"Whatever nightmares the future holds, are dreams compared to what's behind me."


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"More then a Weapon ~ Sister, Fighter, Guardian"


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"I'm a warrior, an assassin. I don't dance."


"I'm not your daughter"


Growing Up on Zen-Whoberi

tumblr_plb0a3q4o31s3c57po7_r2_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xWhen Gamora was very young, the interplanetary warlord Thanos killed half of her species, the Zehoberei. Although she and her mother attempted to hide, they were quickly found by Thanos' soldiers and taken out to the spotlight. Gamora fought off the soldier restraining her, an act that Thanos himself saw, which earned her the Titan's interest in her. He took her aside and taught her his beliefs on balance by symbolizing it with balancing a knife on his finger and asked her to do the same. When his soldiers began the massacre, Gamora turned and almost saw her people being massacred. However, Thanos turned her attention back onto the knife and complimented her when she finally balanced the dagger. While her parents were among those killed, Thanos spared and raised her as his own child.



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Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy


As Gamora grew older, Thanos cybernetically altered her body, trying to transform her into the ultimate weapon. Gamora trained giphy.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xunder the tutelage of Ronan the Accuser as a Galaxy-class killer alongside Korath and Nebula. Unlike the rest of Thanos' adopted children in the Black Order, Gamora and Nebula actually did consider each other sisters and both shared great enmity towards Thanos for destroying their childhoods. Despite their closeness, Thanos had Nebula and Gamora regularly spar against each other with Gamora winning every match. In response, Thanos would 'upgrade' Nebula every time she lost against Gamora in order for her to "be her equal".

The consistent and brutal "upgrades" caused Nebula to grow to resent her sister. Upon reaching adulthood, Gamora and Nebula sought the powerful item known as the Orb for Thanos under the command of Korath the Pursuer. On the planet Praxius IX, while following a false lead on the Orb, Nebula found herself ensnared by an impenetrable Laser Thorn Energy Net. Under Thanos' orders, Gamora left Nebula behind, leaving her only a large knife with which to cut herself out of the netting. The experience drove a great wedge between the two sisters, and also strengthened Gamora's bitterness towards Thanos. As the years passed, Gamora's skills earned her Thanos' favoritism, which only proved to strengthen the growing wedge in her relationship with Nebula. In time, Gamora built up the reputation as the "deadliest woman in the galaxy" and became well known throughout the cosmos.

 Quest for the Orb

tumblr_n5p7wnWtsP1sm5b1co1_500.gif Thanos lent Gamora and Nebula's services to Ronan the Accuser, whom Thanos had hired to find the Orb in exchange for the complete annihilation of Xandar. This was the final straw for Gamora, who was unwilling to assist Thanos and Ronan in killing billions of innocent lives. Her opportunity for freedom eventually came in the form of Taneleer Tivan, who sought to add the Orb to his collection, and hired Gamora to bring it to him once she or Ronan located it. Knowing that the Orb falling into the hands of either Ronan or Thanos would spell doom for the galaxy, and wishing to make up for past crimes, Gamora accepted the job, intending to sell it to the Collector and escape from their control.

When Nebula was appointed by Ronan to retrieve the Orb from the outlaw Star-Lord, who would sell it to the Broker, Gamora saw this as her chance and offered Ronan to send her instead, which Ronan agreed, knowing that Gamora has never failed any mission she had been given by Thanos as far as he knew. As she left, Gamora was attacked by Nebula, who accused her of intending to continue to stand above her despite Nebula having killed so many that their screams echoed through the entire Galaxy, which Gamora coldly retorted by saying the reason why was because Nebula took to long to kill them compared to Gamora's swift approach, and they fight until Gamora pinned Nebula to a wall and left. Gamora left the Dark Aster with a team of Sakaarans, whom she killed on her way to Xandar.

Meeting Star-Lord

9769b23a524993be970065d6f3dd30c7.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xGamora traced the Orb to Peter Quill who was an associate of the Ravagers. Pursuing him to Xandar, Gamora ambushed Quill just as he was trying to sell the artifact to the Broker. However, Rocket Raccoon and Groot then had arrived, also seeking Quill who had a high bounty on his head from Yondu Udonta. Gamora fights to gain the Orb from Star-Lord In the confusion, Quill fled. Gamora and the two thugs raced after Quill, causing quite an uproar as Gamora continued to try to take the Orb, using her incredible assassin skills to stay ahead in the fight. Eventually, Gamora pinned Quill, but his quick thinking allowed him to free himself; when Rocket and Groot trapped Quill, Gamora threw Rocket away and cut off Groot's arms before trying to take Quill. However, Quill was able to use his gun to knock out Gamora before the Nova Corps intervened and arrested the four for civil disruption.


IMG_5083.GIF?profile=RESIZE_710xThe four were then shipped off-world and sent to the Kyln for incarceration. As they made their way through the prison under armed guards, Peter Quill demanded to know what was so special about the Orb, but Gamora refused to answer. Rocket Raccoon then antagonized her by reminding her of her crimes across the galaxy. Gamora then witnessed Quill getting assaulted when he attempted to get his Walkman back from a guard. Gamora arrives in the Kyln Having stepped into the prison, every inmate immediately turned their attention to Gamora, taunting her with threats and throwing rubbish at her. Rocket Raccoon explained it was due to many of the inmates have lost their families to Thanos and Ronan the Accuser.

