January 27

Character Age

521 years old

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Currently in a relationship

Character Appearance

6'3, Amethyst eyes and silver, waist length hair. A slender, athletic build. She bears a tattoo of a sword on her left, inner forearm. Massive amount of scarring on her back and shoulders but always hidden by the long, black and purple jacket she wears.

Character Personality

Eva is a mischievous and capricious soul yet she is loyal to a fault. Given what she is, she can lie with the best though she does try not to. She is a champion of the underdog, will never give up without a fight and a protector of Innocents, for many reasons. Appearing to be carefree, she always has a smile and wink for anyone. She loves to play, jest and flirt.

Character Likes

-Jelly beans, Alcoholic drinks (she can not get drunk. The fires within her burn off the alcohol as fast as she consumes it. It also burns away infections, poisons, and toxins.), bacon cheeseburgers with fried onions, and strong (mentally, physically and emotionally) men. She does not care a lot for arrogance but she does love a good banter and talking smack. In essence, the Girl talks a big game but in most cases she can back it up. She expects her man to do the same.

Character Dislikes

Mushrooms.. Arrogant asses who think they are the best thing in the world. It is one think to joke that you are, another to believe it.

Character History/Story

Daughter of Virgil Sparda, a Demon Lord and Uriel, an Archangel also known as the Fire of God. This makes her a Nephalem. Guided by the Emerald, she travels from place to place, realm to realm, to help in major issues. She does not like to be centre of attention, instead, working behind the scenes to ensure the true course, the better course for the greater good is found. She does love to spar, fight and curse. She can drink with no ill effects, and loves a good cheeseburger but only with bacon. The Emerald was crafted by a dear friend and then altered a god. Because they believed her angelic side was stronger than her demonic, they believe she can be a tipping power in most battles. She is also thrice blessed by Gods.

Character Inventory

Sword: Hand crafted in hell, forged of celestial bronze stygian iron Gun: Ivory. It contains no magazine, nothing. It never runs out, the rounds fired are from the power of the weapon AND the weilder. Eva can fire hellfire round or angelic rounds. It belongs to her uncle Dante who leant it to her to better protect herself.

Character Abilites

Natural Abilities: Enhanced: Speed, strength, vision. An expert swordsman, trained by her father for over 300 years. Even now, she returns to him four times a year for their sparring match. The last time, she actually bested him. Their competition bans teleportation, which Eva relies quite heavily upon when fighting. She carried tainted hellfire, a blend of her fathers flames and her mothers fire. The Archangel fire burns her but she has learned to live with that constant pain. It is a stronger pain when she used the fire. While it hurts, it will not kill her. Demons and angels are damaged by her tainted fire.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adult

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I love to write, will write in nearly any form. Can be slow to respond with comment to comment format, as I forget. Just give a prod to remind me XD

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