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 True Name:  Serenity Coralynn

 Pronunciation:  (suh-ren-i-tee) - (Co-ra-lyn)

 Face Claim: Thylane Blondeau

 Nicknames:  Ser, Feeesh, Ryn

 Birthdate: July 14..

 Birthplace: Hawaii

 Height in human form: 5'5

 Alignment - Chaotic Evil

Health - 100%

Love Interest - A wicked web she weaves

Sexuality - Pansexual


Children - 1 daughter Amare the Black Rose

Her Only Weakness -Janos the Black Rose


 Mermaid / Siren / Demigod


Fantasy|Romance|Violence|Rated R|18+|




Serenity the name in itself screams nothing, but peace yet is so much more. Those that grow lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her would tell you she's a breath of fresh air. Those sunset tresses highlighting procliean doll like godly features. Eyes sparkling blue holding the depth of the moon's glow hidden within them. Lips perfectly shaped like the waves of the ocean, sunkissed skin soft as an angel's feather. Though looks could be deceiving she appears like something you would write in a fantasy novel. Normally when first meeting Ryn she studies you draws in your scent trying to figure out if your good or evil. Normally she comes off as a mute nevercspeaking a word for she knows the powers of her voice alone. She will draw you in with a lonesome song that just draws you in. So powerful she's even drawn a devil in long ago. She's evil though she used not to be it was a series of events that made her this way. She's a loner normally by herself, though her heart still beats it's been shattered to many times to be repaired.




On the shores is where you can normally find Serenity splashing playing though forbidden by her father to go near the shores. She doesn't need his warnings only enjoying the warmth of the sun. Learning how to walk with these things those humans call FEET! Luckily for her she has a fish friend that knows all about the humans thus teaching Serenity everything he knows even how to use those feet of hers. She full of energy like a burst of sunshine that breaks through your window at the crack of dawn warming you with her addictive laughter. Though normally when she is around those that can be affected by her siren voice Serenity will not speak.

 You will simply think she is mute, thus why she has learned the art of sign language. Her mother had been a mistress of her father the King a dark siren. When she was born her birth mother left her on the doorsteps of the palace in a seashell wrapped in blankets. Which leaves Serenity to be Mermaid / Dark Siren. Though she hasn't a mean bone in her body though the magic ablities of that siren song voice is near deadly if she has ill intentions so to protect her friends new and old alike she refuses to speak. Only wanting their friendship to be real and not something the power of her voice along made them like slaves to her.

 The crown made of sea shells, pearls flowers from the coral reef that she is always wearing upon her head. Though when she ventures away from the shores of the sea she leaves it hidden in a special place where it normally remains safe until she returns. Once she returns to the sea she goes to her little hiding place retrieving her crown where then allowing it to nestle upon her head returning to the castle where she normally goes to her room with a smile upon her dimpled cheeks reliving her adventures of the day in her mind.

 Though her voice is a very powerful tool that could do good or evil she's never spoken a word around any other being in fear of turning evil like her birth mother that was a dark siren. Though she is part mermaid and part dark siren Serenity doesn't have an evil bone in her body. Not even her father King Triton has ever heard her voice. She taught herself sign language so she could communicate with her family and friends. Most think she was born mute, but that isn't true. 

 Normally on her little adventures she roams off to a little island no bigger than a small town. No one is around for miles. That's the place she goes to sing to allow her voice to play among the winds giving her a bit of freedom. Only wishing she could speak around friends and family but that fear of it doing something evil lays dominant within her. She could go either way and maybe that's what scares her into remaining mute around others. Though she could go rouge everyone that knows her thinks she's the sweetest loving being alive. She couldn't save a mother dolphin that became trapped in a shrimpers net.


 Though she tried with all her heart, her father had to pull her away. Though she managed to save Midnight and Winter. The mother doplins babies one was black and one solid white. Serenity has cared for them since that day. They view her as their mother in a way. Along side her tiny sea turtle Chip that stays hidden in her inked locks. No bigger than the palm of her hand right now. Where it's mother is, is unknown to Serenity. Though Chip never leaves her side able to go on land with her normally found in her pocket for safe keeping.

 Other than her half twin brothers Trident and Shelton and of course her father Serenity has never laid eyes upon a merman that isn't kin to her. Though she has loads of responsibilities as the Princess. She often wonders off, her father allowing her to do so, but if he knew what her adventures were he wouldn't approve. Its against their kind to mingle with land creatures, but Serenity sees the beauty in every creature. Knowing if she's not careful one day it will lead her to trouble. Though she is a fresh breath of air not everyone will be as friendly.

 Then not only but a day ago on one of her adventures she was brave enough to stumble upon a dragon! Though his scent isn't all that pleasing death and decay, but he's the sweetest beast she's ever been lucky enough to meet. She thinks his name is Meadow...yes.. Meadow the dark beast. She wonders what is like to be so large, although she has discovered he doesn't like fruit but he does like meat! Hopefully not fishsticks!