Despite the endless threats, Gamora remained calm, telling Quill that nothing she could experience here would compare to what she had experienced while working for Thanos. Gamora threatens Drax the Destroyer The same night, Gamora was dragged out of her cell by Moloka Dar and a team of angry prisoners who wished to murder her. She found herself being saved by Drax the Destroyer whose family had been murdered by Ronan. Drax explained that he wished to kill Gamora himself in order to briefly satisfy his hatred, but was stopped by Quill, who arrived and convinced Drax that he needed her to get to Ronan. While initially distrustful of each other, Gamora offered to split Tivan's payment with Quill, Rocket, and Groot if they assisted her in escaping from the prison.

Prison Break

The next day, Rocket Raccoon came up with a plan to get them out of the prison, which involved stealing an inmate's false leg, a tumblr_n5wrnafzlp1qdfs7xo3_5001.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xguard's security band, and a Quardrix battery. Groot accidentally started their escape early and Gamora focused her efforts on getting the guard's armband. She quickly found the guard who almost allowed Moloka Dar to murder her and ripped it from his arm. With the armband ready, Gamora rejoined the rest of the group in the prison's control terminal, she found that they had been joined by Drax the Destroyer who wished to stay with her until they found Ronan the Accuser. The criminals completed their escape when Rocket Raccoon turned off the anti-gravity in the prison and flew the prison terminal outside. They then fled the Kyln to the Milano. However, Quill insisted upon staying behind to collect something he had lost. As a sign of trust, he left the Orb with Gamora. The group waited for Quill while flying outside of the prison, however Rocket Raccoon insisted that they leave without him, Gamora refused when she realized that Quill had not in fact given her the Orb, but kept it with him.

Rocket continued to demand they leave before their ship was shot out of space, but Gamora insisted that they not leave without the Orb. Quill emerged a few minutes later, flying across space and onto the ship. He gave Gamora the real Orb before informing Drax that he had left to collect his Walkman, of which resulted in Drax calling Quill an imbecile. On the Milano as the group discussed what was to be done with the Orb, Drax the Destroyer suggested that if it was a weapon they should use it to destroy Ronan the Accuser, leading to a fierce argument between him and Gamora. Quill calmed the situation down insisting that no one must kill anyone on board his ship. Gamora refused to give Quill any more information about where they were going or who her buyer was, leading to Quill telling her that she should begin trusting him more, Gamora told Quill she would never work with someone like him and then mocked him by telling him that his ship was filthy.

Trouble on Knowhere

tumblr_nf528sBvKL1t3fyg1o5_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xArriving on Knowhere, a remote criminal outpost in space built in the giant severed head of a celestial, the group decided to relax while waiting to meet Gamora's contact, Taneleer Tivan. Gamora and Peter Quill shared a brief moment while she cleaned her sword where Quill explained his need to get his Walkman back due to it being a gift from his mother. Quill let Gamora listen to the music and tried to seduce her, which ended with Gamora harshly rejecting Quill's advances, as she was aware of his reputation.Gamora holds back Drax the DestroyerTheir conversation was interrupted when a fight broke out between the drunk Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Drax the Destroyer after the latter called Rocket vermin and Rocket mocked Drax's past. Quill and Gamora were able to break up the fight and convinced Rocket to put down his weapon and wait until they had collected their money from the Collector. Drax, however, refused and stormed off, due to being furious that he had still been unable to kill Ronan the Accuser, while Gamora let him go as she felt that they did not need his help.

Meeting the Collector

tumblr_pn6wjsU8LL1wogvofo2_500.gifWhen Taneleer Tivan finally met with the group, he greeted Gamora with a kiss to the hand, noting how wonderful it was to finally meet her. Tivan became distracted by Groot as he had never seen a member of Groot's species before. Gamora then suggested that they continue what they had come to discuss; Star-Lord then pulled the Orb from his jacket pocket and attempted to hand it to the Collector, only to briefly drop it on the floor.Gamora learns about the Infinity StonesThe Collector showed great enthusiasm as he began to open the Orb, explaining that the Orb was a containment device that held the Power Stone.

Tivan showed the incredible power of the Infinity Stones which had been used thousands of years before to destroy entire planets. Before the group could accept their payment, Carina attempted to take the Stone, only to unintentionally tap into its power and trigger a massive explosion that killed Carina and destroyed much of Tivan's collection.Gamora and Star-Lord argueBarely escaping with their lives, Gamora hastily resealed the stone into the Orb and left. Finally realizing the true danger of the Orb, Gamora decided to deliver the Orb to the Nova Corps where it would be safest. Rocket Raccoon was horrified when he saw that they were keeping it and suggested that they give it to Ronan the Accuser as a peace offering, Star-Lord then suggested that they give it to a friend of his who would offer a great payment for it. Gamora was furious at the suggestion and attempted to leave with the Orb.


Skirmish on Knowhere

tumblr_p7nly32x5n1wogvofo4_r1_500.gifBefore Gamora could escape, Ronan the Accuser and his forces suddenly arrived, having been called to Knowhere by Drax the Destroyer who intended to kill his enemy. Gamora, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon managed to get to some Mining Pods in an attempt to escape, but Nebula led her soldiers in a chase after them, focusing their efforts on killing Gamora and stealing the Orb back.Gamora nearly suffocates in deep spaceIn the ensuing chaos, Nebula continued to engage Gamora in an aerial battle that resulted in Gamora being forced to fly her mining pod into deep space where it malfunctioned and she became trapped. Gamora continued to try and reason with her sister, insisting that if Ronan the Accuser got his hands on the Orb, he would kill everyone in the universe. Nebula refused to listen and destroyed Gamora's ship, resulting in her being blown into deep space and the Orb stolen. Quill managed to rescue Gamora before she could die from space exposure, and the two were picked up by the Ravagers.

