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Lily's story begins with an ending. A Night Dragon by the name of Skya had been guarding a sacred forest from a mountain that towered from the middle of it. For generations, the forest had been kept safe under her supervision, dispelling all and any threat that may have presented itself or was hidden. The forest in return valued Skya's presence, keeping balance in its ecosystems. The war beast soon fell sick and underwent hibernation deep within the labyrinth within her mountain, until she perished, transcending from a mere guardian to a deity. Lily never had a mother or a father, her cries as an infant rang throughout the woods, drawing the attention of peaceful nomads in the vicinity. They would care for her, however if they attempted to leave the forest with her, unknown threats would suddenly appear then disappear to draw them back into the woods. Some nomads stayed with her longer than others, teaching her different lessons as Lily grew.

However, no matter what she did, where she went, or who she was with, Lily found herself back to shrine where her life had begun. After the age of seven, Lily found herself independent enough to not seek the aid of strangers, but of forest sprites instead, allowing her to leave the forest perimeter and into urban settings in very rare occasions.



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For her age, Lily is extremely independent, but as children are, she is even more curious. She doesn't intentionally seek out danger, but manages to find it from time to time. From accidentally stumbling onto dangerous, slumbering beasts, to falling into mermaid-infested lakes to take a closer look, however she manages to escape by the thinnest margin. At times she mistakens recklessness for being brave when she does go on her small adventures. Taking a more positive outlook, she assumes all creatures are friendly and gentle, and introduces herself as such. However, Lily does have a stubborn streak when she finds herself having an authority figure. She knows she should listen when there's an important lesson to be heard, but Lily would rather explore and gain wisdom from said lesson on her own. When it comes to pain or injury, Lily has learned not to wail, but instead endure it until she fixes herself.

If she finds someone or something intriguing, Lily will immediately ask question after question to satiate that curiosity of hers. Rarely will she find herself disliking anything, or anyone, unless they cause harm to her first. 




Lily's attire does not vary often, being limited to what nomads had given to her as a generous donation. Her shoes are handmade moccasins that a lady had made for her once she saw the child walking barefoot everywhere with small bruises on her feet. Her pants and shirts were fitted to her size, hand stitched as well. Lily would watch how these adults had sewn her clothes, and learned how to repair them if she ever needed to. Lily's pants are a dark brown, possibly black if soiled. She changes between two shirts depending how dirty they are, one an off-white/beige with red threading and the other orange with white threading.

Lily has pale skin and brilliant blue eyes. Her thick, wavy hair changes color varying on the season. In the summer, her hair is dark brown, nearly black, as it gets colder, her hair color lightens until its completely white.


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Lily does indeed have a set of powers that aren't very monumental at the moment, especially at her young age. She's not invincible by any means, yet all have helped her survive thus far, such as:




- Lily can communicate with all animals and mythical beasts alike. She's learned to tune out the simple-minded thoughts of animals like rodents and insects. Sometimes she can convinve predators to protect her, but it doesn't work most of the time. It does allow her a chance to befriend them and when talking to the right animal or beast, it makes for great conversation.



- Lily has the ability to heal others or herself with her own energy, but more suitably with water. If she uses too much of her energy, she'll faint, which is why water is more preferable.


Flora Augmentation

- Lily can grow small forest sprites and smaller plants and flowers to aid her temporarily. They can form into small creatures to do small jobs or warn her of lingering danger in the woods. However, most of the time she'll use this ability to just watch them dance around for her amusement.






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- Minor friendly, and with Lily being a minor, she will have no relationship status.

- A paragraph minimum for replies, I will try to replicate in length anything more than that.

- The default setting is a forest, but if need be, a safe location in a city will be fine as well.

- You add, you start. 

- Killing her or any behavior that is unethical toward a child will immediately end the thread, the idea of Lily is to grow a character through experience with others.

- Expect replies in a two week span

-I also write as Agnes on this site



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  • All was well and somewhat silent when the young water drake began resting his eyes, not thinking too much on whether or not someone or something was observing, or even outright following him. Nothing was ever really expected to happen among those lands since its sentient inhabitants were long gone, all that remained was its replenished wildlife as far as he knew.

    That assumption of his was about to be proven wrong.

    Initially, he only picked up what sounded like the brushing of leaves from nearby trees, nothing too concerning. Then it grew louder, and louder, to the point Tempest could decipher it as someone kicking up grains of sand. Both emerald hues snapped open when she got close, followed by some hollering right in his face.

