"Sorrow for the lost Lenore...
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore
Nameless here for evermore."
~Jennifer Connelly from Requiem for a Dream is my character model. That's the only one I am using for her.~

Stories should start at the beginning...

When is the beginning? 

Is it when I was born? 

Was it where my memories first began? 

Was it my first time experiencing "THAT"?

Was it when I saw those eyes that captured me and reeled me in...and trapped me like a cagged leopard, leaving me to pace in endless circles?

Or...should it be with everything about myself? 

I will use my own judgment, and first tell you of me...

 A young girl who came from France is the best place that I can think of to begin. I was a normal child, or at least as normal a child as I could be with the memory that lapsed between. What do I mean by this?

My memory isn't the best...the things I remember...I remember well...every pin drop, every word spoken, every face...every sensation...I can recite it all.

Alas, there are things that I cannot remember...and those memories are often kept in a box that I cannot even crack open for my own knowledge...it's just...non-existent. 

Let me stay on track...

Born to a loving mother and father, they named this girl, "Lenore"...a name that means "light"...or rather that meant that I brought some light into their lives.  Everything was wonderful...I could never have asked for a better life until...THAT.


I will not go into details, but I was told to remain silent, keep it a secret from my loving parents...

That experience darkened my world, and clouded my own perception of myself. 

I fell into a dark abyss of which there was no escape...

And for a long while...there wasn't...

 When THAT man took advantage of me as a small child, my reaction to it was as follows:

1. I was reluctant to let anyone touch me...

2. I wanted almost everyone to touch me...

3. I wanted to cleanse my dirty self by erasing that memory with a new experience that would overshadow that...and so I turned to other males for this.

But there was one that was my most beloved, he had passed away a long while ago...no other man has managed to capture my heart this way...

Since his death, I know he would want me to try to continue living my life...

But, how can I when everything that was near and dear got ripped from my organs so fast. 

I miss him every day...

I hope one day he will return to me and told me in his arms the way he did...strong, loving, protective... nothing could hurt me with him holding me like that...

I wish I could meet him again...

Honestly, he was a Hellraiser... but that's what kind of drew us together.

Our soft spots were for each other...

Sometimes others, but it seems that he and I were against the world...

Then, the world took back it's control..

Taking him away from me...

My heart has never been so empty.

I tried to move on...

Just like that, I got married far too soon, and that leads to my "death".

The way he spoke was intoxicating, how could I not almost breathe in his kindred words or his "accidental" reprimanding of me when I failed to meet his expectations.

I don't remember what happened after that last strike to the head, I don't even remember what I was struck with...all I can remember is the following...

1. There was the all too familiar smell of blood around my body...

2. The air around me seemed non-existant and cold. 

3. I found myself staring down at a lifeless body that looked so much like my own, and soon enough, I realized that it was me. 

He killed me with that one blow to the head, and strangulation that was shown by the hand-print bruises on my neck.

4. There was a ball of light that came to me...it danced about like a sprite or a firefly...

When I held out my hands to touch it, it landed on it and filled me with a warmth that woke up all of my senses...I was no longer cold, I was getting warm...too warm.

It felt like my whole body was...


When that horrid sensation went away, I realized that I was back in my body once again...sensation slowly returned to me as I sat up and felt the throbbing from my head, the wound still there...and that is where I am now. 


I don't remember who hurt me...

I don't remember the tool he used...

One thing I do know, is that I have a lust for the man that did this to me...

He will pay...

One way or another...

Mark my words...

It's time for not the "sad loss of Lenore"...

It's time for the rise...


This isn't all bad...

I am stronger, faster, more sensitive to my surroundings...

And, now I have a special blood...a blood that can heal when it is drunk from my body. 

There's a price, I will sustain the injuries or illness that the biter has, but if it prevents one person from feeling the way that I had...

However, I hunt only one...

I hunt the one that hurt me...

I hunt the one that cannot be forgiven...

I will remember him, when I see him...

Until then, you can pretend to be invincible...

Pretend to be a man that does not emit evil from the whole being...

I will find you...

And you WILL pay...

Time for the "lost Lenore" to raise a little 


A demon who lusts for revenge seeks my body as a host...

A hellhound with shadow powers and healing blood...if she is bitten. 

What's the name of the hellhound?

This is...



I will señal myself to the devil himself to get revenge, for all u know...he could be the one who took my beloved away...who knows.