Joining Forces

tumblr_n160w2YW161qe8pkxo2_500.pngGamora sees Yondu Udonta's interrogation"Yondu! Listen to me! Ronan has something called an Infinity Stone.The leader of the Ravagers and Quill's former father figure, Yondu Udonta, immediately began beating up Quill in revenge for him betraying them. Eventually, Gamora managed to convince Udonta of the danger the Orb posed in Ronan's hands. In the end, he agreed to help them in retaking the Orb from Ronan, who was now making his way to Xandar with the intention of destroying it.Their conversation was interrupted when Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer threatened to blow up the ship if Udonta did not give Quill and Gamora back to them. With the situation quickly resolved, Gamora and Quill spoke with Rocket, Groot, and Drax, Gamora on-board the Milano and tried to convince them to join them and the Ravagers in a final battle against Ronan the Accuser.

Quill pitched his idea of a plan, but the group was not convinced, as it would likely result in their deaths. In the end, however, Gamora told Quill she would be happy to die with her friends and the rest of the group also agreed.Gamora and Peter Quill explain their planQuill and Gamora explained the details of the plan to Yondu Udonta and his army of Ravagers, with Gamora explaining how they would engage his army of Sakaarans and use the distraction to board the ship where her knowledge of the layout would help them find and kill Ronan. They also made it clear how deadly the Power Stone was and how Ronan must not be allowed to touch the planet's surface as it would result in its complete destruction. The Ravagers were handing containment Orbs to use to steal the stone back.

Battle of Xandar

Gamora joined in the Battle of Xandar, taking a seat in the Milano with Star-Lord, Groot and Drax the Destroyer, as they prepared to engage the enemy, Gamora noted that it was a terrible plan. During the battle, they became overrun with the Sakaarans' ships and seemed overpowered until the Nova Corps arrived, led by Garthan Saal and assisted them in the battle.The Guardians onboard the Dark AsterGamora and her allies infiltrated Ronan's ship, the Dark Aster, however Yondu Udonta's ship was shot down in the chaos. As the Milano crashed through the ship, Quill was able to shoot down a unit of Sakaarans before they prepared to carry on. As they made their way through the ship it was almost too dark for them to see, so Groot demonstrated how he could create light spores to light their way. As they walked, Drax the Destroyer expressed his gratitude to be welcomed back into their group, although he mistakenly called Gamora a green whore causing her to demand that he stop talking.

Sister v.s. Sister

tumblr_oiofxosZ2Y1vayqybo1_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xThe group was attacked by Nebula who intended to protect Ronan the Accuser and get revenge for the destruction Gamora had caused. Before she could attack, Nebula was shot by Drax the Destroyer who wanted to protect his friends. Gamora went to disable the ship's generators and found Nebula had survived the shot and had quickly healed. The two sisters engaged in a brutal fight in which Nebula tried everything she could to kill her sister while the battle outside raged on.Gamora attempts to save NebulaEventually, Gamora was able to kick Nebula off the side of the ship through a hole that had been shot in it. Nebula managed to hold on as her cybernetic arm became impaled on the piece of debris and hung thousands of feet above Xandar, Gamora attempted to reason with her sister by telling her that Ronan the Accuser was crazy and they could still stop him. Nebula refused to listen and instead cut off her own arm and fell from the ship, landing on a Ravager ship and flying it to safety.

With Nebula having been defeated, Gamora then disabled the vessel's shield generator as planned, allowing the rest of the group to enter the control room. She then joined her friends in confronting Ronan. Star-Lord attempted to use the Hadron Enforcer to kill him, but Ronan's power was too great and he survived. Ronan then used his Cosmi-Rod to knock the group back, easily subdued them before strangling and mocking Drax the Destroyer.Gamora is protected by GrootThey were saved when Rocket Raccoon dive-bombed his ship into the Dark Aster, plowing straight into Ronan and causing the Dark Aster to plummet from the Xandarian skyline. All seemed lost as the group had no means of protecting themselves from the impact when the ship to crash land. However, Groot sacrificed himself to keep the others safe from the crash, wrapping them a protective ball made from his own body.

Killing Ronan

tumblr_prq52qxUwV1rp3v3zo3_r2_400.gifThe group survived the impact, although Groot's body was destroyed and he was seemingly killed. Ronan the Accuser survived the crash as well and began mocking the group's efforts to stop him, calling them the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronan prepared to finally unleash his revenge and destroy Xandar while Gamora and the rest of the group seemed powerless to stop him.Gamora after the death of RonanMuch to everyone's surprise, Peter Quill decided to start dancing and singing, distracting Ronan who was confused by the strange display. Using this momentary distraction, Rocket Raccoon was able to repair the Hadron Enforcer and Drax the Destroyer used it to destroy Ronan's Cosmi-Rod, exposing the Infinity Stone within.

