"Underestimate me, I dare you." 



FULL NAME | Hanna Lee - 이한나

; a biblical name meaning "favor" or "grace", given to her by her mother, who'd believed a name with religious significance may protect her from her inevitable fate as a Hunter. 



; Hanna chose this alias for herself as a teenager, after reading an old novel and gaining inspiration from the headstrong protagonist whose name was Eugenia. It is an easier name to give to strangers and has never left a bitter taste in her mouth, unlike her real one, which only serves as a loathsome reminder of the burden on her shoulders, of who she is and where she comes from.


BIRTHDATE | February 9th 

AGE | 25 




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Character Appearance


Innocence and ice are embedded in her features, one and the same, but do not let that fool you.

HEIGHT: 5’6 - 167 cm
WEIGHT: 110 lbs - 50 kg



Upturned, ebony. —> Her eyes are a deep brown, and they are her most notable features. Exquisitely expressive and sharp, able to draw one in with a mere gaze.



Pale blonde. —> Her hair is long, straight, and dyed a light, soft blonde. It’s either unbound or in a ponytail, and while she finds its length inconvenient and would like to cut it short, she keeps it that way out of love for her mother.



Lithe. —> Her figure resembles that of a dancer; svelte, elegant, but she is far stronger than she looks. When one looks closely, they can see that her legs and arms are toned, her waist narrow with unseen muscle. She looks after her physical health and exercises often to maintain her strength.



Hanna’s ears are pierced, and she has a large, black tattoo of a dragon on her left thigh, which she often conceals beneath her clothes, though not many know its meaning. She received it at the age of fourteen, marking her as a direct descendant from the Lee bloodline, and a Hunter. The rest of the hunters of the organization have dragon tattoos as well, except theirs are smaller, simpler, and illustrate the Cintamani Stone right between their shoulder blades, a symbol of their lifelong service to the Lee’s. The idea itself comes from Korean mythology, in which a dragon may be depicted as carrying an orb known as the Yeouiju (여의주), the Korean name for the mythical Cintamani, in its claws or its mouth. It was said that whoever could wield the Yeouiju was blessed with the abilities of omnipotence and creation at will, and that only Dragons were both wise and powerful enough to wield these orbs.



Character Personality


Your worst nightmare.

Not all the time, though, don’t worry. When she isn’t a murderous hunter tracking down supernatural beings, she is enjoying hit songs from the 70’s and gardening. One might describe her as strong-willed and cunning, a lover of art and museums and literature. That friendly, slightly intimidating neighbor who paints, gardens, sprinkles salt and other dried herbs by the doorways and windows every evening and every morning, hangs protective amulets and charms everywhere. Nothing too unusual.

Once you get to know her, you will find that Hanna is assertive, not one for going with the flow and often barks orders at others without meaning to (still trying to fix that habit and use softer tones). She prefers making up her own mind and sticking to it, and it’s difficult trying to persuade her from her viewpoint. Infuriatingly obstinate once she’s made a decision. Hanna is independent, she will literally not ask for help unless it’s a life or death situation and she’s swinging a little too close to death than she might prefer. She likes working alone and thinks others’ assistance or interference would only hinder her.

Hardly anything fazes her anymore; she’s seen it all through her years hunting. Ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, witches, evil spirits of folklore, the list goes on and on. Encountering all sorts of creatures and monsters eventually taught her to keep a very tight leash on her emotions, and it provided her with the scarily calm, impassive demeanor she often shields herself with. Masking your emotion is masking your vulnerability, that is how you avoid giving the enemy something to use against you. 




Scared, desperate, furious ; those three moods are the rarest when it comes to Hanna. She’s not very patient but she holds everything in, only blows up if you keep pushing her. And her wrath is terrifying. Fear is her greatest enemy; Hanna wants to be seen as resilient and strong, the kind of person that everyone can depend on, and fear is blinding, makes you do irrational things to survive or escape. Desperation is something she detests as well, as she believes it puts her in a pitiful or pathetic light. And it isn’t a good image when you’re a hunter begging in front of supernatural creatures.


•Agility and speed

•Very quick reflexes

•Hand-to-hand combat

•Handling blades, guns, weapons in general



•Severe claustrophobia.
•Often forgets Latin, putting her at a disadvantage with demonic entities and the like.
•Acts before thinking.
•Low stamina - is exhausted easily, which is why she doesn’t try to prolong fights and slaughters her target right away.

Character History/Story


Her lineage isn’t ancient, but it certainly is notorious. Her great-great-grandfather started the organization “Yongmun” back in the early days of the First World War, burning with vengeance after he’d found his wife with her throat ripped out by a werewolf. He became hellbent on hunting down supernatural creatures, obsessed with protecting mortals from them until it eventually brought his own end. Perhaps it was out of mockery that he took a piece of mythology and had a dragon tattooed on every Hunter that worked for him, including his own family members, but it’s been the symbol of the organization ever since.

Hanna’s parents died when she was very young, killed in their beds by a hybrid of monsters she does not want to remember, and so the position of leadership passed from her father to his brother— her uncle, who took her under his wing and taught her everything she knew. Her training days started off very early in her life, when she was still a little girl, and they were grueling, brutal, and dangerous— but they shaped her into who she is today.

As she grew into adulthood, although she still hunts and completes the missions assigned to her, she distanced herself from the organization and moved elsewhere. Hanna now lives on her own, independent for the most part. Details about her family are kept very vague, she insists that she works from home and that is how she earns a living, and so in the eyes of friends, strangers, and acquaintances, she leads a seemingly ordinary life.

If only they knew.

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, 18+, Action, Adventure

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Just a writer who adores slow-burn romance, flawed and morally grey characters as well as significant development, depth, twists and turns.. and who has a tendency to delve into the labyrinth of worldbuilding and creation! :)

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