Two things are certain.

1. He will pay

2. I will find you again, for you are the only reason I felt life was meaningful... without you...I am no more than a shell...like what I saw on my beaten body.

Wait for me, if you can...

I'll be with you one day soon.


August 13

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  • \\Hey buddy, I'm doing alright for the most part but I miss ya too! ^^

  • He crossed his arms over his chest and listen, narrowing his eyes slightly as she told her side of the story. She didn't seem familiar to him but something in the back of his mind was telling him that he knew her from his past life somehow but he couldn't think of how he knew her. Like she said, if she worked here once before then her file should still be in the system correct? Sure it was, Kujo had a habit of keeping ex employees files in the system should they decide to come back to work for him or should someone try to rat him out and he had to make due with them before word got out about what he does behind closed doors. Though no one dare to ever double cross Kujo, not if they wanted to see another day that is.


    He watched her stand up from her chair, he hand reaching out to touch his face, he allowed it. He didn't move her hand away or anything but her touch....her touch to his skin felt so right for some reason but again he couldn't remember who she was to him, she had to be someone important to him right? He brought his hand up and slowly removed her hand from his face, those piercing yellow eyes stared down at the woman before him, she was small compared to his frame and height, tilting his head to the side a bit as if he was lost in thought for a moment thinking.


    "I guess this person that I remind you of is an ex lover of yours correct?" 


    Its not that he was trying to mean or rude he honestly didn't know who she was and why her scent was about to drive him nuts; he's spend his time woman all the time but none of them had this kind of impact on him like she did right now and he just met the girl out back in the alley while smoking a cigarette.

  • It was....somewhat common to see Kujo with a woman but then most times he was so busy with work and other things that he would in fact brush women off whenever they were flirting with him but he wouldn't be rude about it unlike some would at times. He would always make it up to them afterwards and let's not ask as to how he ends up finding them after so much time has passed as well as remembering their name from the first night they met. Though, as he was taking the woman to his office, he could help but feel this sudden spark that ran through his body the moment her hand wrapped around his wrist so that she wouldn't get lost in the sea of bodies that flooded the dancefloor. Something was telling him that he should know who this woman is but that other part of him couldn't remember who she was and why she was so familiar to him but he didn't think much on it since it was going to give him a headache in the end.


    Once they reached his office, he unlocked the door and pushed it opened so that she could walk in first before he followed on in behind her, closing the door and locking it; Kujo had a habit of locking doors behind him whenever he was talking with someone so that no one could walk in on him...that or so that whoever he's with didn't have no means of escaping from his grasps but that wasn't the case here, he just wanted to ask the woman some questions and that was it, nothing more nothing less. He walked over to the blinds and closed them so that no one could see them through his opened window on the 2nd floor of the club. 


    "You say that before you were once a cage dancer here....but honestly I'm having a hard time ever seeing you work for me....care to share some light on that miss?" 


    Kujo knew the faces of all his employees that work here, even the ones that no longer work here as well and he still kept in contact with them but he was having a hard time remembering her of all people, so something didn't seem to add up when she told him that she use to work here. Maybe she did and he just doesn't remember seeing her or maybe that he could have been so busy with his 'other' job to even realize that at some point she had worked for him but even still he would have remember seeing her at some point when he did come to the club to do some paperwork and to make sure that everything was running smoothly like it should be.

  • ".....Names Kujo."


    He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at the petite woman before him, something about her seemed familiar to him but he couldn't put his finger on it really. Her scent was familiar but a name nor a face was coming to mind. Little did Kujo know that before he died that he had a girlfriend and he left her in death, all memories of his past were no longer existing in his head and when he did try to remember he would get intense headaches at times. But he didn't ponder on it for long, he just dismiss it as someone that looked familiar to him from his past life. He headed over to the door as he opened it and held it open for the woman to follow on in behind him.


    "You coming in or what then..?" 


    He doesn't exactly remember her working at his club as one of the cage dancers but then again he wasn't the one that interview his employees either so she could have been an ex coworker that use to work her from a while back and had quit for whatever reason. Back inside the club the music was still blasting through the speakers and their were bodies floodingthe dancefloor left and right as well as the bar beingover packed with people standing there and trying to order drinks having the bartenders to work double time to try and serve everyone as fast as they could and then you have some that were in the VIP section getting high or doped up on drugs as well as getting private lap dances from one of the dancers in the VIP section.


