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"What? Do you bastards want to live for ever?"



Erick Zackarison


No nicknames


Aged for over 730 years, doesn't look a day over 38


Stands at a towering 6'6"


His blood is that of Vikings, Demons, and Dragons


He's currently in New York City, New York


Currently in FBI custody


He has love for no one



He keeps his short dirty blonde hair and beard well trimmed as often as he can. He has steel blue eyes and a healthy Caucasian complexion. He's very athletic and keeps his body in top shape for any extreme combat conditions to come down the line. He has a few tattoos on his body. One on his left forearm and a full sleeve on his right arm that bleeds onto his chest. Also on his chest is a WL mark burned into his flesh. This doesn't only signify where his allegiance lies, but also that all of the events that happened to him can be seen through the mark. It's not just a scar, but also a database.

His wardrobe consists of any regular clothing normal people will have. He doesn't like to highlight himself in any fashion when it comes to his clothing as his height does that for him. As with most people, what he wears is dependent on what he's doing. If he's out on a run he will be in shorts and shirt with running shoes. If he's out to a meeting he will be in a suit. If he's out just to be out he favors jeans with a shirt, or a sweater when it's cold out. It all depends.


To say he's a gentle giant would figure him out for the most part. He's kind and light hearted. He knows when to smile and when to laugh. He can't help but cringe at tall jokes due to the fact he has heard a lot during his long life. He will still try to push out a laugh as he knows it's all in good fun. He doesn't easily trust, but it's just as most people are. He won't close himself off from others, and he will try to make friendships where he thinks it's possible.

Then it comes to battle he takes a more serious approach, but he knows when not to go over board. He does his best to plan most of his attacks well, but the main part of his job was to take hits while also throwing down heavy damage. He's a walking tank that capable of laying down firepower strong enough to ground a dragon, and that's how his combat style is.

Even with his good heart he does have secrets as several people do. When asked about his involvement in any sort of military he tends to deny it. He's grown tired of trying to explain his position to screaming individuals who would rather see him burned. He finds it funny. Kill hundreds of thousands of demons, vampires, or elves and no one cares. Kill a few hundred dragons and suddenly you're permanently labeled a monster. He was just trying to survive a war.



His love has only been shared with one woman. Her name was Tess, and they had met under the most unlikely circumstances. She approached Warlord territory unknowing of what would come to her. Eric was dispatched to deal with the woman, but what ended in a draw between the two became a friendship. She was welcomed into the lands and continued to stay around Eric. It didn't take much longer for the two to fall for each other. Their love was pure and strong. She gave birth to his daughter. He was happy, and thought this was a life he could keep. That was until Abigale Ortega killed him for the betrayal of her brother, Ashton Ortega. Since his return he has been informed of his families supposed passing.

As a single man sexual relations isn't on to of his list, but he hardly turns down the offer. He doesn't spend his time in clubs looking for a one night stand either. Should he get involved with another woman he tends to be a little old school, and defensive of what is his. Nothing that would alarm any sane person. He does have some concern of loving another again. He does not wish to relive the same mistakes he had with his past family.


They've always asked him what it took to kill a dragon. How did this man come to be assigned to lay waist to not just dragons, but several winged creatures that opposed the Warlord Army during the war. It's not that it wasn't a difficult task, but it wasn't the worst. He took the skies for himself and used his scythe to cut the wings off of anything that came his way, but his war wasn't the worst. In no sense was he boots on the ground and witnessing first hand the hoards of demons Wrath was facing. For a while the worst Eric got of the war was clearing out caves that held the dragon's young. 


That is until he was called upon into the field of war by Generals Wrath and Creed. His weapons were meant for large creatures. The implications of these never was supposed to be used on human sized targets. However, Eric was willing to do anything to end the war. So he picked up his weapons and launched his first large scale assault on human sized targets, as well as acting support for Wrath's infantry. He was very successful in his assault, but this is something he does not wish to speak on. The bodies he laid to rest that day was staggering.





Eric's combat capabilities are on par to a dragon's. His flame capabilities are amplified by the dragon that resides within him, and are often as damaging as a dragon's breath. He does not breath fire however, instead it emits from his hands. His skin is tough and hard to damage, as well as it's difficult to make this man move. Even if he is unconscious it is difficult to move him. His armor only amplifies his natural abilities, while also giving him a few extra. This armor can remain in fire for extended period of time depending on the temperature of the fire. He can also take an extended amount of hits and continue normal functions. His armor is rarely ever broken. Instead the user will decide when to power down his armor as he would most likely die inside before the armor broke. His armor also amplifies his energy to that equivalent of a dragon. Although he doesn't focus on hand to hand combat as well as those ranked above him, he does know a few boxing techniques should it come down to it. This is usually all he has needed during hand to hand combat anyway. Although some would think he'd have flight capabilities, Chels hasn't created a jet system strong enough. It further complicates things considering she would also need it to be small enough to fit on his armor.




He carries a Desert Eagle 50. with him most of the time he's moving about. This obviously has no effect on dragons or large creature, even with specially crafted bullets given to him by Chels. This weapon was mostly used against dragon riders or anyone else that might be on the back of a dragon. Other than that Eric does not make a habit of pulling this weapon out. 

His heavy machine gun known as Reaper. Chambered in caliber 50. for the most devastating effects. These bullets are crafted by Eric and Chelsea lacks the equipment to make the bullets he wishes to use. Depleted Uranium infused with dragon scales, and filled with demonic black powder as gun powder. These bullets will pierce just about anything it's way. They were considered to be the strongest bullets in the Warlord's arsenal. Reaper also has a violent bashing capability. Should the need arise, with a simple hand movement Reaper will begin to change. A flat surface will cover the front barrels, and they will also sink into the gun. Once placed to a surface the built in hydraulics will shoot the barrels forward, giving the plate at the end power. With a few tweaks from Chelsea she was able to amplify this to the equivalent of a dragon striking. This however has a cool down time after each use. In other words, Reaper will destroy just about anything it can touch.




Finally, the scythe that's claimed the souls of many. This is the weapon he's used to cut the wings off of any winged beast that he challenged to combat. Sharp, durable, and capable of piercing several different styled armors and scales. It will also act as a conduit for his flames. Off of the tips of this weapon he can concentrate a beam of fire capable of reaching heats hotter than the sun. Crafted for him by Abigale Ortega out of scales of a dragon king. This weapon is not something to be reckoned with.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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