Kara stands at 5'8".

Blonde Hair, Blue eyes.


Scars | One.

Tattoos | None.

Piercings | Ears.

26 | Superhero

Taken by Lena Luthor | Asexual, Demi-Romantic

Languages | Kryptonian, English, Several Alien languages, ASL.

Employment | Reporter at CatCo Magazine, DEO asset, Superhero

Location | National City, flexible as well.

Kara’s purpose in life is to help other people. She enjoys spending most of her time doing her best to protect innocents. She places a strong emphasis on teamwork, unlike her cousin, Clark who is a solo superhero. She wants to maintain harmony in her social groups, though she struggles at times to do this, often placing her as a referee between any two people in her life that find problems.
She often tries to be diplomatic and peaceful when she's face to face with any given enemy or challenge. She's known to be empathetic to those she faces, people often noting it as a downfall. Trying resolve conflicts peacefully is often her first strategy. She often seeks out validation and support from other people.

Kara looks to the past for insights into the present. She places a high value on advice she’s gotten from her mother and her ancestors. She often reminisces about her past, planet, and childhood. Often going to her memories as her go-to to solve problems. Although she initially went forward into being a hero based on what the world thought a hero should be, she's managed and struggled to find her own definition for it.

Kara is often excited by new ideas and experiences, leaving her vulnerable for the negative possibilities of a situation by running head first into situations.

Kara is friendly and often enjoys making friends when and where she can, despite many taking advantage of this. She has no qualms befriending most people and helping friends in any situation they find themselves in. As calm and friendly as she is, Kara can often be driven by her emotions. Leaving her struggling to stay Neutral as Supergirl in some circumstances.

Kara Zor-El was born to scientist Zor-El and Judicator Alura Zor-El. She grew up in a loving household, it wouldn't be until later she realized how different Kryptonian life was compared to normal Earth life. Kryptonian's, more advanced with technology, Kara never quite understood the technicalities. Despite this, she grew up around it, she found her way around it. Kara grew as a loving outgoing child who had the aspirations to help people, often idolizing her mother for her ability to help in her own way. She was a hyperactive child, staying humble despite how spoiled she could be. She had an affinity for painting, art, and music. Because of this and the status of her family, she was given private lessons for both art and music. By the time she was twelve, she could play two instruments akin to the guitar. Painting gave her an outlet for emotions.

Though encouraged to never be afraid by admitting her fears or feelings, with Kryptonian society, she struggled with voicing her opinions and thoughts. Not many aside from Astra seemed to notice. Her uncle Jor-El and her father Zor-El, were prime examples in her life, of holding in thoughts and emotions. With her mother gone more often than not, she struggled to find a figure to teach her how to properly voice her thoughts and emotions.  

Kara grew to have a close relationship with her Aunt Astra, who felt more like a second more to her than an aunt. Her aunt loved her like she was her own flesh and blood. Non, Astra's husband, however, did not care for her, and in return, Kara was often felt off-put by the man. Avoiding him.

The destruction of Krypton came swift and unknowing to Kara at the age of 13. Asleep, she woke to her home planet rocking and shaking. This frightened her, unknown to her until her father came rushing in and plucked her from her bed. Though still terrified, she felt safer in her father's arms.  Minutes before her planet was no more than dust, she was sent in a pod shortly behind her cousin Kal-El, whom she cared for as no more or less than a brother, in order to protect him and teach him the ways of the Krypton so the culture wouldn't be lost. In hopes somehow, some part of Krypton survived through the veins and teachings of Kara and Kal-El. Despite the sad depression already building in her chest, she promised her parents she'd do as asked, and protect him with her life. To teach him how to use the powers they'd acquire from Earth's yellow sun, as asked

She was ejected in a pod shortly after Kal-El. Despite telling herself not to look back, she couldn't help but watch as their planet became nothing but dust and sad memories. The urge to cry and mourn was cut short by an explosion knocking her off course and pushing her into the Phantom Zone where she slept for twenty-four years. Unaged and unchanged. 

Kara's pod finally landed on earth, as she awoke, scared and frightened with no sight of Kal-El, worry grew as did confusion. Earth looked differently and it felt like too much at the time, until she was found by Superman. Shortly after opening her pod and helping her out, he explained who he was. He was her cousin Kal-El, now going by Clark Kent, and explained how she'd become lost in space. Confused at first and unbelieving, until he spoke fluid Kryptonian.

For the first week of her life on earth, Kal-El struggled to try to find a home to take her in. Believing he couldn't properly take care of her nor give her the life he had or that she deserved. He went to his mother first, but she refused with a teary apology that she simply couldn't. It would be too much. Kal-El went to the Danvers, trusted friends and good people they offered to take her in. So they did, Clark left her with them and went his own way, though always keeping in touch some way. 

