☽ The Story Behind The Beast ☾

A 663 year old gargoyle from Paris. She was created December 31st, here from scratch stone aged by 663 years by a dark witch then given to the church as a 'gift’. Perhaps she took the legends of the gargoyles too lightly, considering we are not fully evil as those with small minds would make us out to be. Whether that gift was for good or meaning to be a curse for whatever reason, Faith has made Paris and the Cathedral her home. She thrives in the gothic churches (not just the Cathedral) an mostly spends her time looking out at the world from the tip top tower's. Faith is seen as many things, evil, demon, some say she warns other's not to come to church that she is a symbol of hell when she really warns/scares off evil from the church and people are just stereotyping her figure. Perhaps she is both celestial and demon but she'd never hurt anyone purposely. Faith has a beautiful singing voice an loves singing with the birds. Though she often smashes them because they like to send droppings on her lovely grayish fur pelt, and even during daylight hours as stone. At night when the moon is high her eyes glow white. It gives her sort of a flashlight when roaming the church of Notre Dame. She has scared off humans who are there to crash the place. Her favorite food is shrimp, pizza, steak, and Chinese lo main. Her favorite drink is soda if she can get her claws on a cup. She loves poetry, music, dance, and art.

~ Nest / Flock / Group ~
None, she usually just hang around the bell towers and other parts of Notre Dame alone.
The other gargoyles are friendly but sometimes way too chatty for her taste.

~ Ranking Of The Cathedral: Guardian ~
I am to ward off evil from entering the Cathedral.
Gargoyles are also mentioned as Gods Pets only by travelers but it has not been proven. However we are harshly judged.

•☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡¸.★*´♡ •☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡¸.★*´♡•☆*´¨`☽¸.★*

Faith Heartstone  

The Queen Of Notre Dame

. Personal Information .

Maker - Devina Windsnap - Black magick - Witch
663 - Immortal : December 31st (unknown year)
Moon born - Blue Moon
Blood - Gargoyle
Sex - Female
Sexual Orientation - Straight
Offspring - None
Born Abilities - Celestial and Demon powers
Extra Abilities: Turn to stone on command. Ward off evil beings, spirits and humans with ear bleeding loud screeches coming from the pit of her throat. Fire breath.

~ Mixture of : Wolf head, torso, rear. Dragon legs / talons. Lizard tail, Capricorn / Goat horns, Long pointed ears, & large bat wings. ~ She CAN pick up things with both front and hind claws like a human can. It helps her to climb the sides of the church. Her whip like lizard tail can pick up things as well but not very easily.

Appearance: Faith has a furry gray pelt, with lighter undersides. She has a dark gray black dorsal stripe running from her head tuft down her back which is back mane down to her rear as it stops at the base of her lizard tail. Her horns curl upwards baring black and silver colors. Her wings are black / gray black colors. She has a few facial markings with dark fur tufts. Among all that her eyes are pure white meaning purity.

Height: Faith is quite large, larger then the other gargoyles, Her height to be known is 6 feet tall standing on her hind quarters with a long slender frame.

•☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡¸.★*´♡ •☆*´¨`☽¸.★*´♡¸.★*´♡•☆*´¨`☽¸.★*

Personality: Being a isolated creature and only in the company of a few chatty gargoyles and shitting pigeons. Faith usually puts herself to the tip top of Notre Dame, in the bell tower where she can find peace from the chatter of humans, birds and others of her kind. Faith is far more interested in the night life below when the moon is high. The lights of the streets turn on, life begins and the smell of food fills the air. So many things to do below this lonely tower. Curious, independent, sarcastic, protective and sometimes a glutton for punishment. Some nights she will leave the bell tower, scale down the sides of the church and hides in the bushes stealing food, money and items from human crowds that go by the church.

Tame The Beast With : Human food, shrimp, pizza, steak, Chinese. She loves soda, poetry, art, music, dance, shiny bobbles, pretty things in pretty frilly dresses and the towns folk. She finds the humans fascinating, while the other gargoyles are off doing better things with their time. Faith will sit on her part of the cathedral an watch the humans below.

Don’t Temper The Beast: She does not like hurting anyone, but on one night when the church was still, a group of students from the church tours were looking to wreck some things up. Faith was in her part of the cathedral when the sounds of broken glass and wood snapping caught her attention. Her pearly whites flashed when she went to investigate. What she found angered her tremendously. She snatched up one of the young boys, roaring furiously into the young mans face then tossing him across the sanctuary into some broken pews. The other’s took off out of fear of the large beast. Blood stained her claws as she walked over to the boys frail broken body. She wasn’t about to let him go now, he has seen too much. Taking a breath her throat lit up in a bright orange color, she scorched the man in flames for his crimes till he was a pile of ash. She collected the ash into a vile then blew the rest away with her powerful lungs. She would then return to the tower knowing the humans would just think a gang of miscreants trashed the sanctuary, it would be cleaned up and restored to it’s former glory. You mess with her home you mess with the beast.


Faith Fae Heartstone (c) Mine 
Artwork (c) Desiree S 


September 28

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Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Friends: None yet

Character Abilites

Camouflage, Dermal Armor, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Regeneration, Enhanced Strength, Night Vision, Wallcrawling, Wing Manifestation. Animal Morphing, Chimerism, Decelerated Aging, Guardianship, Natural Weaponry: Claw Retraction, Enhanced Bite, Prehensile Tail and lastly Stone Mimicry.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

Artwork featured gifts from (c) Desiree S Faith character (c) Mine I do have some artwork of Faith in my own hand, but my friends artwork of Faith is just too darn beautiful not to use for this profile <3

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  • I took a break from role play to get my muse back and sadly my writing friend has left the site. 
    Catherine Chanlder I am so sorry I took forever to return. I miss you my writing friend. :( 

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  • he watched faith pace back and forth for a moment before she suddenly jumped up and shoved her face directly into his and just...stared at him.  greed began to reply, slightly startled sounding at first, but amusement was clear in his voice. 

    "uhh yeah, i'm the living embodiment of greed itself, so i guess by default i am a sin." he said with a small chuckle.  he started to take another swig from his whiskey bottle, but was abruptly stopped again.  this time by faith grabbing his shades off his face with her tail and putting them on.  he reached out his hand with the intent to snatch them back, but he stopped when he noticed how cool she looked.

    "those actually look pretty good on ya, not bad at all!"

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