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Character Appearance

Head Her face is sharp with defined lines. She had a very defined jawline that goes down to a sharp and pointy chin. This goes for her nose too which is also rather pointy. Her lips are of a dark red tone, and her eyes are glowing in a vampiric orange color. Slim and sharp eyebrows of black color can be found above her orange eyes. Fryalla’s hair is as black as the sky on a cloudless night, and it’s also a bit wavy and reaches down about 5 inches below her shoulders. Though she usually keeps it tied up on the back of her head with a few strokes of hair hanging down her face. Body Fryalla is 1.72m (5 feet 7 inches) tall and weighs 58kg. Her skin is as pale as the snow due to her vampirism. She has a slim body type but with visible curves, and her muscles isn’t that defined.

Character Personality

General Fryalla wants to be nice and caring, and she wants people to think of her as a good person. She has always carried a great deal of pain with her. But unlike in the past where she let that pain become rage which in turn consumed her, she now tries to push it down. However, since she hasn’t really dealt with these emotions, she might now sometimes go too far, and still do bad things behind their back, in her hunt for recognition and saftey. This in turn makes her extremely manipulative. She is also very mentally weak. She might act as if she doesn’t care about others, but in reality that’s all she does. She’s not very stable either, and if triggered enough by a situation, she may go totally berserk. Behavior Towards Strangers She is very suspicious and tries to avoid strangers as much as possible. Though if she has to talk to someone, she’s often a bit nonchalant and can be seen as not caring. But in reality she’s simply trying to assess the person and situation at hand. Behavior Towards Friends/Family It’s rare that she lets people get close to her, but once she does, they mean the world to her. She’s basically an all-or-nothing person. She will go to extremes to protect them and assure their well being.

Character Likes

Fryalla enjoys seeing those she cares about being safe and happy. She likes adventuring and exploring. Fryalla loves drinking and she never backs down from a drinking competition. She sees flirting as a game and a challenge and every challenge is something she enjoys. Watching people being fooled or tricked by her is also something she enjoys, but only if it’s harmless (most of the time..)

Character Dislikes

Above all Fryalla has a hatred for one thing: bandits. She hates them and everything they stand for. She also dislikes werewolves to a certain degree.

Character History/Story

Fryalla was born into a rather ordinary family. Her parents worked ordinary jobs, and she had no siblings. She wasn’t really anything special as a child. In her early years, she had a difficult time making friends, and instead spent her days reading all sorts of books that her parents got her. As she became older, she evntually found her place. She had a small but loyal friend group, and even had a very loving boyfriend when she was a teenager. Overall she was very content with her life. This however would quickly change. One night, as she was walking home from her boyfriend, she encountered a stranger on the empty roads. She could tell something was off, and began walking quicker to shake him off, but she couldn’t. The strangee attacked her, robbed her, and left her bleeding on the ground. She went into a coma for a few days, and when she woke up, she realized something was different. She had no idea what, but something wasn’t right. Her eyecolor had changed, and she felt both stronger and weaker at the same time. She decided to seek medical attention, but no doctor could figure out what was wrong. She had a clenching thirst in her throat that wouldn’t go away. Her search for answers led her to a strange woman who claimed she knew magic. This woman, eventually told her whathad happened: she had become a vampire. In terror, Fryalla ran home, but there was no warm welcome at the door, for her parents had found out the same thing, and cast her out with nothing. Her friends and boyfriend all did the same thing. Her life was turnt upside down, and she was lonlier than ever. With nowhere to go, no money, no home, no family, no friends, she feared she would die on the streets. She needed food, and she had no idea how to get it. She had always been good with understanding people, and she leaned on that ability to manipulate shopowners and people around her. She learnt their darkest secrets and blackmailed them, or their deepest desires and lured them with it. All to get what she wanted, and she managed to survive through it. But it wasn’t enough, the thirst remained. She had no idea how to clench her first, and as the days turned to weeks, her mood changed. She became angry, turned in to random frenzys. The emotions were overwhelming, and eventually, she became feral. In rampage, she accidently murdered a shopowner and a worked, and then fled. It was after this that she once again, by accident or not no one knows, she encountered the man thathad turnt her. He promised to help her, and help her he did. Over many decades he taught her his skills: manipulation, blood magic, seduction, and how to survive. But the man also had darker motives, he sought to turn her into a weapon for himself. He used her to get blood for the both of them, and when she found out above his betrayal, he killed him. In the moments after this, she realized how angry she was at the world: everyone had abandoned or betrayed her. She tries her hardest to control her emotions, remembering what could happen otherwise. But she struggles with knowing herself: is she still the kind person she was in her youth, or is she truly a monster?

Character Inventory

Armor/Attire Head: A dark-red hood that’s attached to her cloak. Chest: A light black leather armor which has been custom made to look more like standard clothing than a piece of armor. It does not offer much protection but it has some. Arms: Black leather gauntlets made with the same style as the chest piece. Feet: Black leather boots. Hands: Gloves of leather with the same color and style as the other pieces of armor. The gloves are fingerless, so they just cover the hands. The knuckles have been reinforced with steel to make her punches hit harder. Other: A cloak of a dark-red color. Jewelry: She has lots of jewelry, including 1 gold/emerald necklace, a gold bracelet with rubies, 2 silver rings with different gems and 3 gold rings with different gems.

Character Abilites

Magic Fryalla prefers to not get her hands dirty, and thereby uses summoning magic to summon powerful undead and beasts to fight for her. But if she has to fight herself, she is certainly a formidable foe, and uses magic to manipulate objects around her. She can use her telekinesis power to lift people from the ground and crush them, or in extreme cases even decapitate them or rip their heart out. She can also create spikes that come from the ground to pierce enemies, lock them up or throw giant boulders at them.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hi! I go by the name of Amaranth. I’ve RP’d for more than 5 years on different places. For the most part I’ve RP’d in fantasy or sci-fi, such as Elder Scrolls, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and more! I’ve also written a tone of stories, one which ended up becoming a full length novel. I’d consider myself to be very friendly and accepting, so please, hit me up and let’s RP!

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