    The reaction to this was his heart skipping a beat, followed by a higher-pitched shriek that almost sounded akin to a startled squeal. Upon doing so, the azure scaled reptile flinched backward and quickly lost balance, impacting the sandy terrain behind him with a quake following it. A few agonizing grumbles were heard while rolling over right-side-up, eventually turning back around to see who this was.

    For a closer inspection, he leaned in and stuck his snout in her hair for a quick inhale or two. After that, his head was lowered to her height.

    “What’s a little girl like you doing out here in a place like this?!” The older being questioned aloud. “Or are you just lost? Please tell me someone didn’t leave you here…”

  • Of all things he had seen in his travels, Nightwing had to be one of the greatest wonders of his life, a land that he never got to see in its prime state before its inevitable collapse. While getting to be apart of it was no longer an option, exploring the vast, abandoned territory was, and there was so much to seek out. A great deal of his time was spent doing so, but no hopes were had for finding his non-aquatic brethren.

    It was time for him to move beyond that and continue on, even with so much being left undiscovered. After being away from sea for so long, his gills could use a dose of nice, cold, saltwater to refresh them. This eventually prompted him to make a return back to the coast, where the young drake would more than likely move along its shorelines again.


    A vast majority of the sands were nearly under the sun’s gleaming rays, only to be partially obstructed by the wing of a seagull gliding across effortlessly. Countless blades of grass and patches of clovers within the dunes were partially shaken by oncoming winds, which rustled the leaves of nearby trees. Several clumps of dead seaweed turned brown lined the shores where an endless amount of waves broke against it, periodically washing up more of it. Occasionally, a sand crab or two would emerge from a tiny, unearthed hole, where they’d scurry across.

    Further up was an opening in the sand, the mouth of a river in fact, which led inland with its stream moving out to sea. For the most part, the flowing freshwater remained undisturbed as always, like there was anything that could change that.

    Or was there?

    Out in the distance, a moving shape could be seen, shrouded by continuing splashed that followed it. Golden spinal fins akin to what one might expect on a fish sliced through those waters like a blade. Beneath the surface, an almost hulking, dark mass bolted through it like a speeding projectile, causing any surrounding water to churn from its movements. Any schools of fish or bull sharks immediately darted away at the presence of a larger predator speeding across.

    Alas, the beast below ascended, where it managed to get completely airborne for about two seconds before diving back under. The azure and gold scaled reptile kept his four legs tucked beneath for the whole duration, deciding to leap across repeatedly. Below the surface, his finned tail constantly shifted in a side to side motion to keep momentum. For added speed, the surrounding water was manipulated by his bending to push against his backside and propel him forth.

    Once the shoreline was reached, the young drake ceased most movement and allowed himself to gradually come to a near halt. All that carried him at that point was the river’s natural current. A sharp left turn would be made until his talons could reach the bottom, soon pulling himself to the side. Before long, he hauled himself out of those waters and stepped out on all fours, where the beast would walk several meters up amongst the dunes.

    After searching around for a good spot, his nails would be used to unearth himself a small den, piling up the circular outer rim with the sand he dug up. Once finished, the aquatic reptilian plopped down and rolled onto his back, where his soft golden underside was now facing up. His serpentine, emerald-colored orbs closed themselves while letting the sunlight warm him up.

  • A faint smile was present when she returned the pleasantries so cheerfully. It was a far cry that he might give any stranger knocking on his door unannounced, but a child’s mind had a way of picking friends before enemies. As he heard the roots twist and turn themselves free, his attention fell on the crumbling structure as they moved in real-time before his eyes. There was a glint in his eye as he watched it. His lips parted but fell closed wordlessly after. “I hail from the Western end of this territory. I have for many, many years now.” Spencer’s eyes did a sweep as he oriented himself. Eventually, his hand rose to point toward the peak of the mountains that stood far off to his left. “Past the highest peak, and beyond.”

    Of course, he hadn’t seen home for a while now since starting up his travels. It was trusted that the doors were locked, and the fire would start up again just as soon as his feet stepped through the door. Looking back to Lily, his head gave a nod. “An old friend… a dragoness. Her name was Skya, and she was once a queen above these trees. She hailed from the very mountain I showed you.” Did the girl know anything of this, and if not… what then? A hidden smirk was kept at bay to the comment that had followed. “Well, I am no ordinary traveler, and neither are you.” Spencer’s eyes cast toward the crumpled remains of what was the igloo. “Would… you like to sit down? Or maybe go for a walk, and we can talk?” He proposed. He had to get his head straight from what had occurred in the last five minutes that had come to pass, and it couldn’t be done while just standing.