Quill grabbed the stone but was almost killed by its power. Gamora and the other Guardians joined together to share its power and used it to kill Ronan before containing the stone.With Xandar now saved and the Orb protected once again, Yondu Udonta arrived with his Ravagers and demanded that Quill give him the Orb as he had promised. Despite Gamora's pleads against it, Quill gave in and handed over the Orb. However, once the Ravagers had left the planet, Quill revealed to Gamora that he had switched them and still had the Infinity Stone. Gamora spoke to Quill and he explained how Udonta was the only family he had ever had, but she told him that that was no longer true.


tumblr_pcq7g3mIZL1xwq1yjo6_250.gifThe stone was then given to the Nova Corps, with the Nova Prime Irani Rael personally ensuring that the group was pardoned from their criminal records. As they left the Nova Corps Headquarters, Gamora spoke to Drax the Destroyer about him having avenged his family by finally killing Ronan the Accuser. Drax, however, made it clear that Thanos was his next target.Now free from Thanos, Ronan the Accuser and her deadly past, Gamora permanently joined Quill, Rocket, and Drax as the Guardians of the Galaxy. As they prepared to leave on the Milano, which had been rebuilt by Rhomann Dey, Gamora found Quill having finally opened a gift from his late mother, a new music mix. When Quill played one of the songs, Gamora danced to it. They then left the planet under Quill's leadership, intending to do some good, some bad and a bit of both.

Battle on Sovereign

s-13-guardians-opening-vol-2.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x After the Battle of Xandar, the Guardians of the Galaxy became well known across the galaxy. The Sovereign hired the Guardians to take down the Abilisk that was eating the Anulax Batteries. When the Guardians arrived on the planet, Gamora questioned Drax as of why he wasn't wearing one of Rocket Raccoon's flight suits which he told her it made his nipples hurt. As the Abilisk approached them, Gamora got out a rifle which Star-Lord questioned as her thing was swords. As they fought the Abilisk, Gamora told Groot, who was dancing to move from danger and responded by waving. Drax then informed Gamora that the Abilisk must be cut on the inside. Gamora tried to warn him not to do so, but he jumped in its mouth. Star-Lord then told Gamora to aim for the cut on its neck as they distracted it.

As Gamora was about to fire, she ran out of ammo and took out her sword, cutting through the Abilisk. Gamora during a battle with the Sovereign After the battle, the Guardians got changed as Quill warned them about the Sovereign people. As payment, the Guardians were handed over Nebula who Gamora wanted to put in prison by the Nova Corps. Gamora took Nebula and headed to the Milano. As the Guardians flew away, Gamora tied Nebula upright as a fleet of Sovereign people attacked them as Rocket stole some of their batteries. As they attempted to escape, Quill and Rocket began to argue which Gamora had to break up. Drax then fired at the fleet using a space suit, but as the Milano crashed, the cable Drax was attached to broke causing Gamora to hold onto it as the ship crashed into the planet.

Encounter with Ego

 During an argument on Berhert over who was to blame for the crash, an unidentified craft landed. Gamora ignored Nebula's demands to be released and prepared to battle whoever landed. The craft opened and the Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced to Ego and his assistant Mantis, the former of which was revealed to be Peter Quill's father. Gamora persuaded Quill to go with Ego to 'Ego's Planet when Quill was skeptical of his father's claims assuring him that they could just kill Ego if he turned out to be evil.


Exploring Ego's Planet

Gamora and Drax accompanied Peter Quill aboard Ego's Ship leaving Nebula with Rocket Raccoon and Groot who had remained to repair the Milano. Once on board, Mantis displayed her abilities as an empath by touching Quill and revealing his crush on Gamora. She was startled by this revelation and refused to let Mantis touch her threatening her with a broken jaw if she tried to do so. Gamora dances with Peter Quill On Ego's homeworld, she was startled by the revelation that Ego was in fact a Celestial. Later, she interrupted Mantis and Drax with the former having been about to say something important. She grew suspicious when Mantis displayed uncertainty and fear. She danced with Quill with the latter trying to get her to admit that there was something between them- something she denied. Gamora expressed her suspicions, but Quill accused her of being jealous of his 'half-god' status and demanded to know why she couldn't be happy for him having found his family. Gamora responded that she already thought he had found his family before storming off. 

Showdown with Nebula

tumblr_ox7hmuJuyx1wogvofo6_500.gifOutside, she was shot at by Nebula piloting an M-ships and chased into a series of caverns. The two sisters fought with Gamora hot-wiring a giant gun that had broken off the craft to fire at the ship before rescuing Nebula when the ship was about to explode. Nebula attacked Gamora but didn't kill her with the pair forming an uneasy alliance. Nebula was angry at Gamora for always winning the fights Thanos made them partake in that resulted in Nebula being continuously 'upgraded' every time she lost. Exploring the caverns, they came across a large pile of bones before running back to the main palace to warn Peter Quill. Gamora attacked Mantis until the latter touched her causing her fear to become more prevalent with Drax assuring that Mantis had told him everything. The four went to save Quill who was being attacked by Ego before a ship piloted by Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon landed on top of him.

Battle on Ego's Planet

tumblr_owwzjb6vtX1wogvofo2_250.gifGamora brought Peter Quill on board the ship revealing her findings and the Guardians of the Galaxy prepared to leave. Quill refused to say they had to kill Ego and began piloting the ship to the planet's core. Gamora, Drax and Mantis were thrown from the ship when the Sovereign fleet attacked and Mantis was forced to subdue Ego by putting him to sleep when he found them. Gamora was visibly distressed when she thought Quill had been killed in the craft's explosion and was relieved when he, as well as Nebula and Yondu Udonta, was revealed to be alive. Gamora during the Battle on Ego's Planet After Mantis was knocked unconscious and Ego began to attack, she and Nebula fell from the crumbling ledge. Gamora was saved by her sister and the two began to climb back to the top to return to the fight before being suffocated by the organic matter Ego created to subdue them. When Quill took control, both sisters survived and made their way to the ship piloted by Kraglin Obfonteri on the surface. She refused to leave Quill behind and was about to go and look for him before Rocket Raccoon tasered her to stop her from being killed in the explosion of the planet.

