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We are a family of those that have been through the rinnger, the black sheeps of familys. Not all related by blood but we see each other as family and there is nothing to destroy that bond that has been built. 

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The Girls


Nan knew she was a bit different from the rest of her blood family, she was born as the middle child in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By the time her 16 birthday rolled around she started to develop powers. She was able to hear peoples thoughts to start, as she aged more powers started to reveal themselves. once her parents found out she was different they kicked her out. She was found at a bus stop by Pheobe when she was days away from 18th birthday. Now at the age of 22 she has the capability to read peoples thoughts and change feelings when in close contanct. She has been with Pheobe and the rest of the family since she was found. 


Pheobe~ 28~ Single

She knew from start she was differnt. She liked different things from her old family and slowly just drifted away and started finding other hat she felt a better connection with.




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Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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  • (No worries at all.  Thanks for sendin it.)

  • (I hope I'm not boring ya! I do go far out there with my RP's.)

    "Sorry, I heard some walking around upstairs! I couldn't sleep," *Keeping his safty on lock for now, Connor lightly swept the area. Making eye contact with hers, after all he made her heart race including hearing her scream as well. Lowers weapon by his side, wanting to ask you a question.* "Anyways, have you seen my phone, can't find it any-" *Upon pausing for a minute or so, Connor's orange eyes looked over at the desk. There was no laptop to be found, this made him feel a bit more confused already taken in every strange thing that is happening to them.*

    "And I noticed hours ago there was a laptop sitting there. Now it's gone, so I'm guessing someone came in and snatched it?" *Observing everything in the room, before noticing the window's latch was not locked. Connor shivers slightly, thinking to much of it. He slowly sat down onto the bedside, looking down at his gun placing that on the nightstand.*

    "I'm sorry... I'm just paranoid and everything for the past few months." *He noticed his emotions were flaring about, but soon try's to calm himself down. "I probably need a shower too," *Starts to grumble, a bit until he said something stupid.* "Maybe you could...Join me!" *He felt flustered at first, his own emotions were mixed with worriyness, tiredness and nervous held in too.*

    *Rubbing his tired eyes, Connor gets up from the bedside fast.* "I don't know what I'm saying...Sorry?" *Walks past Pheobe, smelling a strong flower like perfume as he goes to the bathroom. Shutting the door behind him, in a few minutes later. The shower started to run inside the bathtub, Connor set it on warm, to steaming hot.*

  • *For about an hour or so, Connor wanted to hear more of her brother's story. He lifted up his head fully seeing nothing but black pitch darkness, and the moonlight envoloping the kitchen and half of the dining room. From outside the window, casting an errire atmospher. Blinking a bit, he lifted himself up feeling the dead weight inside him fading. His own night vision, inside his eyes could finally see a note saying. 'If you need anything just ask' in pen.*

    *Getting up out of the couch, and started to head up the stairs and making his way through the long dark hallway. Connor quickly suddenly stops, seeing a light shining from inside Pheobe's parents room. Placing a hand onto the wooden door, and pressing it inwards. Connor began to peer inside, as the door made a tiny crecking noise, he noticed a single laptop sitting on what appears to be a long artist's desk. Didn't want to wake up Pheobe, Connor moved inside to investigate further.*

    *Checking everything, to pictures on the walls and the mounted deer head. Which totally made him smile a little.* "Dame, nice kill!" *Whispers softly, while heading over to the laptop. Wanting to close it completely, his eyes then noticed something wasn't right. Checking some strange emails that were sent to whoever it was, and pictures. That were totally abnormal to him, but then once he started to get into these images and other things. This had intrigued him even more, he took a hold of the laptop and started to sit down on the side of the bed. Clicking away, but then seeing a logo which totally started to show on center of the screen. Eye's widening, Connor remember's it was the same logo that was shown that person's armor suit. Itexicon. The only thing that's bugging him, is why this person outside was out here.*

    *Double checking every picture, Connor could feel if he was being watched or not. Seeing some pictures were  of him, which made his skin crawl. Shutting down the laptop, he just sat there thinking throughly on what to do next. Putting the computer back on the desk, Connor gotten up from the bedside. He wanted to speak to Pheobe about what's going on and what she's hiding. But everything he thought of was running through his mind so fast. 'Could she be working for them, an assassin, or someone who just lost her own memory of this. Maybe she could be an experiment of some kind and probably trying to find out what's going on? Mind conrolled to act normal and nice' *Connor shook his head didn't want to belive in this entire thing.* 