  • Mercury hues surveyed the inside of the igloo. Its structure came as a surprise when he had seen no spell nor botany achieve it before. He knew of a creature perhaps, once upon a time. It mattered not now. “Moving, will you now?” Spencer inquired in a lighter tone. It housed a gentleness that was one part his own, and one-part surprise. He knew not what he would cross in the more unfamiliar portions of Nightwing, but who was to expect a child? It mattered not now. It left him with a coy smile spread across his lips and a rather curious stare. As she made her way out of the small dwelling, Spencer stood and took a few steps back to allow her more space. His eyes did a brief sweep, trying to make sense of the scenario he had fallen into. The old dragoness’ words lingered in the back of his mind.

    “Well, Lily, my name is Spencer. It’s quite a pleasure to meet you.” He stated. His head turned as he watched her circle about him, nearly two feet below. He waited until she came back around to center before he spoke again. “I’ve traveled quite a long way…” Spencer started. Where to begin? Questions came to mind far quicker than he knew he should ask. He cleared his throat. “Rather… an old friend sent me. They might have sent me right here to you.” What was that higher pitched tone? A pleasant surprise perhaps, disbelief on his own part. So many years of monotony in Nightwing and now there he was. Face to face with a young girl he couldn’t quite place yet.

    She was trying to gauge what she was. Some sort of young woodland fae? Cassella observed the child, chuckling slightly at her reaction when she carefully draped the scarf on her. It will hang loosely, for sure. The moment that those tiny spirits made their appearance, surprise momentarily lit her features, and her stare remained until they faded out. They just seemed happy to be around her, really. And in a way, she found them adorable. "Well, family consists of those that genuinely love and trust you. From how I see it, you got a big one," she nodded. For a brief moment, she almost looked sad. But really, how can anyone stay sad in the presence of someone so curious and enthusiastic? She contemplated on her words. Trees? While that indeed seemed strange, there had been stranger things that she already came across. 
    Returning the shell to its little cradle, Cassella started once more. "While there are those that can come from rivers, this one came from saltwater. It's an abalone shell. There are people who make them into jewelry, but sometimes it's pretty enough on its own." Digging her hand through her stash once more, she produced the tiny felt bag of shells from earlier. She handed it over for inspection. Most of them were way smaller than the abalone, some were plain, marbled, speckled or flecked with silver. "These ones are scallops. These are cowries..." Her voice trailed off, a small idea lighting up her face. "You know, I can just make you a necklace out of these shells. Do you live around this area of the forest? Maybe I can get it ready in a day or two."
    From how Lily sounded, perhaps, this child never found herself by the coasts before where these little ornaments were found. While she had stories of her own, Cassella scooted down as she took out her mobile phone, thanking the way technology evolved this far. Fingers hastily flicked away at the cracked screen, revealing various pictures that she had taken way back. Some of them featured sandy coastlines with the foam bordering them. Others taken from rocky cliffs where the crests of the waves were higher, some from a deck of a certain ship. While there were those that had dawning or sunset skies, all of them featured the great span of water stretching away to the distance. "Here you go, that's how the sea looks like! On decent weathers, that is-- it gets cranky sometimes, you see."
  • ||ashfkksh I was just thinking about this thread like, last night, omg! Welcome back!||