Yondu's Funeral

tumblr_p551dxR8771wogvofo6_250.gif Gamora attended Yondu Udonta's funeral. When Nebula went to leave, she tried to persuade her to join them, saying that there were other daughters who are in danger because of Thanos and gave her sister a hug when the offer was declined, Nebula responded that she is more useful as killing Thanos to prevent other daughters from the same fate that hers. The two sisters hugged before Nebula departed. As the Ravagers arrived to pay their respects, she hinted to Peter Quill that she did perhaps reciprocate his feelings and the pair embraced.



Infinity War - Meeting Thor

The Guardians of the Galaxy responded to the distress call sent out by the Statesman after the Asgardian ship was attacked by Thanos and his Black Order. Gamora was concerned with helping people in distress, while Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord were interested in how much they could get as a reward. Upon arrival at the origin of the distress call, they found the Statesman destroyed and recovered Thor from the wreckage. Gamora tells Thor about Thanos Gamora was taken with Thor's physique, much to the discomfort of Star-Lord who began imitating the Asgardian king. Thor recounted his encounter with Thanos to the Guardians, telling them that the Mad Titan was after the Infinity Stones. With two in his possession, and two safely on Earth, Thor surmised that Thanos was heading to Knowhere to get the Reality Stone, which was in the possession of the Collector. Thor also mentioned that no one knew where the Soul Stone was, to which Gamora reacted uncomfortably. Thor, along with Rocket and Groot, headed to Nidavellir to forge a weapon to kill Thanos with, while Gamora accompanied Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, and Mantis to Knowhere.

Return to Knowhere

 On the way to Knowhere, Gamora took Star-Lord to one side and made him promise to kill her if Thanos captured her. Gamora told him that she knew something that Thanos could never know. Star-Lord asked her what it was, but Gamora refused to tell him, stating that he would be in danger if he knew as well. As they embraced each other their moment was interrupted by Drax the Destroyer, who was "mastering" the art of being invisible by standing totally still. Gamora attempts to finally kill Thanos Arriving at Knowhere, the Guardians of the Galaxy then headed to the Collector's Museum to find Thanos threatening the Collector and demanding to know where the Reality Stone was. Sensing an opportunity, Gamora attacked Thanos, stabbing him in the neck with Godslayer and then plunging the dagger that he gave her into his chest. As Thanos died, Gamora broke down crying.

As she did, Thanos' voice rang out, telling her that he was sure she still cared about him. Gamora discovers Thanos' deceptions Thanos had already obtained the Reality Stone and had staged the entire event. The Reality Stone revealed the true nature of Knowhere; burning and destroyed with Thanos alive and well. Taking Gamora hostage, the Guardians attempted to save her, but Thanos used the Reality Stone to temporarily take out Drax and Mantis. Star-Lord aimed his Quad Blasters at Thanos, threatening to kill him if he did not let Gamora go. Gamora tells Peter Quill to kill her Gamora reminded Star-Lord of his promise and he reluctantly pointed the weapon at her with Thanos tempting him to shoot her. After confessing their love for each other, Star-Lord finally worked up the courage and resolve to shoot Gamora, but Thanos used the Reality Stone to turn the weapon's discharge into bubbles. Telling Star-Lord he liked him, Thanos used the Space Stone to transport away from Knowhere.

Sisters Reunited

 tumblr_ppc0j7SR4b1wzvtqio7_400.gifGamora was brought to Thanos' throne room as he tried to reconnect with his lost daughter but she rebuffed his offer of food, throwing the food he offered to his throne, which she bitterly said she always hated. Thanos recalled that she had told him that for twenty years, but he had hoped that one day, Gamora would have sat in the throne after him. Gamora is told that she lied about the Soul Stone Gamora reminisces on how she was young when Thanos took her and rebuffed his belief that he saved her, saying that she was happy in Zen-Whoberi, which Thanos countered by saying on how her planet was so overpopulated that children had no homes and to survive, her people had to hound the planet for scraps and he was the one who saved her planet. Gamora bitterly said that he did it by wiping out half of the Zehobereis and Thanos simply said that it is a small price to pay for salvation. As the talk became more tense, with Gamora rejecting all that Thanos believed and expressing her hatred for him and everything he taught her, Thanos told Gamora that it was because of what he taught her that she became the fiercest woman in the galaxy and he trusted her enough to find the Soul Stone; Gamora sarcastically apologized for failing him.

Thanos calmly told her that he was disappointed in her not because she failed him, but because she had found the Soul Stone and lied to him about it. Gamora witnesses Nebula being tortured by Thanos Thanos took Gamora to see Nebula, who he captured after she snuck aboard the Sanctuary II, suspended in a field with her cybernetic body parts pulled apart. Thanos tortured her in front of Gamora to make her reveal the location of the Soul Stone. After telling Thanos that she did not know its location, Thanos accessed Nebula's memory and had Nebula play it back via a hologram projection from her eye showing Gamora telling her sister that she had found the map to the Soul Stone and burned it, with Thanos revealing he had never been fooled by Gamora's lie and was simply waiting for the right moment to expose it. Torturing Nebula some more, Gamora finally relented and told Thanos the Stone was on the planet Vormir.

