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Taken by Erik Volkov

Character Appearance

Faceclaim: Danielle Campbell Appearance: Height: 5' 3" Eyes: Black sclera, yellow iris Hair: Auburn Ethnicity: Cajun

Character Personality

Super sarcastic, stubborn, and hard to get close to, but once you do, she's faithful as all hell and will sometimes do crazy things for you. Please note: Gem is not a bad person, nor really a good one either. She steals, but usually tries to give it back. She's kind of klepto but really? It's how she was raised. Physical touch isn't a good idea unless you're close to her or want to die of electrocution.

Character History/Story

Full name: Gemini Lana LeBeau Alias/es: Gem, Gemstone, Agent 19477327 Family: Remy LeBeau (adopted brother), Jean-Luc LeBeau (disowned father) Backstory: Gem was born into the Thieves' Guild. She was raised learning to steal and fight and escaped the Guild after quite a bit of abuse when she was twelve, in the process losing her brother Remy (or Gambit as others know him). Her father would sometimes disappear from the guild for weeks on end. They made a box with multiple knives, shards of glass, and other pointy objects sticking out of the inside. When he was gone, they'd hang it up and hit it around with a pole so she was jostled inside, making some permanent injuries she still has along with scars. She was kidnapped by Hydra after only a few months, when she had found an elderly lady to stay with until she found a real home. When Hydra found her, her first use of her mutation led to her electrocuting the lady and a couple agents as well. They died and she ran only to be caught. When she arrived, they planted a tracker in the back of her neck, unbeknownst to her. Left in a cell weeks on end without food, her body adapted once they gave her multiple serums in which gave her varying abilities and curses. She picked up multiple assassination jobs in her desperate attempt to get out though they always found her. When she was one of their top assassins they were forced to wipe her memory and control her mind in order to keep her killing innocents. She's been trying to drop off their radar for three to four years, unknowledgeable to the tracker until recently. Clint Barton was the one to help her escape Hydra in the first place. She fled from him and made a living on the streets as a thief, becoming very sought after and being found by her brother, who had been told she died years ago. The family drama is real though. She lived by bouncing around hotels and bars, sleeping once or twice a week. Her habits led her into drinking heavily though it was nearly impossible until she found Asgardian alcohol, which she received from non other than Thor. (And by receiving, it means she stole it.) She followed him to the tower one night where she again encountered Clint who offered her help which she declined. She eventually found a home at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters though she doesn't spend much time there, only there for Remy (who finally got a chance to talk to her) and Erik Volkov (someone else's OC), her now boyfriend.

Character Abilites

Immunity to electricity, Conductivity, ability to shock/electrocute things, enhanced senses, 8 different martial arts

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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