    While the entire afternoon was spent on contemplating and minding her own business, senses sharp enough might perceive the fact that she doesn't seem to be alone. She was being watched. Not the type of gaze that seemed to breathe upon her neck, but more like a distant, curious stare that followed her everywhere, as if the leaves itself had eyes. But considering the amount of wildlife and the possible fact that the entire place might be home to something that's far from common, Cassella didn't really mind. Nothing posed danger to her so far, from there and perhaps back. And she was more than happy with that.
    That voice, however. It caused her to jump slightly, immediately turning around to see the source of the sound. A child clad in orange, matching the fluttering leaves, her hair partly ashen. She was regarded with visible curiosity, and Cassella already wondered why she hasn't felt that presence before.
    This one held no hostility, however, and that alone gradually put her at ease. This one felt very much alive, just like the woodlands around them. She heaved a relieved sigh. "Whenever I visit a new place, I just bring along gifts if I get the chance or if I have them. Could have been better, really..." Stepping aside, she tilted her head to its direction. A smile made its way to her face. Genuine in every sense, mirth completely warming it up. "Here, you can take a look if you want. My name is Cassella. How about you?" 
    As she waited for a reply, this was one opportunity for her to actually study the little figure. It didn't take long for the smile to give way to surprise. 
    Perhaps it was the attire. Maybe it was because children were not meant to roam a forest alone, straying far from home with all the dangers that can come at sundown. While this child didn't seem lost, the chilly air was something that she was clearly worried about. She took off the fluffy knitted scarf that she was wearing, meant to be handed away at a moment's notice. From the looks of it, this woman won't hesitate to give away her jacket if asked--not the first time that she ever did, really. How long was she roaming around? "Please tell me that your family is just close by. Are you cold?"
  • Silence was a commodity that Spencer was well used to, but was never one to fully enjoy. The trees held no different than his home in that regard, but as he stepped further and further into the trees, it was felt in a far more deafening sense than it had been. The paths and landmarks were something entirely different come snowfall. Once the trees were bare he was left to depend on his own navigation… travels be damned, he had not let himself become rusty. One lake after the other, he waited in silence for some time, studying the surface as if something would appear from its depths. Circling the perimeter on some occasions, for what it was worth, and leaving a miniscule camp behind with each. He preferred Nightwing from upon the back of a dragon. That much was official.

    Another lake, it begins again… Spencer thought as he broke through the trees to see the water’s edge where the body was small enough that it had frozen over. He was losing steam. He was questioning his sanity on the matter, and whether some god up above was truly tormenting him. Such things were what made him pause at the sight of the tracks. No, he thought. He didn’t know anything else that carried prints like it. Why so small? Was he not looking for just one being, but many? It didn’t matter as he started walking, following one after another and keeping his eyes peeled for where the next might be. By the time his eyes glanced up, he was frozen in place again to the sight.

    “You are certainly not alone,” Spencer commented under his breath to himself, eyeing the structure and it’s lesser figures that were set up out and about. The igloo seemed suitable for a brief span of time, the snowmen surrounding keeping a watchful eye over the structure, or so he liked to think. The man stood out midst it all when the woolen cloak over his shoulders shook with the breeze, snow clinging to it sparsely. He was an otherwise pale thing in an equally pale atmosphere. From afar, should the light catch his figure, there was a translucent property at times that could trick the eye and causing the observant to question. Said figure turned as Spencer heard a voice pipe up. His eyes did a sweep of his surroundings, looking back and forth almost in frustration until finally, his chin tipped down to the source.

    Mercury hues seemed lost themselves for a moment as he studied the girl peeking out beneath the structure. His lips parted and closed once or twice, surprise lighting up his face. “…” Wordlessly, Spencer approached the entrance with careful steps until she couldn’t see past his chest. He lowered to a crouch thereafter, a few feet spanning between himself and the entry. “No… I suppose you are not lost,” He finally spoke up. “You look quite at home.” He shook away his surprise for what it was worth and mustered up a smile to the scene as a whole. He didn’t know quite what he expected. “What is your name..?" The questions were spilling over in his thoughts and he knew not where to start. "Do you know who I am?”

  • ;; It's Skeeza my Main Sqeeze-a 8)

  • There was once a place that was a sanctuary to the feral beasts of the old, she has been told. A paradise to some, long forgotten to most.
    A few vague legends didn't fall on deaf ears this time, and certainly not shrugged away by dismissive, seemingly frail shoulders. This was where those distant stories and the chilly autumn afternoon found her, a pale, petite figure of a woman taking a stroll amongst those trees, where the leaves were at its most vivid.
    The first day didn't exactly bring the fruitful results that a certain wanderer was looking for. That was something that Cassella had expected in a way from simply venturing around the edges of the woods, estimating the area, gathering her bearings and searching for close landmarks. Yet the weather that day was just too pleasant and soothing to pass for a few photographs, the shaded areas so calm for a place that once teemed with both hostile and docile beasts upon its grounds. Aside from a wildlife or two that crossed her path, there didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, and this kept its tranquil pace throughout the day. 
    A day that was so serene, a part of her wondered when was the last time things have been this peaceful. If only... if only her mind would be attuned enough to feel that ease. With a squinted gaze raised up to the heavens, she reluctantly decided to head back. But not until she has done her part in this first visit.