She's wanders off often finding new islands, New treasures making friends on her way. Her hair is as black as night, though if she stays in the sun long enough you will notice red streaks bleeding through a sign she needs to return to the sea. Even though she knows a spell to give her legs she is a part of the sea and can only stray away a couple hours at a time. Though if her hair turns a shade of night be wary that's when the dark siren surfaces. She really means no harm its merely the darkness within needing to escape from time to time often it happens when she sings a sad song.

Though the truth of her birth was even a secret even unknown to her. King Triton had cared for Serenity raised her as his own, but once he found Serenity's birth mother's journal everything came to life. Sad that the child he raised and loved was in fact never his daughter, but in fact the daughter of a God a very powerful one named Poseidon. Triton knew with this knowledge he had no choice but to go before the God and inform him of Serenity being his daughter. Yet when the God asked of Serenity's whereabouts the King could not answer. For he had spoken of her birth mother in such a harsh way Serenity had left the castle without a trace to go find her. The King placed a photo of Serenity before Poseidon sliding it towards him.

Once Poseidon took the imange in hand his eyes widen tracing his finger over Serenity's features taking the God's breath. "She's a spitting image of her mother a enchanting siren. " he ordered everyone even the King to find his daughter for she was his only child with his powers and those of her mother's she was more powerful than even she herself would of thought. Though to Serenity the only power she ever used was the powers of the orbs to give her feet upon land. She was more of a loner never having met any others than those of the sea. She was slowly starting to make friends. It was a start to her new life on her own.

   Since the meeting with her birth mother Seren things have changed the darkness rushing through her very veins.

 Is anyone safe around her or will they meet thier faith? 


 Second Chapter "Dark Siren"

The moment Serenity and Taj her one true love found out that she was with child. Taj had taken her away in a vacation to the ocean. Unknown to thier knowledge it was the very waters her birth mother Seren roamed. There was a fight Amare Serenity's unborn child protected her mother from Seren. With the threat from her mother letting her know once Amare was born she would come and take her grandchild from Serenity. 

After sometime Serenity woke up on the beach only to see her love Taj laying there looking lifeless. A death scream filled the air as she ran to him kneeling beside him trying to wake him. After many attempts he woke up lifting Serenity into his arms vanishing from the beach he took her far from the sea. Only wanting to protect her and thier child Amare whom yet wasn't born. 

It became hard for Serenity to be away from the ocean something her mother had done to her. Causing her skin to become dry in patches along her neck, arm, and chest. She was getting close to giving birth. She needed the ocean or they both would die soon. Taj didn't want to go back to the ocean not wanting to lose Amare to her grandmother, but if he didn't he would lose them both. With some regrets he packed for them and off to the ocean they went far away from where they had seen Serenity's mother. 

When Poseidon got wind of his daughter about to give birth and the threats against her and her child he himself came to her aide meeting them both at the shore. Poseidon took his daughter from Taj's arms into his own giving Taj the ability to breath underwater. Deep into the water they all went where Serenity gave birth to a beautiful baby girl "Amare Coralynn Ivory" she was a mirrored image of her father Taj Ivory. Poseidon put a protection bracelet up on Amare's tiny wrist. No harm would come to his grandchild. 

At least six months passed Amare was blossoming beautifully Serenity had the family she had always dreamed of, she was happy. Then came her mother Seren to wreck her life once again she only remembers handing Taj Amare knowing she would be safe with her father. She promised no matter what she would find them once it was safe. With that said she pushed them through a portal far away from her mother's senses. Finding herself face to face with her birth mother they fought neck to neck her mother yanked her head back by her head with an demonic laugh she bit into Serenity's neck right above her collarbone on the left side of her neck. It felt like she was suffocating the ink like matter filled her veins with the darkness every memory she had vanished her mother told her if she couldn't have Amare then she would force Ryn to forget everyone she ever loved. And so the darkness begins......

Serenity had woken up on the shore the sun barley breaking the surface as it rippled along the waves, blinking her eyes trying to focus pushing up onto her elbows. Memories flooding her mind, yet it was more clear all tricks by her mother, she never had a true love it had been the devil disguised as Taj the perfect man she had conjured up in her mind from all the lonesome months even years she spent alone. She had a child Amare... but when it had came time for her to give birth her father had taken her to Olympus. They knew the truth of Amare's DNA and with her mother as powerful as she was and her father being the Devil himself this child would not be one to be reckoned with.

