The Hunter



Erick Zackarison


No nicknames


Aged for over 730 years, doesn't look a day over 38


Stands at a towering 6'6"


His blood is that of Vikings, Demons, and Dragons


He's currently in New York City, New York


Currently in FBI custody


He has love for no woman



He keeps his short dirty blonde hair and beard well trimmed as often as he can. He has steel blue eyes and a healthy Caucasian complexion. He's very athletic and keeps his body in top shape for any extreme combat conditions to come down the line. He has a few tattoos on his body. One on his left forearm and a full sleeve on his right arm that bleeds onto his chest. Also on his chest is a WL mark burned into his flesh. This doesn't only signify where his allegiance lies, but also that all of the events that happened to him can be seen through the mark. It's not just a scar, but also a database.

His wardrobe consists of any regular clothing normal people will have. He doesn't like to highlight himself in any fashion when it comes to his clothing as his height does that for him. As with most people, what he wears is dependent on what he's doing. If he's out on a run he will be in shorts and shirt with running shoes. If he's out to a meeting he will be in a suit. If he's out just to be out he favors jeans with a shirt, or a sweater when it's cold out. It all depends.


To say he's a gentle giant would figure him out for the most part. He's kind and light hearted. He knows when to smile and when to laugh. He can't help but cringe at tall jokes due to the fact he has heard a lot during his long life. He will still try to push out a laugh as he knows it's all in good fun. He doesn't easily trust, but it's just as most people are. He won't close himself off from others, and he will try to make friendships where he thinks it's possible.

Then it comes to battle he takes a more serious approach, but he knows when not to go over board. He does his best to plan most of his attacks well, but the main part of his job was to take hits while also throwing down heavy damage. He's a walking tank that capable of laying down firepower strong enough to ground a dragon, and that's how his combat style is.

Even with his good heart he does have secrets as several people do. When asked about his involvement in any sort of military he tends to deny it. He's grown tired of trying to explain his position to screaming individuals who would rather see him burned. He finds it funny. Kill hundreds of thousands of demons, vampires, or elves and no one cares. Kill a few hundred dragons and suddenly you're permanently labeled a monster. He was just trying to survive a war.



His love has only been shared with one woman. Her name was Tess, and they had met under the most unlikely circumstances. She approached Warlord territory unknowing of what would come to her. Eric was dispatched to deal with the woman, but what ended in a draw between the two became a friendship. She was welcomed into the lands and continued to stay around Eric. It didn't take much longer for the two to fall for each other. Their love was pure and strong. She gave birth to his daughter. He was happy, and thought this was a life he could keep. Then a bomb went off at the center of their homeland, destroying the home they had built. He wondered the lands but found nothing left of his family. He took his time to mourn and began to travel on his own. 

As a single man sexual relations isn't on top of his list, but he hardly turns down the offer. He doesn't spend his time in clubs or bars looking for a one night stand either. Should he get involved with another woman he tends to be a little old school, and defensive of what is his. Nothing that would alarm any sane person. He does have some concern of loving another again. He does not wish to relive the same mistakes he had with his past family.


They've always asked him what it took to kill a dragon. How did this man come to be assigned to lay waist to not just dragons, but several winged creatures that opposed the Warlord Army during the war. It's not that it wasn't a difficult task, but it wasn't the worst. He took the skies for himself and used his scythe to cut the wings off of anything that came his way, but his war wasn't the worst. In no sense was he boots on the ground and witnessing first hand the hoards of demons Wrath was facing. For a while the worst Eric got of the war was clearing out caves that held the dragon's young. 


That is until he was called upon into the field of war by Generals Wrath and Creed. His weapons were meant for large creatures. The implications of these never was supposed to be used on human sized targets. However, Eric was willing to do anything to end the war. So he picked up his weapons and launched his first large scale assault on human sized targets, as well as acting support for Wrath's infantry. He was very successful in his assault, but this is something he does not wish to speak on. The bodies he laid to rest that day was staggering.




 Eric is a very strong man. Nothing is for show on him, and he does keep up his physical conditioning whenever he can. Most of his abilities outside of his Warlord armor are still lethal. The basics being strength to rival dragons, heightened smell, the ability to see at night, and the control of fire. Pretty simple. He does also control a hard material known as white diamond material. He can summon it out of his hands or out of the ground. This material is hard to break but not impossible. If his opponent tries to throw him they will find that he is absurdly heavy. He is part dragon after all. Some looks can be very deceiving to a lot of people.

Finally, he has been ordered to keep a pistol on him. Not that anyone really thinks it could prove very useful against the supernatural but he has been banned from using any of his abilities to stop human combatants. The law says that it would be considered overkill. Like hunting a bunny with grenades. He's allowed to kill the person if he is threatened, but it's best that it looks like another person killed them instead of a red blood splat on the wall.


Battle Tested

For the most part Eric tries his best to keep the peace. His time with the Warlords and then his time defending Ashton Ortega's territory has shown him enough bloodshed. He's grown tired of the gun fire, the blood, the screaming, and all of the dead bodies. He's tired of all of it. With this being said, he's also a strong believer in, "Best to be warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war." At his core he is a warrior and a damn good one. He's considered the breaching expert. That means if there's somewhere he needs to get to and there's something keeping him out he will resort to blowing it up. His explosives will also have unnatural resources if needed. Here is a list of weapons that he will use only when his armor is active. This armor is kept inside of a hidden facility and is only granted to him when Mai Ortega decides it is necessary. This armor and weapons will not always be available to him.