Kara was welcomed into the Danvers home and adopted a year later, though their own daughter, Alex, had some hesitancy she eventually grew to care for Kara like her own sister. Kara was at first hesitant to trust and accept the new family claiming that she would prefer them to not try to take the place of her old family, her planet, Alex befriended her. The two became inseparable even through middle and high school.

It wasn't until she was adopted that she realized they didn't want to take the place of a family she lost, the small family only wanted to give her a home and the love she deserved, the unique love they could give her if she wanted it. She quickly accepted the family as her own and loved them as if they were nothing more and nothing less than blood. They helped her understand her abilities, their language, and their world, which was vastly different from Krypton. She often compared the differences and would point out human things that didn't make sense to her, much like English words. She was used to private tutors that while were hard on her weren't harsh. She struggled with finding a balance between the two worlds she was forced to grow up in.

During an incident where she embarrassed Alex, by staring at birds, they didn't have them on Krypton, Kara first used her powers to help rescue a mother and child from a car crash. Unfortunately, Alex was injured by the car door when it exploded. After that, the Danvers urged her to hide her powers, despite knowing how she struggled with controlling them already. Shortly after, Jeremiah gave her glasses to help her control her vision. Lined with lead. Alex struggled with having a superhuman sister but did the best she could to help her new sister control her powers where she could. She was smart enough and fascinated by the powers. Though several times caught in the middle of an exercise or Alex giving advice, Alex did the best she could until her parents promptly put a stop to it.

During high school, with Alex a few years older, it was a struggle for Kara to keep her powers in check. People often enough trying to bully her. She was left alone after an incident when her sister was a senior that another senior and former friend of Alex's tried to bully her, push her around. Alex stepped in and when asked if she thought she could beat them, Alex only stated, that Kara could take care of him if he pushed too far but he didn't want that. He attempted to hit her, causing Kara to step in. He broke several fingers just hitting Kara.
That was the last time she ever let her powers be used, frightened more than ever that she could have seriously injured someone if she rose a hand let alone do nothing but let them hit her. With Jeremiah's disappearance, Eliza, their mother, was the only one there to help guide her and pushed Alex to protect her once they left for college. Alex opting to become a scientist, having an affinity for it, Kara went for basics as well as art. Though it was never pursued as a career, stating she'd prefer it to stay something she loved and cherished rather than something to stress about. No one had qualms, though she was often jealous of how smart her sister was. She opted to go out and figure her choice path in her own way.

She decided the world didn't need another hero, and so sometime after college, Kara went in for an interview at CatCo Worldwide Media as Cat's assistant. Though initially thought to be nothing but a girl who would be pushed to the edge and tumbled over by Cat herself, Kara proved herself and got the job.Cat Grant, Media Queen, was intimidating and ruthless to most, even Kara, but it seemed like Kara was the only one who could do the job and 'put up with' Cat grant. Where others found her suffocating and unapproachable, Kara found a way to do what others couldn't. Cat grant soon became someone she looked up to, respected, and even came to with problems considering her a friend despite not ever saying it.

Though her work relationships became strained at times, especially after being under the effects of Red Kryptonite which prompted her to act out of character and the opposite of who she was, including breaking the heart of Cat's son Adam, she found a way to mend those relationships and work harder than before. She cherished her job at CatCo, it being one of the only things that made her feel normal and human on a planet that looked down on Aliens.

While working at CatCo she met her best friend Winn Schott.

Kara was forced to embrace her powers after a failed date. Her sister's flight malfunctioned and was going down. Kara used her powers for the first time in years in order to save her sister. She managed to help the plane land, though not without causing damage to the local bridge. Although Alex was initially upset that Kara had revealed herself to the world and couldn't take it back, Kara couldn't regret saving her sister or how good it felt to finally help people. Because of this she went to Winn and revealed who, what she was, and asked for his help. He did his best to help, making her a suit, and offered to be her back up. Only a short while later, she met Jimmy Olsen her cousin's best friend who knew and befriended both her and Winn effectively becoming part of the group.

She was named Supergirl by her boss, Cat grant.

Though her relationship with Alex and the DEO(Depart of Extra-Normal Operations) was strained upon first finding out about the DEO's existence, she managed to convince the director Hank Henshaw, who later revealed himself as J'onn J'onzz, to let her help the DEO with aliens from the Kryptonian prison Fort Rozz. She developed a good standing relationship with the DEO and J'onn who feels more like a father than a friend.

