fc: my real life face


name: michael j wright


job: in the army marines and navy


how old: 26


likes: girls and beer and shooting terrorists and woman company

Girls wiff bigs titays and hot tea and good pizza and good games

dislikes bad people and terrorists and aliens and ceberus and fallout 76


abeletes: super punch, gun weilder, sharp shooter and marksman and pilot and boat driver and pro gamer and invecible and mine ctrl people




I michael wright joined the army and climbed ranks to become general over the nation to beat the aliens and terrorists at a yong age as i kicked ass and chewed bubble gum and get the girls while kicking more ass till i ran for president till i went back to the army to fight for freedom for the country


I now serve the us army again to fight oppressers in the name of freedom and liberty for all who hate us and i live on other side of the world watcing my back for signs of illuminaty 


I went to the president to make him fund mega super ships to fight aliens in space so we conqur the galaxy in our great struggle to beat oppression and freedom for all before i became commander wright and lead the fleets into battle and came home for retire
Ps i also beat chuck noris and Evan tannos and laul pogan and aliens and bruce lee in arm wrstling conts


Police cant touch me cause im cool 


I led the charge in the second gr88t eu war after coming back home with full arms to beat illuminaty again




Five foot four and brown eyes and short hair and thick brows with strong body and handsome


Rules for rp

If you dont like how i rp then you will be banned as you obvusli dont know wut a rp is about

No stupid people

Girls Must reply quick

Girl Characters better be hot

No weird boys

Smut if your a girl

No calling me a simp

Girls have to sub to my chara 

No dumb rpers

If you reply stupidly i will report and ban you

If you have woman character pls make her blonde

No maken fun of me

Dont say stolen valer cause it rp

Be nice or i call police/ admins and they will fight for me because i am there closet buddy.

No calling me boomer

No goats cause i have ptsd

Dont call me cuckleberry fin AGAIN


Nick names that anyone may call me.


Commander, mikey, sargent, mr wright, sarge, sargent wright, president wright, captain wright, the savior


Nick names that girl/ there oc’s have to call me

Lord , dearest , sexy dream hunnny , there mastor  cut8 , snookem, baebae, lord and mastor 


Nick names that guys have to call me


Supreme lord, lord wright, mister michael, mister wright, overlord, sir wright, general wright, captain, ruler of all, chick magnit , chick fa la, galaxy lord, star lord


some note stuff


HELP I AM SO DESPERET i need women company to live and will do whatever it takes to get women company in rp, pls rp with me and be a real girl no lying to me and i came to have badass rps in peace so dont troll me or i will call the police and admins to ban you i am a nice person at heart and i dont steel valor


August 30

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