Who Are You Little Fae?


Name:  Danielle Jane Redmayne

Nickname(s):  Danni Jane, Janey, Dee, Bird

Birthday: September 12th   

Eternal Age: 23 years old

 Species: Part Human, Part Gemini Faerie (Fae)

Alliance: Destined for the Light (Seelie Court)


Relationship Status: Single Muses x00

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Sweet, Shy, Loyal, Honest, Kind

Home: Inside a giant Oak Tree known as  Sphere 

Romantic Interests: Men and women who aren't afraid to show their love.

Favorites: Books, sunshine, flowers, and pixie dust!

Pets: A horse named Diamond and countless dogs and cats

Current Thought: "Sometimes you have to be your own hero..."

Where to Find Her: In the garden, under a tree reading, or simply soaking up the sun


 Her Story


She was born a human to Lillian and Demetri Redmayne. She may have been human but she wasn't like other children. She could do things other children couldn't. She could speak to the animals, bend water to her every will just by thinking of it, and even hover in the air briefly. Once again, Danni hid behind her velvet mask. She liked to hide behind objects. She had been doing it her whole life. She hid in her room with her nose between the pages of a book. She kept her head down always afraid to meet anyone's eyes. She was a shy girl full of adventure and longing. She always knew what she wanted but was too shy to chase after it. She didn't mind that she wasn't the prettiest person in the world, all that mattered to her was that she was kind. She cared for the plants and the animals. She was kind while other children her age were not. She kept her wits about her and never strayed from her garden. She could think there in the safety of her elegant flowers and tightly bound books. She turned her face away from the carelessness of others who did not appreciate nature. It wasn't until her fifteenth birthday when she finally met a real faerie.

The faerie Esmeralda took Danni to the magical world know as Sphere. A hidden secret world inside an oak tree that has lived for thousands of years. The tree parted and revealed the home of the faeries. A bizarre wondrous world with walls lit up by the magic of fireflies and the faeries buzzed around singing and dancing merrily about. It was a sweet and bitter revelation this new world she had stumbled upon. While Danni was inside the magical tree she was offered rose petals to eat and wine to drink. Not knowing any better she gladly accepted the treats offered to her and so began her life as a fae. Once she consumed anything from inside the world she was never allowed to leave. That is how the faerie folk trick you, they seem nice and friendly and damn you for all eternity. Take a look at her and you might not see what hides behind her eyes, just behind the flicker of light. There is something worse something dark just waiting to come out and take revenge. She may look sweet and innocent on the outside but if you cross her it will surely be your last. 

Faeries are tricky creatures not at all like so many are described in fairy tales. True, there are some kind and just faeries just as there are wicked ones. As Danni's body struggled to cope with the overwhelming pain shooting up and down her body like knives she suddenly began to cry. Just as the tears began to stream down her face a great light appeared before her. It was a faerie wand in the shape of a golden star. She stopped crying and watched as a radiant faerie picked up the wand and pointed it at her. Danni froze unsure what was going to happen to her. She was amazed as five strange crests appeared before her eyes. She listened as the faerie explained the crests. The crests stood for different faerie houses. The houses controlled each faerie's destiny, skills, aspirations, and desires. As Danni looked at the brightly colored crests she smiled softly knowing in her heart which one was destined for her.

When she was younger she wandered away from her home and discovered something beyond her wildest imagination. She discovered the home of the faeries. Yes, those delightful good creatures we all grow up learning about. However, unlike some stories these faeries were not all completely good you see. They tricked Danni into a damned life, a cursed life. She would forever be part of the fae's realm because she was tricked. Tricked into a life she did not know anything about. A life that cursed her to be forever immortal. It all started the day she met a faerie. The faerie appeared no smaller than her ring finger. She thought herself dreaming but as her story progressed it was clear to see it was no dream. The faerie was real and it told her to follow along and try to keep up. And so she began her journey from a human into a faerie. The faerie took her to a giant tree, no different from any other tree. Ah yes, but it was no ordinary tree you see. It was a magical tree full of wisdom and wonder.



