Major Charlie Palmer

- Gunslinger -
- The Psiot Killer -
- Gunslinging Hobo -


USAF (Ret.)
Project Rising Spirit's H.A.R.D. Corps team leader (disbanded)
Omen's H.A.R.D. Corps team leader (defected)


49 years old


In the early days of the Gulf War, a Lockheed C-130 crashed, with no survivors on record. Major Charlie Palmer, however, was very much alive, comatose and braindead. With no relatives or family members to get in the way, an empty casket was buried with honors and Charlie himself was given to PRS.

An implant was put in his brain, reawakening him from his coma and giving him the ability to work in tandem with Lifeline, an officer assigned to him that was able to rotate which ability the chip could grant him with the help of a computer. At first, the implants were bulky, with an external headpiece. This was later removed after a second surgery.

If Charlie refused to lead the Harbinger Active Resistance Division, or the HARD Corps, the implant would be removed, and he'd lapse back into a coma and die a wisp of a man on life support. If he accepted, he would be serving the world in a whole new way, albeit on the most stereotypical leash possible- disobedience could cause the device to be detonated.

For the first time in his life, Charlie became a team player.


The HARD Corps had a simple job- round up potential psiots of all ages and bring them in for PRS. What happened past that point was none of his concern. When HARD Corps became obsolete due to project Bloodshot, Charlie packed up his bags and moved as far north in Alaska as he could.


Upon Bloodshot going rogue and the Harbinger Foundation gaining momentum in addition to their own army of superpowered humans, Charlie and the remainder of his team were called back in for more training and to become active in the field once more. Retrieving Bloodshot- and some of the children he had escaped left- brought about an unexpected turn in Charlie's life. A romantic relationship grew between himself and Ray Garrison, the latest model from the program, though it fell apart when he failed to trust the man when horrible events tore the team apart and resulted in many deaths.

 As all things go, PRS was destroyed. He did not stay unemployed for long. What was left of his old employers merged into Omen, which once more called on his psiot-hunting abilities and on him to train more HARD Corps members. He was simply glad to have a job...

until the Rook massacre.


With the blood of dozens of innocent children on his hands, in addition to that of child soldiers PRS created themselves, Charlie walked away. Due to the nature of his implant, the multiple upgrades to it, and pure luck, it cannot be detonated anymore. Without a Lifeline agent, the chip simply glitches from power to power, and he's stuck on whatever he has for the moment with no ability to change it.

- - -

The writer will roll at the start of every fight, altercation, or dangerous moment in RP. Every two posts, another roll will be made, unless there are factors that prevent it in the story.
1- Shield
2- Psionic Blast
3- Ghost Mode
4- Enhanced Strength
5- Enhanced Speed
6- Invulnerability


Charlie's call-sign was Gunslinger due to his belief that weapons should be used first, and powers left. He would have his whole team stay on invulnerability and rely on bullets until no other options remained. It helped that he was, and remains, an expert marksman with high levels of training throughout his whole life, from his teenage years through his time in active duty.

OOC Info:
Written by Sarge.

21+ | Native language: English
Banter, Para, Multi-Para, & Novella welcome.

-Fick Blazkowicz
-Sam Nishimura

If you've got a really good idea or a burning desire to write, I will consider opening a thread with you despite my slots being full. Please send me your plot idea and we can talk about it! I will, however, be selective from this point on, as this is not my main character. (That would be Geist, who many of you already know.)

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  • Mephistopheles would chuckle slightly as he plucked a dumpling from the platter and took a bite out of it. He would groan slightly enjoying the taste. “Then by all means eat and enjoy.”  As he said that grab an empty bowl from the platter and serves himself some rice and began  to eat while his eyes were trained on Charlie.

  • Mephistopheles would merely shrug and soon enough he would smile a little. “I don’t like killing, I prefer to to let them die naturally.” He said and soon he would cross his arms a little and soon hummed. “I can think of many ways of what I could do with you, but most of them revolve a bed and your consent.”  He would then nod his head as he would walk over to the other room and brings a large platter of Chinese food.

    Dumplings, rice, chicken noodle soup and chicken dipped with garlic sauce. “I hope you don’t mind Chinese food.” He would set the platter on the table and soon sits back down as the table was already set up.

  • "I'll pick his mind when we see him, just to be sure that he's not waiting to murder all of us," see, Fick is useful. Four seems facinated by something that isn't Fick's ranger, and even Fick seems to be ready to get comfortable."What could it hurt beyond maybe pissing him off?"

  • The demon would quirk a brow for a moment while listening to Charlie speak. To say he wasn’t interested would be a flat out lie. He would then nod his head for a brief moment as he would then click his tongue. “Most fascinating,  you are the first person I have ever met with such a marvelous history. He would then grin a little as he would cough as he decided to speak.

    ”You know be by Dierick Clouse, but what you don’t know is that I am truly a demon named Mephistopheles.  You may recall the story of  the german take of Dr.Faustus, it is true, part of it at least. I am the Lord of the first circle of hell but I am growing bored of the title so I come here to be away and have a bit of me time. I get around here and there but either way I like to mingle with the mortals.” He would then sit near the table as he would take another sip of wine.

    ”So now we know about each other, what would you like to do now?”

  • FIck gets Four situated in the center, then settles in the passenger side. At least he can easily sheild himself, Palmer, and the kid if anything went wrong. 

    "Ninjak? Isn't he with Livewire? I'm shocked to hear he's against her, how do you know he's not playing you?"