The DEO and she help each other. Where Supergirl is, the DEO isn't far away.

Because of her mother's status as a Judicator, most or at least many Fort Rozz prisoners have pushed their grudge onto Kara. Because of this, she's had to fight many of the people her mother put away. Even some of her cousin's past enemies, such as Reactron. She stops those the DEO and police can't. This includes Aliens, humans, and MetaHumans as well as other.

Unfortunately being Supergirl lead her to fight her Aunt Astra who had changed dramatically, and her uncle Non in order to stop their plans for Myriad. Taking over the Earth in order to save it from the destruction of by its inhabitants. During the time Kara grew untrusting and felt torn having to stop her aunt who was so much like a mother to her, even more, that her mother and their planet was gone.

In the end, Astra's feelings surfaced, while she regretted having to fight her niece she wouldn't back down from it. She struggled with forgiving Alex for killing Astra when she nearly killed J'onn. She did, in the end, understand that her aunt might not have ever been able to be changed. Despite her torn relationship with the citizens of National City after the Red Kryptonite incident and the damage she'd done, saving them from Myriad earned their trust back.

She's shown herself not afraid to give up her life for even one innocent if need be.

Formerly known as Luthor Corp, under the leadership of Lex Luthor, Kara's cousins arch nemesis, L-Corp grew an HQ within National City after Lena Luthor, Lex's sister took over the company. Many skeptical especially after she was conveniently gone from an assassination attempt on her by her own brother, Lena swore she was trying to push L-Corp to be a force for good.
 Lena grew to admire Supergirl after Supergirl saved her from both attempts on her life. Kara Danvers, however, felt a kinship with the adopted Luthor. Understanding what it was like to try and make a name for yourself outside of your family's name. There was more in common between the two than meets the eye.

A strong, true, and fast friendship evolved between the two. Where most have a hard time trusting a Luthor, Kara trusts Lena as a friend despite often being told she trusts too easily. Alex being the only one she could confide in without being yelled at, over her new found friendship with the CEO. She's unsure when, but during the months she's known Lena, her feelings have grown outside the realm of friendly, though she cherishes their friendship a lot. Kara trusts her to the point when she learned Lena's mother, Lillian, was head of Cadmus an organization under the guise of a program meant to help, was really abducting, killing, and experiment on/with aliens to make human's better and wipe them out, Kara didn't accuse Lena. She only explained.
Though Cadmus still exists and is out there, Lena has offered Supergirl to take them down when and where can. Giving help where she can. Is she 100% honest? No one but Lena will truly know, but Kara likes to think so.

Kara was promoted to a reporter by Cat Grant when her former boss decided to take time away from CatCo leaving Jimmy/James as the boss. Initially Kara was unsure about the new career, as it was Clark's chosen profession, but eventually, she realized she wanted the career. That it was something she'd have loved to do and that she was blinded by not following in Clark's footsteps to figure it out.
Kara currently has found balance in her life as both Kara Danvers, reporter, and Supergirl. Though she does struggle. Though National City is her city to protect, she moves and goes where she's needed the most. Where she's asked to be.

The world doesn't just have one El anymore. Not it has two. It has Supergirl.


Alex Danvers | Sister

Eliza Danvers | Mother

Kal El (Clark Kent) | Cousin

J'onn J'onzz | Friend

Winn Schott | Friend

Jimmy Olsen | Friend

Can Grant | Friend, Former Boss

Barry Allen (The Flash) | Friend

Lena Luthor | [Girl]Friend

Ray Garrison | Friend

Kryptonians gain their powers from a yellow sun. On Krypton their powers were negated by a red sun.

Hand-to-Hand combat - Kara was trained by Alex in hand-to-hand combat ensuring that even without her powers, Kara has become a proficient fighter. This has affected the way she fights with her powers, using them in a more efficient way when faced with strong enemies.

Super Strength - Much like her cousin, Kara is incredibly strong, noted to be a little stronger than Superman. The heaviest and largest thing she's lifted has been Fort Rozz on her own thus far. While not limitless, the extent of her super strength is undetermined as of yet. 

Super Speed - Though not nearly as fast as Barry Allen (the flash) Kara, she posses the ability to move at super speeds, essentially making her "faster than a speeding bullet", she's able to exceed the speed of sound. She can almost catch up to The Flash.

Super Hearing - Kara has super-sensitive ears that can pick up sounds from miles away.

Super Breath - Kara is able to exhale powerful gusts of air from her mouth. She can also cause the temperature of her breath to drop, therefore able to freeze nearly anything.

