She does not officially exist. She has no name or rank. She has blind belief in her course. She is a monster, who freely admits that fact. Her favorite weapon is a sword. She is also extremely skilled at Martial Arts. She claims to be genetically enhanced, a Human superior in body and mind. But in reality, she is something more dangerous. She is a Romulan superior in body and mind. Rumor has it she is a sleeper agent of the Romulan Star Empire.According to her Starfleet and Section 31 file she was born in Bishop, Texas. In truth she was born in Calanista, a city state on the planet Romulus. She is a member of the House Xeral. Her birth name is Sala'Trel Nevesa.

According to her Starfleet and Section 31 file she was born in Bishop, Texas. In truth she was born in Calanista, a city state on the planet Romulus. She is a member of the House Xeral. Her birth name is Sala'Trel Nevesa. 

She lived in Calanista until her grandmother's death. Her grandmother taught her to follow her talents. One day, she visited Ki Baratan with her family and at one point she found herself lost and separated from them. After wandering the increasingly dark and narrow streets, she eventually found herself in an old temple. Feeling safe in this place and certain that if she stayed and waited for her parents, they would come for her. After many hours she eventually fell asleep. When she awoke she saw a vision of the Elements, smiling down at her and bright against the darkness. The Elements told her that if she believed then her parents will come for her. Just then, the old temple door opened and her mother came running in. Sala’Trel was genetically engineered when she was only nine years old by the Tal Shiar. Many Romulans have two brow ridges above the bridge of their nose, forming a V-shape on the forehead. However, like her mother she lacks the ridges.

Commander Sala’Trel Nevesa of the House Xeral, Commanding officer of the Warbird Executrix

She was excited to see all the Romulans in the hospital, but then they gave her a room and started a series of treatments in order to breed the best, the brightest, the most malleable and most loyal soldiers to ever serve the Romulan Empire. Over the course of four months, her genetic structure was manipulated to accelerate the growth of the neuronal networks in her cerebral cortex, and a new Sala'Trel was born. The focus of her "enhancements" were to increase her mental abilities and as such, her IQ jumped five points a day for over two weeks. Further treatments led to improvements in her hand-eye coordination, reflexes, vision, stamina, height, and weight. In the end, everything but her name had been altered in some way. She then was initially raised and trained for a mission to infiltrate the Federation and underwent facial reconstruction to give her a human-like appearance. After learning about Human customs and history for six months the Tal Shiar sent her to Earth, where she was enrolled in a new school using falsified records her superiors obtained and became a sleeper agent. From this day forward she is called Samantha Brandt by the Humans. This was part of Praetor Narviat's program of clandestine infiltration of the Federation, in her case infiltration of Starfleet Intelligence. The same program that led to the creation of Shinzon.

 the Liberator Class Warbird Executrix

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Character Name

Sala’Trel Nevesa i-Calanista t'Xeral aka Samantha Brandt

Character Age


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Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

married to the great Khan Noonien Singh

Character Personality

She is a great admirer of Khan Noonien Singh. She likes reading books, taking a particular interest in books by Jules Verne, Oscar Wilde, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Philip K. Dick. During leisure time she also writes her own stories for children. As an adult, she admits that she has been waiting for someone who shares her understanding of Khan her whole life. Soon, she also finds that she can inflict harm on others with ease, although she wishes she was a sociopath because it would make what she does easier. She claims she does not enjoy killing people, but admits "(she) doesn't feel bad about it either". She is spiritual and believes in the Elements (The concept states that there are no deities but instead asks for reverence to be displayed to the Elements that make up the universe itself. These elements are: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and the Archelement which oversees the others. Among the traits of the Elements was the fact that they were dualistic in nature). Sala’Trel’s character is complex: she is passionate, articulate and strong-willed, but displays insecurity and ambivalence about her place in the Romulan Empire and the prophecy of the Elements.She can become very protective of the people she loves. Her bravery is such that she is willing to be self-sacrificing to protect those who are important to her.

Character Inventory

-Phaser Dual Pistols -Romulan Disruptor pistol -black Section 31 uniform for women -Heckler & Koch USP Compact -Colt Commander -nondescript civilian clothes that would not attract attention on any world -Personal Shield device -Personal Transport buffer device -Section 31 Combadge -Magnetic boots -Romulan dagger -Honor Blade

Character Abilites

Skills and Traits: Genetically engineered Romulans are designed to be remarkably agile, five times as strong and twice as intelligent as a normal Romulan, resistant to sickness and with enhanced senses, possessing heart muscles twice as strong and lung efficiency 50% better. Her blood contains platelets capable of regenerating from any disease or toxin, which could be used to cure or revive medical subjects via transfusion. She also has twice the average lifespan. Even her resistance to directed energy weapons is improved, as it takes multiple shots with a phaser or a phase pistol to stun her. She is even capable of resisting a Vulcan nerve pinch and mind meld. She is an accomplished warrior, possessing significant skill with her sword and her Phaser Dual Pistols. She uses these two weapons in tandem, with the sword providing much of the striking, and occasional parries. She is also a skilled driver and pilot, capable of guiding vehicles through complex terrestrial and aerial stunts. ●Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Sam excels in advanced hand-to-hand combat, being a master martial artist. She is proficient in various types of fighting styles, and can more than hold her own against her opponents. Thanks to Brandt’s experience and training she is able to fight multiple people at once. She styles her fighting styles of self defense, offense, grappling, and take-downs after her mentors. The fighting form seems to be a combination of Suus Mahna, Tal-shaya, Calisthenics and possible others. ●Master swordswoman: Sam is highly proficient in swordsmanship. She is ambidextrous in its usage, able to fight with two swords in unison or switch one between either hand. ●Mind-meld: A touch technique that allows her to merge her mind with the essence of another's mind purely by using specialized contact fingertip-points--in a humanoid, usually around the targeted partner's skull temples. Hypnosis-like relaxation and a rhythmic verbal device, such as "My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts," are often useful. Due to her genetic augmentation she is also able to mind-meld with non-humanoid life. She can use the mind meld as a form of combat, too. ●Vulcan nerve pinch: known as a neck pinch, too, is a Vulcan technique in which an individual applies pressure to the nerves near the base of the neck, often causing almost immediate unconsciousness. While primarily used by Vulcans, it can be used by non-Vulcans like Samantha Brandt too. The victims of a Vulcan neck pinch could suffer headaches afterwards.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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