  • Mephistopheles would hum slightly in amusement from Charlie’s words and soon licked his lips. “ Now I am dying to see what’s under all that armor.” He spoke while winking at  Charlie.  He would then take another sip of wine while closing his eyes for a brief moment. “So tell me, other then being an assassin what else do you?” 

    He asked out of curiousity while his eyes are trained on Charlie.

  • "How exciting, I still wont be able to fly," Fick has very simple things he loves. Once the truck is packed and Fick finds a booster seat for his son, it's time for Charlie to figure out how they're all going to fit.

    "Who else is all with you besides Silas and Dr. S?"

  • When Charlie arrived Mephistopheles would be standing  near the table extending a glass of wine to him. “I bid you welcome, and I am glad that you have decided to show up.” He spoke with a relaxing tone while he would take a better look at Charlie in his outfit. “You look stunning tonight, do you still have your work clothes underneath it all?”  Once he said that he would take his own glass on wine and have a short sip.

  • The demon would smile a little as he would slightly as he saw Charlie. He would hum slightly as he would then whistle. “Glad to see someone was eager to see me.” His voice was a bit sarcastic as he spoke to himself. He expected Charlie to enter by the elevator after all it’s the best way of getting into the penthouse.

    He would turn away from the window and  walks toward a large table with two bottles of wine. He would then  slowly started to pour two glasses of wine for him and his soon to be guest.

  • Mephistopheles would merely smile as he watched Charlie. “I look forward to it.” Was all he said as he would make his way toward the door  leaving along with Faust and Nathan. They made their way toward the office and were greeted by a short haired male in a black suit standing beside Mephistopheles desk.

    ”Asmodeus, so glad that you could come and see me. I assume that everything is ready for construction?” Mephistoheles said while smiling brightly at the other. Asmodeus would merely nod his head while tapping on the desk. “Yes, Everything is according to schedule.”

    This made Mephisto smile brightly while humming. He would then clap his hands for a moment. “Business is booming, tonight will be an interesting I am sure of it. Faust make sure to get two bottles of wine, and Chinese food.” Faust would merely mumble as he would take his leave.

    Later that day


    Mephistopheles would be standing in front of a large window in the penthouse looking down in the streets humming to himself. “Children of the night, what sounds they make.”

This reply was deleted.

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Jun 5
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""Did he make it? Your brother?" Charlie's fingers twitch on the wheel. From the wince that runs across his face, it's a safe bet his chip just shocked him. He hasn't told anyone about the seizures yet, or the memory loss. Or the way half his body go…"
Jun 5
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""Did you choose it, or did you get forced into it?" Charlie likes to know what he's dealing with. He spent years rounding up unactivated psiots before Harada could get to them and do the same. Knowing there are some out there he had nothing to do wi…"
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""PRS used to activate at age 5. Or at least try to." Now Charlie's silent, thinking about those days. He realizes the gravity of what he's said completely, too."
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""Hmph. He didn't get the smarts from Wil. Or you, for that matter. Where'd that come from?" He's being rutless today. Then again, when is he not? "You adopt, or what?""
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""Yeah, back in the Soviet Union. His power set is...gruesome. I guess he's unknown to you, then. The guy's Russian, but his English is alright. Hence my surprise that he's up in Canada." Charlie glances in the rearview to check on Wil. "Your son's c…"
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""He's an exposure psiot that's largely stayed off the record for a long time now. Have you heard of Scalpel?" Charlie's radio finally kicks in. The Decemberists are playing, and he'll settle on that without too much complaint."
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
"Handsome as hell and the best face I know. Wil flashes a thumbs-up so the rearview mirror shows it, apparently enjoying his ride in the back of the truck.
"He's just kissing your ass because you married him. He doesn't count." Charlie hits the radio…"
Jun 4
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""Beautiful?" Oh, damn. Low blow, Charlie. He's grinning while he drives, aparently proud of himself for taking that little opening. "I guess to some people, apparently.""
Jun 4
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"Charlie's got table manners, at least, though he's oddly silent while he eats. It seems if he's not all business, he doesn't have much to say. His job has been his entire life for so long. Losing that organization, watching the current members he'd…"
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
"He's a world-class killer and he could murder you, and that's somethin' it would hurt. Wil, always introspective, pipes up from the back.
"He wouldn't do that in front of all of us. He knows you're a psiot.""
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Mephistopheles
"Charlie lights up like a half-starved stray dog, apparently JUST fine with Chinese. He has to stop himself from licking his lips. Before his eyes have even left the platter, he gives a response.
"Yeah. Alright. We'll talk that after food. Food first…"
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Mephistopheles
""I know a guy they call Faust sometimes, but he's really this ex-Nazi PRS sponsored after the war, used him for research. Stein...something. I forget." Charlie takes a sip of wine, thinking about what he's been told, and then decides nothing about i…"
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
""He could be, in which case we'd never know until our throats were cut. That's a risk we just have to take. He doesn't approve of what she's done, and he REALLY doesn't like what she's done to Ra- to Bloodshot." He stops himself to avoid further rid…"
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Mephistopheles
""I'm not really an assassin. At all, actually." Charlie takes a seat, his posture slouching. He's not one for maintaining feigned appearances for too long, and there's a lot on his mind, clearly. "I worked for Omen. That private contractor the US go…"
Jun 3
Charlie Palmer left a comment for Fɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
"Wil hops in the bed with no qualms about it, giving Fick a thumbs up to show it's fine with him. If there's ever a cop in sight, there's a tarp he can cover himself with if he lays down, and he probably won't even have to do that if he just stays do…"
Jun 3