    "Follow me." 


    He leaned over and whispered into her ear as he led her to his office, he just had a few questions to ask her and she could be on her merry way once he was done. He didn't like wasting others time since he didn't like anyone wasting his time

  • It could have been a smooth sailing night for him, it could have been a quiet night for him sure but of course he had to be at the wrong place at the wrong time as always. He saw movement out the corner of his eye which made him look out the corner of his eye in that direction when he seen someone walking towards him. A sigh passed his lips, so much for having a quiet night it seems as he pushed himself off the wall and seen that it was a woman walking towards him. Those piercing yellow eyes of his stared at the woman as she approached him, he narrowed his eyes slightly as he tilted his head to the side. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ciagrette and handed one to her, though he didn't know what her real goal is....that is until one of his bouncers came running around the corner and into the ally to find him out of breathe from running.


    "Boss?! I uhhh...that woman over there...." 


    Kujo didn't say anything as he gave the woman a glance and then back at his bouncer, if looks could kill right now it seems as though the bouncer himself was very nervous and scared right now. The thing was, he didn't work for Kujo just as a bouncer, in fact he was in Kujo's gang as well and everyone in the gang knew to never look him in the eye when they spoke to him unless you were asking for a death wish him or something. Given the woman's timing and his bouncer coming from around the corner, something must have happened and she was somehow apart of some trouble that she was trying to get out of and sure enough she comes to him of all people...


    "You know the rules.....you aren't the one that put bruises on her body did you cause you know what will happen if you did." 


    That wasn't a warning either, it was a threat to the male as the color from his face complete drains, he knew what Kujo was capable of doing to someone should he found out that one of his men was disrespecting a woman whenever Kujo wasn't around, he trained his men to never lay hands on women unless they have crossed them and given her current situation and how battered and beaten she looked, one would think that he did a number on her before she managed to escape and ran into Kujo luckily she did otherwise who knows what would have happened to her tonight.


    "No boss, you got it all wrong she...."


    "She what? Need I remind you once again to not put your hands on the women that come through the club? Go back to your post, I'll deal with you later..." 


    The bouncer didn't dare talk back to his boss as he nodded his head and made his way back to the front entrance of the club, who knows what Kujo had in mind but it wasn't anything bad or anything like that but still, he had to punish him men should they break his rules. He groaned and turned his attention back to the woman that was smoking a cigarette, he knew that she had something to do with his bouncer coming after her but he didn't even bother asking what happened since he had a general idea as to what transpire for her to come his way in the first place.


    "Someone like you shouldn't be hanging around here lady..."

  • "Need to see ID ladies."


    The line for The Black Diamond was long as always, you had most that had to wait in line to get in and you had those that had a golden pass that allowed them to just go right ahead and walk right in the place. The club was jumping tonight like always and when there's people there's business flowing in but its not the kind of business that most people think, its the kind of business that Kujo himself runs behind closed doors. Though he had some paperwork to catch up on tonight and so he had to leave the shipemt to one of his men tonight to look after while he was at work but this was a good thing somewhat. The police had been breathing down his neck for the past couple of days now and have been watching him like a hawk, not that he had anything to hide cause he knew that the police knew that he was running an illegal operation but the thing was that they could never have no evidence on him to prove that he was running an illegal operation hell he was paying off half of the police force anyway to keep their noses out of his business.


    A sighed passed his lips as he finished up the last bit of his paperwork and got up from his desk, now that was taken care of he could go mingle with some of the customers on the ground floor for a bit before he left out for the night. Walking out of his office, he locked the door behind him and made his way through the VIP section of his club, going down a set of stairs that bypass the first VIP section on the ground floor of the club; on the main floor the music was blasting and their bodies that flooded the dance floor of the place. Some of the locals knew who the owner of the place was and some didn't so when Kujo made his appearance on the main floor, a few of the customers shook his hand or just nodded their head in his direction, Kujo was a respected man in the area and he was also feared by the locals as well...no one didn't want to get on his bad side by all means.


    He slipped through the side exit as he stepped outside into the cool night's air for a moment for a quick breather and some fresh air for being locked up in his office for so long. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and placed it between his lips as he lit it, inhaled and then exhaled softly through his lips as he leaned against the wall behind him...

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