Basic Information

❝ It's okay to lose yourself for a little while. In books, in music, in art. Let yourself get lost.❞ 

Body Type:

Height: Tiny, 5"2

Weight: 130 lbs

Build: Skinny. Petite

Skin Tone: Pale

Stunning Features:

Eyes: Striking emerald green hues

Nose: A normal nose not too big or small

Cheeks: Rosy cheeks full of life

Mouth: A sensually shaped lip, tastes like bubblegum

Hair: Blonde haircut to frame her gorgeous eyes.

Accessories: Wears flowers in her hair, has a wand, and pixie dust

Faerie Appearance:

Wings: Transparent. light reflecting insect-like wings 





Faerie House 


The House of Gemini is one with the element earth. They control everything in nature, they resemble mother nature and are in charge of the planet, the animals, and the plants. These special faeries are the most important faeries in the faerie world. They can destroy and bring life to anything in the world. You would be wise to make friends with these faeries because if they don’t like you they may destroy you. They generally possess a mild temperament but upset them and face their wrath. They are typically peaceful folk and their coat of arms is a faerie holding her hands to a tree. Each house also determines the wings of a faerie. Her wings are a delicate glass-like structure. They resemble butterfly wings and are iridescent in the sunlight. If her wings are ever broken she will die an instant death. Faeries cannot live without their wings. It is like a mortal trying to fly without a sprinkle of pixie dust. Fae can be deadly creatures. Fae kisses can also be deadly. Kissing a faerie can leave you in a dreamlike state. A state of fantasy where the kissed can stay trapped for an eternity. Only certain faeries can leave their mark without entrancing their victims. Danni fortunately, is one of the few that possess this ability. She does not use it, though, she keeps her victims in her embrace. She does not like to be alone, this way she can keep them forever. She'll lure you in and strike when you least expect it. All it takes is a kiss and she'll hold you in her grasp forevermore. Come away with me. 



❝  She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword. ❞ 





↬ creates illusions/mind control


↬has enhanced senses

»controls the element earth

↬has a kiss of death (be careful boys)

»can fly/teleport

↬can talk to animals

»can wield small knives

↬skilled archer



| loves ☑ ||

animals, nature, the stars, reading, writing, poetry, friendly people, fairytales, rain, adventures.


|| dislikes ☒ |

rude people, peanut butter, winter, smoking, loud noises.


| habits ||

x biting her fingernails when nervous x

x talking too fast x

x getting excited and crying happy tears x

x crying over small things like cute animals x

x skips when happy x


|| weaknesses ☒ |

iron, poison, darkness, temptations, love.


I prefer paragraphs, but whatever you give me is fine

If you add, you start. If I add, I'll start. Feel free to ask for ideas if you need help.

18+ themes 

Most of all just remember to have fun.

I have a life so I am not on here very often so be patient with replies.

I am a college student so this does not come first!

OOC:  I'm really friendly so feel free to talk OOC I don't mind <3

Find me Here → Tumblr  




December 4

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, 18+, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi, my name is Danni in real life and I'm a friendly person. I'm a Senior at University majoring in History. I don't have much time for roleplay anymore, but I try to get on when I can. Feel free to message me OOC I don't mind.

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  • Great page, let me know if you'd like to write.

  • || dislikes ☒ |

    rude people, peanut butter, winter, smoking, loud noises.

     || Reads.... Welp. That leaves my ass out. ^^ xD



  • (I think nature would suit them perfectrly. Perhaps deep in the forest, at a secluded hot spring that few know about unless they already know its there. ALlows privacy and some good scenery :). I can start if you like.)

  • (Thank you for the add! I'd be down for a fantasy-based role-play with Heinrich! I've always imagined him as some sort of lonesome villager. We could also have a thread with my Knight of Ballas. Up to you.)

  • (( Of course I'm still accepting threads :3 and I think I'll use Jeathro for our rp :) ))

  • { No nothing really specific in mind except I wanted to ask if you'd rather be on Earth or Esteria? I have no preference, and if you even have any other setting/realm in mind then feel free to share it! }

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