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Character Appearance

Fiery red hair, green eyes and freckles across her face. Scar on the left corner of her lip and a horizontal one on the left cheek. She's around 5'6 feet tall, lithe and graceful in her movements.

Character Personality

Frances is a people person. She's giving and caring, despises injustice and even more the rich people who have no care for those beneath them. She cares a lot about freedom, she's fairly feisty, and strongly believes in doing the right thing, despite doubting herself at times. She is stubborn, a vicious and sneaky fighter, extremely brave to the point where it may be considered as stupidity, however she has an insanely soft heart which leaves her extremely emotionally vulnerable. She’s known grief for the most of her life and would have some instances where she's consumed by it. She sometimes cannot let go of the past and deals with a great deal of guilt. She was an orphan who was taken in by a man known as Tobias, previous leader of the Serpents. Frances was the name she had taken for herself, as she had spent a majority of her childhood pretending to be a boy to defend herself from creepy people and had a hard time navigating through life. Tobias had raised her properly, defended her and been a father figure to her. Frances had loved him dearly, and his death absolutely devastated her. Tobias had been always biased about Frances, though he knew that she had what it took to lead the Serpents - that her heart is in the right place, and that she can defend those who can’t fend for themselves, and punch the oppression in the face just like he had been doing for decades. She's taken a twisted liking to killing people who have been taking advantage of the little people, taking in orphans into the organization to be their spies, collecting contacts and just offering them shelter. However, everyone among the Serpents would treat each other like family. Any betrayal within the family is taken to heart and not something they really take well.

Character Abilites

Frances is a rogue, specialization assassin and shadow. Based on Dragon Age 2 mechanics.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Dedicated roleplayer with more than just a couple of years of play-by-post roleplay experience in my pocket. English is not my first language, but I believe you can make your own judgement reading this how good I am in writing! With that said, I'm from Europe. My posts are detailed, and they are typically multi-para to novella length-vise, the very least I'll post is two paragraphs if it's a scene that demands more back-and-forth (like conversations between characters.) I'm big on character development and creating a compelling story. I love to write stories, I'm a damned sucker for romance and never shy away from smut, but intimate scenes I prefer to play out as it comes naturally for the characters. Although I don't like to avoid or censor anything. I'm also pretty open in discussing kinks and limits when we get to that point of the story. Regarding my posting activity, at least one post a week. I'm approachable and talkative. Really, blow up my inbox if we end up writing together! Memes, music, images and stuff, I'm your gal! I really value OOC conversation, and it doesn't need to be anything personal, it can be just the most random stuff ever.

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  • Nice write up. Let me know if you want to collaborate on something or just BS, rant, and or vent.

  • (Hello,thank you for excepting my request. Would you care to work on a plot?)

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