❛You're probably wondering ... who exactly am I? Well, what better time than to find out now, pumpkin.❜

Since time immemorial when the world was in its ancient stage, Erzebet has walked the mundane world masquerading as a young woman full of such mesmerising beauty that she's earned the attention of both male and female mortals wherever she goes. Her corporeal body is of a female being standing roughly five feet, six inches with elongated dark hair and fair ivory skin with no traces of scars, blemishes or pimples visible upon it. Her physical stature is also pleasantly curvaceous and athletic with a buxom chest, plump red lips and fingernails that always seem to be newly polished. Despite her features, the only bizarrely different things about her are that her nails aren't nails at all, but sharp talons while stuck to her backside is a long scaly swigling tail with a dagger shaped tip on the end of it.  As for the eyes, although they can be piercing green, they also can change colour into a bloody crimson red once she has her victim under her thumb.




Erzebet is easy to anger only if she's provoked to be; whether by being insulted or mocked which has always ended in unpleasant circumstances for anyone she's encountered in the past. Despite this, one of her certain natures as a noble demon and succubus is teasing and seducing her prey so as to coerce them into engaging in intimacy with her which works like a charm...for the most part. Even if she isn't bonded to someone as a demonic guardian or 'girlfriend.' Since doing time in her cell within the circle of lust, she has yet to grow fully accustomed to the fact humanity managed to evolve past the era of the Romans, Byzantines and also when people worshipped different godly pantheons before the idea of originating from homo sapiens became more of a common belief in the world of science. Despite this newfound fascination with chariots transitioning into cars and trucks and texting through cellphone usage taking over face to face interaction, she shares a common disdain for humanity as a whole much like her demonic brethren where humans still desire fame, recognition and fortune over anything else considered below them whilst indulging in their addictions. Erzebet craves power herself despite previously failing to overthrow Lucifer as the self-proclaimed empress and will stop at nothing to do so even if she has to kill to get to that point.

She's also someone who uses charisma to her advantage in manipulating those vulnerable with an everyday false pearly white toothed smile and going so far as to offer her service in the form of a helping hand when anyone is at their lowest point in life. After all, she's a woman of wealth and taste. 




Superhuman strength: Erzebet with enough muscular force can interact with anything that the average human normally wouldn't commit oneself to try and do in the first place. Be it any vehicle or object or person for that matter, she can also throw them far away and can easily break an entire ribcage with her fists or tear anyone apart with her sharp nails. 

Nigh-Invulnerability:  While not immune to anything of divine origin like holy weapons or Christian runes that will physically kill or weaken her, Erzebet is durable to any outside force that can harm anyone if they aren't careful. Said noted examples being bullets from guns, knives and also punches or kicks to the face or stomach which hardly even fazes her. Erzebet can also withstand a projectile missile even if it was a nuclear one that can decimate an entire city.

Telekinesis: By opening her hand or waving it, Erzebet can gain control of an object or a person by lifting them off the ground leaving them suspended in the air before going out of her way to throw them around or leave them stuck to a wall, restraining them until she is no longer in their presence.

Telepathy: Without the movement of her lips, Erzebet can communicate with another person by sending a spoken message into their mind if she wanted to. She is more than capable of accessing their thoughts, emotions and imaginations that she can step into the world of and can even make one person or a group of them forget the occurrence of a certain event and continue on with their lives as if nothing ever happened. Worse, Erzebet can render a mortal without no memory of their identity, what their purpose was or not knowing who their friends were completely from their life which can drive them to the brink of madness or cause them to commit suicide. 

Flight: Using her large webbed wings, Erzebet can lift herself off the ground and take flight into the sky above at speed matching roughly the same as a bullet train's on the ground.

Soul Absorption: When kissing someone or making love to them skin on skin, Erzebet can absorb their energy to further enhance her own making herself much powerful than she was previously. It takes only a week until her increased power level dies down before she can set out to do it again. Once the draining is finished, her victim usually ends up being a lifeless gray haired and wrinkled up corpse of a body with a wide gaped mouth unlike who they once were before she took their souls away.

Supernatural Hearing: Erzebet can hear sounds and conversations from all around her even if there are people off in the distance talking. She can also sense if danger is close such as someone following her for that matter or if a gunshot goes off when its not in the area she's in. 

Temperature Manipulation: In a moderately warm or already cold environment, Erzebet's mere presence alone can instantly cause the temperature to drop further to nail biting brisk levels causing grass on the ground, leaves on tree branches and windows on buildings being rendered into a frozen state.  As far as the air is concerned, it can also revert to being crisp as ice. 

Teleportation: With a single thought that can transport her from one location to the next, Erzebet can show up anywhere else from where she was previously including behind someone. Even though she can do this, her means of traveling to and from said places are currently restricted on Earth at the moment. 



