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Character Appearance

Friedhelm-Karl is average height, standing at 5'6". Born in Königsberg, in the German state of Prussia, he is your average Prussian citizen. Pale, with brown eyes and brown hair, which set him apart (negatively) from his peers. Due to poor-ish eyesight, the young man needs glasses and thus wears them everywhere. He wears the standard military dress of the German Army, but whenever he's on leave or not directly in service he wears casual apparel, usually the same few clothes as he doesn't have many.

Character Personality

Friedhelm-Karl is quiet, and somewhat introverted. As a soldier, this affects his job in positive and negative ways. He tries to choose kindness whenever he can, but often lets his emotions get the better of him (especially on the battlefield) The young man is very patriotic and proud, and sees himself as a good soldier. He is plagued by an inferiority complex that only fuels his brashness and recklessness in stressful situations.

Character Likes

The young man is a fan of history, and shooting, hoping to become a skilled marksman in the army. He's also a fan of nature and vast, beautiful landscapes that run on for miles. His favorite place would be a plain with a river nearby, long open farms, and snow when the winter comes by. A far cry from the home he grew up in. Friedhelm-Karl is a proud patriot, and would happily die for his country, and that is mostly due to the indoctrination of the German Army that he so faithfully serves in.

Character Dislikes

Friedhelm-Karl dislikes urban lifestyles, and big cities, favoring a quiet life without the worry and bother of the industrial powerhouse that was Königsberg, and although it would mean leaving his family behind - perhaps it was for the best. He is  adverse to the enemies of his homeland, and has a certain dislike for those who would oppose the German Reich. Like nearly all young men raised under the red, white, and black flags of the German Reich - he sees those who are against the Reich as an oppostion to himself, and thus would gladly fight them to the death if needed.

Character History/Story

Friedhelm-Karl Müller was born to Heinrich Müller and Imelda Schneider, both German citizens (his father was Prussian, and his mother Saxon). His father was a tailor, and so was his mother. Money was not something they had much of, and so when their only son signed up for military service the pay was gladly accepted. Joining the army at seventeen was not unusual where Friedhelm-Karl grew up, and so there wasn't anything that barred him from the average military service experience. Upon entering military service, the young man found himself new talents and physical strength he'd never been able to find before, and also found some skill with a rifle.

Character Inventory

The young man carries the standard gear of the German Infantryman, with only a few personal affects, either from the battlefield or from home. Gloves, scarves and glasses are what make him stick out somewhat from other soldiers, alongside a few perosnal quirks. One thing he brings with him wherever he goes is a white-and-black blanket that his mother made for him, as it was something he holds dear for it's sentimental and practical value.

Character Abilites

Friedhelm-Karl is good with a rifle, as all German soldiers are. He has some athletic skill, due to the almost inhumane harshness of the German Army's training program. However, the young man is not the smartest and isn't too good at socializing, that is to say, he'd never even talked to people his age outside of the army. However, he holds some smarts in battlefield tactics, and reading books of fiction, which is one of his talents (His mother taught him to read.) And he has little skill in sewing and stiching, but he can do it. (His father taught him a few things here and there.)

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Gore, Action

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Brandon, I'm a sixteen-year-old writer from NSW, Australia, and writing is more or less my favourite hobby. I like studying military history, and thus have an interest in roleplays set during both World Wars and The Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 and to a lesser extent - historical fantasy set during or around these wars. I'm also down to do roleplays that delve into alternate history and modern wars.

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