    *Didn't want to find out about this, Connor simply crept back downstairs. And into the living room, wanting to go back to sleep, but couldn't. He wanted to fumble through his own phone, but as soon as he checked the coffee table. He noticed that it wasn't there, growing fusterated Connor quickly searchs all over the place for it. "Fuck, where is it?" *Growls deeply, then one misstep made him stub his toe. He made a tiny yelp but covers his mouth completely staying quite. Wanting to check outside, Connor took in his surrounds before heading near the front door. He stopped completely hearing sounds coming from upstairs. Didn't know if someone else was inside the cabin, or he just woke up Pheobe by accident. Remembering her strange ability's could be effected in her sleep or not. Wasting no time, Connor walked back upstairs drawing his gun out if he ever needed it.*

  • *Closing and locking the door behind him. Connor placed his silver metallic case, on the table. Opening it fully, checking all his weapons were in place. Then closes it shut, lifting up his head slightly looking over at Pheobe, feeling a sense of calm and relife in his mind. Spotting the tattoos, one of them peaked his interest.*

    "Didn't know you had a brother?" *Connor raises a brow, and walks towards the back of the coach. Taking the Pj's, then went to change into them. He hid into the bathroom, speaking loudly to her while slipping the pants on him. Only his upper body was shown now, there were some battle scars on his lower to upper back even one marking which appear to be human bite marks. Connor try's his best to ignore the marking and his very own tattoo, which was made by Murifield long ago. Quickly pulls the top of the pajamas on, so Pheobe wouldn't see any of it.* "That date said he passed as well?"

    *He walked outside the bathroom door, still had a gut feeling that later on she'll find out. But now he just has to try his best to keep his markings hidden from prying eyes. Walking over to the couch, Connor manages to take a seat at the middle of the cousion. Making himself comfortable, with Pheobe on the chair, trying to talk to her some more. His eyes began to droop off, and his head lightly bobbing off. All she could hear was a soft snoring coming from his lips. Didn't feel his own body slumped over onto the other side of the couch. His breating became slowy and steady, while going into a deep sleep.*

  • *Going outside the front porch, Connor slowly felt the warm mixture of chilly air combination from outside the cabin house. As the cool breeze hit his face and his entire body, sighing to himself. He slowly took out his Camel Light cigarettes, from inside his front side pocket of his blue jeans, and a white lighter from inside the other. Taking one cigarette out from the pack, and lighting the tip of it. Connor inhales and sofly exhauls the smoke from his mouth, placing both cigs and lighter back inside his pant pockets.*

    *While taking a short smoke break, he closes his eyes hearing the sounds of crickets and frogs. From all around, thinking about the nightmare that his twin brother Ethan went into, The Baker's estate everything. Those two years, this made Connor a bit worried about his younger brother and his own wife Mia. He couldn't just shake off those sudden thoughts, while stepping outside into the muddy gravel. Making his way down the long narrow dirt road, Connor wanted to take out his keys, or phone out. But one sudden snap of a twig, made Connor froze in place.*

    *Lightly reaching over for his handgun, Connor didn't hesitate in killing anything that was following him. Slowly turning his head, he noticed it was just a deer staring over at him a few feet away from the brush and trees. Shaking his head, walking to his car he quickly flicked the cigarette away into tiny puddle. Trying to pull out his car keys, and opening the door. For a while once he started the ignition, Connor began to call his brother. The funny part that knicked his brain, is that his younger brother started to call him.*

    *Hearing the sound of his cell phone ringing from inside the cabin of the car, which Connor had no trouble seeing including the back and front interior. Pressing the talk button on his phone, he quickly put the gear into Drive. As his foot lightly pressed onto the gas, and flickering on the headlights to see anything coming in front of him.* "Hey Ethan... What's going on?" *He askes, while moving to the road and into the driveway. Parking his car before turning off the engine.* "Oh, I'm in Colorado Springs you know." *Connor gave out a slight chuckle, then his orange hues looked up towards the inside cabin window.*