They had to do thier best to keep Amare on thier side. Later on in Amare's teen years she figured it out disappearing from Olympus only to be welcomed in her father's arms. Serenity searched for years to find her child only she did it alone after she had given birth she was tossed out of Olympus forbidden to see her child. Everyday was a slow painful death for Serenity the longing to hold her beautiful little girl, her heart was shattered into a million pieces. That's when the darkness rose to its most dangerous levels...revenge against the gods...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ryn found her father she used her voice to draw him in once she had him lips lingered over those of her father's withdrawing the very life from him. Sharp talons raked along his body finally darkness wrapped around him till he combusted into nothing. Now taking his place Goddess of the Seven Seas. A warning to those she was coming to next she would kill anyone in her path for the hell they put her through she would find her daughter and bring her home where she belonged even if she had to kill the devil she wouldn't stop till her child was back in her arms. There's nothing stronger than a mother's love.  


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Meadow the Black Rose -



Hades -



 Damon Salvatore -


▪Amarande ▪

Roman Bailey


Daughter of Serenity & Janos the Black Rose

'Amare Coralynn Black Rose



 True Name:  Amare Coralynn Black Rose

 Face Claim: Lauren De Graaf

 Nicknames:  Mira, Devil

 Birthdate:  May 28th

 Birthplace: Olympus 

 Height in human form: 5'8

 Alignment - Chaotic Evil

Health - 100%

Love Interest - Not interested in love

Sexuality -Pansexual 


 Guardian Draggy


 Serpent  / Devil / Demigod


Amare the daughter of a Siren named Serenity Coralynn and the Devil Janos the Black Rose. Amare's mother once was the sweetest being you could ever met. She fell in love that was her first mistake. The one she fell for was an anti Christ which made it all to easy for her birth father Janos to take on her lovers appearance. Tricking the siren to mate with him planting his seed deep within her womb to which created the perfect combo of evil. A God and a Devil mixing thier DNA creating Amare. Once Hades Serenity's Uncle heard of the pregnancy he went to Serenity taking her to her father Poseidon. To which her father to her to Olympus, where her mother somewhat became a prisoner. They knew the truth of the child she bared having the devil Belial laugh in thier face at the destruction his child would breathe upon them. They thought if they raised this powerful child themselves they would protect themselves.

The day came having Serenity chained by her wrist for they feared the siren as well. The child she carried was beyond powerful and protecting her mother was beyond this world. The Goddess said to be Serenity's aunt Aphrodite taunted her while in chains for she feared Serenity's beauty was greater than her own. Those iced blues had bled to a bloody crimson glaring upon the Goddess Aphrodite till the Goddess choked upon her own blood seeping from every opening of her body till her heart combust within her chest rendering her deceased. Jerking at the chains with each scream splashes of water coating her thighs till the ground beneath her was soaked having her water break. Zeus had the body of Aphrodite removed commanding the slaves to help Serenity. Placing her into the water watching it boil bleeding red with a final cry Amare had arrived. Zeus refused to let Serenity hold her child ripping Amare from her arms sending her back to the oceans upon earth. With everything within her she swore she wouldn't sleep till her daughter was back in her arms. She would kill every God and Goddess she crossed till they gave her child back to her. The first one she killed was her own father Poseidon. With his death Serenity took over the seven seas becoming the darkest Siren to breathe it was the Gods that caused her to go dark side. She danced with the Devil and she liked it. With Hades telling her whom her child's birth father was she searched for him wanting his help to bring thier daughter back.

Amare grew fast before you knew it she was a beautiful teen at the age of 18. The God's gave her everything she desired, but even she knew thier true intentions. Hades having become her favorite knowing he never lied to her. He told her the truth of her parents how she was ripped from her mother's arms forbidden to leave Olympus. Yet they couldn't hold her there. It was Amare whom had made Olympus fall to thier knees killing any and all that dare to stop her. Causing a ripple within to burst watching the stone walls crumble from a mere touch of her fingers. Within a blink of an eye Amare was no longer thier prisoner. No they would not control her any more it was her father's voice beckoning her to come. Unable to ignore his calling there she was standing in front of the ocean. The waves washing over her toes she watched the crimson scales traced in gold appear upon her flesh. She was a serpent having to come from her mother's bloodline she was sure. But what came from her father's bloodline? She heard him speak her name turning about the balls of her feet that's when she laid eyes upon her father for the first time. Watching soldiers from Olympus running towards her with ill intentions with a mere thought they combusted into flames leaving piles of ashes in thier path. Taking her father's hand they disappeared in the mist.