Unwilling Sacrifice

original.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xGamora, giving in after watching Nebula being tortured, reluctantly led Thanos to a planet called Vormir, which is where they meet the Red Skull who guided them to the obtaining the Soul Stone. Red Skull explained to Thanos that he needed the sacrifice of a loved one to be given the Infinity Stone, by throwing that person off the cliff to their death. Gamora is told to be sacrificed for the stone Gamora, upon hearing this, unleashed her bitter resentment for Thanos' seeming lack of love for anyone by laughing and saying how she had dreamed that Thanos would be punished for all he had done and that the moment is finally here as the universe found Thanos unworthy because he loved no one but himself. Thanos turned around and revealed tears, which she believed was due to his failure and continued to taunt him. Gamora is sacrificed by Thanos Unfortunately, Thanos was crying because he would have to sacrifice Gamora as he truly loved Gamora as his daughter. Genuinely surprised and for a brief moment, almost happy, Gamora still quickly attempted suicide to prevent Thanos obtaining the stone, but Thanos easily turned her dagger to bubbles and tearfully apologized and, while still in tears, dragged her over to the cliff and threw her to her death. Thanos then awakened with the Soul Stone in his hand.



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Legacy Star-Lord's Rage

Thanos arrived on Titan to retrieve the Time Stone from Doctor Strange. During his fight with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange restricted the gauntlet while Drax, Iron Man and Spider-Man restrained Thanos' arms and legs, allowing Mantis to inflict sleep upon him using her powers. Star-Lord then mocked Thanos and demanded the location of Gamora, visibly causing him to become crestfallen. Mantis then revealed that Thanos was mourning, which led Nebula to understand in horror and sadness that he had sacrificed her for the Soul Stone. Star-Lord then angrily questioned Thanos to tell her that Nebula was lying and Thanos emotionally said he had to. In the end, Thanos overcame them and teleported himself to Wakanda.


Soulworld - Gamora questions Thanos' goal

tumblr_pmppigJPNH1v0774l_400.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter Thanos snapped his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet during the Battle of Wakanda, he was transported to the Soulworld inside the Soul Stone. There, Gamora's soul met Thanos in her child form and calmly asked if he had done it and the resigned Thanos told her he had achieved his goal. Gamora asked what it had cost and Thanos sadly smiled and said it cost him everything, referring to how she was the only thing he loved. Apparently accepting defeat, Gamora sadly smiled before Thanos returned to reality as the Decimation started, causing half life in the universe to fade away into nothingness. However, three weeks after the ending of the Infinity War and before his death at the blade of Thor's Stormbreaker, Thanos used the Infinity Stones to destroy themselves, obliterating not only the Soulworld within the Soul Stone, but Gamora's soul too in the process.

Learning about the Future 

In 2023, after discovering a method to trasverse through time safely, the surviving Avengers initiated a Time Heist to recover all the Infinity Stones from different points in the past. As such, Nebula and War Machine were assigned to travel back in time to 2014 to retrieve the Power Stone before Peter Quill did. 2014 Nebula is seen battling alien soldiers as Thanos wages another cleansing for half of a population. She is bested by a stray grenade, and rescued from an enemy soldier by 2014 Gamora, who extends a helping hand only to be smacked away. Perturbed by being helped, Nebula demands an explanation, only for her to relay that Thanos has found the Power Stone. However, Nebula's implants interface with those of her 2014 self as Thanos prepared to send Gamora and Nebula to the Dark Aster under the orders of Ronan the Accuser. Through the connection between the Nebulas as informed by Ebony Maw, Thanos was able to learn of his future self's fate and success and captured the future Nebula. Nebula, knowing Gamora's hatred for her father, attempted to turn Gamora against Thanos early by telling her that Thanos sacrificed her future self to get the Soul Stone, but was interrupted before she can finish.

Battle of Earth

Gamora helps protect the Iron Gauntlet After the 2014 Nebula recovered the Infinity Gauntlet while Thanos and his army time traveled to the present, Gamora visited Nebula to ask her about their relationship in the future. After Nebula admitted that she tried to kill Gamora but they became sisters in the end, Gamora freed Nebula to help stop Thanos. Nebula and Gamora then rescue Clint Barton from the 2014 Nebula and try to convince her to change sides. The younger Nebula refused and was shot dead by her older self when she turned her gun on Gamora. During the battle, Gamora saved the life of a shocked Peter Quill who mistakes her for the Gamora he knew, eliciting a violent response from her. Having learned of their relationship, Gamora was left incredulous that she chose Quill, leading Nebula to comment that it was a choice between Quill and a tree. Ultimately, the battle came to an end when Iron Man snapped his fingers to decimate all of the past Thanos' forces from existence, including Thanos himself, though at the cost of his own life.

Unknown Fate


Following the Battle of Earth, the 2014 Gamora mysteriously disappeared. It's currently unknown, even for Peter Quill, if past Gamora either faded away into nothingness like Thanos and his forces or if she survived just like Nebula.[1] With the present day Gamora having died before Thanos used the Infinity Stones, she wasn't restored along with everyone else when the Hulk snapped his fingers. As a result, Quill is shown to be searching for the 2014 Gamora, the only one left.


