence, being mocked for his beliefs, prideful people, crowded spaces, being taken for granted


Character Inventory


The Book of Happenings which is his churches 'bible' of sorts. The Faith Bands on his fingers are indestructible and can be used to amplify his strength. His wardrobe is fireproof. A vial of Holy Water, a Glock .22 with custom made Blessed bullets in a variety of materials (wood, silver, steel, 2 magazines each)


Character Abilites

A clerics power relies solely on the power of their own faith and power of will. The more fiercely they believe they can do it, their divine patron blesses them with the power to do it. It is a double edged sword though, as doubt in themselves and their patron, is their greatest weakness. They do not possess any distinctive physical traits, besides their slowed down aging, giving them an average lifespan of 110 years. Their bodies aren't immune to aging, diseases or wounds, but they tend to look younger than their actual age. Jin uses his willpower and inventory to perform exorcisms, healing, tracking rituals and protective barriers or blessings. Clerics are known for being the best healers anyone could ask for, but if the need arises, Jin knows how to fight. His combat style is mainly defensive and disarming, his goal is to restrain his opponent while causing as little damage as possible. But, he is only human, and there were times where he lost control. Has limited access to elemental magic such as creating and manipulating fire. Can also use gushes of wind to move things. Can freeze water or liquify ice.


Character story


Jin Hawthorn was born in a very conservative household, the 13th and last child. His father and mother were both preachers and keeping an emotional distace from all their children, which made little Jin and his siblings to grow up emotionally distant and cold. Since he were a little boy, he helped in the community, his faith innocent and absolute in the safe bubble of their isolated village.

Until he turned 18 and moved to the city with his brother and sister to study theology and get through his cleric training.

In the span of 6 months, his life turned upside down. Mingling with so many new and different people was mind-blowing for his conservative redneck brain. Life in college showed him what he've been missing, from food to entertainment and dating. He discovered, through a 'sinful' series of weed and alcohol soaked parties, he was bisexual. He even involved in a polyamorous relationship for months with two of his classmates, a woman and a man. While he'd never felt more alive and happy, he dreaded seeing the reaction of his parents and siblings, except of the two he lived with, they knew and supported him.

His happiness was cut short when after a party him, his lovers and his two siblings got stupid drunk. His sister decided to drunkinly drive them back to their dorm, 2 blocks away. They T-boned another car, his girlfriend was killed instantly. His siblings in the ambulance. His boyfriend ended up losing his left leg. Jin woke up unable to feel past his waist.

The intense force of grief, heartbreak and guilt took him into a dark place. Locked in his family home to recover, no painkillers to numb him, he went through 2 years of depression, licking his wounds. Fellow healers cured his paralysis but his spirit was broken. His parents urged him to return to his faith and church to heal through praying, having no idea. Seeing he couldn't be honest with them about his pain, or even who he really was, he took their advice. Praying every single day for forgiveness, guidance and peace for the souls of his siblings and girlfriend. His fierce passion and faith helped his powers grow, more than he ever imagined.

He completed his studies with flying colors. The first thing he did when ordained, was visit his old boyfriend. He healed some ugly burn scars on his face and happily offered to marry him and his fiance.

Even though his religion allows it, he prefers not to get physical with anyone. Keeps a safe distance from his family. There are times when his depression creeps back up and can affect his work.

Nowadays his goal is to help and heal whoever, whenever they need him, so he travels a lot.


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)



Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure


In case anyone wishes to use this OC for an rp, let me know


I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Open

Character Age


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

6f tall (1.80m), chin length straight black hair, droopy hazel eyes, tan skin with many freckles all over, high cheekbones, bumpy nose, long pointy ears flattened against her head. On the curvy side with wide shoulders and hips. Loves to wear corsets and to bring out her physique. Has a massive red tattoo on her back and small runes on her fingers to amplify her powers. A city girl, loves being presentable at all times, even when she wakes up so she rarely wears athletic clothes or walks around with at least her hair combed. Prefers dark, but not boring colors (red, green, silver, purple)

