~So I am going off of a plot SIMILAR to that of "Plague Dogs" by Richard Adams, but adding a werewolf component in there ^_^. Any questiosn...please feel free to ask me. Take care!~

Oh and for reference...and a song that I think suits her when she is free...

This song is from the movie "Plague Dogs" (don't watch unless you have tissues :( )



~Quote from the movie "The Plague Dogs":

Snitter: Everything bad comes out of my head! Don't you see? Perhaps dying... even... dying doesn't stop it. 

Rowf: I don't understand what you're saying. As for dying, I'll fight before I'm killed! 


"Once upon a time..."

The infamous line to the beginning of a fairy-tale. A story that after some trials, the hero/ine would reach their well deserved happy ending. 

"And they all lived happily ever after..."

This...is NOT how it works in reality. 

Stories that may start off "Once upon a time..." are not meant to remain in that world of romantacized trials and endings that are surefire to happen because the evil is just too grim to be allowed to win.  

But, what about the REAL evils?

The trials that NEVER seem to end? 

The thing that continues even when "They all live happily ever after..."?

Life isn't a book...

Life isn't set in stone...

Once upon a time a child is born, but does the story of the child truly end after the baby grows into an adult? 

Stories make time seem endless. 

Stories make the time seem almost unreal...so slow and yet so fast that the story ends only a moment too soon...

But what if that story has barely begun?

That is where the story "begins".

The beginning, and that is where the story shall continue until I begin to see it through to the ending...

Such as the ending is...

Be it happy...

Be it sad...

Be it open-ended...

I will see it through until the end...

What is the end? 

A dying breath?

Or is it when you are forgotten from the world of the living and the non-living? 

One can only guess. 

I suppose that I should start at the beginning of this little endeavor.

My name is ...


At least that is what I am called...most of the time...

In all honesty though, my name is really just the replication of my number that rests as a scar on my stomach. Given to me without numbing and without cleaning the instrument to write that horrid code into my belly.

In my human form it is right below my belly button, and it reads...


That is the number that they gave me to keep me in line at the lab. 

After that...everything is a blur...a painful and emotional blur.

I woke up, my arms and legs bound to the bed...my right arm swollen with blood oozing from it and an IV slipping a different type of blood inside me.

Suddenly, there was  loud "BANG" that I heard in my ears.

Suddenly, my body was different...

I no longer felt like I had felt before...it's kind of hard to explain...

I already felt different, growing up...feeling like I could smell better and hunt better than most other kids my age.

My parents, long gone, had told me we were not like everyone else.

Is that why those people came and took me away? 

I have no idea...

After that, another needle was slammed into my veins...and once again...the world spun, my stomach churned and I got sick...but that's what they wanted.

I awoke back in the small enclosure where they kept me...barely enough water to just keep you alive...but never quench your thirst.

The food is rancid, but you are so hungry that you eat it...

There is no light...

No fresh wind blowing through the trees...

There is nothing here.


After I awoke, I noticed that things were...strange...

Nothing around me seemed to be what it was...

There would be times in that same dark, small, foul-smelling kennel that I would see my mother...holding me, and i would smell her as well.

After a moment, the visions and smells were taken away from me. 

This happens so often...

It's like SUBJECTIVE and OBJECTIVE were no longer in synchronization with each other...and soon my world was stuck between what was real...and what was a memory. I fight this battle all the time. 

They knew I have a human form...they know it...

They didn't care...I was a perfect subject, they said.

They could see both human and canide responses to their damn tests and drugs.

 One night...I was able to break free from that horrible place. 


After fighting through air vents, and sneaking past other lab animals that were guaranteed to suffer the same fate as myself...and even though I tried to save some...I could not save them all...

They would have caught me by then...

I remember when my bare feet and my paws felt the outside for the first time in what felt like forever. 

Soft, tender grasses...

Then, those weird "turns" (as the scientists called them) would send me into a memory and before I knew it...I would be walking in the middle of busy traffic...

