“Father once said I was special, but boy he sure wasn't expecting this


Frederick Krueger

His name was given to him by his father as a joke. His father is a fan of horror, and having the Krueger surname he decided to call Fred after the infamous fictional villain Freddy Krueger. His mother accepted, only because Frederick is also the name of his great grandfather, a man rumored to be a descendant of "The Ancient Arms of Krueger" - originally from Germany.

Fred • Freddie/Freddy • Derrick

Librarian • History Professor • Archeologist
Varies in roleplay


November 27th.

Massachusetts, United States.

North American • German














5'7" ft.

165 lbs.



Clear Blue


Medium short, slightly wavy



• • •


 • • •


 • • •

A silver ring that belonged to his brother

“I see deception reflected in people's eyes as they beg forgiveness for something they'll surely do again."


Since a kid, Fred has always been a very nervous, insecure and shy boy. Though with the help of both his parents and older brother, the boy managed to moderate his anxiety and be a more active, playful and cheerful kid. He looked up to his brother a lot, which is why he was respectful and caring of others as well. But after the incident he began to seclude himself, become more private and detached of the person he is - or use to be. His personality in general changes from antisocial to friendly and modest, which is perfectly explained further on in his backstory - the reason why.

When happy you can see Fred very energetic and social. A smile carved on his face and never fading. He looks pure, full of life. He laughs a lot and tries to be physically involved in things.

He's usually very quiet and reserved when sad, doesn't talk at all and his lip twitches a lot from repressed urges of crying. He's a very sentimental person.

Outbursts of rage, his anger is presented on blinded rage and the need to throw or smash anything insignificant around him. This indicates that he's short temper. His face becomes red, tears sprinkle the corner of his eyes and his breathing becomes uneven. Until he begins to cool down and suddenly the veil over his eyes lifts off, seeing what he had done or said while angry. It's as if he shuts down completely.

Pointing out the fact that it's hard for him to get involved on a romantic relationship with anyone due to his illness, there is still a chance. If you're committed to win that part of him, you'll be rewarded in the end. Under all that anger, loneliness and instability there's a very caring man, when he loves he does so purely, fiercely and ardently. You become his world, that one he must protect. You'll be able to see all phases of Frederick. You're the only person he'll crumbled down to, he'll become vulnerable with you which he knows could be a weapon against him. He's attentive and loving, very selfless even.

Frederick becomes a ball of anxiety when afraid. Not immediately of course, but depending on the severity of his fear meter, his anxiety can turn into a very dangerous panic attack. Yet sometimes you can see him on a constant inner battle in such situations, as he fights against his anxiety. Though any sound or false movement will break him away immediately from that battle and he'll lose against his anxiety.

Surprising to say, he's very mature and down to earth with things. The only reason he's unable to function properly on certain situations is due to his illness.

He's a follower per se, but he can be constantly seen having this leadership obsession with things. It's his need to keep everything in control, avoid being disorientated and lose himself in the process.

•| Haemophobia ▪ Fear of Blood
•| Autophobia ▪ Fear of loneliness

•| Books
•| History
•| Law

•| Crime movies/series/documentaries
















Physically, Frederick is in perfect shape and health. He has no difficulties whatsoever.

He has none so far.

Constantly unstable.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Multiple Personality Disorder • Anxiety


“Dare not buy sweets from me, I will poison them."


ᴵ/NᎪᎷᎬ: Annalise Morgan
ᴵᴵ/ᎪᏩᎬ: 40
ᴵᴵᴵ/ᎠᎬᏟᎬᎪᏚᎬᎠ?: Dead
ᴵᴵᴵᴵ/ᎡᎬᏞᎪᎢᏆᎾNᏚᎻᏆᏢ: They were fairly close.

ᴵ/NᎪᎷᎬ:  John Krueger
ᴵᴵ/ᎪᏩᎬ: 46
ᴵᴵᴵ/ᎠᎬᏟᎬᎪᏚᎬᎠ?: Dead
ᴵᴵᴵᴵ/ᎡᎬᏞᎪᎢᏆᎾNᏚᎻᏆᏢ: They were fairly close.

