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A life in hiding is no life at all

Born to a family of warriors, Ma'arji was the runt of her litter. Although her frame was frail, her personality wasn't. Sweet-tempered but with a tendency to be a tad too spoiled, the young kitten spend her early years running, playing, and hiding with her family.

They were a pack belonging to a kind that humans, vampires, and elves alike had barely any knowledge of, and they wanted to keep it that way. A strange sort of hybrid between a vicious feline and a magical sprite, they were known as the mysterious Kou'asa.

Hiding wherever was convenient-- whether it be forests, mountains, or deserts-- the Kou'asa lived a life constantly on the move and had done so for as long as they had been around.

With the appearance of a humanoid cat, whenever there was any sighting of them (a rare occurrence, but one that did happen) they were deemed as beasts, even by other beastly species' such as werewolves, orcs, and reptilians. This was mostly because of the immense dislike other species had towards them. But Ma'arji didn't know that.

One day, during her 7th summer, she left her family as they drank by the river to explore up in the trees with one of her older brother's. He challenged her to a game of hide-and-seek, and Ma'arji, full of her usual stubbornness and pride, took the challenge very seriously.

They never found her again.


            ⤗ Ma'arji
             ⤗ Klan ░ Havnutanni
              ⤗ Σleven░summers░young
               ⤗ Sky░blue░eyes
                ⤗ Dirty░blonde░furr
                 ⤗ 4'4"

【Personality:Because of her young age, Ma'arji is quite a curious little thing. She is completely new to this world she has been trying to navigate all on her own but, because of her appearance, she hardly ever travels into heavily populated areas. If she does, then she wears a cloak to mask herself. Despite this shyness, she is quite a follower. Attaching herself towards different people is quite easy for her, and a lot of the time it can be harmful for her because she trusts too easily. She had a genteel nature within her, despite her pride, and does everything she can to be helpful. 



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