"I have spent most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."

tumblr_prvtxog2iE1y4o2hzo7_250.png?profile=RESIZE_710xGamora, throughout most of her life, has been molded into a living weapon and the only family that she knew and raised her are the people she considered enemies. Because of her assassin background, Gamora can be stoic, distant and merciless to her foes or targets. Her reputation as the most deadly woman in the galaxy precedes her, as Rocket Raccoon states "anyone who is anyone knows who [Gamora] is". Whilst she was an equal level of criminal to the rest of her teammates when they first met, Gamora valued honor greatly and held Star-Lord with disdain for being a dishonorable thief alone. However, she was willing to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy to escape the Kyln and sell the Orb though she was monumentally irritated by them, Drax in particular.

During combat, she can be aggressive and ruthless due to her tendency for war cries and her willingness to kill without restraint. However, she will often use strategy to avoid murder when possible such as flirting with Quill so to steal the Orb from him without fatal means, only resorting to killing when it became clear that Quill wasn't going to surrender without a fight or the fact that he might sell it to someone dangerous like The Broker or Ronan if he managed to escape. Within the Kyln, Gamora was almost killed by Drax and Moloka Dar but she only restrained them instead of killing them and non-lethally incapacitates the guards when they were trying to escape. When arguing with Nebula regarding who was the better assassin, Gamora told her that the difference between them was that she took too long murdering her victims, showing that she lacks the sadistic desire for a painful death Nebula had. Her brutal training by Thanos could have turned her into someone like her sister, Nebula but by comparison, Gamora is extremely caring.

When she discovered the Orb's destructive power, she didn't hesitate to surrender it to the Nova Corps despite the threat of arrest and angrily chastising Quill for attempting to sell it. Despite her hatred to everyone connected towards Thanos as well as her rivalry towards her sister and her attempts to kill her earlier, Gamora consoles to her and genuinely cares for her. Throughout all their altercations, Gamora would always try to reason with Nebula and held back so as not to kill her. However, during childhood she was too self-focused with her own survival that she didn't seem to care about what happened to Nebula when Thanos would torture her for losing against Gamora in combat, something which Gamora didn't even realize until adulthood and shows remorse for this but defends this by saying that she was a child like Nebula and scared for her own life. Her love for Nebula was shown when she quickly gave in and told Thanos the Soul Stone is on Vormir when she saw Nebula tortured.

Gamora hates Thanos for ruining her childhood and massacring half of her people. She even went as far as to lie that Thanos killedgamora-347x630.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x her parents in front of her while it was not the case and Thanos actually gently kept her from seeing it. When they reunite, despite Thanos's kind attempts to reconcile with her, Gamora bitterly rejected everything and did not hesitate to express her profound hatred for him. However, despite all of this, Gamora does still love Thanos as a father to some degree but could not bring herself to admit it and created the lie to justify her hatred for Thanos, as she still cried when she seemingly killed him and Thanos himself said that he knew she still cared for him deep down. While she was quick to attempt suicide to prevent Thanos from obtaining the Soul Stone, Gamora was genuinely shocked and seemed almost happy after learning that Thanos genuinely loved her as his daughter and the fact she had to die for him to complete his mission deeply shocked and devastated him for a brief moment before she tried to kill herself. Thanos also said that she once had the same will as he has as she fought alongside him, implying that she at first did have some dedication to Thanos's cause until she saw him for what he was and turned against him.

It could also be possible that she initially believed in his goal to balance the universe by killing half its population to be the right thing until she began to disagree with it. Unlike the other Guardians, Gamora lacks the comical quirks and deep-seated personality issues giving her a more serious and deadly personality. However, like Drax, Gamora is ignorant of Quill's Earth lingo and pop references. She also doesn't understand figures of speech because she believed that "having a stick up your butt" which was another way of saying one was uptight was literal and considered it cruel. During a few months with the Guardians, Gamora's hardened personality has begun to vanish. She took the time during a fight with the Abelisk to wave at Groot, becoming an almost mother-figure to him and dancing with Quill on Ego's planet despite previously claiming not to dance. Gamora later consoled him about Yondu Udonta's death and hinted to having romantic feelings for him. However, she still has an aggressive edge, threatening to break the jaw of Mantis if she touched her (presumably because she didn't want Drax or anyone to know about her attraction to Quill).

She eventually confessed that she loved him more than anything when she asked him to kill her after Thanos had grabbed her. Gamora's selflessness was shown by the fact that she was willing to let Star-Lord kill her to prevent Thanos from learning the location of the Soul Stone and later quickly and desperately attempted suicide to prevent Thanos from acquiring the Stone. After being sacrificed by Thanos, Gamora's soul trapped in the Soulworld showed a more defeated side, seemingly being the only hero who humbly accepted Thanos's victory, as when Thanos came to her, she bore no ill will towards him and calmly asked if he did it. She even showed a softer side when he solemnly replied that achieving his goal needed him to sacrifice her, sadly smiling as if to comfort Thanos.




  •  Zehoberei Physiology and Bionic Enhancements: As a Zehoberei, Gamora naturally possesses physical capabilities beyond any human being, which were further augmented by Thanos' use of bionic and cybernetic enhancements to improve her skills as an assassin.