 Amare's Voice



"A little wicked," that's what he calls me
Cause that's what I am, that's what I am

No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne

No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne

Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne
One of these days a-coming, I'm gonna take that boy's crown

There's a serpent in these still waters lying deep down
To the king, I will bow, at least for now
One of these days a-coming, I'm gonna take that boy's crown


Cause I am, I am a little wicked
I am, I am
Hands red, hands red just like he said
I am a little wicked


No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne
I'll be high up in that tower, he'll be down there getting stoned

Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne


Cause I am, I am a little wicked
I am, I am
Hands red, hands red just like he said
I am a little wicked

As I lay me down to sleep
I will not scream, I will not weep
If he should die before he wakes
I'll pray the Lord his soul to take

Cause I am, I am a little wicked
I am, yes, I am
Hands red, hands red just like he said
I am a little wicked

No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne

No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne











   True Name:  Elena Gilbert

 Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

 Nicknames:  none at the moment

 Birthdate:  June 22, 1982

 Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia

 Height : 5'7

 Alignment - Good

 Health - 100%

 -Species- Human

Taken by Damon

Sexuality - Straight 

Love InterestDamon Salvatore






Elena Gilbert born in Mystic Falls, Virginia most popular girl in high school. On the cheerleading team. Though she had adult responsibilities being her parents car went over the bridge with her in the car with them. Stefan had saved her first due to her father's request. By the time he went back it had been to late to save her mom and dad. Leaving her to take care of her younger brother Jeremy. 

 She met Stefan at school seems he had some of the same classes she had. Finding him attractive she flirted with him. One thing lead to another then they started dating, a cheerleader with the quarter back of the football team. Of course Caroline wasn't happy about it one of Elena's best friends, because she had liked Stefan too. While her other best friend Bonnie a witch told her to go for it if she likes him. So she did.

 Though she doesn't remember it she had met Damon, Stefan first but he compelled her to forget. Finding out Stefan was a vampire was a hard pill to swallow. She had never thought of supernatural beings and yet here she was in love with one. Time passed seemed Elena was around Damon more often always saving her ass when needed. Stefan had gone off the deep end flipping his humanity switch off becoming a ripper. Damon told Elena he's gone he flipped the switch stop trying to find him. Though she refused to give up hope till Stefan told her he didn't care anymore to go away. His humanity was off having no remorse or feelings of what he had just told her. So Elena was hurt, but Damon was there to pick up the pieces.

 Elena tried to hide it tries to deny the feelings that were starting to develop for Damon. Though with those eyes and that sly little smirk of his was getting harder to deny what she felt. It was her 18th birthday and he gave her a gift the one thing that represented the love of his brother and Elena even though knowing how he felt for her he was selfless and gave her the one gift that meant the most to her. In that moment she loved him. Before the night was over they were in each other's arms kissing. It felt like the most magical moment in her life...


Now the story begins...stay tuned...



Michael's Little Sister Evangelina



 True Name:  Evangelina

 Face Claim: Gigi Hadid 

 Nicknames:  Eva

 Birthdate:  Unknown

 Birthplace: Heaven

 Height : 5'11

 Alignment - Good

 Health - 100%

 -Species- Archangel

Taken by- Hades

Sexuality - Pansexual

Love Interest- Hades




-Chapter One-

The Fallen Evangelina


 Eva was taught many things all the archangels were taught. She spent years beside Lucifer before he fell. Never were they anything romantic just merely sparring partners. Everyday it was the same routine over and over. Eva had never been anywhere, but the heavens. She was growing tired of all the rules and the boring routines. Loyal she was yet at this point she started questioning things maybe Lucifer was opening her mind. Thats when they were seprated childhood friends now no longer to see or even speak to each other ever again. Instead they locked Eva away shackles upon her wrists treated like a prisoner? What had she done besides questioned the very things she was taught? Asked why she wasn't allowed upon the mortal realm to walk beside the mortals? Why were humans so much more special than her an archangel? Why did her God cherish them so? All the murdering the sinful things they did, yet here she was a loyal soilder now locked away in shackles. Eva remained silent never again did she speak a word hoping her God would forgive her for being so selfish and release her from these chains. No he was not the one that broke those chains only the one that defined his father Lucifer. He gave her the choice to follow him or to stay in this prison she was placed in. Needless to say she stood to her full height spreading her wings in that moment she trusted him and fell from grace.


Rolling over to her side nearling having the breath ripped from her chest. Eva laid there wounded wings broken with the power within she allowed her wings to vanish into thin air. Even though the wings were gone now there was still deep wounds bleeding from her shoulder blades where they once use to have the beautiful wing span of the purest ivory wings. Pushing herself to her feet, eyes trying to focus on things around her. Weakened from the fall not noticing just how far she had fallen. It was dark all around her till she stumbled into a garden that seemed to be well kept. Where had her friend gone? Was he around here? No he was no where to be found seemed his father was not the only one he had betrayed. Eva kept pushing till she just collasped upon the ground within the garden of Hades. Was she safe here? Only time can tell...