    For a moment, she was quiet, rifling through her belongings, her expression fleeting from hopeful to disapproving, until a black felt pouch was fished out. A few stones, bits of sea glass, none seemed fitting for what she had in mind until further probing caused her to smile in triumph.

    She pulled out an elongated abalone shell, no bigger than her slender fingers. While the surface of it was weathered into an array of irregular bumps and ridges, the interior was a pearlescent swirl of blues, tinted greens and lavender, gleaming in the remaining shafts of light that caught it. Scooting down slightly towards the nearest tree, Cassella gathered a handful of fallen leaves that littered the gnarled roots, fashioning this into a tiny nest that would soon allow this little offering to nestle in. Once amongst the little gifts and mementos that a few friends happily fished out of the ocean and was randomly handed out for keeps, now it found its perfect resting place.
    It doesn't always have to be in obscure waters or tucked away in the depths of her bag, she figured. In the fiery colors of fall, intensified by the afternoon glow, that tiny hint of blue was a noticeable sparkling contrast on the spot where she left it.
    "Pardon my intrusion, the Ocean sends its regards," Cassella muttered with a smile. It was just another voice that quickly faded away in the softest murmur of the breeze. With that, she slowly started her way back to the trail that she ambled upon just hours earlier.
    There might be a hundred things and reasons that brought her to troublesome situations.
    Paying her respects as a visitor out of habit, however, would not.
    || I hope this is okay, I'm so sorry if this is so random and short ;u;||
  • The subtle sounds of the cavern proved life still dwelled in the space. The smallest of forms, in the very least. Where it lacked was the presence of the very beast that had once withheld it, her form as still as the months and even years had proven it. It now lay as still as his comrade’s own soul had; should he ever come to feel the passing of his own absent guardian, it would be the end of Spencer’s days… should he see it through.

    It mattered not now. Sinking to his knees, a certain amount of peace was regained as he took up the pose. He let the sounds within the space take the foreground over his thoughts, the breeze sifting through light hair all the while.

    As to the sound…

    The voice.

    Unmistaken, mercury hues snapped open as if thrown out of a trance. Spencer’s chin raised upward to the dragoness’ presence, an expression mixed with disbelief and fright… he stared with his mouth agape for the duration of the words, opening and closing once or twice, as if to try and form speech… he would not. Left to listen to the Elder’s words, his lips moved listlessly in order to follow what was being spoken.   

    The cavern soon fell to silence, even the breeze calming as if to the dragoness’ command. Spencer found himself frozen where he was seated, staring up with a sense of horror creeping in… it was one of those rare occasions where his age showed upon his face, features darkening as he contemplated sanity. With a grave expression, tear-rimmed eyes blinking… he pulled himself from it little by little, letting the thought subside and furthermore, unburying himself from the sinkhole that had been started. You are fine... you are just fine. Trust your senses, will you..? An unsteady breath was forced through his lungs. His eyes then flickered to the bag beside him.

    Ripping it open hastily with wobbly fingers, his journal was pulled out promptly, a pen uncapped as he moved to the first open page within the worn book. With care put into reciting it back, the words were written down to the best of his ability, handwriting slanting with the pace he went about recollecting.

    His gaze fell on the pages thereafter, containing his heart rate and doing one more check on what was real around him… what might have not been. It was no matter. He had followed far less lucid leads on behalf of the dragoness’ sibling. Packing his things away, pulling the bag back over one shoulder, the Rider stood from where he knelt. “I promise you...” Spencer uttered softly, controlling his tone as he peered up to the shrine. Waiting for further word, or rather hoping, when none would come after some time, the man’s shoulders turned to descend back down the corridor.

    . End .


    Nightwing… the land of many lakes.

    …Or so the man thought stubbornly, the further he went. A mere day had passed between the message given and his departure into the depths of the territory’s timbers, walking steadfastly for a couple thereafter in order to make ground. A map lingered in a pocket under his woolen cloak, markings made of landmarks within the grounds. The lake of healing. Kaida’s own resting place. The smaller bodies of water bordering Atakapa where he pleaded the dragoness would not have sent him…

    A week would pass from there on. And another. Walking without tire, he fended off the creatures that had grown rampantly since the dragons’ departures, evading others when the chance was given. Each landmark passed without avail as his footsteps brought him further East from where he had started. What was left were the remaining lakes beyond the mountain spine; those left unexplored by the man over his countless years present within the Empire. With yet another few days spent merely navigating the mountain’s terrain, the first sight of water was welcomed as the trees opened to the short of the unfamiliar location.

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