X-Ray Vision - Kara is able to see through all solid objects; except for lead.

Heat Vision - By concentrating every solar-energy reserve she has in her body, Kara can emit powerful heat lasers from her eyes.

Immunity - Kara like all other Kryptonians, is immune to all forms of diseases and illnesses.

Flight - Kara is able to fly at supersonic speeds, faster than she can travel by foot, she does this by manipulating her own gravitational field.

Invulnerability - Kara is essentially invulnerable to all Earthly weapons, with bullets simply ricocheting whenever they come in contact with her skin. She is immune to bullets, lasers, missiles, blades, radiation, cold, and has an extreme heat resistance. she can also survive the pressure of a vacuum.

Accelerated Healing - Kara is able to heal much faster than a normal human. Also, Kara's body processes and burns calories much faster than any other normal human, meaning she must eat a substantial amount of food depending on how much she exerts herself each day.


Green Kryptonite - Kara can be weakened by green kryptonite, as it is a radioactive mineral from her home planet. Green Kryptonite leaves her vulnerable to weapons and anything in general that can kill a normal human. If she is exposed to it for too long, it will kill her.

Red-Kryptonite -  If Kara is exposed to red kryptonite, it gradually destroys her inhibitions. Gradually she will be left without morality, rationality or any cares whatsoever. Left with only malice, pride, and wrath, Kara will become malevolent and prone to hostility and aggression, making her a danger to everyone around her.

Lead - Kara can not see through lead, even with her X-ray vision.

Red Sun Energy - Exposure to it will strip them of their powers, rendering them equivalent to an ordinary human on Earth.

Extreme Energy - Extreme amounts of energy, can be enough to kill Kara.

Solar Energy Depletion - Using her powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain her solar energy to the point where Kara loses all of her powers and is rendered more human like for at least a day. This renders her as weak as a human, allowing Kara to get injured and killed as easy as killing a human.

Magic - Kara can be affected by most forms of magic like any ordinary human.

Super Hearing - Though considered a strength, Kara's hearing does have its disadvantages. Since her hearing is more sensitive than a normal human, higher pitch noises (sonic screams, etc.) can disorient her and cause pain in her ears, leaving her vulnerable in a fight.

Ray Garrison

There's no other easy way for her to describe him then, violent, broken. She saw him do very violent things she couldn't agree with at the time, from both lack of experience of the harsh world he's known and lack of understanding of he and his story. Despite this, she's seen the good in his actions and believes in the good she's seen, she has faith in the man she's come to see from him.

Despite his insistence, he's not a man, just a machine, a pet, she knows what she see's. She harbors guilt for being the reason he was captured by the DEO, but she's done what she can to set him free again with his promise of returning to help her with PRS when she needs it. She's done several things she shouldn't for him. Why? Because she thinks of him as a friend. 

If he asks for her help, she'll lend her hand to him in almost anything.

James Harriss

She met the young Dhampir by accident in her workplace, CatCo. She never quite understood why he was there and has yet to ask, but he's the first to call her out for not being human. Though nervous and unsure if she could trust him, she found common ground with him. Perhaps she's a little too trusting, but she's certain that their bond (over shampoo no less) means he'll keep her secret.

She finds him as an experienced and kind person. She's never met a Dhampir and her views on such have been warped by the media, but she likes him and is willing to listen and try to understand where he comes from, what his kind is really like. He hasn't used the fact he knows who she is against her, so she considers it a win. He's the fastest friend she's made and she likes him a lot.

Lena Luthor

Despite new developments in their relationship, Lena is someone Kara found common ground with within their first meeting even despite accusations thrown across. Kara became Lena's first real friend in National City, Lena became a valued friend Kara couldn't imagine knowing. She's certain knowing the CEO will get her into trouble, not just with her cousin, she doesn't mind a little.

She values her friendship with Lena greatly, as she does all her friendships. She's trying to maintain the friendship while navigating romantic waters with the Luthor. Despite everyone's warning's against knowing the Luthor intimately, Kara's come to trust her almost completely, going as far as protecting her when she needn't or telling her a truth no one else could. 