Chapter two

Meeting Hades

The loss of her wings 

After her fall that landed her in Hades' domain the Underworld her entire life was about to take a whirlwind of a change. The fall having knocked her out of course the rumble of the Underworld had caught Hades attention. Coming from the shadows kneeling down beside the fallen angel Evangelia after a close inspection he swooped her up into his arms. Body limp in his arms though holding her close to the warmth of his body leading down a series of halls till he came upon a door pushing it open. Making his way over to the bed he laid the angel upon the bed curious to what she was and how it came to her landing in his garden. Taking a seat in a far corner bathed in the shadows he waited, not caring how long it would take he would be there when she opened her eyes.

With his trusted per at his side Cerberus sat protectively at his Master's feet. After a long wait those condensed inked lashes blinked open eyes like jewels of the very moon adjusting to the darkness of the room. Slowly lifting herself up in a sitting position with her left hand going to her forehead with a soft groan of pain escaping her lips. Evangelia confused where she was  having followed Lucifer she thought was this earth? Mot knowing she went further down than she had anticipated. Sliding towards the side of the bed bare feet brushing against the cold stoned floors in that very moment she felt the warmth of his stare waves of sunlit curls flowing about her slender frame looking over her shoulder her eyes meeting his for a brief moment.

(Stay tuned)



 True Name:  Amarande Βαλεντινα 

 Face Claim: Cleo Wattenström

 Nicknames:  Mara

 Birthdate:  Undisclosed 

 Birthplace: Greece

 Height in human form: 5'9

 Alignment - Chaotic Evil

Health - 100%

Love Interest - Not interested in love

Sexuality -Pansexual 

-Species- Immortal Human


-The Birth Chapter 1-

Two thousand years ago in Greece there was a young maiden with flawless features hair dark as night with rich chocolate eyes. All the men tried to court her, but Victoria only had eyes for one tall dark and mysterious Adrian. It wasn't long before he swept her right off her feet. Once he got her father's permission they were wed. It was a big celebration families coming from all over. Though Victoria wasn't a saint being she and Adrian had played between the sheets before they had wed. Victoria was around three months pregnant when they actually spoke thier vows.

After the ceremony they went off onto thier honeymoon. A little cozy cabin nestled deep in the Carpathian Mountains. Of course they had heard all the horror stories of vampires, wolves and such nonsense as they had seen it. They didnt believe in things that went bump in the night. Once they arrived settling into thier cozy cabin, Adrian seen to piling the fresh cut logs into the fire place starting the fire. All the while Victoria had started preparing dinner busy working in the kitchen. Noticing she had forgotten to bring milk and it was an important ingredient she needed. Give ing Adrian those pouty eyes how could he say no? Though it was a long ride to the nearest village he knew his prize winning horse would get him there quickly. Kissing his wife he smiled kneeling to brush his lips against her stomach feeling a little kick brought a smile to his face. Then out the door he ran. 

Once Victoria was all alone in the cabin prying eyes watched her. He breathed in her scent a smirk curling to his lips hearing two heart beats. That sinister smirk only grew. He wanted to make a new vampire one who was a vampire with Immortality, but have abilities of a human. Warm flesh, a beating heart a le to live as a child yet once said child reached the age of twenty years old she would not age a day after that and she would live forever. Seeing the husband leave it was his chance to whisk the woman away. Without warning before Victoria could even scream he was behind her wrapping arms around her. Victoria knocked things over struggling against her attacker. His hand clamped over her mouth to silence her. Dragging her out into the night the front door left wide open. 

Using some form of magic he made Victoria sleep laying her on the ground. Taking his victim from earlier placing the body of the woman he had drained dry in the kitchen where Victoria had been with little effort he started a fire. Stepping outside watching the house go up in flames, lifting Victoria up into his arms hiding within the shadows awakening Victoria though he had silenced her. She only could watch in horror as Adrian arrived back racing towards the burning house screaming her name. Victoria's heart sank watching Adrian rush into the burning house and with a snap of her captors fingers there was an explosion of fire leaving nothing alive within. He lifted her back up carrying her off to his home deeper into the mountains through a series of tunnels and caves. His home was inside the largest mountain. Laying Victoria down on a bed shackles around her wrists and ankles now his prisoner. He spoke to her of his plans with her unborn daughter. Victoria begged him not to, but as he sliced his wrist fingers drawing her jaws open forcing her to drink his blood. 

Repeating the feeding every hour on the hour till Victoria was able to keep it down. He made sure his human servants kept Victoria fed and bathed. You would almost think he cared for her, but he cared not for her only the child she carried. Once the child was born he would drain Victoria dry. He would raise the child here teach her everything he knew. She would be unstoppable a force to be reckoned with. Months passed till that very day came hearing Victoria scream he smirked smelling the blood her water had broken. While Victoria's and Adrian's families  had mourned thier deaths having said the fire was the worst way to die.  Here Victoria was giving birth, her captor between her thighs ready to assist. With a few hours of labor there she was that first breath filling her lungs crying out in the night. Lifting her up into the air he smiled, "I shall name you Amarande. Which is Immortal in Greek. You will be my greatest achievement." Victoria held her arms out begging to hold her. He smirked lifting the child to her. Victoria lifted Amarande up to her breast to feed her only to jump with a wince the sensation of tiny like needles sinking into her flesh. Amarande suckled till Victoria's body started to weaken. Taken the child from her handing her off to a servant to be bathed.  Turning back to Victoria sinking his teeth into her neck he finishes draining her dry down to the last beat of her heart. Calling more servants to take the body a d burn it as well to clean the mess up. Moving towards Amarande's crib where she laid to sleep his finger stroking her cheek. 