Anyone that is gifted the opportunity to tell their own story has to begin somewhere, right? I know you mortals aren't necessarily interested in long stories, so I won't waste your time in making it an audible snoozefest if you don't mind. I was born sometime after the resurrection of the Messiah when he ascended up into the heavens. More importantly, I happen to be part of a race of male and female demons called 'Lilim', in other words incubi and succubi who are the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews of my uncles. Me on the other hand, I'm Lilith and Lucifer's daughter. The princess of everyone's hated scary ass archdemon and demon mother who despised me from the very beginning as did I. Mostly it was my father since he never once believed I could fill in his shoes as an empress among the other dukes, earls, marquis and presidents of all the circles in our domain despite rambling on about how we were in an ongoing war against Yahweh. A being who more importantly, is my grandfather. Shocker! Am I right? Anyway, since my upbringing was within Hell's noble line of higher demons, I grew up a self-absorbed privileged bitch believing it was my destiny to one day usurp the throne and enforce the expansion of our government's influence beyond our borders in the different pantheonic underworlds and heavens. Not to mention that certain types of humans like you always prayed to my family in hopes you could be offered everything from talent, reognition and fortune the easy way which gave me an even grander idea to try and sway some of you to my side making you see me as a goddess. But that was back when you hadn't even moved past the stage of the world of old. Yet.

When the time was ripe, I started to talk of a revolt with the help of my own friends and lesser legions of demons that soon agreed in offering to replace me as a lordess on my daddy's throne. Once enough support was garnered, the flames of the civil war were sparked...except it didn't develop in my favour the way I had hoped it to turn out which was an idiot mistake on my part. While my loyal soldiers fought bravely, almost all of them were immediately wiped out and Lucifer actually managed to strike me down when we first fought face to face. As a result of my betrayal, he banished me up to the circle of lust where I had to live out a thousand years of severe torture in a cell by the hands of my guards which was no fun at all. But, I actually got used to it after a bit. Once it was time for them to do it again, the strangest yet greatest thing happened. I was immediately transported out of my cage right back into the physical plane into the hands of foolish teenagers drunk and high on whatever they brought to the ritual process which they treated as a joke at first. 

Unluckily for them, I killed them all in the end and started on my journey through the new world that I have yet to adapt into with no plans of returning to my old home anytime soon. Once I become familiar with everything, it will only be a matter of time until I can try and influence every single one of this world's leaders and have them carry out my own their new female deity. 



Brimstone: A long, sharp and fiery infernal blade with a live yellow serpent's eye blended on the front of the handle. This weapon was crafted by the hands of her uncle Belphegor and imbued with necro magic prior to being offered to her.  Similar to how the god of thunder Thor's hammer Mjolnir can travel great distances toward the location of its user, Brimstone can instead manifest itself as if it were once invisible into the palm of her hand whenever she needs it.  This has been Erzebet's main weapon and has since served her well in combat. The interesting scary part about it is that the snake eye is capable of projecting red radiated energy into the ground which can conjure condemned souls from Hell itself in the forms of demonic zombified monsters who were once ordinary men and women that can break out from underground even if she isn't near a graveyard. The zombies that are normally in groups are controlled to attack her opponents. The only way it works is if she stabs it into the soil, letting the energy penetrate into the dirt. In a scenario if it were to turn up missing or hidden however, the sword can telepathically communicate with Erzebet in the form of a low hoarse whisper which grows louder each time she gets near upon the place its in. The entire sword can also unleash hellish flames upon her enemy which are more than capable of burning them until their bodies are a charcoal mess.


OOC Info:

I'm twenty four and have been roleplaying for about twelve years and since then strived to work hard on improving myself overtime as I grow older. I'm someone whose more along the lines of a multi paragraph writer and tend to involve myself in lore based supernatural or superhero themed fandoms where the exciting stuff happens like fighting and teaming up with other characters. Here, I will also give the rundown for you to anyone who reads this before reaching out to me by posting on my comment wall including by way of private messaging.

-As I've mentioned above, I tend to write in the form of multiple paragraphs. But, this does not mean I'm limited to people in the advanced stage; meaning if you are in the field of novella story format replies and those that tend to write sentence starters. (I.e. banters: exchanging interaction or remarks.) Everyone has a different style when it comes to writing and I'm always open minded to giving you a shot if you do the same for me.

-Romance. Of course, what better way than to include some juicy romantic stuff between us like some others? Since my character is a demon, she might attempt to flirt and even charm her way into your handsome character's heart. Unless you don't want them to be viciously torn to shreds. Depending on how you might wish for it to play out however, her approaches can end up being different. But, if you don't wish for any romance at all to be involved, just let me know since that's also fine as well. 

-When it comes to godmodding, I solemnly swear I will never overpower your character and not give you the chance for him or her to fight back. If their at their last breath of words, I could ask permission to kill them off but will not go through with it if you want to keep them alive. The same also needs to go for me which we can all agree on hopefully!

-I'm on pretty much daily since I hardly have a life. Haha. But, I still do have a real life job in the outside world that involves me working either eleven to five or four to ten three or four times a week. This means you will need to be patient until I can send a response. I tend to relax for a bit until I regain my muse to send a reply that you waited for. Hope you understand.

-My character is in no way tied to the Marvel or DC equivalents of Lucifer. Erzebet is sort of like my own take with biblical elements added to her despite that she still does have superpowers of her own. 

I guarantee you will take the time to read this! Can't wait to look forward to writing in the future!

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