    *Seeing Pheobe, watching tv seeing the girl was distracted by it's glowing screen. Connor licked his dry lips, before adding on about who he found inside a lone cabin, which was her father's.* "Her name is Pheobe, and she's kinda of cute and nice. Hey man I need to go, alright see ya!" *Ending the call, Connor walked out of his Silver BMW sedan, and went on opening the trunk with his second key. A faint tiny click was all it took, opening the liftgate, showing a one silver case. Pulling the case out of the liftgate, and closing it tightly shut. He quickly pressed the automatic lock button to lock his car, before heading back inside the front entrance of the cabin.*

  • *nodding and understanding about Pheobe's fathers death, hearing the word cancer and she said that he used to joke about it. Made Connor chuckle slightly, but then wanting to know his name too. That made him a little more then joyful, that he gets to talk to someone new. Since he's hardly much with friends and family, it was the best time to get to know one another.*

    "Connor Winters." *Smiles back, before gazing at the pictures of his camera then looking horror struck. Connor quickly turns it off, then gazes outside the window. He could hear Pheobe speak to him concerned for his well being and her ability to sense energy from other people made him surprised. He sighs deeply, shaking his head. Feeling that it wasn't the right time to talk about it, he knew that their probably being watched or far worse.* "Nothing, but I'm going to bring my car closer towards the cabin. *Wrapping his hand on the door knob, and the other on the doors lock.* "Just in case, we have a chance to get away faster!"

  • [ Sure! Do you have any specific ideas yourself about what kind of plot would be fun? ]

  • (Sure thing. If you like to brainstorm a story. Let me know. )

  • (It happens to us sometimes.)

    "Thanks!" *He said kindly, while his zombie mode quickly faded away, reveiling his bright orange hues. Since he was away from the smells of the rottening blood smell, that was coming from the basement. He set his broken camera down, before sitting down himself. Hearing this girls story that this cabin was his fathers, and that he died 3 years ago.* "It's a pleasure to meet you Pheobe!" *Takes a hold of the glass of water, and begins to down in down slowly.* "So you're father was a hunter, tell me what happened to him?" *Connor questions her carefully, but then shakes his head slightly feeling guilt.

    "Sorry I shouldn't have said that. You don't have to tell me." *Taking another swing of water, he set the empty glass onto the tables surface. Clearing his own throat, before checking the images on the camera. Seeing nice landscapes of trees and other animals, within it's crystal clear imagery. Then once he was in the last of the pictures, Connor's eyes began to squint. Spotting a person standing there in the forest, this person looked like he or she was covered in military clothing. Carrying a rifle in their arms, which he wasn't with anyone at the time. Because Connor came into the trails alone.*

    *His hands began to shake a tiny bit, and licked his dry lips. Turning off the camera completely, before went to look outside the half dirty window. He could feel that they weren't alone, and could tell that someone is out to get him. By the look of the image he saw, it wasn't Muirfield or the Nova military. Which had spiked Connor's full awarness, hoping that this person didn't follow him to the cabin.*

  • (Lol that's funny a broom, but yes she has a clever. Wait... that's even worse! I didn't know, what I was doing. I must of wrote to much this morning?)

    **turning around while laying onto his back, Connor saw that it was britsles of the end of a broom. Lightly lowering his gun, slightly as his red crimson zombie mode eyes had tried to dimminish. But they were still effected by the blood on the floor and freezer.* "Ok, ma'am if I tell ya everything," *Climbs up to his feet, there was a clicking noise, turning the safety back on. Then places the gun back into his holster, Connor breaths deeply.* "I'm sorry, I thought no one lived here. Tsk, guess I was wrong, and the trespassing comes from my own instincts. When you live to long to fight against all odds." *Connor then try's the walk up the steps, and once he gose to the door. He slightly turned his head towards the woman, giving off a slight warm smile.* "By the way names Connor Winters. And sorry again." *Taking the last step upstairs, and into the small dusted dinning room.*

    *Connor checked his camrea seeing the lens been cracked. Probably by the fall while being hit on the back, he lightly walks over towards the entrance of the door. Going into the outside forest, was still bursting with life. He knows that Connor's boss will yell at him again, if the camera breaks or lens smashed again.*

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