Falconius was born in 1745 in England his father was a wizard and his mother was a witch, making him being a pureblood wizard and one of the most clean bloodlines, as his family had only once married a half blood a few centuries before his birth, but otherwise all marriages and offspring was pure, though unlike many Witches and wizards, (especially those from Slytherin) they did not make a big deal out of it, it was simply how it had been in there family when it came to love and marriages. Falconius was taken into Hogwarts school for witches and wizards when he was eleven years old, and like all his forefathers he was selected into the house of Ravenclaw, this unusual line, was something both many fellow students through Hogwarts time, but also teachers and even wizards and witches from outside of Hogwarts had wondered about, some witches and wizards had even written books about the Kravae Family, and the theory that they were directly related to Rowena Ravenclaw and her daughter Helena Ravenclaw themselves from a distant cousin line that was unknown to most in the magical world, though the Kravae family themselves has never confirmed this, but has not denied the possibility either. Falconius's favorite school subject was flying, and quiditch, and he quickly became an amazing flyer, two other subjects that Falconius was very good in was in the defense against the dark arts, magical beast lore. But quiditch was his ultimate subject, already as a first year student he was way beyond the others in his class, at the first day of flying lessons, he not only made the broom jump up into his hand one the first attempt but he also already controlled the broom while flying it around even at high speed, after a few weeks he was making stunts and tricks much to his teachers approval but also disliking, his teacher was approving of his confidence and obvious skill in flying, but did not like how careless he was being when performing the stunts. One year later he was immediately taken into Ravenclaws Quiditch team as a chaser, which is also where he got the nickname Ravenhawk, the meaning behind this nickname was that he was from RAVENclaw, and hawk because of his amazing speed on a broom combined with an incredible sharp eye, while he was not allowed to chase or catch the golden snitch, his sight spotted the snitch and then he would fly close and tell the seeker where the snitch was, another thing about his Quiditch skills was as his role as a chaser he became one of the Quiditch worlds most aggressive players scoring a personal amount of point between 90 to 150 points for his team per battle. As the years on Hogwarts passed not only did Falconius continue to earn his Quiditch team large amount of points to them and to his house, making it often relatively indifferent if they won the game or not. In his fourth year as a student he not only lead his team to winning the Hogwarts Quiditch tournament for the third year in a row but he got the Ravenclaw Quiditch team into the world cup of Quiditch, which brought his game and his skills up to a whole new level, he and the rest of the Ravenclaw team did relatively well in the first world cup, being one of the youngest world cup competitors many eyes was on him and exicited to see how well he would fare against older students from other countries and other magic schools and more experienced teams but also against adult Quiditch players who had completed their magical education, and the hubris that filled the competitors against Ravenclaw because of their young chaser, in the first games, Falconius wiped the floor with the other chasers scoring over 100 points on his own, or through team work with his fellow chasers, and made 4 assist. However his team did not catch the snitch and win enough matches to make it to the final as they came short on the match for the semifinal making Ravenclaw win the third place of the world cup, but the other teams and the fans had already been amazed by his skills.

Character Name

Falconius Kravae Ravenhawk

Character Age

29 (in human years much elder in reality thanks to the wonders of magic)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

blue eyes Dark normal length hair a very light beard around chin, cheeks and mouth

Character Personality

Competitive Ambitious Honest Honorable Friendly Intelligent Determined

Character Likes

magic of all sorts but especially beast lore and Quiditch

Character Dislikes

Death eaters Dark wizards and witches Liars and dishonest people who claims the glories that others has achieved.

Character Inventory

a special made fly broom for Quiditch Cherry wood wand with a dragon heart core string

Character Abilites

extensive knowledge about the magical beast of the world Extremely fast Quiditch player and wizard duelist Good at potion and alchemy as well

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