ᴵ/NᎪᎷᎬ: William Krueger
ᴵᴵ/ᎪᏩᎬ: 19 (33 if alive)
ᴵᴵᴵ/ᎠᎬᏟᎬᎪᏚᎬᎠ?: Dead (Could be alive in few roleplays)
ᴵᴵᴵᴵ/ᎡᎬᏞᎪᎢᏆᎾNᏚᎻᏆᏢ: William and Frederick were extremely close, there was nothing that could get between them.
ᴵᵛ/ᏴᏆϴᏀᎡᎪᏢᎻᎽ: Coming soon

Aunt and Uncle Krueger
Role Open.

Open Roles

Open Role

ᴵ/NᎪᎷᎬ: Open




Frederick was a child filled with dreams and wonders, born to a loving family. Despite the understandable wealth by his mother's side, the family of 4 lived in the rural side of the city. A simple two story house designed by his mother, who was an architect. There is simply nothing he can complain about when it comes to his family. They would make movie nights every Friday, have barbecue on Sundays, go on vacations in the summer and play board games after dinner. Despite his father being a police officer, the man still had time to be present in the life of Frederick. It was really the perfect family.

Fred had friends, very few but close to him. Yet the only person he relied more was his older brother William, although 7 years older than Frederick, still played with the kid and care for him no matter what. The two were inseparable. Where William went, Frederick was right behind him, often playing pirates and vikings, telling stories and reading books. Fred had always felt he was socially awkward in a way, and would easily get nervous or anxious in certain situations, but his brother was always there when needed. William has always been the caring type, and knew how to calm Frederick down, no matter the situation or where he was. He was Fred's idol, his superhero.

Though, by the time Frederick turned 12, his entire life drastically took a turn for the worst.

August 8th, 2004.

While the boys watched a movie in the living room and their parents slept upstairs. There was a knock on the door. William paused the movie and looked at Fred, telling him to stay quiet and not move - it was 12:27 in the morning after all. The 19 year old stood up and silently peeked through the peephole, but saw nothing; assuming it must've been the wind or something. Returning to the living room, William sighed and looked at Frederick, waving his hand to indicate there was nothing to worry about. Though, just when he was about to sit down, something falling echoed through the kitchen and a shadow was enough to pushed William to grab his brother and rush upstairs.

Both immediately burst inside their parents' room, trying to wake up the two as fast as they could, and once awake his father went downstairs to check as the mother stayed with both in the room. They could hear struggles and yelling, various steps coming up the stairs. The mother told the kids to hide in the closet and so they did. Not so long after the door burst open, his father grunted as he was thrown on the floor, his mother told to kneel down. The little boy peeked through the openings of the closet, his brother doing the same.

It was horrible what the boy witnessed afterwards, William attempted to cover the boy's eyes, but the sounds were there. The only thing William could do was hold the boy tightly and beg for the events to end soon. Once it was over, he heard the man leading tell the others to look for them, knowing that the kids should be around. And once he saw everyone was out of the room both kids came out slowly and quietly. The sounds had been horrible, but the scene was much worst. William gasped and tried to reach for Frederick's eyes on time, but the boy had already seen everything.

There was blood everywhere, his father barely recognizable and his mother half naked on the same fate. Whoever did this was a monster. Now all they had to do was escape, but as they tried to leave through the front door, they were spotted, and in a desperate attempt to flee William pulled Frederick into their mother's studio and shut the door, creating a barricade with what he could find. But he knew it wouldn't hold much - they had to act fast.

William helped Frederick out one of the windows of the room, after calming the boy down from a panic attack and promising him everything would be alright. Though, just when William was going to climb out the window, the barricade was broken and the men got in. He turned to Fred and told him to run as fast as he could and find help. He knew that if he left with the boy, the men would catch up to them, he wanted to win Fred time to escape. So closing the window and locking it, all Frederick saw was William evading blows and rushing out the door, disappearing in the darkness while Frederick hit the window in hope it will magically open and he would be able to help his brother.

Following what his brother said, the boy ran with all his strength until he managed to arrive at the city, exhausted and in shock. He was able to get help and soon the police was surrounding the house, while Frederick was held at the station for safety. But all he saw on the news, after hours of painful waiting, was that his entire family was dead and the responsible was never caught. William was dead, gone, he was left alone.

His desperate need for his brother and the traumatic shock of it all caused the boy to assume he saw William coming through the door and hug him, when it reality it wasn't that way. All people saw from the outside was a zoned out Frederick, staring at nothing, not moving a muscle - in total trance.