Warlord Armor. Designed by his good friend, Chelsea Yamada, as are his weapons. This armor has several capabilities. One being the ability to stand in the path of most elemental and energy attacks. By bringing both arms up to block the plates on his forearms and legs will act as a barrier to stop the attacks from damaging him. It is also hard to move this man. Those who have tried would say it's almost as if he weighs as much as a large dragon. The armor may also take several heavy hits without breaking. More than likely Eric would willingly exit his armor to save himself before anything on the suit breaks. With the ability to take several hits also comes an ungodly amount of strength. Raw strength with capabilities of splitting entire mountains. He can move fairly well in it, but he is nowhere near the speeds of his friends Creed and Mai.


3635257289?profile=RESIZE_710xHis war hammer is one of his main weapons he likes to swing around during a battle. Made with some of the strongest materials the supernatural world has to offer this hammer could knock a dragon right out of the sky. Of course it would have to be charged. The hammer can absorb elemental and energy based attacks. Once charged with some extra kick Eric can send this attack back to the sender. There's a few things he can do with it actually, but that will be seen on the battlefield. If there is no one to get energy from Eric can also use his own. This weapon is one of his favorites.



A 40mm cannon. When not in use this weapon condenses itself into a smaller box and stores itself on Eric's lower back. When in use it carries up to 20 grenades before a reload is needed. This gun uses 5 different ammo types as well. Frag, armor piercing (AP), cluster, incendiary, and electric. All ammo types are custom made by Chelsea Yamada and her team. This weapon isn't meant to be used on human sized targets, but he will if he is forced to. 




A modified .50 semi-auto handgun. Another backup weapon. This pistol does use special types of ammo just as his 40mm cannon does. The pistol has 6 different ammo types. FMJ, AP, hollow point, .224 SABOT, explosive, and tungsten ripper rounds. Each serves a purpose and each round is not to be underestimated. This weapon was crafted to hurt the supernatural.





machete just in case he drops his hammer. Though to him it is more like a dagger. There isn't much that's special about this weapon. It's more of a backup blade. It's located on in his right hip.


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1 - Holby - Starter pending

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Threads for Eric are open



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I - I write multi-paragraph only. I'd beg for the same in return.

II - I do not kill other people's characters and I will not allow mine to die, unless we have both plotted otherwise.

III - 18+ content is okay and encouraged. No pointless smut though.

IV - I will not tolerate drama outside of RP.

V - If I added you, I will wave hello, and send the starter. I ask for the same from you if you send me a request.

VI - You will see some of my other characters make some quick cameos in our RP. Their names are listed below. You may not kill them either. 

VII - Though you may not kill mine, feel free to engage in combat. Be warned they will fight back violently.

VIII - Lastly, have fun! If there is something you don't like about the plot at any point feel free to let me know. Send me a DM or just say so OOC and we will see what we can change. If this character's threads are actually closed, maybe check out one of my other characters to see if they have room. Hope to write with you soon friend!


-My other characters-

Mai Ortega

Mitchel "Wrath" Blade

Creed Nazario

Doom Morningstar

Chelsea Yamada

**Feel free to hop between characters! Keep in mind all of my characters live in the same universe, and they all have an extensive history together. So I do ask that you do not use the same character to play with more than 1 of mine at the same time. I often use them to cross into eachother's stories. So if you're trying to roll with Creed and Mai then things will get a little weird when they cross paths.


-Special thanks to Lynn for handling the coding and background for all of my characters! I appreciate you, hoe!-


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  • \\I am so so sorry for the late response! Had a bit of writer's block and changing character's, hope you're still interested in starting a thread

  • //Thank you and yes I would like to plot//

  • (Everyone, I'm sorry for my little absence there! I'll be getting back to everyone over the next day.)

  • Yes I would definitely like to plot, let me know if you have any ideas! I'll try an think of some before you reply.

  • I'm so sorry for the late response! 
    But I like the idea you got going for your character though, my character on the other hand is an ordinary human but of course she's a highly skilled and highly intelligent serial killer in the modern / fantasy world so....I think I may have an idea or two on how we can kill time until he departs for his mission :)

  • Sounds great! Take your time, no rush, I'm excited. :D

  • Wrong place. Wrong time. Or perhaps it’s an opportunity for the FBI to throw a bystander in the path of the Crime Lord. What they weren’t expecting was that Holby isn’t just some woman they’ve acquired off the street. She’s intuitive, smart mouthed, and very easy on the eyes and someone they could use to dangle like a carrot in front of a donkey. Therefore they snatch her up, bringing her in with a proposition they think she won’t refuse, but does. Her only request is that she has someone to work with. Though she’s perfectly capable of looking after herself. And voile, she’s introduced to Eric and we could go from there. :3

  • Aha, Holby's a sweet, kind of kooky but utterly fun and quirky young woman. What were your plans for Eric's story exactly? I'm more than happy to throw Holby wherever. :3

  • Take your pick and let me know who takes your fancy, we can go from there if you'd like. :)

  • Oh no, I write fantasies all the time actually, I just switched over but I'm more then willing to write a fanasty with you if that is what you wanna do? :) 

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