Amarande grew rapidly by her first birthday she was already ten in the mortal world. She was quick some say quicker than her maker one she grew to call Sire. Never would she call him father for she knew he was not. She knew the truth he couldn't lie to her. Having turned out stronger than he had ever expected. By the time she was eighteen he brought a handsome vampire Male to court her wanting her to carry a child to see if the gene would come through her off spring. All Amarande did was punch him in the face knocking him on his ass, "Touch me in anyway I will slaughter him and all your little pets including yourself.  I'm no God damn baby factory, I wont do as you wish. You ruined not only my parents lived but mine as well fuck you fuck him and fuck everyone else here. I'm leaving and the first one that tries to stop me will lose thier life! With that said the shadows swallowed her up disappearing from the mountains looking along the busy streets cars rushing by having never seen one it was rather amazing. The smell of the city food feeling her lungs. She smirked turning towards a human Male pulling him close using her abilities convincing him to hand over all his cash which was alarming more than expected. Reminding him he would o ly think he lost it all in a game long match. Turning away she smirked wanting to try all the food she smelled. Dashing off down along the city streets now her story begins wont you come along and be a part of it....


May 15

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    Roman is dreaming of falling into water - an endless expansive stretch of water that consumes him like the belly of a beast. He sinks deeper and deeper until there is no more sunlight and he cannot see himself anymore. His lungs are on fire, begging for him to breathe in but can't seem to fight against his natural instinct to hold his breath. It hurts. Everything hurts. Eventually, he sinks so deep that the pressure of his surroundings threatens to crush his body. Right as he is on the brink of death, a voice wakes him from the nightmare.

    Rather than bolt upright in terror, he simply blinks slowly and begins to adjust his eyes to the light in the room. The memories of how he got here seep back into his consciousness little by little. He remembers the fight against Heaven, falling and gracelessly plummeting back to Earth. The pain. Roman turns onto his back and sits up. He feels remarkably better than before - he assumes it had something to do with the drink he was given.

    Not only his body has recovered, but the smallest connection to his powers has returned too. The air is thick with the haunting memory of previous visitors auras. The strongest being his own and Amarande's auras. He pushes his hair back off his forehead, frowning as he glances toward the room's entrance where he sees the woman peering inside. "Why are you worried about me when you are clearly in pain?" He mumbles, still half asleep having just been woken up.

    There's no way he would know what happened to Amarande, nor would he know about Alexander without entering her mind. However, he does feel pain in her aura that is so apparent, it is almost the only energy that he can sense from her. Even more so than him and he's lost everything, plus broke almost every bone in his body not too long ago.

    "I'm fine," he finally answers, "I feel a lot better. Thank you..." 

  • (Either or is fine. What brought you across alien territory? Big alien fan? As you can see by my page. I’m a HUGE alien and predator fan and terminator as well. My unholy holy sy fy trifecta. ^.^

    was there a particular character of mine you wanted to interact with? I got several. With one character having the option of being male or female in human form. Since the species is hermaphroditic.  So the main alien “child” can take form of either gender.  The other characters are all locked as female. Though the alien t 1000 type being a shapeshifter, can take different humanoid form)

  • There is an immediate change in the degree of pain as soon as he stomachs the mysterious liquid. Intense pain falls under a slight nuisance until eventually, he feels numb and not any more broken than perhaps having a bit of stiffness in his muscles. The relief Roman feels allows him to give a large sigh that does not make his lungs suffer. He'd never felt a pain like that before and with his powers severely weakened, it was made even worse. To have that weight lifted off his shoulders is like taking a big gulp of air after drowning for a year.

    By the time Amarande returns to the room after her search for clothes, Roman is sitting upright on the bed she laid him on. He looks more lively, a spark returning in his eyes as he slowly looks around the room to take in the details. This definitely is not a place he recognizes, but he figures he'll think about where he is and where he'll go once he's fully recovered. For now, it's best to rest. He watches her walk in, brows pinch in a frown of suspicion. It's not until she is done speaking that Roman says, "you're going well out of your way for a stranger, why?" There's a roughness to his voice, husky if you will. Yet, he speaks with a levelled volume and with stern confidence. Even more noticeable, he has an accent that flicks his vowels in interesting ways - he's Australian.