  • Superhuman Strength: Due to her Zehoberei heritage and bionic enhancements, Gamora is stronger than humans and many other species, allowing her to overpower a majority of her opponents in combat. She possesses a cybernetic skeleton and has demonstrated her strength by being able to effortlessly lift up Mantis by her neck with one hand and pin her to a wall, break Groot's vine binding with nothing but her strength, as well as holding up the discarded cannon of a crashed M-ship piloted by Nebula, which was far larger than her, before using it to fire on the ship. During the battle on Xandar, Gamora was able to kick Nebula with enough force to launch her sister out of the Dark Aster. While the Milano was crash landing, Gamora was able to hold the fixture tied with Drax the Destroyer for a while without getting thrown out of the cabin's hole. However, Gamora was powerless against Thanos, as he effortlessly restrained her and threw her off of a cliff on Vormir with a single hand even with Gamora struggling to free herself with both hands.


  • Superhuman Durability: Gamora's bionic upgrades and the advanced physiology of her species allow her to be more resistant to physical harm. Gamora was able to survive, or at least briefly endure, various afflictions that would prove fatal to a normal human being, such as severe electrocution, deep-space exposure, or blunt force trauma. However, she did not survive being thrown off a large cliff on Vormir by Thanos, with Gamora losing a lot of blood upon impact with the ground. Superhuman


  • Agility: As a bionically-enhanced Zehoberei, Gamora possesses a high level of agility that gives her an advantage over her opponents, such as when she was able to leap at a tremendous height and distance while helping the other Guardians escape from the Kyln. She was also able to leap a great height when attempting to slaughter the Abilisk.


  • Superhuman Stamina: Gamora's two livers allow her to metabolize and filter toxins faster than any human and her respiratory implants allow her to intake oxygen at greater efficiency than any human. She was able to run at a great distance without stopping while stealing the Orb from Star-Lord.


  • Enhanced Vision: Gamora's ocular implants allow her to see farther than what her species is capable of. This allowed her to easily notice Nebula flying in onto Ego's planet from afar. Regenerative


  • Healing Factor: Bio-augmentations have granted Gamora the power to regenerate quickly from most injuries or infections, allowing her to easily get back into fighting shape after being exposed to deep-space without any protection.




  • Master Assassin: Gamora is an exceptional assassin, being so great that she was known for never having failed her missions while under Thanos's tutelage and even earning such fearful reputation that she was considered the "deadliest woman in the galaxy" due to her work as an assassin. Nebula, herself an extensively trained assassin who was skilled enough to have come close to assassinating Thanos, stated that Gamora is the better assassin. 


  • Master Martial Artist: Trained extensively by Thanos and having years of fighting experience when carrying out Thanos's missions, Gamora is highly proficient in both armed and hand-to-hand combat. Gamora's skills were so advanced that even Thanos himself held her at such high regard that he openly considered her the finest of his children and the fiercest woman in the Galaxy, with her being known to having constantly beat Nebula, a very proficient fighter in her own right, in their spars. Hence, she quickly gained and maintained the upper hand over Star-Lord, easily broke out from Groot and Rocket's attempts to restrain her, and while holding back, as she was only attempting to reason with Nebula rather than kill her, easily held her own against and eventually defeated Nebula even after Nebula disarmed her, an expert combatant in her own right, in their spars, only losing in their latest altercation due to being weakened and still holding her own before being pinned down.


  • Sword Mastery: Gamora is shown to be highly skilled in using her sword, with it being her primary method of combat, as she was able to easily amputate and overpower Groot, battle against Nebula wielding her batons during the Battle of Xandar, disarming her of one of her weapons, and cut down the Abilisk.


  • Expert Marksman: Although Gamora was known to prefer using melee combat, especially swords, much more often, her training under Thanos nevertheless allowed her to acquire a level of proficiency in using firearms. She displayed this skill when she effectively wielded a rifle while battling the Abilisk, and later turned a ship's turret into a hand-held weapon and accurately shot and swiftly destroyed the m-ship Nebula attacked her on. She is also an excellent knife-thrower, able to throw a knife with such accuracy from a great distance that she was able to avoid amputating Quill's arm while still forcing him to drop the Orb.


  • Expert Pilot: Gamora is a capable pilot, as shown when in an attempt to escape from Nebula and a group of Sakaarans on Knowhere, Gamora was able to single-handedly command and fly a mining pod with relative ease. She managed to avoid being decisively shot down until she was eventually forced to escape to space, which shut down her pod and allowed Nebula to shoot her down.



  tumblr_nfrvvhQTBQ1qdfs7xo1_250.gifGamora's weapon of choice, a retractable sword that she used to amputate Groot's limbs when he attempted to restrain her, and in her duel against Nebula. The original Godslayer was broken in two when she attempted to kill an illusion of Thanos before she stabbed him with a part of the sword. The version of the Gamora from 2014 is still being used by her.

  • Gamora's Switchblade: Thanos gave her a switchblade during their first encounter on Zen-Whoberi. Gamora later used it in her attempted assassination of Thanos on Knowhere.
  • Plasma Rifle: During an encounter with the Abilisk, Gamora used a plasma rifle to fight off an attempt to kill it, only to have it run out of ammo.
  • Power Stone: During their final battle with Ronan the Accuser, Gamora and the other Guardians of the Galaxy used the Power Stone in tandem to direct the Stone's energy at Ronan, destroying his body and killing him.

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Other Equipment

Cybernetic Skeleton: While in the service of Thanos, Gamora had cybernetic appendages installed in her providing enhanced strength and durability.

Ocular and Respiratory Implants: Gamora had implants installed in her visual system and respiratory system, providing enhanced stamina and vision.

Vehicles Milano, Benatar,Sanctuary II

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