ᎢᎬᎬN YᎬᎪᎡᏚ (13-18)
After that Frederick was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, but things weren't the same. They weren't bad people, but they didn't know how to take care of a traumatized child. He was taken to therapy, been locked for weeks on a mental institution as a helpful method. Just so the doctors could take care of him whenever he fell into intrusive thoughts or nightmares from the occurrence. He had to be home schooled so he could be supervised 24/7, and all this went on for about 2 years until both relatives comprehended the needs and care Frederick needed.

Eventually he managed to go to school again, invest himself in stories and talk to people. Though his time with "William" and his conversations with his brother were still a recurring thing in his life, a normal thing. His brother was around so he was fine, he was safe. Surpressing the fact his brother was dead and that this imaginary version of William was just a defense mechanism to avoid losing himself to insanity.


Eventually, Frederick moved out of his aunt and uncle's house and went to live in an apartment, close to his psychologist's office. He focused on his studies once he was in college, hoping to be a history professor. Though that dream couldn't come true due to his illness, his first day at the job was horrible, and he was denied to work until he sought "proper treatment" for his PTSD.

The upcoming months were stressful for him, until he managed to find a proper job. He ended up being a librarian at the nearest library in the city. The perfect place for him where he's less likely to get triggered or have an attack.

This part of his life hasn't happened yet. Will be completed in the course of roleplays.




On an alternate version of Fred, he's a psychopath. A psychological response to the events. This came to be due to what he witnessed, having an impulsive need to repeat on others what he saw his parents experience.

Aside of history, he has an interest in the function of the brain and how it works. This liking on the subject comes from his brother, who's a neurologist.

Further on his PTSD subsides, there can also be roleplays in which he is more calm and in control, having forgotten about his brother. After various treatments of course.

On the alternate version of his story, where William is alive, the only thing Fred suffers is anxiety, and very minor PTSD responses. A more normal and mentally healthy Fred.

He doesn't visit the places he used to hang out with his brother.

On the alternate version. William did manage to escape, receiving only minor injuries as he fought his way out of the house when the men burst the door open.

The people that killed his family was actually a gang leader that his father had placed on jail years prior. Finally out, he sought vengeance and ended up at the Krueger house, killing them all.

The gang leader eventually died on a cross fight, so Frederick is safe from harm.

On the psychopath version of Fred, he manages to track down the leader and kills him slowly and painfully. An eye for an eye.

As habit, you can find Frederick watching a movie marathon on a Friday night, eating hamburgers for dinner on Sundays - or grilling the at home that same day, and playing board games some evenings. It's what he did with his family when he was a kid.

Explaining better the Multiple personality disorder. Frederick twitches to his older brother. On his perspective, he is talking normally to William, as if he were talking with any other normal person. On other people's perspective, Frederick is seen acting exactly as his older brother, with voice, gestures and general personality traits of William. He's seen talking to himself, changing positions and postures as if he was acting a scene of two characters. He doesn't realize he does this, because he sees things differently. These episodes only happen when he's alone.

He loves pirates and dinosaurs.

He wants to become a history professor one day, and travel the world. If only his illness would allow him to. Wishes to be an archaeologist.

Used to be catholic.


•| Caring
•| Intelligent

•| Trust Issues
•| Impulsive and obsessive behavior



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  • (I immediately took notice of your name the first time I saw it in the activity list and checked your page, which was still updating. So decided to come back later to see what there was.  When I saw the remark about his father being a horror movie fan and with the Krueger surname. How he couldn’t resist naming him Freddy after the “infamous fictional Villian,” Freddy Krueger.  I was like wow. I have to add this person now and see if there can be something to explore.


    Also I was going to use the same name, Frederick, as I was thiking of doing a child of Krueger and thought of a son at first before I decided on a girl, after seeing gender swap with female versions of Freddy and Jason and  like with Wes craven New Nightmare. The Villian in that movie was a demon who became fascinated by Freddy and began impersonating him and I always wanted to do a demon like character  that was like Freddy. 

    So then I finally went ahead and voila. Rest is history. Seeing as how both of our characters have nearly the same name. I couldn’t help but wonder what a roleplay story might be like between the two.  I almost had the idea of making twins with the same name scheme but decided one was enough to focus on.  


    Sorry for the rant.  I hope we may plot and write together sometime.  When you are fully ready and up and running and all that jazz. )


    // Hi there, welcome - Thank you for the friend invite, much appreciated. :)


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