    Roman examines the clothes Amarande sets down by dragging his hands over them to feel the fabric. He's always been a bit of snob when it came to his wardrobe choices.

    The setting sun over the horizon of expanses of grassy fields is beautiful. Even in his awful state, Roman finds himself drawn to the view from the room. There doesn't seem to be anybody for miles around, only nature and the brilliant orange and red sky in the distance. A soft breeze comes in the room and ruffles Roman's hair so that it falls over his dark eyes. Too lazy to brush it back, he simply switches his gaze to Amarande through the dark strands obscuring his vision.

    "As intrigued as I am about these.. 'beasts', I think I'll take your advice and call it night." He says softly, his mind already drifting to the temptation of a shower. Before the conversation carries on any further, the woman is leaving him alone and exiting the room. Tomorrow is another day - he'll deal with things then.

  • "Wow, we've got safe houses too?" Roman mutters, unable to help himself from making the remark even though it pains his lungs to do so. Whoever this woman is, he can safely assume she means him no harm. It would have been easy to take him out in the state he is in. Instead, she offers him help. Yet the simple fact she decides to take him on like a bird with an injured wing confuses him - it would be easier to call authorities and have them take care of him. Not that he wants to be in a hospital, especially after the last experience he had in one. Still, it irritates him that he can't pinpoint what her motive is, so he decides he'll figure it out later when he's in less pain.

    Roman's mind slowly ticks over Amarande's words: "everything changes when the sun goes down."

    What the Hell does that mean?

    Teleportation is by no means a new mode of transportation for Roman. However, he is not used to travelling in this style via the power source of another. It's a foreign and completely alien sensation to feel so out of control of his sense of direction. Even worse, it makes him feel a little sick. He can't tell if it's the teleportation alone or the combination of it with his current state. Once he feels the bed beneath him, however, he is able to relax a little more.

    Too exhausted to bother taking in his new surroundings, Roman stares at the roof above his head and focuses his attention on maintaining a regular breathing pattern. He hasn't felt this much pain in a long time. A messed up part of himself is almost grateful for all the hurt he is experiencing. For once in a long, long time Roman feels alive again. Although he can hear Amarande moving about the room, he's doesn't have the energy to pay her much mind just yet.

    She returns to his side and he turns his head to glance between her and the mysterious glass vile. Roman appears roughed up, that's for sure. He's got on a black dyed denim jacket that survived any wear and tears from the fall. Underneath is a white shirt stained with his blood and rip to the side exposing tanned skin underneath. But it's his face that looks the most worn down. His brown eyes are dark and tired, lids only half opened. Roman keeps his lips parted to breathe through his mouth, finding it easier than using his nose. To the corner of his mouth is dried line of blood that curves around the shape of his jaw and down his neck.

    Roman doesn't hesitate to accept her offer. He takes the glass and brings it all too willingly to his mouth. Without a second thought about the taste of the contents, he downs the bottle in one big mouthful. It hurts to swallow. With a lazy movement, he hands the glass back and settles back onto the bed. Silence passes and then in a quiet voice Roman says, "thanks."

  • \\I thought I had responded to you but it seems that I have not done so and I am very sorry that you had to wait for years to hear from me ;-; with the holidays and stuff, its been crazy for me but I hope that you are doing well though :)

  • When brunette locks obscure the sun from beaming on Roman's face, he is encouraged to open his eyes. He captures the very first good glimpse of Amarande the moment he stops the hesitant fluttering of his lashes as his eyes adjust to the brightness. His first thought - who is she? His second - she's stunning. And his third - I'm gonna lose my shit if this is another Angel.

    Before smiling, he groans in pain. This predicament is completely ridiculous; there's no way he couldn't laugh at himself. Months upon months stuck in an endless loop of his own version of Heaven until he became numb from all the sickening happiness continued on until Roman saw through the cracks. Falling from Heaven is not nearly as graceful as the movies and novels made it out to be. If he were human he's certain he would have died.

    "'Sup," he eloquently says. Nevermind the fact his ribs are most certainly cracked and possibly punctured a lung. Roman chokes on his own voice - no, on blood in his mouth. It gurgles in his throat when he speaks, forcing a harsh full cough to erupt. Naturally, it heightens the pain he's experiencing and he winces in response. Soon after, he chuckles at the irony of his own demise. The fall of the mighty Roman had to of come eventually - he always wanted to go out with a bang.

    Amarande's offer to help is a surprise that he can't help but immediately be suspicious of. Curious about her, Roman tries his very best attempt at looking her up and down from his current position. One thing he can confirm, Amarande is not mortal. If she is, she's not the normal kind of mortal given she is not questioning his condition and even has the audacity to joke about it the second she first opens her mouth. He can't blame her though, he thinks it's pretty funny too. Kind of.

