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Character Age


Character Species

Molten Griffin

Character Gender

Male, Other

Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

A Molten Griffin is both very much and not very much like other griffins. Like Many Griffins, He is Four legged, winged and large. Difference? the Literal Lava. His wings, feathers, Tail, Body, All of it, spare for the eyes & mouth. Is ether Uncooled lava with Cooled & stoned Lava floating around, most of it on his body. He has almost glowing golden eyes. And a pair of horns, with one broken. He does not have a human form. *more in abilties*

Character Personality

Fizarie Is a Proud Creature, But Anyone hurt, especially children, He's like one big mama. He's Defencive for those he's close with, while sometimes getting into the most stupidest arguments, that make everyone laugh later. And has Great trust for them too. this leaves him open for muniplatin, but no one hasn't tried, thanks to his scary appearance.... at least we think so.

Character Likes

Soft Music, Children, Bathing in the sun, making people happy.

Character Dislikes

Sand ("It Gets Into me and now im stuck with glasses!") Ugly Dressed people ("Like i said! NOT UGLY PEOPLE! I SAID PEOPLE WHO DRESS UGLY! YOU'RE NOT GETTING BISCUITS ANYMORE!")

Character History/Story


Character Inventory

A NoteBook that he writes Lyric ideas, Stories, Notes, and other random things in. A Lyre, that he can play and a always boiling container of water since its on his body.

Character Abilites

Can become one with lava, But Cant do the same for his items He has "venom" in his teeth, once he bites some one, they'll be left with a burning pain in his nevous systm for hours. But Fizarie has a 30% chance of biting himself while at it. He can become a puddle of lava, But it would burn his items. He can also speak a couple tongues, Which is, Griffin/Bird Tongue Human Tongue (English, Spanish, Chinese) Runes

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi! Im Quince! Im Trans Genderfaun. Meaning i fluidly change from He to they, or both at the same time. I have been (really) roleplaying since Covid, but started when i was 7.

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