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  • /My apologies for the lateness, I hope we maybe able to brainstorm

  • { Hello!  I know it's been some time since we've started our RP.  I'm just putting out this comment in case you were still interested in picking up where we left!  If so, let me know and I'll comment back. :) }

  • (That is my idea. Instead of her being Kara from another earth. Thought of doing another earth and Astra still being the
    Mother but that universe wouldn't have a second supergirl so figured this idea be fun to try. )
  • (Think I will go with powergirl being daughter of aunt Astra but also shared the same father as supergirl. A forbidden affair or him mistaken Astra for his own wife or something. Then he wanted to get rid of the baby due to worry about his reputation and some paranoia of the baby being a threat to his daughter, supergirl.
    So he would have tried to terminate the pregnancy but Non interfered and the baby either left for dead or got abandon and raised by Indigo until Krypton exploded and she got sent through a time skip like Kara did and ended up with spacepirates then snuggles her way on a daxamite ship and she enters earth that way
    So she would be like her sister/cousin. Having s grudge against her aunt and father for trying to kill her. As Indigo would brainwash her to beleive and have a Lil grudge towards Alex for killing her mother Astra. But then the truth will come out st some point and Kara will learn she has a cousin/sister. Unless I change the father to non or someone. I thought it add some extra drama if Kara 's daddy fooled around with the twins. Astra and her sister. Which I need to look up those names. )
  • The TV is on. Ray's been up the whole time, or at least a lot of it. He's dozed intermittently on the couch, but he's been watching her progress with the steady dedication of a machine, or of someone who just doesn't need sleep to survive and function. That...seems likely, actually. Maybe he only needs it when it's time to recuperate from injuries. That must be a convenient skillset to have.

    "Hey. You did good." He can tell she's frustrated and more than a bit hurt. "You really do need to rest now. I'm, uh...sorry about your phone. You can use mine if you want. I only had it to call you in the first place." He rummages in a pocket and offers it over. "I guess just change the sim card, if you didn't ruin yours with...that." He gestures to the mess of parts scattered across the counter.


  • "You fly, I fly.

    We should be friends."

  • Down in the African jungle, not to far from Zambseei. A cave excavation was still underway but drawing close to completion. On board the main alien ship was a group of aliens no one had seen before and the Dominators. The Dominators did not fully give up their plan to stop Metahumans like the Flash, from becoming a galactic threat in the future. The likes of supergirl and Martian Manhunter were safe cause even with their powers, their species numbers were few and did not pose a threat as they could easily make an atmosphere that would be toxic to Martians or rob a Kryptonian of their powers. But metahumans, there as no easy power stripping method or solution to stopping them.
    That is why the Doms gave with the Harvs, the Harvesters. They harvested lifeforms and DNA for their twisted genetic expirements as part of their bio technology imperative and biological weapons program.

    They learn of some beasts on earth that could prove useful to them. Saurians like the dinosaurs and dragons, to name a few. Powerful beasts that could be weaponized if done properly and the fruits of their labor would pay off with a specimen that stole from a corporation that was facing an alien and God threat, so an AI helped fashion the specimen they had now upgraded.
    Dragon DNA was added to the genetic structure as well as special chameleon like DNA to give the creature additional abilities. This helped Riptor to gain cloaking and wall crawling ability and shapeshifting. The shapeshifting seemed to be limited to taking on a human form and dragon form besides its natural Saurian form but the rest of the shapeshifting attributes was focused on creating and removing cybernetic components and turning her body into a liquid puddle from its cryokinesis powers. Also turning into fire which the shapeshifting helped the alien DNA to alter her form beside gaining fire and ice abilities.

    The men who were killed on the video, their deaths came partly from the raptor creature Riptor, and her Stalker units, in addition to unknown alien beasts that the Harvesters and Dominators brought with them.

    While supergirl had gone ahead, Alex and her teamed were mobilized and en route. A fully equipped mobile lab and science team with xenobiologists were on the transport plane, ready to analyses whatever expirements the alien visitors were up too.
    By the time they landed in a clear terrain just outside the dense jungle, supergirl should have had ample time to check things out as Alex and Hank figured. The alien ship was cloaked and covered in a lead like substance that made x rays and other means of detecting the interior of an object, to be unviewable. There were a few Dom sentries patrolling the grounds of the cave were bones and fossilized Amber specimens were being hauled out and taken to the ship.
    Strange creatures would be guarding the area as well. It was anyone's guest what mad expirements the Harvesters were up too.

  • "I did watch my best friend become a monster. Then he just...vanished, and I thought everything was...better," he was angry, and understandably so. Jack looks pained talking about it. He still hasn't quite come to terms with what Paul became, or what he's becoming. It's a scary situation for everyone involved.

  • "You have met me right? I must know everyone's business." She keeps her arms folded across her chest. "I do thing because I care. Besides I wanted to see what Clark was complaining about. After I did a thorough one I told him to get his head out of his own ass. I approve Danvers." 

  • (Hiya! Rp?)
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""I guess it would," she nods understandably, "I think I'd be terrified to turn or watch my best friend turn into something I couldn't save her from.""
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