    In the end, what other choice does he have aside from laying here to suffer some more until he gathers the strength to stand? No way. Roman sighs loudly, forcing his lungs to work harder than they want to and tilts his head. "Fine, Amarande, " he puts emphasis on her name, "I can't turn help away right now.. so..," he trails off, certain he's made his choice definitive enough to her.

  • [I got a little busy - sorry for the delay]


    He fell from the sky full of regret.

    The vicious wind rushed by him as gravity pulled him down into its embrace. Whistles scream into his ears accompanies by fuller sounds akin to the wind rapidly moving as a bird flaps its wings. Wings? A pair would be good right about now. Falling faster than one hundred kilometres an hour he knows for sure that this is going to hurt like a son of a bitch. There's nothing he can do to stop himself from falling but he wouldn't even if he could.

    Roman closes his eyes tight once they start to water from the wind. His hands stretch comfortable at his sides in a similar fashion as his legs. Little by little, the Earth comes into vision. Grassy fields await him below, cocooned in a valley of mountains and in the distance, a castle. He does not know this place but he is content with the thought that finally, finally, he's not in Heaven. 


    Malaiesti Valley, Romania

    The hours roll by and a day and a half passes before Roman opens his eyes again. A blue sky with few clouds greets him from above, moving slowly above the world he is rooted in. Trying to move is met with resistance from his damaged body. A broken leg doesn't bother him much, but the internal damage suffered to his organs does. He should be dead. Roman is glad he isn't. If it didn't hurt to breathe, he'd groan at the overwhelming pain throughout his body. Instead, he lays still and quiets as he watches the clouds roll by. Roman smiles to himself when he makes out the shape of a lollipop in one. It even hurts to grin like that so he promptly stops.

    Normally, he would have no trouble recovering from this fall. But it seems he's lost his touch and his body refuses to heal as well as it used to. Sudden pain he can deal with, constant pain is another matter entirely. This sucks. He wonders if he'll be found before it gets dark out.

  • Sleep, something many creatures were plague with. Few beings were able to function all day and night, all the time without rest.  Sleep was when a being was at it’s most vulnerable, and it was often the best time to strike. Dreams. There were three sibling gods that where known for their roles in dreams. Morpheus being the most famous while Phobetor and  Phantasos.  Phobetor was known as a god of nightmares but he wasn’t the only one with nightmares as their domain. 

    No, there would be a goddess, a literal nightmare, that would emerge in present day that was a self proclaimed Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares.  It would be a strange night on the sea when a crew of sailors began to dream on their voyage home. It would not be a peaceful voyage as one of the crewman would disappear, fallen overboard with multiple claw marks on his body. The next night another would join and another. This act was like chumming the water. Causing the sharks in the ocean to go into a feeding frenzy as they swam towards the boat to eat their prey. 


    Things would get worse when one of the crew was sleeping on the deck of the ship. The sailor got into the local cache of dynamite and had begun lighting the fuses and throwing them overboard. Blowing up several sharks that came to feed and a few dozen fish. The noise woke up the rest of the crew as they scurried to see what as going on. The marine life no doubt would be in a state of panic or shock at the sudden explosions and rivers of blood in the water.  Usually sailors did not act in such a fashion and there was no other ships around to indicate a battle was commencing. So what was it that happened. ?

  • No matter the ounce of innocence. It was no excuse to be so reckless. She was in a whole different world, yes. Rules however, weren't any different. They are all the same, no matter where you go. You are a guest in someone's home. Keeping your hands to yourself is what you do above all else. You want something, then you ask. Taking the fruit was like taking something of value. Even if the item was edible. No different than Hades taking the apple from the tree within the garden of Eden. You didn't need years on you to know this simple rule. No measure of isolation should reduce you to the mentality of a child. Regardless, Hades was at ease and had brought food to her, before he found her in the garden again.

    It was not a sign of kindness, it was of good manner. While he is whom he is, it didn't mean he was short of education. He left her to her business, whatever it is that she decided to do within the room. Hades would not visit her, for he had business elsewhere for the time being. If she chose to come out of the room, that was fine. But she had to learn to be careful around the golden palace and the rules she was still unaware of. Only someone as her would be smart and ask what she can or cannot due. Now that she was grounded here till she paid for her crime. Even if she thinks otherwise.

    He had gone to the gates of the underworld and back in a small matter of time. Business you see, no one else was going to take up the mantle if he didn't do what needed to be done. So silence envelopes the entire palace, not a word. Even the whispers that would be present, were not. Without Hades around, the palace was in a state of rest. It seems like hours before the first sound lifts in the thin, cold air. He'd returned, and there is a knock at her door. While it isn't Hades himself, it is a shade that raps at her door. When the door opens, either by the shade or Evangelina herself. Summons is delivered. Hades was inviting the angel to eat out in the open.

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