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Euridyces is a man of solid build and proportions with olive complexion, dark hair and ocher-colored eyes. Walking with the posture of a soldier, he stands at a full 6' even, with a perfected musculature built for combat. He maintains a short-cropped beard that frames his fuller lips, seated just below a strong nose.

Character Personality

He is confident in his abilities, but at times fears he is not strong enough for the position he has been groomed for as the Hand of the High Cardinal and First Paladin. He remains dutiful to the Cardinal regardless, carrying out his commands with little to no hesitation. His loyalty is unshakable, to such a degree that he no longer questions his superior--he trusts in his machinations to work out. Quiet, patient and meticulous, he does everything with studious effeciency and care.

Eriudices is calm under pressure, adaptive, and somewhat critical. This training and conditioning also put penalties on some of his social capabilities and mental stability. He does not take time to relax, which can lead to moments of crushing mental exhaustion or snapping out at people. He appreciations efficiency, and will act in the manner he feels is most economical. He holds a grim superiority over others, perceiving himself as being skilled enough and capable enough to do most everything without the need or guidance or assistance. He becomes flustered when something he attempts does not succeed on the first attempts, his ambitious notions of success bordering on obsessive perfectionism.

His superiority complex comes to full bear when he considers how 'free' most everyone around him is--free to do what they please, pursuing virtue or vice without any perceived responsibilities or burdens. Vigilantes are just as bad as criminals because they flaut the law--the only thing setting them apart is that vigilantes tend to bring joy to more people.

Despite these flaw, Euridyces displays genuine concern and care for others, empathizing with people that he senses are reasonable. Deep beneath his cynical outlook is a heart that beats with a genuine love of the world and the creatures in it. When he is pressed into service outside of his official duties to the High Cardinal, he is emphatic in using his strengths to aid and serve. He believes that everyone is capable of good, struggling to reconcile at times the notions of 'fair judgment' and balancing out retribution to reward.

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Fantasy, Action, Adventure

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