Fortunately I don't shift when I have a turn...however, I have them even when I am not...well...human.

I can see it...

The life away from this pain and torment...

Can you?


Character Age

Unknown (because writer isn't sure yet xD)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character History/Story

As a child, Giselle was loved by her mother and father...cared for in her family which also consisted of her pack. A family of werewolves from BOTH generations guaranteed that Giselle would be granted with the most ripe of genetics. Her physique would be beautiful, but her senses were strong as was her body. Not long after that, she would develop the strength and the speed that is shared by her father and mother respectively. However, like most things that happen...or at least, the things that make one interesting...everything changed for her one early morning. It was so early that the sun didn't even reach the sky yet and the crescent moon still glowed rather bright. This morning, Giselle's life went from one that was loving and kind...full of familiar smells and the family that her grey eyes had opened up to and absorbed into her permanent memory was taken away from her. Still a baby, things were faded for her...all she remembered was a loud sound and the smell of blood, but also a blackness that didn't seem to go away. At least...not until they reached THAT place... What place do I speak of? The place where everything near and familiar vanished into a world of noise, smells, and sensations that could only be described as HORRID. Those innocent grey eyes were now exposed to a cold, metallic, shameless world where there were so many animals crying in pain...or simply fear. This place was a "lab" This lab was full of nothing but animals with tubes, shaved patches on their skin, wires attached to them in a way that can only be described as TORTURE. What was she doing here? And where was her mother? Giselle needed her mother...still so young and helpless, needing her milk to survive. Then, she met THEM: The White Coats. These were men and women of various ages that came in and gave her something that she ate to substitute for her mother's milk. The concoction tasted awful and there was something in it that forced her to stay in her lupine form...before she could change randomly...but now...forget it. She spends so long in this form, that she almost forgot that there was a human form in there too. Years passed, and the tests only got more brutal the older she got...at first they only tested her tolerance for medicine, and then it turned into things like social deprivation and water endurance to see how long she would wait until she would give up to drown. This torment went on for years...and just when it seemed like there was no way out...her body snapped into the form of a human girl, and the girl was released. However, this didn't stop her from releasing the others that were captive...thirty in total. She had to run for it...now she was seen as a criminal for what? Releasing animals back into their natural environment? That's where she is now...a gray wolf wanders the city and searches for "home" and "friends", "mate", and "family..." However, she bears the scars of her previous trauma...the number "2591" on her arm, and on her abdomen...cut into her without anesthesia and not checked for infection, which she was sure that she had. Her health is poor, but her will is strong..and there is no way that Giselle will give up...not until she sees her family...or create the one that she knows that she is meant to have.

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  • [ Hm. In one way or another I have to connect Christian to a hunt, it's about all he does. Are you willing to play Blue just as she is escaping the lab? Maybe Christian has someone in the lab targeted and shows up the same time Blue is escaping? ]

  • [I see Blue has escaped from some type of.. lab? I'm wondering how I could incorporate Roman with her story to make sense of them meeting each other. 

    Roman could help her to hide from the people since I assume they are looking for her? Or maybe he spots her and takes a generic interest in her that ends up with their lives intertwining. Which would you prefer?]

  • [Oof. Excuse my late reply. 

    Is there any plot you're particularly interested in writing? Or even some aspect of your character's history, future, or development that you think Roman could play a part in?]

  • [ Hey, thanks for accepting. Would you like to plot a story? ] 

  • (Could've sworn I replied, turns out I did not.

    If you're up for writing lemme know.)

  • (Sure, if you have a plot in mind! I don't know if any of my characters are quite fitting for what you're going for though. But we might be able to work something out.)

  • \\I've heard of the movie before, but I don't think I ever watched it

  • (Hey, thank you for the add btw. Sorry for being a bit late, I always forget to check my friend requests xD)

  • If you could that would be wonderful!

  • \\Haha, I missed ya too buddy :) 

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