Character Personality

Highly sarcastic and cynical, wears her emotions on her face. Prideful to a fault. Ambivert, very social, drawn to intimidating people, even if it makes her feel shy. Flirty through insults. Cold and calculating if betrayed. Lazy but witty enough to find a solution to ease her way out of an activity or chore. The demon she can communicate with in her mind tends to distract her sometimes, making her seem out of touch with reality and mumbling to herself. While she puts herself first and firmly believes that the means justify the cause (and would do almost anything for money), she won't get out of her way to purposely hurt people. Or help them. Keeps a very neutral approach to life. Deeply pessimistic, always assumes the worst in every situation or person. But at the same time, if they prove her wrong and earn her trust, she can be the most willing, non-judgemental and effective parter in crime

Character Likes

Loves experimenting with alchemy, snow, large cities, cats, romance novels, spicy/sour food, socializing and using her shadows to do mundane tasks for her

Character Dislikes

Mandatory studying, jealousy, birds, small dogs, , know-it-alls, prudes, raisins, camping

Character History/Story

Was born and raised in a circus, mother was a fire breather and father was an acrobat. While on tour, they were attacked by rogue Lycans, butchered, looted and left to die. At her final moments, hours after the attack, a demon heard her cries and curses for revenge. They offered her a deal, sell her soul to them, for immortality and power. She accepted and was granted access to magic. Downside is she hears them in her mind, needs to harness souls to keep using magic and if their bond is broken (via exorcism or death of her body) her spirit and soul are devoured. Has spend the last 10 years working on using her magic, she gets overwhelmed with complicated spells and results are affected.

To challenge herself and keep growing her powers, she takes up small gigs of any kind that require her powers. From exorcisms, to love spells, binding, cursing, manifestation, contacting the dead, whatever a client needs, as long as the payment meets her requirements.

Keeps a low profile, since she isn't fond of confrontations or other special being tailing her, but has build up a name and steady clientele. People prefer her services because she doesn't ask questions and never says no to a well paid job. 

Airtight personal life. While she enjoys flirting and the chase, is very reluctant of relationships. Has been involved with both men and women, human and not. Will try anything once.

Her biggest regret is she never was able to track down the pack of Lycans that murdered her family. As a newborn overwhelmed hybrid, she was barely able to keep herself safe. She swore revenge, but as the years passed, with little to no evidence, her hopes of finding them, evaporated. Deep down, she is extremely angry and bitter at herself


Character Inventory

A bag of holding she keeps tied on her arm, small knives for protection (albeit a poor physical fighter), potion vials, a small collection of grimoires and personal notepads

Character Abilites

Specializes in death magic. The souls she gets for her demon can be used as shadow puppets, for both defense and offense. Can use them as if they were extra limbs, they don't have a will of their own and it can be overwhelming her to coordinate them all at the same time. Very poor use of elemental magic. Avid swimmer, decent marksmanship, laughable horse rider. Fears are horses, being left alone with children and darkness

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Back in the rp game after quite some time, but very eager to start again! Semi to advanced lit would be amazing, will try to get back at least once every day :)

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  • (thank you for accepting my request. if you would like to plot let me know I look forward to writting with you soon. ) :)

  • Hello and thank you for accepting me :)

  • Thanks for accepting my friend invite! Maybe we can write sometime~

  • You're welcome!! (Big You fan btw :) )

  • Jin twirled the rosary between his fingers, a muscle twitching on his cheek as the beads pressed against the bandaids on his cuts. But he kept praying without missing a beat. 

    The guardian angel he was serving had put a heavy task upon his shoulders. Investigate a series of grave robberies and unholy seances performed in sacred grounds. Sometimes it seemed angels couldn't be bothered with humans. But he believed in his God and the wisdom and purpose of the angels.

    But he needed guidance.

    Saraqael. An angel known for their sense of justice and healing powers. It was the first time praying to her, but Jin could use all the help he could get. To find the culprit and let a divine creature decide their fate.

    Or punishment.

    He was on his knees in front of the stained glass window, his huge body almost folded in half. Eyes closed and hands joined as he send out a prayer to her. Asking for guidance.

    He was hoping she'd appear in front of him. Or at least send him a sign she had listened

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