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Ernest always had an obsession for blood, and throughout his teenage years he had an obsession for vampires and witchcraft. When his immature self was gone at around 16 or 17, his obsession suddenly stopped and instead he took a liking towards animals. He absolutely loved that thrilling theme and connection between animal’s behaviors and human nature. He often associated other people with animals and soon his heart would turn cold. That’s when he began to question reality and felt as if he was stuck in his own mind, almost as if this was all his own imagination. Nothing felt real to him anymore and his family's situation as well as his life at school was not helping. Because of everything around him going downhill after graduation, he soon began to feel that he was dead. It was a strange feeling, but he would refuse to get any help because again, he thought this whole world was basically a simulation in his mind. Ernest would stay at his only friend's home for a few months, but it always felt wrong in his mind. And no matter how kind his friend was, it never felt real. Ernest hated this, he felt he would never make any kind of emotional connection with somebody else. While at his stay, he would try to get a job but was rejected mostly because of his lack of emotion. His friend soon would ask him to leave and he was on the streets for a while. Being in the city made things much worse. This is when he began pick pocketing, and then he began hurting stray animals. His actions only made his thoughts feel more real than ever and soon he felt like a corpse walking around. That was when his first kill took place. After a few more, he could see the killings being reported on television in local restaurants or bars. That was when things slowly began to feel real again. Ernest was easily able to collect enough money for a room, and then an apartment, and soon he was able to get a job. His killing spree allowed him to really see that emotion being displayed on other humans and he was able to mirror it. However this only made it easier for him to get caught. So after a few years he moved out and would stalk strangers. If he took a liking, he would befriend them before living at their home for a while and when he’s decided he had enough of them he would murder them. It was a good plan to keep him going, and he continues his life like that. Sometimes on killing sprees, other times just manipulating his victims to stay at their place for a while. He doesn’t have a home and moves from state to state over the course of time

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