The father of vampires

Godric's origins are blurred. A time long before common era, his nation worshipped the sun as a god, it gave life to the earth. He strayed from the norm, his ideas were radical. There was unseen power in the night and he wanted to claim it as his own. Banished from his nation, many followed Godric, they wanted a piece of the power his promised. Together his people made a pact with their lord of death, they would feed upon the living like beasts and consume their very life force. Their lord- known today as the devil, was not a benevolent being. With this power came a curse, an ultimate downfall; The sun. No longer could these creatures walk under the sun's rays, for it would burn them to death. They hid from their former god's gaze, always plotting to one day destroy them and cast the world in permanent darkness where they would rule.

Godric considered himself directly blessed by his lord. Their race was powerful and in his mind would carve out a new world and old foes would become slaves. His people were not to interact with their prey, they were lesser and did not deserve to be pardoned by such superior beasts. Things did not go to plan, as his people disobeyed him. They shared their gifts with the humans they'd left behind. Godric was furious, loosing many followers as they grew tired of his strict rules.

As time progressed Godric realised he could not rule the entire world alone. He attempted to have children with a woman by the name of Isolde, one of his few devout followers left. These children were to be the leaders of his empire. His children were however all stillborn; they never gained a soul and as such never gained a life to begin with. Distraught Godric turned to his lord for the answer, to which he was told in order for his children to have a soul, someone else must give theirs up. Godric waited until he found a suitable candidate, finding a bloodthirsty warrior king an acceptable sacrifice. Murdered in cold blood, nine months later would be the birth of his first son; Valentine.

From a young age Godric taught his son that humans were not to be trusted, that they were vermin beneath them and to attack without mercy. His son's past life only fueled his bloodlust further, Valentine was to become a finely tuned killing machine. Two years later, his second son was born through a ritual identical to before. His focus, however, was still on Valentine. He instructed Valentine to each his younger brother what it meant to be a vampire. Another two years pass, the sacrifice for third child was a monk- a man of god. The man had attempted to bless Godric's home to push out the vampire menace to no avail. Godric decided to use the ultimate punishment on the man, using his own soul to become a creature he despised so.

The third child was different. Platinum blond hair and eyes like sapphires. He was named Apollonius. From the very beginning Godric knew the boy was special, but in what way would only be revealed years later. The child was unique and Godric moved his focus from his ultimate killing machine to the potential tool of vampire rule. Only when the child ran out into the sunlight one day having woken from his slumber did Godric know. The boy suffered not, where sunlight would incinerate any of his kind within minutes his unique child did not burn. This was the key, the key to ruling the world. Godric's first son, Valentine, did not take kindly to the favouritism being shifted from himself. The child turned rebellious and Godric made sure to punish him for his outbursts. It was not until Valentine attacked his own brother and Godric's key did he truly claim his father's attention. Godric could not have this child endanger his species in such a way, and so Valentine was imprisoned in the dungeon of the family home, without interaction besides the monthly peasant thrown down to him.

Shaken at their father's fury the children grew quiet, rarely speaking to their father. The atmosphere was tense. Shortly after Leopold ran from the family home without so much as a note. Godric was left only with his youngest son. Try as he might, he could not get Apollonius to follow his lead, soon the child realised that his father was only using him. Realising Apollonius would not fall in line Godric had more children attempting to use the same method he used to create his unique son. Freya was born during this time, but try and try again no child was like Apollo. Growing afraid of the man as his relentless search for power only worsened Godric's family went into hiding leaving the ancient vampire on his own.

[Powers will go here]

Godric has the appearance of a gentleman in his sixties. He has aged with time, though much slower than any living creature. Dark grey hair sits atop his head streaked with silver, his facial hair following suit. Godric's hair is always combed in a neat, formal fashion and his moustache and beard trimmed neatly. Laugh lines are set deeply on his face, though most of his other wrinkles are much gentler on his face. Godric's eyes are the classic blood red of most vampires and his gaze is enough to send a shiver down the bravest of men's spines. Godric's looks would fool anyone, a man standing at five ten with a slender build hides his true power. Long, bony fingers hardly look intimidating- creepy if anything. Godric wears formal and old fashioned clothing, he will never be seen in modern day fashion or 'casual' clothing. The man has an appearance to uphold.


  • 'Human food' repulses Godric
  • Godric despises humans and thinks their only use is for food.
  • Blood is only shared with a select few. Should they cross him, he slays them himself so not to sully his name.


I previously played Valentine Grimm, I wanted to try something new but keep within the story.

Godric is not a sexual character. Consider him off limits for that sort of roleplay.

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  • Hey there, Pops! Looking forward to RPing when you're ready.~

  • Nothing wrong with being shy. We don't bite, softly. XD Lol. Nah, you're good. Just takes time sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. Feel free to say hi to everyone you know. If they don't welcome you with open arms, well then use Big Bad Dad to kick their butt. Hahaha. 

  • Haha. The curse of multiple characters. I definitely get that. What kind of character is your other one? No need to worry about time lapse in responses. I am guilty of it too. Heck, I'm just now starting to catch up on some old ones. Anyways, how ya been?

  • Haha. That's okay. I've been in the same boat at various times. But I love that you brought big bad Dad to play. I'm really interested to see how that turns out! Especially, with Apollo. My page doesn't include much history so I definitely understand the rewrite thing. It's a big deal. I've always meant to add more story to his but have settled for letting it all reveal itself in RP. ^_^ I look forward to RPing whenever you are ready. 

  • Hey! Brother? father? Both. Lol. Welcome!!! Glad to see you here. ^_^
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